Helmets are a must

November 7, 2006

Design: RK

Impose Helmet Rule
The helmet debate
Moving forward on safety

Road accidents are the leading cause of deaths in India. Accident rate in  Bangalore is rising rapidly thanks to the increase in the number of vehicles in the city. Add to this bad roads, indisciplined and drunken driving. No wonder accidents are described as the neglected epidemics.

Head injuries in Motorcycle accidents are the number one cause of death or serious injuries. Riders who do not wear helmets (Approved by ISI) are more likely to suffer from fatal head injuries as compared to those who wear helmets.

In India, the argument against the helmet is sweating, loss of hair or diminished hearing. While these may be partly true, the advantage in terms of surviving serious head injuries are arguably far greater.

Another grouse against this rule could be the clumsiness one feels in carrying helmets wherever one goes. This inconvenience can be easily overcome by providing space (carriers or boxes) in the vehicle itself with lock and key facility.

Sadly, wearing a helmet has become a political decision and not a lifesaving issue.

Helmets are must from today.


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  1. usha Says:

    True Bellur, Helmets are a must while riding otherwise people soon become Hell-mates due to freaky road accidents.

    Another point is they should always buy and wear a good quality brand of helmet which are tested and manufactured according to requirements , not end up buying footpath maal which is temporary save of couple of currency hundreds.., its a question of saving head which can earn thousands and lakhs later if its in good condition. Alwe….

  2. mohan Says:

    As usha says its very tough finding the right helmet. Just go to JC road and the shop fellow shows you BRANDED helmets with ISI and you dont even know if that guy is selling you fakes…

    • sasi Says:

      Nice article here i found one site for safety equipments such as safety helmets, goggles, hand gloves .

      • Teej Says:

        Sasi, safety PPE is not for use on the road. I see a lot of ignorant people wearing construction helmets, cricket helmets while riding a 2 wheeler. It’s ridiculous. The argument that they are all poor abd cannot afford it is a sham. When they can afford 60,000 and sometimes over a 100,000 rs on a fancy 2 wheeler, I think they can well invest a couple of thousands for their safety and their families.

        Also I think 2 wheeler companies should offer helmets complementary, (isi marked and not the kitchen saucepans we see on people’s heads)

  3. Anil Anand Says:

    Very very true…
    A HELMET IS A MUST…..everytime you hop on to your bike.

    This i realised when i met with an accident and had half my face scraped out, because i was going out only for 5 mins and ignored my helmet eventhough i used to wear it regularly!

    As always,Nice picture.

  4. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    belluravare, is it only the driver or even the pillion has to wear it ???

  5. rk Says:

    rightly said. the single most effective method to avoid head injuries while riding is to wear a securely fastened, approved helmet. a good helmet absorbs the energy of an impact during an accident to reduce and prevent head injuries. a good helmet must have a chin strap and a buckle that will stay securely fastened. ‘penny wise, pound foolish’ gottalla!
    true, but trust is important in life, isn’t it? it is just like the nurse bringing the wrapped baby from the labour ward and giving it to you for the first time telling it is your baby.we believe her, right?!
    another thing is that if it is written in your fate that you are destined to die with an ISI approved helmet on, you can’t do much. 😉
    sad to hear your story. hope you are alright now. take care.
    glad you liked the picture.
    sir, first let the rider wear it! people are worried about hair fall and dandruff without thinking that only if the head is intact, will the hair fall and dandruff occur!
    right now, it is optional for the pillion.

  6. Gangadhar Says:

    Helmets are a must or not..that’s a great debate..but me so liked the design u developed here..the tag line is awesome,RK..It makes much sense!! Does bangalorepolice use this board? If not,just make it to the notice of police commisioner..

  7. prashanth Says:

    beautiful design there, rk… ಮೊದಲು ಅರ್ಥ ಆಗ್ಲಿಲ್ಲ… helmetಗು ಗಣಪಂಗು ಏನು ಸಂಬಂಧ ಅಂತ… ಅಮೇಲೆ ಹೊಳೀತು… 😛

  8. TSSM Says:

    In lighter vein,

    If helmet leads to loss of hair, then so be it :

    ‘better to be bald than to be bold (reckless’,
    ‘hairless adhroo paravaagilla, careless agirabaradhu, alva?’

