Tagged again!

October 5, 2006

Two months ago, I was tagged for the first time. And now, my friend Gangadhar has found me worthy of tagging.

So here are 8 things about me, which I am supposed to write:

1. I have this habit of writing down the movies that I saw in theatres since the age of four. The list tells who accompanied me to which movie and in which year/ theatre it was seen.

2. When I was a three-year old, the great musician MD Ramanathan treated me with a ‘Masale Dose’. The story goes like this. I waited for a particular song and he didn’t sing it in his concert. My uncle, who knew the singer personally, took me the next day to where MDR was staying. The singer asked me what ‘M.D.’ stood for in his name and it seems I said ‘Masale Dose’ . And not only did he treat me with my favourite number, he treated me with my favourite dish as well!

3. I am obsessed to the Rasipuram brothers, RK Narayan and RK Laxman, the divine singer MS Subbulakshmi and the great actor Dr. Rajkumar. As a personal tribute, have made scrapbooks and collages on all these legends.

4. Before sticking to Graphic Designing for bread and butter (read Anna-Saaru), tried my hand in Marketing (Cassettes- CDs; Pneumatic products; Gas kit for Cars; Newspapers; Computers. Of course, if you ask some of my friends, they will tell I still do marketing for CTR!), Singing, Journalism, Cartooning, Radio Jockeying, TV Anchoring and Copywriting.

5. I sing whenever I drive. And most of them, who have heard me while I drive, feel that they don’t feel the absence of a ‘Music System’ in my vehicle.

6. I have been ‘short’ tempered for quite a ‘long’ time!

7. On my recent visit to Ahobila, I sat on a rock and sang in the forest. I saw that a few wild animals kept staring at me all the while.

8. I was very excited to study at National institute of Design (NID). Almost made it through. But one of the interviewers told me, “More than NID, your mother needs you”. And I thank NID for rejecting me !

And my ‘Contract’ with Gangadhar also states me to tag six people. And I tag:
Travel Plaza
Kishor Cariappa
Shutter happy


19 Responses to “Tagged again!”

  1. anoop Says:

    You have tried working on quite a lot of things! I definitely envy you for that. I really want to try my hand at other things than just being a software engineer. Dont know when i will be able to do that. When I come back to bangalore I want to take your help in finding a good karnatic music teacher, I had started learning karnatic music 1 1/2 years ago, but its always been interrupted by these onsite assignments.

  2. Gangadhar Says:

    wah,how nicely done! And now,i believe i’ve done the right thing to tag you..This tag brought out the talents which we never know about bellur ramki..I’m goin to admire your versatality..as Anoop said…it’s a matter of envy? me don’t know..but felt glad to know about you..Seen the scrap book @the Hindu lik..it’s awesome!!
    look forward to more works from you.. 🙂
    All in all my tag’s become a worth read..

  3. Prashanth Says:

    theatre & MD rocks 🙂

  4. Thumba thanks for tagging me. ‘Masale Dose’ is my favourite too, but never had it from CTR. You are indeed a multi-faceted personality!

  5. ari4u Says:

    rk, those are some interesting things i learnt about you. You sound like you are the Jack of all trades. Been there done that kind of person 🙂

    thanks for tagging me. I am not a taggy person and can never get myself to write about myself. I hope you wont mind if i dont take up your tag. Take care, sorry to dissapoint you.

  6. shark Says:

    Those were some really interesting facts about you 🙂
    You sure seemed to have tried a LOT of things… feeling real J!

