Hello once again

July 18, 2006

I became a blogger when I started one ‘Rambling with Bellur’ in blogger.com. But yesterday, I got news that blogspot is banned in India. I am simply not able to access it, like many others. And I do not want to get bogged down and stop blogging. Hence I have got this new one with the same name. So, this is just a continuation from what I started in Blogger!

I pray the almighty “Sarve janaah sukhino bhavanthu” and wish WordPress doesn’t get banned!


7 Responses to “Hello once again”

  1. rk Says:


    Just thinking after starting the blog: what if the terrorists use WORDPRESS too!! sadhya, government terrorists COMPUTER use madthare antha adhannu BAN madillvalla! imagine the situation when whatever the terrorists are using, the govt. bans!

  2. Vijay M.R Says:

    Blogspot is not banned… for now at least the word is that it is “blocked”…

  3. rk Says:

    I think the Government owes an explanation here (wrt the blog ban).

    And the irony is that we may never get it!

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