  9. rk Says:

    really happy you liked the design. thanks a lot for your encouraging comments and also for your suggestion. will give it a try…

    thanks. glad you found the design ‘beautiful’! who knows….maybe in the next year ganesha habba, you may find a ganapa with a helmet!

    good one! i prefer being hair-free than being carefree.

  10. Vani Says:

    Super Bellur,

    Timely warning issued. Nanthara yella daivechche. Helmet haakondu yenadru aadre duradrushta anbahudu, aadre hakikollade yenaadu aadre avaga aa helmet haakiddare? anno ondu guilt kaadakke shuru agathe.

    Better have problems than be headless.


  11. Srik Says:

    Eventhough I hate bringing a rule to make it compulsory, I’m PRO HELMET.

    Co-incidentally, my latest post also talks about the Helmet-less suicide(I couldnt get any other word for the ‘accident’al death occuring not wearing a helmet).

  12. Aravinda Says:

    Nice design and quote RK
    Its nice to be without hair than to be without head.
    Something is better than nothing.But i dont think we will loose hair if we wear helmet.

  13. rk Says:

    thanks. howdhu, daivecche yeno adu aage aagatte.

    nice to know you are FOR helmets! your post is well written. serious yet funny.

    welcome to RwB! thanks for your comments.

  14. Shruthi Says:

    Bellur, a truly wonderful picture!! Spot-on — couldn’t have been a better example! :))

  15. TSSM Says:

    Talking about helmets,

    Devil’s advocate says:

    There have been a lot of changes in motorbike design, but not much in helmet design.
    It is easier to park the bike than to ‘park’ the helmet(s).
    Helmets are heavier to carry, in case you can’t strap it to the bike.
    Is helmet for all those who travel in the bike?, because most pillions, don’t sport one even now .
    What about the child/ren ?. Are they exempt from wearing one?. If not, where are the small sizes.
    How to (again !), park all these helmets.
    It spoils the make up, especially the hairdo, if one is heading for functions.
    It makes one sweat in summers.
    It weakens hearing senses.
    If you have a wizer, then you have to have ‘wipers’ on rainy days.

    With all these, I am a votary for the helmets.

    I used to wear one long back and it lasted as long as the scooter itself.

  16. Veena Shivanna Says:

    Bellur, All that what I wanted to say is done. I would ask you a Q. How do you influence people to be PRO helmet. People are scared of fine & hence wear it. My husband is no different in this matter. I sometime beg him to wear helmet & go atleast on hosur road. He sometime become so rude, ‘saayodidre alle aagbeka’ kinds!!!
    He is too lazy to carry it with him, & hence I suggested him to get that Hemlet lock on the backside which is an hindarance to the pillion while getting on the bike. I feel as a pillion rider I can live with that hindarance (when helmet is attached to it). I was always wondering how awful it would be to see an pillion rider wearing an helmet(I am no different here you see), I always prayed to receive the 4 wheeler before the rule was on. All said & done, some roads demands the 2 wheeler.. no excuses there 🙂

  17. praneshachar Says:

    Your timing of topics are opt hats off to your imagination a wonderful picture of lord vigneshwara on helmet. People are so crazy they dont wear it until the fine imposition started so footpath sales of helmets has increased apart from shops both I was told have increased the prices by 15 – 20%. I was amazed when I heard some FM radio was announcing a contest for those who have paid fine they can give receipt no. and proof and if they ar lucky they may win a radio city helmet

    erxempting people of Ballari and other places on the ground of high temperature. I think it is ridiculous will the almighty will bless those people when it comes to safety no excuses and exemptions to be given. after all life is precious
    whether it is ballari or bangalore or mysore …………….
    I am a regular user of helmet for my son who is now using sunny after getting licence have got a helment and insist he must use and he is using.

    another aspect I see people putting helmet in to their hand and driving without putting it in right place and pillion rider carrying it or it is safely locked to two wheeler.

    One my staff who was using helmet regularly because of too much of heat stopped in summer and unfortunately 3rd day
    of his stopping and met with a fatal accident and great loss of a precious life. some times it happens. ;

    I make it a point irrespective of the distance use it. we must take care ultimately it is daivecche alva

  18. decemberstud Says:


    When I grew up in Karnataka, I hated wearing helmets – even when they were complusory. I have now realized that they are soooooooooo important…just like car seat belts are !!! I am actually alive today because of the seat belts (that’s a totally different topic, and maybe I will blog it when everything cools down).

    The sad part is the nexs between government and the helmet industry. Come on this is the safety of drivers, not another commodity for sale !!!