  7. Veena Shivanna Says:

    Very Good Bellur, this makes me even more proud about you. Writing all the movies watched is amazing. MD – Masale dose, idu soorya vamshadalli ondu haaDu ide, (vishnu sings with his grandson, so adralli idara vishLeshaNe ide). I have been telling my doctor husband to write down all the cases he has treated, he says adanella iTkoNDu enu maaDodu, dina beLagaadre adanne maaDodu and stuff… I keep trying this on him, one day I hope he would atleast tell me on the cases he treats & I can make a note of it. At the end of the day(life), one can have the satisfaction of saving so many lives antha.. avara prakaara, adakke yaaradru duDDu koTre bekaadre he would drop one case & log it. He is generally not money minded but comparitively ond swalpa haNa andre ishTa.. enu maadodu heLi, bari software engineers gaLe baro saMbaLa togoMbitre paapa doctors & teachers gella enu sigatte. ade naavu kaTTO income taxna sarkaara avarige sambaLa antha koDatte 🙂

    Well, NID rejecting you is an excellent article of all the articles that I have read! nimma parents kaLkoMDidru nimma positive attitude noDi nanna manasinnalli nimma bagge bahaLa hemme annisutte. Vidhya is very lucky to have you as her husband & do is RK Narayan(Jr).

    Have fun tagging, nimma Ravivaara bantamma poem publish maadi saar bega bega….
    Jai karanataka maate. Check this one & write a post on Gandhigiri, the topic very much on AIR. http://thatskannada.oneindia.in/category/response/051006veena_bandh.html

  8. rk Says:

    thanks for your comments.
    will be glad to help you. do let me know when you are here.

    glad you found this tag worth reading!


    CTR benne masale is worth trying. Do it on your next visit.

    no probs. thanks for your comments.

    “feeling J”! :)….there are lots of people who are much more multi-faceted than yours truly, and i feel J about them!

    thanks for your appreciating words.
    it would be interesting to read prashanth’s “yet to be maintained” dairy. if he reads them after a couple of decades, he would find it so different, coz medical field would have progressed by then and he would think of treating the same case in a different manner. this is just an example ashte.
    read your article. very well written. do write often. good luck.

  9. Gangadhar Says:

    Hello Ramki,
    off the topic,sorry..
    Someone named Sriram commented here,
    He’s asking about Padma miss..misguided probably…so im’ directing you over there..

  10. rk Says:

    thanks. yes he is from my school.

  11. Sanjay M Says:

    Nice to read this post RK – some of the things I already knew while reading your blog 😉 Will take up the assignment soon hopefully this weekend… am in office today as you know.

  12. Hi Rk
    Your eight almost reflecty your writings.
    BTW if KV means Kendriya Vidyalaya then I am also from KV. BUT many of them. KV BHEL Ranipur,KV IIT Delhi, KV Tagore Garden Delhi.:) That only within a span of four years.

  13. rk Says:

    Waiting to read your tag!

    Nice to know you are KV Product! Which KV is your fav. amongst them?
    Surprised that the 8 things about me reflect in my writing! 😉
    take care

  14. […] Last fortnight, Gangadhar tagged me. Last week, I was reading this post Taggy …. Looking back! in Shark’s blog. I felt really nice reading her answers for all those questions about blog, bloggers and blogosphere. And this week, I got tagged by Vijay asking me to introspect about my blog. Is this a tagging season, I wonder! […]

  15. Veena Shivanna Says:

    hey bellur, where is that post you wrote about all the smells under the universe. i read few lines & marked for my future reading! I remember even professor adding comment with ‘Seegekaayi pudi’ smell.. pls connect me that link, do send me an email I would take agest to check this comment again… I never know, I promised you that I would comment on the nostalgia post & still failed miserably!
    Neverthless, today I have commented left,right centre on many posts of yours. so I can buy in some time 4 the nostalgia post

  16. rk Says:

    mailed you this is the link to the post on SMELLS.
    nice to see you on a commenting spree! waiting for the “mother of all your comments” for the post on ‘Nostalgia’!
    take care

  17. chiroti Says:

    hi, nice post. bread and butter can also be ‘Hotte Paadu’ 🙂

  18. rk Says:

    hi chiroti,
    welcome to RwB.
    thanks for leaving a comment.
    yes, as kanakadaasa says, ellaru maaduvudu hottegagi…

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