‘Tagging’ isn’t as bad as ragging, well almost…

August 8, 2006

Tagging, I thought, was a children’s game in which one player pursues the others until he or she is able to touch one of them, who then in turn becomes the pursuer.

But there is a different type of ‘Tagging’ game played in the blogworld. Today, The ‘Professor’ has tagged me. And this is the first time I have been tagged. Somehow, even when my seniors caught me for Ragging, I wasn’t scared. But this ‘tagging’ business is little scary, I thought, until I started writing…..and I found it cool! So here goes!

I’m thinking about:
Newspapers and retired life.

I said:
Exams are the worst thing that happened to mankind. (And got one on my head from the invigilator)

I want to:
Get the whole world to taste CTR’s Benne Masale Dose.

I wish:
I had met RK Narayan and listened to his stories.

I hear:
My wife asking me from the kitchen: Did you change the baby’s diaper?

I wonder:
How some people can be so quick in Mathematics?!

I regret:
Not being quick in Mathematics.

I am:
Extremely unpredictable and moody.

I dance:
Whenever my prediction is right.

I sing:
Whenever I drive. OK, even when I am a pillion, I sing. Well, even when I walk, I hum along.

I cry:
When I watch Deewar, Sadma, The last scene in ‘Kamanabillu’ and also thinking about the most precious commodity in the world, Amma.

I’m not always:
Impatient and angry.

I make with my hands:
Cartoons, Collages and Coffee

I write:
Extremely long posts. And that makes me light.

I confuse:
Rarely. I think ten out of two people don’t confuse.

I need:
All the newspapers and magazines in the world published till date. And I also need the time to read them all, from the ‘Masthead’ to ‘Printed and Published…’

And finally:
I wish I had been born in Malgudi.

I tag Kishor, Gangadhar, Vijay, Travel Plaza and Sanjay


12 Responses to “‘Tagging’ isn’t as bad as ragging, well almost…”

  1. Shruthi Says:

    Good list, Bellur! :))
    100 out of 100. Maths nalli sigtha iralilla antha kaNatthe, idaralladru koTTbiDthini…
    – Professor.

  2. Oops, nanu hosba, RK avare. 5 jana ellinda hudkli 🙂 Anyways, thanks for tagging. For general knowledge sake, what is ‘tagging’ funda all about? 🙂

  3. rk Says:

    Shruthi: I am as excited as a kid, coz you gave me 100 on 100! 😀 Thank you Professor.

    Kishor: Even I was a ‘hosaba’ to this Tagging business till Shruthi clarified my doubts. I asked Shruthi:
    really donno what to do when someone tags you! plz tell me what do i do?

    Shruthi replied:
    Nothing, just copy my post, retain the words in bold, and delete the rest, and put in your own responses and post it on your blog. At the end, you “Tag” five people – it just means that they have to make the same list. That’s it!
    Of course, you are completely free to ignore the Tag too!

    Did I hear you say, “That’s all, is it”? Well, after the problem is solved, everything in the world becomes THAT’S ALL! 😉

  4. Gangadhar Says:

    My wife asking me from the kitchen: Did you change the baby’s diaper?…haha..i always try to avoid those things..But my kid likes me doing his things…
    Maths!! Hmmmm..i love maths..that’s it..but i don’t think you’re slow at Maths…
    You sing whenever you drive? oh..Rk..me too..but only when i’m driving alone..
    I dance with Aarush..actually,he makes me dance with his naughty works…
    Recently watched a movie,”Amma cheppindi”..My eyes got wet…
    I write short posts but wanna receive long responses…

    Oh..RK! all and all nice ones!! And wow..me too completed most of this tag things!! Don’t worry i’ll do your tag soon..but gimme sometime..somany tags are pending…hahah

  5. RK: Thumba thanksu. Nan list ready!

  6. rk Says:

    Gangadhar: 😀 Thanks for the comments. Take your time….waiting to read your post. And you can tag a few dozens!

    Kishor: That was a quick job. You have put up a nice list. 🙂

  7. travel plaza Says:

    RK, Thanks so much. I just read your post, so need a little time to work on mine. It will be ready soon though:))And you have a very impressive list..

  8. rk Says:

    Kishor: Enjoy maadi!

    TP: Welcome. Glad you found the list impressive. Take your time, no hurry.

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  11. latha vidyaranya Says:

    that was an interesting read!

    thanks for appreciating my tagged list at


    oh, forgot to tag 5 friends. i will go back and do it now.

    thanks for all the guidance u r providing in setting up my new blog at WP.

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