    BTW, awesome pic RK.

  19. RK,

    Awesome design dude!! Great work! Will make a wonderful poster. This will be an ideal one to be posted all around the place.

    This is one place Me’s gonna visit often.


  20. Venki Says:

    Helmets shouldn’t be made cumpulsory, it should be left to the wisdom of riders. Whether they wanna live or die.

  21. prashanth Says:

    Great going RK. This ad design is going rounds in the net. Got this trhice via mail today…

  22. Manga Says:

    I am pro-Helmet,but in my opinion something needs to be done to reduce the weight of the helmet.
    People (especially techies) are having problems related to neck due to long working hours in front of computers.

  23. lisa Says:

    someone needs to invent a retractable helmet, easy to store in your pocket.. 🙂

  24. jaredude Says:

    Where is Darwin when you need him? It’s called thining the heard folks. 😛

    I ride. I must admit that I prefer to ride without a helmet. However, I know the consequences of not wearing a helmet. Even if I didn’t live in a state that requires a helmet (California), I would still wear one. It’s just that simple

  25. jpborg Says:

    Depends on the SITUATION of rider ENVIRONMENT…
    Common sense and a little (accurate) education can go to Users own responsibility of consequence….
    STOP making Law and Rules to dictate compulsory helmets. If it is Darwin elimination – so be it – this is free choice. FREE ChoiCE (the FREEDOM MACHINE) !

  26. rk Says:

    thank you very much!

    you are absolutely right. as for pillions, a news item today said that “The State Government has exempted the pillion passengers from wearing helmets and the rule came into effect from November 4.”
    as for the design, i think today’s helmets are much better equipped to handle a crash than their counterparts, say a couple of decades back.
    also read:
    Our Design for the Ideal Helmet
    Playgrounds and Helmets Don’t Mix!
    A Scooter Crash Story
    thanks for your interesting comments.

    even if people wear helmets out of fear, that is fine ‘coz they are saving their head (and also the fine)! most kids do the school homework out of fear of punishment, isn’t it? 😉

    glad you liked the picture and the post.
    shocking to hear about the FM channel asking listeners to show the fine receipt and awarding prizes. is the channel encouraging people not to wear helmets? crazy!
    in ballari, i feel people can put a wet cloth over the head and then wear the helmet to keep their heads cool literally.
    good to know you and your son regularly use helmets.
    me too have seen pillion riders holding the helmet or the gear being locked to the back of the bike. it happens only in india!
    sad to read about the unfortunate incident involving your colleague.

    eager to read about your being ‘alive bcoz of seat belts’ story. write about it soon. sad but true that the nexus exists.
    happy you liked the pic. thanks.

    radha krishna,
    welcome to RwB. feels good to know that you liked the design. thanks for your comments.
    you have a nice blog there. and thanks for putting up this design in your blog.
    cheers and take care

    not that all those who wear helmets survive or all those who do not wear the head gear die. for the benefit of the people, this rule has been made compulsory. when protection can be proven by good science- -as is the case for helmets and seat belts–then even those who hold most firmly to civil libertarian principles must concede that to compel protection for a few does bring benefit to many.

    nice to hear that piece of news! thanks a lot. glad people are liking it.

    correct. the weight of the helmet should be distributed properly so that the head can support the helmet easily. as for the ideal helmet weight, read in a science journal that “Limit of 800 grams for adult or 650 grams for children.”

    nothing much to say about your comment!

    good idea!

    good to know you know the consequences of not wearing a helmet. and great that you wear one! wear helmet and keep riding. cheers!!!

    free choice, right. but that costs a few bucks, dude!
    take care.

  27. Simon Cooper Says:

    Dude.. Do we have transparent helmets?

  28. rk Says:

    yes we do have them. light-weight “transparent dome” type helmets are used recreationally (esp. by television presenters who want the whole face to be seen by the audience).
    another advantage of a transparent helmet is that ladies will prefer tham as they can display their latest hairstyle, ear-rings, fancy clips, latest hair bands etc, while driving!

  29. Kailas Says:

    “Road accidents are the leading cause of deaths in India.”

    Factually wrong. I get the spirit and context in which it was said, but still find it a loose statement to make.

    Am all for helmets and safety, so dont get me wrong.

