“Designer tribute to Karnataka”

November 3, 2006

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An article on yours truly has appeared in today’s issue of The Times of India (Bangalore edition). It is related to the collage I made as a tribute to the famous personalities who have excelled in Karnataka.


33 Responses to ““Designer tribute to Karnataka””

  1. Vani Says:

    Congratulations Bellur,

    Look forward to reading several such interviews about you. Keep it coming!

  2. Prashanth Says:

    Congrats Bellur… Way to go…

    ps: I would like to see that collage and also those scrapbooks on MSS, RK Laxman and RK Narayan…

  3. christy Says:


    Congrats,I just saw TOI now in office(it was my lunch time) i had not seen ur photo earlier properly but when i saw the article i got that was you itself RK, coz i just know ur name and thought u are the person who can do that.. Immediatly i came back and saw the blog and there u were, all i want to saw u is WOW, GREAT. Such a good way of paying tribute.

    Felt soo happy to see ur article in paper.Keep it up.


  4. usha Says:

    Abhinandanegalu Bellur, Olle Kelasa mathu vishaya shekharaNe.

    Endaro Mahanubhavulu, andariki vandanamu antha tyagarajaru andhe nudidubittidharalla… antaha mahanubhavara vishayagala soochi neevu madideera

    kannadada bagge NisThe mathu kaLajigagi vandanegaLu

  5. Shruthi Says:

    Great work, Bellur, Keep it up! 🙂

  6. rk Says:

    thanks a lot for your wishes.

    thanks. you are welcome to see it anytime.

    i am really happy you read the article. all the wishes i get from friends like you is priceless. thanks a ton.

    bahala dhanyavaadagalu. thyagarajara maathu nenesiddakke bahala thanksu. suvarna karnatakada varshadalli kannadammanige avala maganinda ondu sanna kaanike, ashte. nimage ishta aagiddu nodi eega nanagu ishta aagtha ide.


  7. Vijay Says:

    Hey RK.. good work… by the way you are “world famous” in our office 🙂

    Excellent piece in the TOI. keep it up…

  8. Srikanth Says:

    Congratulations Bellur!!

  9. Praneshachar Says:

    Congratulation Bellur avarae iga thane Times of India ivathindu nodi bande. hardika shubhashaygalu btw where do you stay how you choose MGRoad for this? any how congratulation from the core of my heart for the love for the land and people you have. I appreciate your creativity and mind to do this type of work I am thrilled.

  10. Diya Says:

    Awesome Bellur Keep the great work going.

  11. Lakshmi Says:

    Congrats Bellur. Great work. Keep it up….

  12. SHADOW Says:

    Nim bagge TOI nalli article odi santoshavaytu ! Great work by u.

  13. rk Says:

    thanks a lot. wow!! world famous in your office!! 😉

    thanks anna.

    thanks a lot sir. the reason why i went to MG road (fyi, i stay in kaadu malleswara) was because most youngsters choose that particular road to roam around on holidays. and i wanted them to know about all the people (whom i have shown in my collage) who made “karnataka” proud with their achievements. also, i wanted to show these ‘personalities’ to every third foreigner i came across on MGs and Brigades.

    thanks a bunch!!

    thumba thanks madam.

    i am happy you liked it. thanks.

  14. TSSM Says:

    Dear RK,

    Congratulations to you on the creation of the collage.

    Your comments in TOI made me to hunt for some sources of the image of Onake Obavva’.

    I came across an interesting article on’ An Informal History of the Chitradurga Nayakas’ by Dr.B.Lewis.

    His article is available in :-


    I quote from his article:

    “Among the many heroes and heroines of Chitradurga, mention must be made of Onake Obavva, the wife of a common soldier, who, while fetching water during one of the several sieges of the fort, heard the muffled sound of enemy soldiers attempting to enter the fort walls through a small crevice that was just big enough for one person at a time to crawl through. Hiding silently next to the crevice with an onake, or pestle, she killed each soldier as his head appeared in the opening and dragged his body inside the wall. By the time her husband and others came to her aid, many dead soldiers lay around her. Onake Obavva’s courage and quick thinking single-handedly saved the fort that day. Her bravery is commemorated in Chitradurga by the name of Onake Obavva Stadium and by an extraordinary new sculpture near the DC Office. The sculpture was commissioned by the Government of Karnataka and brilliantly executed by the distinguished sculptor Ashok Gudigar”.

