June 23, 2006

* What’s the use

Heard this word in ‘Muktha’ serial when Sri Vidhyabhushan (Anandabhushan in the serial) sings a song “Lolalotte, yella lolalotte’. Was at Sanjay’s house on that day and asked him to see the meaning immediately. Thought it as an apt heading for this piece.


7 Responses to “Lolalotte*”

  1. Vidya Says:

    Good cartoon by you Ramki, Keep it up!

  2. RK Says:

    Vidya: Thanks.

  3. Gangadhar Says:

    lolzzzz @ Cartoon..

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Lalalotte yee badhuku lalalotte..annodhu ‘Undu Hodha Kondu hodha Cinema nalli kooda ithu.

  5. RK Says:


    DG:Thanks for the info.

  6. Sanjay M Says:

    LOL! yeah that was a nice evening but let it not just be a lalalotte nenapu but drop in again sometime… 🙂

  7. RK Says:

    Sanjay: Khandita guru. You too drop in sometime.

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