  30. rk Says:

    remembered reading these lines long back:
    Driving in the U.S. is on the right side,
    Driving in the U.K. is on the left side,
    Driving in India is Suicide!

    glad to know you are Pro Helmets. curious to know what is the leading cause of deaths in india!
    best wishes

  31. Lakshmi Says:


    I’m also for pro helmets. Giving ‘n’ number of reasons for not wearing helmet is rediculous. Once a person start wearing it, they will get used to it and it is comfortable too. I’m a regular user of hemlet before the enforcement of law.

    Your thoughtful graphic is awesome.

  32. rk Says:

    wonderful to hear that you have been wearing helmets even before the rule was imposed.
    remember studying in biology class in school that the brain is housed in a rigid bony structure (the skull), covered by a thick layer called the scalp. so for all those who are against helmets, i say, wear a helmet unless you are thickheaded!
    glad that you liked the graphic. 🙂

  33. Girish Says:

    STOP making Law and Rules to dictate compulsory helmets. Give the choice to riders.

  34. vittala Says:

    excellent comments from all !

  35. rk Says:

    welcome to RwB. thanks for your comments. although i am a firm believer in freedom of choice for adults (21 or older) i find it unsafe for anyone to ride without a helmet. i understand the thrill of riding with just the breeze in your hair, but the reality is your skull is not made of iron and will break if it makes contact with road, trees, telephone poles, house, or other motorized vehicle. to rephrase a quote by benjamin franklin, those who would trade a measure of freedom for a measure of security deserve neither.

    my friend, who met with an accident a few years ago, wrote in a mail to me: “if it wasnt for helmets i wouldnt be here right now. i have been hit by cars and cracked my helmet, but personally have only been left with a severe headache….although people think they are useless, if you had the choice of being brain damaged or a fully functional human being, i’d rather wear a helmet – and be safe, than risk my life because its not fashionable!”

    Doctors who treat motorcyclists after crashes, and experts from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, say helmets reduce the likelihood of injury and death, and ask that motorcyclists realize the value of this “dose of common sense.”

    Full story here:
    Helmetless riders: out of their skulls?

    keep visiting. and best wishes.

    a big THANK YOU on behalf of all the commenters. 🙂

  36. Roberto Says:

    Thank you for your article. I agree whole-heartedly. I always say:”Wear the hardwear to protect the software!”
    Love your blog.

  37. rk Says:

    warm welcome to you. thanks for your kind words. loved the line “There’s many ‘second-hand’ stores, but I’ve NEVER seen a ‘second-head’ store!” in your post telling people to WEAR HELMETS.
    you have got a great blog there. got a feel of thailand! keep blogging. thanks for giving a link to this post. best wishes.

  38. Arna bose Says:

    one more add taunting Hindu gods
    when would all stop using Hinduism for earning money or for a cause in a insulting way?

    Hindu organisation must report a police complaint againt the artist.

  39. Abhi Says:

    Super neat concept!


  40. Vibhu Says:

    Neat concept man ! Hope you dont mind, I have blogged it.

  41. s. eswar singh Says:

    must use helmet while ridingto reduce death toll, also must use condom to reduce birth toll.

  42. Arnob Says:

    Have you actually weighed a helmet? You’re in for a surprise. It’s not 800gm!

    Lovely graphic.

    Lord Ganesha would have approved to have HIS image used to save lives, though I see somebody thin skinned (and thickskulled) who does not!

    Ever seen a religious fanatic (ANY religion) wearing a helmet? Mostly solid bone, little to protect. Hmmm, notice most cops dont wear it either….

  43. tnoverload Says:

    No helmet manufacture test their product over a 15 mph crash test – ask them what their helmets do at 30 40 50… no answer. Is a helmet good yes, should you be mandated to wear one NO. Raise my insurance if I refuse to wear one, do not legislate me to wear one.

    The majority of motorcycle accidents are not the riders fault. Motor vehicle drivers who are on cells phones, putting makeup on, reading or just plain cut you off. These people are the causes of death to a motor cycle rider. Is that all, no, I have friends that need to die while riding for the stupidity they do. Just because I have a bike that does 200 does not mean I NEED to do 200!

    I’ll stop…

  44. Abhijit Says:

    Thanks RK, for such a meaningful picture. The picture is touching the heart.

  45. pegasus Says:

    self defense is the first instinct in a human.
    why care about a brain that is too stupid to protect itself?

