Front page of today’s newspapers

July 12, 2006

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8 Responses to “Front page of today’s newspapers”

  1. ari4u Says:

    It’s so sad. Hope things are under control in mumbai now.

    and wow… its been ages since i saw an indian news paper, or any news paper. I read news online

  2. RK Says:

    ari4u: Seeing the newspapers must have brought back a lot of memories!

    Today, Mumbai is back to business. People suffered a lot on Tuesday evening, but only after 12 to 15 hours they are back to their duties/business without any fear, travelling in the same crowded trains. This is the spirit of Mumbai. Terrorists can explode bombs in trains or even at strategic locations, but they cannot break the Mumbai spirit.

    This spirit is sufficient to frustrate the evil design of terror-mongers. They can draw satisfaction from material damage but they are unable to break the moral, courage and spirit of Mumbaikars.

    Despite the jamming of all telecommunication and transportation hurdles on Tuesday evening, Mumbaikars rose to the occasion. They helped each other; passed well-being messages through incoming STD calls; provided food, water and shelter to stranded fellow Mumbaikars; donated blood; helped the administration in traffic control and at blast sites.

    We need to fight the challenge thrown by the terrorism industry to civilised humankind by systematically/professionally securing ourselves individually and collectively: by being vigilant, by monitoring all the happenings around us, and with a large dose of that Mumbai spirit.

  3. travel plaza Says:

    RK, I read all your thought provoking posts on the Mumbai blasts. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who are affected…

  4. RK Says:

    travel plaza: Thank you very much. Worth the effort!

  5. Gangadhar Says:

    A very gud coverage,RK…

  6. RK Says:

    Gangadhar: Thank you. Never want to cover any more bomb blasts.

  7. RK Says:

    Read my above comment like this: Hope no more blasts happen anywhere!

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