The Pattern in Mumbai attacks

July 12, 2006

  • Explosives hidden with stealth.

  • Timed to perfection for maximum damage.

The method in all these attacks is similar but for the victims and their families it’s the madness that can never be explained.

There seems to be a sinister pattern in the war room leak, Agni failure, Insat 4 C failure, Srinagar blasts, and the recent Mumbai blasts. Have the people in power by focussing on vote bank politics such as reservation, minority reservation, et all, neglected the countrys security and allowed the enemy deep inside India? This is a frightening thought!

Its Shame that 1993 blast culprits are not yet punished. Till Indian governments follows the Minority appeasement policies, these are bound to happen. Since thousands of years similar cross border terrorist acitivities are happening. How can these happen without the support of the people within? People supporting these activities should be punished swiftly irrespective of their religion. Such kind of people have no right to live in India. People should not forget that these kind of minority appeasement policies only produce people like Hitlers and Nazis, which is more dangerous.

3 Responses to “The Pattern in Mumbai attacks”

  1. Srik Says:

    Politics can never be explained. Some times we see very patriotic people and some barbarians sitting side-by-side in the same parliament hall, and the result og it, terrorism overshines patriotism!!! How shameful it is!! We shuld not only condemn it, but do some homework ourselves so that we save India, our country for our next generations.

  2. Shruthi Says:

    The efforts you have taken to organize these posts, and comment on them, etc, is highly commendable.

  3. RK Says:

    Srik: Saving India for next generation irli kanayya, namma generationge kulgett hogide.

    Shruthi: Thanks a lot!

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