  46. soumo Says:

    Having read all the above post, must say that
    1. The graphic is very lovely and cathy – good one.
    2. I have spoken to many riders in Bombay and Goa who have survived due to the HELMET. Helmets will save your head and face AND EYES in all accidents – at what ever speeds – even a 100+ KPH. One point of care though, if you fall off the bike due to skidding or slipping, PLEASE ROLL OFF, leave the bike at the earliest because the helmet tends to twist your NECK awkwardly if you do not roll off. This is the only cause of concern. In any accident / collission HELMET SAVES.
    3. Pillion or childeren MUST wear helmet / head protection. If ever you fall you will not be able to protect the child. The child MUST have protection. Or you should be riding BELOW 40 KPH and VERY SAFE. Never take the child in the front.
    4. helmet does not heat up your head in summers. I have used helmets (and not vented or such exotic ones) in summers in Goa, Bombay and Pune where the heat is such that one has to stop and hydrate the face, hands and shoes to cool off. Just wipe your helmet outer with water and see the comfort. At leat the sun is not hitting you on the scalp.
    5. To avoid carrying the helmet, use the helmet handle available for Rs.200 or so – its good and safe.

    Take care of your head.. alittle investment or effort will keep you alive.

  47. rk Says:

    arna bose,
    how can you assume that the artist is earning money out of this design? and what insult do you see in the graphic? the police appreciated this piece of art and lauded the artist’s efforts. thanks for visiting.

    😀 thanks!!!

    glad you liked the concept. thanks for blogging. no worries. keep visiting.

    eswar singh,
    good one. thanks for dropping by.

    thanks for your humourous comments. do visit again. (weighed my helmet….slightly more than 800 gms)


    Just because I have a bike that does 200 does not mean I NEED to do 200!

    you said it!!

    thanks a bunch!!!

    as the quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in your blog tells, “There is nothing worse than aggressive stupidity.”

    wonderful! you have summed it up very well. thanks for those valuable points and insightful comments. please visit again.

  48. silkboard Says:

    “Sadly, wearing a helmet has become a political decision and not a lifesaving issue.” – right said RK.

    Folks who can buy Rs 13-40K two wheelers, can’t afford a few Rs 1K helmets – this was an argument a politico was quoted with. Well!

  49. pegasus Says:

    if i am not wrong…. all new 4 wheelers should have a factory fitted seat belt
    all new 2 wheelers should be sold with 1 helmet…. so the question of being able to or not afford does not arrive.

  50. rk Says:

    welcome to RwB. yes, i remember reading that bit somewhere. ridiculous argument!
    you have a terrific blog out there. keep blogging and do visit again!

    very good idea! i will not be surprised if the bike dealers put up an ad saying: Stylish helmet absolutely FREE with every bike!

  51. phani Says:

    I’m also for pro helmets. Giving ‘n’ number of reasons for not wearing helmet is rediculous. Once a person start wearing it, they will get used to it and it is comfortable too. I’m a regular user of hemlet before the enforcement of law.

    Your thoughtful graphic is awesome.

  52. Abhishek Says:

    Great Pic’s,

    Will for sure catch the eyes of all the people who would see it and they would for sure read the messages that is being said


  53. wearing a helmet extends your life 50%

  54. pegasus Says:

    if that was the case, then life insurance provider’s questionnaire would be
    1) smoke?
    2) drink?
    3) wear helmet?

    any yes will make your premium unaffordable

  55. Roopa Ganesh Says:

    A person’s disability or death is definitely a more painful situation to him and his family than taking a little effort to wear a helmet. Nothing can substitute one’s life, so I agree upon the rule that helmets are made compulsory…pls remember that it takes a fraction of a second to alter your life when on road and a helmet can make a lot of difference in that moment. It would be foolish to debate on this rule as a governments policy and not an individual’s and his family’s safety for life. If your life is worth a bunch of excuses for small efforts in life it would be a pity

  56. rk Says:

    thanks for the ‘cut & paste’ comment!

    thanks pal!

    Ituloy Angsulong,
    🙂 then it’s worth wearing the head gear.

    haha…good one again.

    roopa ganesh,
    thanks for your wonderful comments. loved the last sentence. 🙂

  57. anil Says:


    Friend what you have said is ok but with out the proper
    roads what is the use of using helmets so pls tel government
    to construct proper roads and make a compulsary note to where a helmet


  58. saiprakash Says:

    its really nice idea man,

  59. Veena Shivanna Says:

    Roopa ganesh avare, nimma ondu paragraph full artha poorna vaagittu. Last line anthu million dollar statement. I think you are an eligible blogger.

