Sadaa nanna kanna thumba, ee ninna bimba…

August 21, 2006

(From left) Jayaprada, Dr.Rajkumar, Ustad Bismillah Khan and S. Janaki during the silver jubilee function of Sanaadi Appanna in 1978. In the film, Singer S. Janaki sung the popular number Karedaru Kelade in Raga Behag for which the Ustad played the Shehnai. Music Director for the film was Late GK Venkatesh. [Picture: RK’s Scrapbook]


19 Responses to “Sadaa nanna kanna thumba, ee ninna bimba…”

  1. Gangadhar Says:

    Seems like your scrap book is a treasure containig great pics..
    loved dis pic,RK…

  2. rk Says:

    Vani commented in Sanjay’s blog about this snap thus:
    Hey Bellur,

    Have you observed that snap on your blog? (Dr Raj with Ustaad Bismillah Khan) Jayaprada na nodida takshana I felt she looked very know to whom?…to our Malavika. There’s a striking resemblance in that photograph.

  3. rk Says:

    Gangadhar: Thanks. Yes, the scrapbook has some really rare snaps that Dr.Rajkumar himself felt he hadn’t seen when I showed it to him at his residence.

    Vani: Howdhu ri, holike ide. 🙂

  4. Veena Shivanna Says:

    Bellur, I remembering seeing the same picture in Vijay times yesterday & the explanations sounded similar.
    R G Vijayasarthy is the author ansatte. Do you write in that name ?

  5. rk Says:

    Vijaysarathy’s article came after a day of the Ustad’s death, while I put up the tributes on the day the Ustad died. Also in the VT article, I remember there was no caption for the picture. And, I have read this interview of Rajkumar, and what I have written is as told by Rajkumar. After reading the VT article, I felt my story was more comprehensive comapared to Vijaysarathy’s. 🙂

    Maybe he wrote the article after reading my tributes to the Ustad! Quite a possibility. 😉

    • ya ustad ji has played shehnai…some thing ..that tears our eyes…great man…but dr.rajkumar has acted as if he is playing shehnai professionally… disciple of ustad bismillah khan sahab…..

  6. Gangadhar Says:

    Thank you verymuch for your wishes on my blog..
    And i wish your son a very very happy birthday…(Adv wishes..)
    Btw wat’s his name and how old is he?

  7. rk Says:

    Thanks a lot for wishing Narayan on his first birthday. 🙂

  8. Gangadhar Says:

    Wow..RK..that must be great..i’m sorry you said it was 1st on my blog..
    And so,the celebrations started?

  9. Shruthi Says:

    Bismillah Khan so young!! Great photo!

  10. rk Says:

    peaceful b-day.

    got a younger looking ustad in my collection of gramophone record with a huge close-up snap of his. he must be around 30-40 years then!

  11. Kamalakar Says:

    You got me humming that divine song: sadaa nanna kanna tumbaa…
    Pics are gr8. innuu kelavu jhlak torsibidi.

  12. rk Says:

    nimage pictures ishta aagiddu gottagi santhosha aaythu.
    samaya bandaga ‘jhalak’ nodirante.
    formal welcome to the blog. keep visiting. 🙂

  13. venkatesh Says:

    what a classic picture!!!!. its super. i liked it much

  14. rk Says:

    i am happy you found the picture classy. doesn’t te ustad look cute? 🙂
    do visit again.

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  16. laxmi narayan sahu Says:

    i love jaya prada…

    i wanna get marry ………

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  18. great work…of shehnai and acting…by the legends…ustad bismillah khan sahaib…and dr.rajkumar…. am disciple of ustad bismillah khan ji….direction..

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