Idli-Vadas are HOT here

June 8, 2006


One reason why I wanted my wife to deliver at Lakshmi Maternity Home, apart from the fact that it had a very famous Gynaecologist, was because it was very next to Veena Stores. It proved to be very convenient for me and the visitors to have Idli/ Vada early in the morning or keep a flask full of hot Coffee ready for those who visited to see the new-born.

Veena Stores is quite an unlikely name for a hotel, but that’s exactly what it is. The name is synonymous with fluffy Idlis, crisp Vadas and Pudheena Chutney. It’s a small but very popular vegetarian restaurant in Bangalore.

What started as a condiment store in 1977 has morphed into a popular eatery much sought after for its soft melting in the mouth Idlis served with only Chutney in unlimited quantities, huge crisp Vadas, spicy Shavige Baath, Uppit and Kesari Baath. Kesari Bath, though very tasty has an overdose of ghee accounting for the rich taste. Unfortunately today we do not exercise leading a sedentary lifestyle and any extra helping or overdose of unsaturated medium gives the jitters. But you can still have all of this without forgetting to lick the fingers and you will not be poorer by even 30/-. Wash down the above with a small serving of Coffee/ Tea or Badam milk (I prefer Coffee) one goes home feeling heavenly.

This unassuming address, (Opposite the Telephone exchange on 15th Cross, Malleswaram) is on a one way zone. Every morning and evening, for years, the regulars and the visitors savour yummy Idlis standing on the footpath. Don’t worry, no pedestrian will grudge this encroachment. Usually, the clientele slowly increase in numbers in the evening (after 5 pm) as the fresh aromas entice them for a stop over before proceeding home.

You can see the dough being freshly grounded. The chutney is warm to touch as mixies are not made use of. Ground in stone rollers the taste is superb.

Reach here on a Sunday morning and all you can see is the board which says ‘Veena Stores’ and a throng of people under it thrusting their hands in, bringing food out! Chances of meeting your long lost friend in this crowd are very high.

As I said, the Idli-Chutney-Vada trio are mind blowing. Of course the small vadas are good as is the Puliyogare or the Vangibhath, but don’t miss the chutney. The Idlis are small, fluffy ‘melt in the mouth’ types. If you are looking for a place to sit down and eat, this is not for you. But if it’s charm (and chutney) you’re looking for, you know where to go.

It’s also a haunt for the joggers and office crowd. There are some regular chaps playing Basketball at Beagles and coming to Veena Stores every evening. Can say this with authority as I myself was a regular for a few years. I am eating here from the days when a Idli cost 40 paise. Now it is Rs.2.50 an Idli.

I remember reading long back about Veena Stores in India Today and many other magazines and newspapers. Veena Stores becomes a habit for my sisters, brothers-in-law, nephew and nieces when they are visiting India. This might be true for many in Malleswaram also! Simply goes to show that people look at quality and not the size of your eating outlet.

Who knows, I may be having a sip of coffee with my son at Veena Stores after seeing my grandchild!

Veena Stores Noorkaala Baalali (May Veena Stores live for 100 more years)

Veena Stores
183, 15th cross, Margosa road
Malleswaram Bangalore 560 055
Phone: 080-23344838
Open from 6am -11am and 3.30-8 pm

27 Responses to “Idli-Vadas are HOT here”

  1. Srividhya Says:

    Hey Ramki,

    Excellent write up!! Why dont u join Veena Stores as President-Marketing?? Just kidding ha!!
    Definitely Veena Stores Idli & Chuney is second to none in the whole wide world!!

    ….now I know why u wanted me to deliver in Laxmi Maternity Home only – Swami Karya and Swa Karya !!!

  2. RK Says:

    Srividhya: Thanks. Veena Stores ge marketing beka? 😉
    Idli and Pudheena Chutney is synonymous with Veena Stores. No doubt he has such loyal customers in India and abroad!

  3. couP Says:

    Good to see you finally started a blog with your writing abilities and knowledge of all noteworthy things. No newspaper editor can ban this site can they?!

