Vijay Times exclusive: A chat with Malavika Avinash, the Madhavi Patel of ‘Muktha’

August 24, 2006

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(The above article is reproduced with permission from the Editor-in-chief, Vijay Times)

Read the interview with actress Malavika Avinash titled I’m born to be the Chief Ministerpublished in today’s Vijay Times.

“I would never settle anywhere in the world. It’s only Bangalore for me.” – Malavika Avinash.

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13 Responses to “Vijay Times exclusive: A chat with Malavika Avinash, the Madhavi Patel of ‘Muktha’”

  1. usha Says:

    Namage Abhivruddhi rangadha thara sarkara kodo hagdre namdenoo abhyanthara illa madam… 😀

    Kattuvevu naavu hosa nadondanna… antha navu nim jothe irtheevi

  2. Kishor Says:

    If Kumaraswamy can become CM, why not Malavika? 😉

  3. rk Says:

    usha: cm aadaaga nodona yentha sarkara kodtharo! helodu, natisodu sulabha, alwa? maadaloo bahudu….but obbarinda sadhya illa….idi sarkaradalli “Kattuvevu naavu hosa nadondanu” anno hummassu irbeku.

    kishor: well said. 😉
    good to see you back after a long time….keep visiting.

  4. Veena Shivanna Says:

    Bellur, Nice to see the link which enabled many of the readers to read the article. The first thing i read in today’s newspaper was this & also one thing about Premji & L. Mittal.
    I have mentioned many times earlier too, I like both Malavika on screen and the malavika by herself. Avaru part maaDodu avara nija jeevana almost oMDe ansatte. I have heard lot of her interviews in diff TV channels . I do have her autograph too… “Nimma maalavika” antha baredaddu. She is so bright in her looks too. eno ondu success kaLe avara mukhadalle ide ansatte.

    If I am asked with which celebrity I would like to spend an evening/dinner(ade FM channels/TV shows ella prize koDttaralla adu), then I would say “Maalavika avinash”. She is a brilliant personality. Cyanide movie innu noDilla. Mukta bheti nalli nODoNa antha heLi amele ella Kai koTri. Its good that our film distributors have not removed that from some theatres like other good movies, so will watch it another week or two.

    TNS avara MRS.MUKYAMANTHRI cinema dalli ivaru maaDidaare alva ? Not sure whether she herself is CM in that movie, anthu heGo CM ge attach aage irtaare avaru. nijavaaglu namma raajyada mukhya mantri ivaraadre, sakattaagiratte. Let me wait & watch for that suvarna dina!!

  5. shark Says:

    She truly is a dynamic personality. I have heard a lot about her. Both about her on-screen as well as off-screen performances.

  6. rk Says:

    Good comment. Hope you get to spend some time with your idol soon!
    But in the TNS interview I read Sudeep and Rakshita in the lead roles antha. Link:
    And when we met him, he told that in the film, there is neither a ‘MRS.’ nor a ‘Mukhyamantri’! So kaadhu nodi film yenu antha!

    It seems she is the favourite of Jayalalitha (again a CM). There seems to be some connection between Malavika and CM! 😉

  7. Avocado Iyengar Says:

    It seems to be a habit with film/media personalities to declare themselves local depending on where they give the interview. Maybe the problem is with the media or with the viewers.

  8. PREMA Says:

    hi u r the best at acting

  9. TOM Says:

    is it true Malavika Avinash coming over to Penang in Malaysia (country in south east asia, above Singapore)?

  10. jayant Says:

    is malavika avinash film star avinash’s wife ?

  11. vani Says:

    yes, you’re right jayant.

  12. kalaimathi Says:

    malavika avinash is a good actress and also she is an ambition woman .i hope so soon she will be a cm.

  13. Sameer Says:

    Malavika is a host of some tv show in kannada.. BADUKU, i think, where she counsels people who are in trouble and gives solutions.. The prog’ was so successful that it started holding ‘samvadas’ in the same way as TNS.. During one such samvada, a person from the audience said that the prog’ glamourised family conflicts in a dramatic way just to attract viewers and that would have a negative impact on the viewers.. For this, Malavika instead of taking it sportively and replying him calmly, she got irked and silenced him by saying that the comment was immature.. So, if she is not taking the comments on a positive note, then what is the purpose of having a Samvada! I was pained by this act of malavika..

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