    So dear RK, with your contacts, you may gethold of the imagery.

    With best wishes


  15. Gangadhar Says:

    Nice collage and congrats,RK..You deserved it..
    and tnx for bringing me here.

  16. travel plaza Says:

    Congrats RK. Great work. Looking forward to more such work and more such interviews…

  17. shark Says:

    WOW! This sentence says it all “Ramakrishna is certainly one of the many selfless helmsmen who are working towards making a greater karnataka”!!!


  18. travel plaza Says:

    I finally did the tag you gave me a long time ago. Do check out my post when you get a chance.

  19. Ashish Says:

    Must be feeling nice to have one’s hard work recognized in a form that so many other people can look at it and admire it.

  20. decemberstud Says:


    Awesome !!! “Inimitable pride, bounteous spirit” pretty much summarizes it all. I would love to see the collage….if you have a list of all the names, then please do post it or mail it to me.

    Awww…lucky me, I know a “world famous” guy 😉

    On a serious note, I am really proud of what you have done and am extremely happy for you. My true wishes !!!

  21. TSSM Says:

    Dear RK,

    Dr.B.Lewis has replied to my mail stating that the imagery is available online, in the article on” Ashok Gudigar- A poetry in Stone” in

    You can get the beautiful imagery of ‘Onake Obavva’ and also other sculptures.

    Pl. have a look.


  22. praneshachar Says:

    Great idea and vision inc choosing MGRoad. one todays youngester should see who will be hovaring around mg and brigades and to show it every third foreiner you meet great
    nimma kannadammana seve niranthravagi nadeyali ysendu haraisutheene. nimage innu hechinna shakti mattu yukti kodali tayi bhuvaneshwari jai karnataka jai bharat

  23. Congrats, RK.


  24. Hey! bellur. amazing stuff! I wish you the best!

    on the same lines of suvarna karnataka. tune into FM 101.3 RAINBOW program at 1.00pm on all mondays

  25. rk Says:

    thanks for the info. very detailed write-up. thanks a lot.

    glad you liked it!

    thanks a ton!

    thank you.

    will see it soon! thanks for doing it.

    i did the collage for my satisfaction. but i am more satisfied after seeing that so many of you have also liked it. basically, an artist must first like what he does. only then can he expect others to like it!

    you are welcome to see it anytime. next time you visit bangalore, do let me know. as for the list, idon’t have it….but will make one and send it to you soon.

    great! thanks you very very much. the sculpture is really well made.

    nimma aashirvadave nanage raksha kavacha. thanks for your wishes.

    thanks for your wishes and for quoting those famous lines!

    thanks girishanna. khanditha nimma kaaryakrama kelthini. good luck to you.

  26. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    Fantastic Work Bellur Keep Going!

  27. Raj Says:

    Who is mr.Bellur????

  28. Raj Says:

    am just that curious.. bcoz everywhere he is … so asked, i liked that helmet add and came to visit the site, this is my first visit… plz update me abt you… ! 🙂

  29. rk Says:


    hearty welcome to RwB.

    Who is mr.Bellur????

    even i am trying to find out who i am!

    i liked that helmet ad

    thanks for liking the ad.

    plz update me abt you

    work as a designer. interests include music, art, reading, sports, walking and eating good vegetarian food. to know more, please read some posts in the ‘personal’ category.
    cheers and keep visiting.

  30. Raj Says:

    yo!! hilarious response… keep it up!! yep i will go thru personal category… thnx!

  31. Raj Says:

    what say rk?

  32. […] 1950 issue of Indian Express Sirikantada Srikanta Impose Helmet Rule: Letter to the Editor “Designer tribute to Karnataka” ‘Of hero worshippers and fan followings’ by Vijay Sai ‘Malgudi Times’ dated October […]

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