  4. RK Says:

    dear coup: thanks for the comments. that’s the advantage of a blog. you can reach the masses in a jiffy.

  5. RK Says:

    DG commented about this post in Churumuri. So just putting it here.

    Dheerendra Gopal Says:
    June 14th, 2006 at 7:46 pm

    RK bombat guru Ninna blog. I read about ‘Veena Stores’
    Sakkath aagidhe.I am a fyan of Veena Stores.

  6. RK Says:

    Thanks DG. Ille kamment maadanna inmele. Bandhu hogi maadthiri aagaaga.

  7. Vijay Says:

    Veena store does have good idlis. Very few items on the menu but good quality. Just like Brahmins Coffee Bar.

    Just my luck, I always end up in Malleshwaram at a time when Veena Stores is closed.

    I like your blog as well. Jogs old Bangalore memories. Its always good to write them up.

  8. RK Says:

    Vijay, Thanks for the comments. Now you know when to be at Veena Stores. And yes, BCB is yummy as well.

  9. Vijendra Rao Says:

    Remember having eaten many times at Veena Stores. Very nice place. Like your way of writing.

  10. RK Says:

    Vijendra Rao: Thank you for liking both Veena Stores Idli and my writing style!

  11. […] Old hotels in Malleswaram may lack fanfare in their ambience and décor, but foodwise, they more than make up. The first place that comes to mind is Veena Stores, which I described in an earlier post. […]

  12. asasd Says:

    i havent eaten here until now,what’s the big fuss about,i dont understand.none compares to Janata Hotel on 8th cross

  13. Arun Says:

    Pls yellaru note maadkolli,not everyone can eat pudina chutney but everyone can eat kaai chutney!Veena stores anthe Vena stores,edhakinta aah vidyarthi bhavan in Gandhibazaar and Janata hotel in Malleswaram are 10 times vaasi and incomparable!janaru class gothagutthe

  14. rk Says:

    dear asasd and arun,
    thanks for your comments. i agree that janatha hotel vade-sambhar is top class. vade-sambhar (at Janatha) and vade-pudheena chutney (at Veena Stores) are both very good combinations.
    keep visiting often.
    cheers 🙂

  15. Yes veena stores is good, because a senior friend swears by it. In fact he and my other friend used to come all the way from koramangala office to V.S. for the idlis. Now that person is working just a road away from there. Next to aranya bhavan. Heaven knows how many times he must have overtly or coverty now(’cause he is the big boss in his office now) must have sneaked out to V.S. and eaten there. I too have eaten there, but the quantity is too small for guys like me(ravanana hottege are kaasina mejjige) hence we use to devour in Janatha hotel, whenever in Malleshwaram.There is also another hotel by name Sagar???) Opposite Malleshwaram Club).That has crisp dosas. Of course the dose in Vidyarthi bhavan is mouth watering. We also have dose camp in Jayanagar and other places.
    In my college days, 1970-74, there was the shanbag hotel, near st.joseph’s college. which used to give at 70 paise, a rava idli, 2 uddina vades. They were just delicious. Later came sapna hotel on brigade road, which is now shifted on mayo hall road, which had good dosa and idli.
    D.V.G. talks about his thindi habits, in his Jnapaka Chitrashale, wherein near dharmarayana gudi they used to have good mixture, sweet and coffee. I think the hotel is still there.
    I have eaten there, but I am not sure, if it is the same hotel DVG mentioned.
    I still remember(bellur says, idlis those days were 40 paise) , when a hotel near netakallappa circle,in Basavangudi sold idlis for 5 paise each. I myself , as a young boy have taken the parcelled idlis many times.
    Bangalore had and still has many good eating joints.
    Have hotte thumba thindi and burp/croack like a frog.
    Best wishes.

