It pays to be a non-Hindu in Hindustan

July 14, 2006

Our politicians are really farsighted! Do you think ‘Reservations’ is just a political gimmick? If you say ‘Yes’, well, I differ with you. Our politicians want to serve our country. They are thinking about the future …. but the only difference is that they are thinking about their future and not ours.

“Give a man a fish and he is hungry again tomorrow; give him a rod and teach him how to fish and he’s set up for life” this quote goes perfectly in line with the reservation scenario. The point is that professional politicians do not want to set people up for life. It is not possible to build a reliable, self-perpetuating vote-bank on the basis of teaching people to be independent. You cannot rely on their gratitude to vote you back to power time and again. A mosquito can’t drink blood just one time, can it ?

Now if you set up the schedule caste for life it will be just one incident and the gratitude would fizzle out. Any self-respecting politician hopes to hold on to power through his lifetime and to hand over the reins to his children before he rots in hell. And then their children will be trained on how to cheat their own country. Thus from one generation to other,from outside to the inside everyone is kicking us like a football. We all love football, don’t we? So just Sit and watch the fabulous game they are playing with our lives. Just keep watching how the poor becomes poorer and how the rich becomes richer.

I have been reading ever since these Mumbai blasts happened that Muslim terrorist groups are behind these barbaric acts. I would like to go off tangent here a bit.When we became independent, India was divided in the name of religion for the first time. Otherwise, for thousands of years, there were so many religions. The political leaders of India, Nehru and company, decided India would be a secular country. Secular means you wouldn’t face any hurdles because of your religion. What really happened was it became a politics of votes. It’s not that politicians love any minority. So it gave minorities special privileges which was not given to the majority. So the politicians gave them the feeling they were saviours of minorities.

And that’s what politics is all about – if you work for Hindus you’re branded ‘communal.’ In the field of education, there should be a uniform policy to govern education in India. All educational institutions must have the same set of rules.

After the blasts in Mumbai, a tabloid reported that the next target is Ayodhya. The Ayodhya issue is the faith of Hindus that this is the birthplace of Ram. Why can’t Muslims accept this and say: Okay, our forefathers may have done something, right or wrong. The disputed site is 40 feet by 80 feet. It’s been proven by archaeological evidence that this is Rama Janmabhoomi (the birthplace of lord Rama). Babar destroyed it when he invaded India. They have destroyed 30,000 temples and we’re only asking for three temples. And they have special meaning: Rama Janmabhoomi, Krishna’s in Mathura and Kashi Vishwanath (Shiva) in Benares.

This would cover 75% of Hindus who mostly worship Rama or Krishna or Shiva. If Muslims would only accept these three as temples then this would help build bridges of understanding.

13 Responses to “It pays to be a non-Hindu in Hindustan”

  1. Srik Says:

    Nice post RK. Its so unfortunate that in India today “Beliye eddu Hola meyuttide”!!!

    Its so annoying to know the developments in Tirupati, If Muslims destroyed temples, bombed the trains, Christians are upto systematic destruction of faith itself, which is still more dangerous.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog on Tirupati.

    Read Mulayam is supporting SIMI who are suspected to be behind Mumbai attack!!!! Are these our saviours??!!! Long live secularism.

    Cleansing of Hindus has been succesful so far in Kashmir, now, they are targetting our places of worship and southern states. Some swamijis are doing a good job by bringing it to light.

    This is high time we have a unification drive for Hindus, educate them about the wonderful heritage that they are inherited, and the ill-intensions behind these (A)dharma-pracharaks.

    God!!! Save Hindus!!!!

  2. RK Says:

    Srik: Thimmappa ee sthithi baratthe anthane kall-aagihoda.

  3. Gangadhar Says:

    “Give a man a fish and he is hungry again tomorrow; give him a rod and teach him how to fish and he’s set up for life”…Great quote,RK..Thanks..
    I can interpret somuch meaning from this quote…

  4. travel plaza Says:

    RK, Great read. I love the way you write and the quote you gave makes one sit up and think.
    On a side note, Thanks so much for blogrolling me. I’m so glad you like my blog:))Have blogrolled you on my blog too:))

  5. Velu Says:

    RK, I truly admire ur blatant resolve to call a spade a spade. Its not everyday that one reads a thoughtful post as this. One that makes u shuffle ur priorities about, and decide once and for all, what wud indeed make a difference!


  6. RK Says:

    Gangadhar: Thanks indeed.

    Travel Plaza: Thanks for blogrolling me too!

    Velu: Welcome to my blog. I am happy you liked the post. And thanks for commenting.

  7. Vani Says:


    Tirupathi vishaya nijaana? On Saturday namma local RSS wing navaru bandiddru manege…he was telling us…but dont you feel ashtondu janaa Govinda Govinda antha paravasharaagi devara darshanakke hogovaaga will any sort of anti-hindu tactics work? I am intrigued…Nammalle yaaraadru Tirupathi ge hogi bandu nijavaada vishaya tiliso vargu it’ll be quite hazy.

    Yes, after all what are the 75 million hindus asking? Only 3 temples…Allauddin Khilji 17 times attack maadida; Mahmud Ghori mathu Mahmud Ghazni attacks nalli namma saavirraru devasthaanagalu heLa-hesarillade naasha aagive… Hampe gintha example beka?

    Namma deshadalli Hindu Majority iddrunuu namma devashathaanagalu ee sthithige bandive andre bahala bahala besara aagide.

  8. rk Says:

    Sorry that I forgot to reply to your comment after this blog blocking and blog shifting started!

    howdhu ri, tirupathi vishya nija. namma relatives hodaga, kelavaru yesu bagge pamplets hanchtidrante. And my cousin had sent a mail about this pong back. And a couple of days back, ETV kannada reported on this issue in their News.

    And nammoru henge andre, yavono bandhu Yesu kooda Govindanige saala kottidaane, adhikke aa charch ge hogi andru nambtaare!

  9. rk Says:


    Thanks for the info at Sanjay’s blog. Posting this link for the reader’s benefit.

  10. usha Says:

    Hi rk

    Even though i m regular reader, i have not written any comment so far in your blog.

    Feeling very annoyed looking at the developments… yenella agtha idhe… namdhu secular democratic countryna antha doubt eega.. mathe civics, constitution bagge odbekeno… yenadru amendments madbittidaara …????

  11. usha Says:


    any probs accessing blogs again????

  12. Vani Says:


    Namma rajakiya davara prakaara secular ge meaning “Anti-Hindu” antha irbeku. Nehru was the champion of secularism…avara kaaladalli idu innu jaasti ittanthe. Namma janarige bereyavarige chamchagiri hege maadodu antha chennagi gottide.

  13. rk Says:

    thanks for leaving a comment. yes, even i feel the constitution has been ammended beyond repair!

    and btw, no difficulty in accessing the blogs, afaik.

    Vani, correctaagi helidri.

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