Soccer? It’s at my fingertips.

June 6, 2006


Soccer fever will grip some of us temporarily. I came across these pictures and suddenly thought with Bangalore’s shrinking open spaces and playgrounds becoming totally unavailable for recreational facilities, soccer in the future might be played like how it is shown in this picture.

It is really worrying parents that children remain indoors and become obese and get addicted to TV or Computers. If the kids do come out and play, people complain about children obstructing traffic movement or broken window panes. The reason for both complaints is the lack of playgrounds in the city. Builders concentrate on formation of more and more apartment blocks, ignoring the basic necessity of playgrounds for children and elders as well. As a result, open space in the city is shrinking day by day.

Playgrounds become totally unavailable for recreational facilities at least for a couple of months in a year, barring the rainy season. During the Ganesha festival, they become the venues to install the idol and conduct various programmes. When there is a public meeting, playgrounds are taken over. During Deepavali, playgrounds are the place to sell firecrackers. (Malleswaram grounds comes to mind immediately.)

What lovely time the kids will have if the corporation bothers to provide a playground in every layout.


2 Responses to “Soccer? It’s at my fingertips.”

  1. Sanjay M Says:

    Such a big ground a stones throw away from your house at 18th cross and you instead of going there in the mornings you sit at home/office and blog about scarcity of grounds! ;-P

    Just kidding, yeah politicians also add to scarcity of open spaces as they’re always waiting to get their greedy hands on it to make money by building some complex. Just think about the ever-increasing value of real estate and you can see that as time goes, there will be more and more for them to gain. A significant part of Cubbon Park itself almost got converted to some quarters a few years ago but for angry protests by vigilant public. Sometmes people also use grounds as dumping sites where they discreetly dump some excavation material there in the wee hours of the morning to save themselves the cost of taking it all the way out of the city!

    Btw similar things apply to tanks/lakes.

    Its up to us public to be watchful about such things.

  2. RK Says:


    Don’t know when both of us will meet at 18th cross in the morning! CTR-ge hogakke ‘Takk’ antha yeddelthivi….not for ‘Frisbee’:(

    Centre for Sustainable Development conducted a first of its kind ‘Environmental Report Card’ for Bangalore. According to the report, forget about each layout having a playground, 58% of schools surveyed had no playgrounds, which is really saddening.

    How can the Corporation permit somebody to open a school when there is no proper space to play for the kids?

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