Happy Deepavali

October 19, 2006

Design: RK

Wish you all a very happy and safe Deepavali.

7 Responses to “Happy Deepavali”

  1. Srik Says:

    Thanks a lot for the wishes. Wish you and your family the same 🙂 Pataki hoDyovaga echcharike irali.

  2. christy Says:


    I am reading ur blog since last one month and loved each and every article. I am working in bangalore in a pvt company,love to read so i like ur blog.Even i read vijays and gangadars blog too loved it. Happy diwali to u and ur family and during burning crackers do take care of ur son(i know u will).


  3. rk Says:

    nimmellarigu deepavaliya haardhika shubhashayagalu. devru yellarigu olledu maadli.
    best wishes and take care

    very happy to know that you have been rambling with me since one month. vijay and gangadhar are my good friends and excellent bloggers. i am happy you visit their blogs too. thanks for showing concern about my son. will surely remember what you have told. and nice to know that you love to read.
    happy deepavali to you and your family.
    best wishes and take care

  4. Gangadhar Says:

    Thanks verymuch,for your wishes..
    RK..very happy Deepavali to you and your family and friends..Nice pic here..
    My best wishes to Narayan..

    Btw your thought about coincidence made me to update my quote post..thanks.. 🙂

    take care

  5. Prashanth Says:

    Hope you had great festive time…

  6. rk Says:

    yes, had a lovely time with my family. hope you too had a great ‘habba’! you have got a wonderful blog out there. carry on the good work! best wishes.

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