  60. rk Says:

    you have a point. hope the roads get better soon!
    thanks for commenting.

    thanks friend.

    rightly said.
    roopa, hope you take veena’s suggestion seriously

  61. dimaks Says:

    This issue is also prevalent in other asian countries. Worse thing is, aside from those funny reasons why people do not wear helmet, they wear it just not to be caught by the policemen. Otherwise, their helmets are nicely hooked on their elbows for display. Well its a good elbow pad anyway. They save elbows rather their heads.

    Helmet law is also boldly neglected by some law enforcers themselves. They think they are exempted from the law and so, they don’t wear one while on their motorcycles.

  62. Pradeep Says:

    Tumba….channagideri ..Bellur.
    keep it up..

  63. rk Says:

    welcome to RwB.

    They save elbows rather their heads.

    you have highlighted a serious issue in a humourous way. thanks for your comments. keep visiting and take care. you have a nice blog out there.

    ee blogige bheti maadiddakke santhosha. nimage ishta aaythalla, ashte saaku. matthe banni. namaskara.

  64. Praveen Says:

    11th Nov Star of Mysore paper has published above graphic, mentioning contributors name, unfortunately it is not your name. The moment I saw it in the paper I was looking for your name since I’d seen this graphic on the day of posting. I was pained not to see your name.
    Sorry, I could not scan and send it across to you.

  65. rk Says:

    thanks for bringing this to my notice. it seems one of SOM’s readers got this design as a fwd-ed mail which he fwd-ed to SOM. since the design/ mail didn’t have my name, it was not published.
    i spoke to an editorial staff of SOM and told him about this glitch. everything is sorted out now between yours truly, SOM and the reader who fwd-ed the design. so no worries.

    check out for tommorrow’s edition of SOM and also please check your mail.

    thanks once again. keep viviting RwB.

    best wishes and regards


  66. Wearing a Helmet is always Good as absorbs the impact and gets injured to save your injury and your life, but many say they will never face an accident without a Helmet but while wearing it the side view and visibility is restricted to some extent which is too much for some people making them get into a accident more often and hence it could be fatal. Accidents are accidents because they don’t inform before happening but you are comfortable without them it will save you from accidents, and if you are prone to them then Helmets will help save your life. One case in Madras had happened long back where in it was certified by the General Surgeon from City hospital that had the person been able to see the vechile coming from the side (without the Helmet) the Helmet would not have punctured his head and he would have been saved. Helmet should be worn by all who are not very much discomfortable with it. be comfortable in all you do and Enjoy Life. -Regards KT

  67. akvp Says:

    Its better to wear HELMET, and save one life.

  68. rk Says:

    KT Samantaray and akvp,
    thanks for your comments. 🙂

  69. Veena Shivanna Says:

    Bellur, I notice that you have ‘RAMBLING WITH BELLUR’ on all the pictures that you have designed. Why is that missing here ? I appreciated that act of yours thinking that nobody can steal it & use the information. You missed it this time & hence causing the confusion. When anybody wants to share information, its a courtesy act to inform the author.!! All said & done, you need to do what you can alva ? Hope you don’t mind for such suggestions.

  70. rk Says:

    i put RwB on the design and saw that it it didn’t look all that good. since my idea was to highlight the design, i let it go. but i am happy lot of people have appreciated the design. and it has also made its way to a popular newspaper!
    useful suggestions are always welcome here!

  71. Annette Says:

    I find it funny that instead of avoiding situations where we might crack our head open we invited a little plastic thing to wear as protection. When you skydive they make you wear a helmet but if that parachute doesnt open that helmet is NOT going to save you

  72. M R Suresh Says:

    Sorry bellurravare, i am the person who forwarded the helmet Ganesha to SOM.Your name was not there in the msg fwdd to me,hence the glitch,i am sorry.

  73. rk Says:

    we must do our duty and leave the rest to god. and if someone doesn’t believe in god, leave it to fate! 😉

    that’s ok, no probs. glad SOM published it. keep visiting RwB. Take care and cheers

  74. Veena Shivanna Says:

    Somebody was telling that HELMET also have invited problems by giving an easy way to avoid the identity. you can never make out whether a person is a male or a female & you cannot identify the criminal .. Hit & Run case is easy now.. More over the terrorists/naxalites have the easy way to establish their connections antha.. I second Bellur’s thought on Annette’s comment.

