Vijay Times exclusive: A chat with TN Seetharam

August 2, 2006

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(The above article is reproduced with permission from the Editor-in-chief, Vijay Times)

Read the interview with ace director TN Seetharam titled Mukta on its last roll” published in today’s Vijay Times.

“It’s been eight years of hectic activity. I need a break. Serials have drained me.” – TN Seetharam.

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8 Responses to “Vijay Times exclusive: A chat with TN Seetharam”

  1. Vidya Says:

    Thanks for the post, Ramki! Definitely TNS deserves a pat on his back! If we get tired of watching such lengthy serials, imagine his plight directing so many episodes, Great work indeed! Waiting to watch Mrs. Mukyamantri (Only a matter of 3 hours). But I am happy that Muktha is finally getting over after stretching it over and over.

  2. Vijay Says:

    RK iga neevu hosa serial huduka beku 🙂

  3. rk Says:

    Vidya: You are welcome. I am also glad the serial is getting over. The director has said that directing the serial drained him out. Actually, for the last one month, I feel a part of the audience also got drained out and bored seeing the dragging of Muktha.
    Well, let’s see how he directs the film ‘Mrs.M’. Not all teleserial directors have been able to balance both TV and Movie direction. And since TNS’ “Matadaana” just attracted the niche audience and didn’t fare too well at the box-office, eager to see whether TNS has learnt any lessons.

    Vijay: Welcome back! Illa saar, sadhyakke bere yavdu serial hucchu illa. Yeno Court scenes goskra Muktha hucchu hidithu. As I have written in an earlier post, TNS attracted non-serial watchers into getting addicted to “Muktha”.
    Cheers & keep visiting 🙂

  4. Neela Says:

    Mukta was a serial(I am deliberately using past tense-its singing sayonara anyway) which made the typical under dog sit up in self belief!She too could fight the rich and powerful .And win! It freed one’s notions of –Enu maadokkagalla,naavenu gellokkagalla Nammanella tulidhaki bidtaare–
    but it has to end
    so that people get on with their lives—

  5. rk Says:

    Welcome to ‘Rambling with Bellur’.
    Thanks for the well-written comment. Muktha showed the story of most middle-class families, politicians, religious institutions, business men, lawyers, doctors…….the psyshology of human mind has been portrayed very well in this Mega serial. It showed what goes on behind the scenes in so many different spheres of life.
    All in all, a serial worth watching.
    Do visit again. Good luck.

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  7. Thanks for sharing your ideas so openly. This is very helpful.

  8. Gopinath Says:

    you have done a fabulous job to the society through the muktha… i hope you will give good serials to kannada channels… awaiing for your new serials.. muktha is the mixtures of feelings, family sentiments, good behaviour in family, respective ways to the friends and relatives… sir one thing i would like to tell about you please direct the movies like mathadana…
    Awaiting for your reply

    With regards,


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