  16. rk Says:

    amazing memory you have, TSSM!
    ‘veena stores’ is too good. he has maintained the quality of his small menu: idli, vada and pudina chutney (of course now he has a few other dishes too). he has dished out the same quality all these years. great to know your friends came from koramangala. my relatives, when they come to India, start their HOTEL YATRE from ‘Veena stores’.
    i like janatha hotel vade sambhar too. and i am a fan of CTR. The Sagar you have mentioned, opp. mvm club, is popularly called CTR, short for Central Tiffin Room. i have written a post on CTR’s delectable Dosas. you can read it here:

    my friend vijay, is a great fan of VB. you can read about VB written by him here:

    myself and vijay had recently been to DWARKA HOTEL (you might have eard/been to DH), which was earlier near basavanagudi national college. now it has got shifted to NR colony. do visit sometime and have top-class chow-chow bhath and khali dose. he gives unlimited chutney and for guys like me, it is sheer bliss to have ONDH CHAMBU CHUTNEY!

    read vijay’s post on ‘Dwarka’ here:

    dose camp is also good. near my college (st.joseph’s), i loved ballal residency. sapna was good in the late 80’s and early 90’s. now it has lost the quality.

    loved reading your comment which brought old memories of DVG, 5 paise idli and ‘jnaapaka chitrashaale’. would love to read it soon.

    bengluralli hotel itti olle quality maintain maadidre, khanditha jana barthare. people here want variety.

    take care and regards

  17. namma nadu Says:

    i ‘discovered’ veena stores about 2 decades ago when we played RVCE at the beagles court (we were thrashed – RVCE were champs then !) in a tournament as we were from the ‘southern’ parts. We always prided overselves that south had all the good eating joints and it was a real pleasure to be proved wrong. It really lifted our spirits and we were amazed at the quality of idlis/vadas. I am glad to note that they are in fine fettle dishing out the same quality and this is really bringing back great memories. I certainly would want to take my family out there to enjoy the goodies.

  18. rk Says:

    namma nadu,
    welcome to RwB. thanks for sharing your comments. and do take your family soon and enjoy!

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  20. padma Says:

    I must check this place out when I visit B’lore.Who grinds chutneys with a rolling stone these days.Hats off!

  21. Veena Srinivasan Says:

    Reading about Veena Stores is making me nostalgic. 25 years back while I was still at school at Hymanshu Jyothi kala Peeta, this was my favourite eating joint. Since my mother was a working woman in this those days we had the opportunity to frequent this place as we stayed close by on Sampige Road. I still remember the taste of the Idli, Vada and Chutney there… I have not had anything to match till date… I have been in the Middle East for 13 long years now. I am surely going to bring my son to eat there when I visit Bangalore this time.

  22. narsi Says:

    Veena Stores>>>>>>>>>>>>…wah wah what a idli,vada and pudina chutni combination. Sure Baayalli Neeru Banthu. Love to visit and eat when come back to Bangalore. Missing a lot. Pudina Chutni ……….no one to beat………that too unlimited….Remembered days of college. On a lighter vein*********donot remind nostalgic bangalore…….feels home sick.

  23. […] Veena Stores (VS) is good, because a senior friend swears by it. In fact he and my other friend used to come all the way from Koramangala office to VS for the Idlis. Now my friend is working just a road away from VS, next to Aranya Bhavan. Heaven knows how many times he must have overtly or covertly (because he is the big boss in his office now) sneaked out to VS and eaten there. […]

  24. Murali Says:

    This was my favorite while in Bangalore.
    Whenever I happen to meet anyone from Bangalore, we talk about good eating places in Bangalore, and VS invariably figures in that list.
    Just the thought brings “Baayalli Neeru”

  25. Ravi Kumar Says:

    Awesome write up!!!

    truely veena stores rocks!!!

  26. […] Idli-Vadas are HOT here « Rambling with BellurVeena Stores is quite an unlikely name for a hotel, but that’s exactly what it is. The name is synonymous with fluffy Idlis, crisp Vadas and Pudheena Chutney. It’s a small but very popular vegetarian restaurant … RK bombat guru Ninna blog. I read about ‘Veena Stores’; Sakkath aagidhe.I am a fyan of Veena Stores. […]

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