    Monne Mysore nalli sikkidda terrorist was an MSc Bio chemistry anthe.. ee deshada jana tamma jaagarooka manassu mathtu buddhi shaktiyannu constructive aagi upyoga maadidre yaavaa developed country nu enu maadok aagalla alva 🙂

  75. pegasus Says:

    true…. u steal an ATM/credit card… sneak into an ATM machine wearing an helmet and take all the cash you want without worrying about cameras

  76. rk Says:

    interesting observation wrt helmets and hit & run cases.
    this is where a teachers’ and parents’ role comes into play. we must become responsible ourselves and make the younger generation responsible citizens so that no one breaks the law and even if one does, he/ she acts responsibly.
    if we use our brains constructively, certainly we are unbeatable.

    if only things were that easy! 😉 (remember reading that easy money won’t last long). cheers.

  77. praneshachar Says:

    ninne TV nalli helmet rule realx madtare anta suddi bartaittu
    howda? iddare idu ondu viparyasa alwa

  78. Balaji Sadhanandam Says:

    Hi All,

    I think wearing helmet is very important. I was using Yamaha RX 100 for 12 years and I was using a full mask helmet all the times. I use to drive at 45 – 50 kmph speed. I use to follow all traffic rules. I use to keep my cool all the times.

    Now-a-days I drive my car. I follow lane discipline and other traffic rules, I drive my car between 40 – 60 kmph (mostly below 40 in city conditions). I get irritated when two wheelers and autos try to takeover from left and then they slow down after crossing, killing my running speed.

    It is not just sufficient if people start wearing helmet. They should obey and abide by all traffice rules, follow lane discipline and respect others.

    Balaji Sadhanandam

  79. rk Says:

    yes, i read that the rule may be relaxed in TOI. reason? coz the elections are near and the politicians feel the voters are angry about the helmet rule! ridiculous.

    Balaji Sadhanandam,
    thanks for dropping by and sharing your valuable comments.

    It is not just sufficient if people start wearing helmet. They should obey and abide by all traffice rules, follow lane discipline and respect others.

    very correct. when that happens, this will be BHOO-SWARGA!
    keep visiting and cheers

  80. M R Suresh Says:

    belluravare i am sorry star of mysore has not carried the clarifications as they thought that i am in touch with you.This is beyond my control.Thanks.

  81. […] It is a month since the Helmet rule came into effect. In between, there was also news that the rule may get scrapped. But nothing of that sort has happened. […]

  82. Jas Says:

    Really nice idea

  83. rk Says:

    no worries.


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  90. Prabhat Says:

    Hi RK, Your Lord Ganesha’s image is very impressive and your ad can really enforce people to think seriously about wearing helmet. Congrats… I have also posted ur post here…
    http://www.easydriveforum.com/showthread.php?p=1353#post1353…just to aware more people about this.

  91. […] B for Bharatanatyam…Today is MahashivaratriSri Tyagaraja AradhanaWho said I am nostalgic?Helmets are a mustSri Purandara Dasa (1494-1564)’Of hero worshippers and fan followings’ by Vijay SaiToday is Madhva […]

  92. rk Says:

    🙂 thanks for commenting and linking the post.

  93. […] him the best gift he could ever receive. (There are times when he makes me feel that he loves my Helmet more than me!) Hearing him say what he did the whole day brings so much […]

  94. Raghav Says:

    Excellent Ad !!!!!!!!

  95. Laxmi narayan sahu Says:

    helmet rules should be mandatory….
    now a days bangalore police are becoming very rude..
    they have been apponited for public service.. but instead of that they are harassing people …. looting money from people…

  96. […] visit: Helmets are a must Ad world at […]

  97. I own a Suomy helmet and I like how they keep your safety in mind. There are a lot of manufacturers out there that can offer you a conglomerate of mere plastic pieces that have been slapped together. The suomy motorcycle helmet can offer you excellent face protection with its Ultra-face shield, infrared heat-blocker, along with permanent anti-fog and hydrophobic coatings! The people at Suomy lead the way when it comes to safety standards in the USA.

  98. I wanted to buy an helmet, And read all above articles which really helped to know all ideal things of helmets, and also what can happen if you wear helmet and don’t. Thanks for all.

  99. bankbars Says:

    In Maharashtra, the state government has made it compulsory to wear helmet at least on the highways to reduce loss of life for the bikers.

    I think all the state governments should take this policy and should make it compulsory to wear helmets

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