Quiz Time with Bellur

November 16, 2006

Design & Compilation: RK

Ever since the days of Quiz Time by Siddhartha Basu, I have been fond of quizzes. I used to watch What’s the good word hosted by Sabina Merchant. These were in the ’80s. During the ’90s, I regularly followed Derek O’Brien’s Bournvita Quiz Contest. After the millennium, I fell in love with Mastermind India, again with Siddhartha Basu. Basu is one of the best Quizmasters I have seen.


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14 Responses to “Quiz Time with Bellur”

  1. praneshachar Says:

    sakala kala vallabhan avarige abhinandanegalu. nimma quiz interest nodi kushi aitu. hegappa nivu nimma time manage madtira. yellyellyu nive irtira. nivu iga obba olle quiz master agabahudr anta nanna anisike mattu abhipraya pryatna madi swami you can emulate siddartha basu in your own style
    veena avare
    ivattu nandu first post aitalla

  2. decemberstud Says:

    …and my browser doesn’t load you Quiz…..

    Me was a super duper quizzer, and still love it to death..well, almost !!!

  3. Veena Shivanna Says:

    Oh! I love this one Bellur. I am a fond quizzer(not to death but :-)) .. I loved simple & easy ones(my brainy is very light you see:-)).. I like Srivathsa joshi’s quiz much, the clues are fantastic.. sometime I become clueless for the abundance of his knowledge. One of the people I admire (specially NRI’s).

  4. Veena Shivanna Says:

    It should be read as ‘Specially among NRI’s’

    The latest SJ’s quiz is at
    One of those yugadi quiz link in the year 2005 made me a entrant to TK website & then It become like an addiction!!!!
    Now I am scared of visiting these blogs… Another addiction.. My people at office & at home barge at me now…(en maadak kelsa ilva yaavaglu internettu(neTTigaru), Blogu, browse antha….

  5. usha Says:

    Q 5) William Durant, unlike most of the early automotive pioneers, was not a tinkerer or a mechanic or an inventor – he was a salesman. In fact, he was a superb salesman; he could, in the words of one associate, “charm the birds from the trees.” He created General Motors
    Q7) Rod Canion co-founded Compaq with Jim Harris and Bill Murto in 1982, investing $1000 in the company. Before co-founding Compaq Canion worked at Texas Instruments.
    Q8 )Shombit sen Gupta I think , man behind all these logos
    Q9) Anitha roddik –Business as unusual, Twenty-five years ago Anita Roddick founded The Body Shop, a successful combination of hippie chick values and women-celebrating cosmetics.
    Q10) Thomas cook and the tourism industry

    Rest :Dont know waiting for others to add…

    olle info quest, thx bellur

  6. Veena Shivanna Says:

    I was thinking send the answers over email.. Can we also post as a comment ?? Maja hogatte ansatte..Alva ? Sorry Usha madam

  7. rk Says:

    you can post as a comment. no probs. but answers will be given at a later date.
    cheers and good luck

  8. Basu rocks bigtime… his booming voice, grace makes him a top quizmaster. Derek is good too, but has a terrible attitude problem. Check out Bengaluru’s Giri Balasubramaniam….very very impressive till now!

  9. Aditya Says:

    Just cannot resist a good quiz but pickings are slim

    4 Richard Stallman of FSF
    5 William Durant who founded GM
    6 Meg Whitman of ebay
    7 Compaq? guess based on the TI and Houston connection
    10. Thomas Cook? guess based on old travel companies…

  10. Shruthi Says:

    2) Verghese Kurien?

  11. Shruthi Says:

    I don’t think I am right 🙂

  12. nilagriva Says:

    Let me give this a try.

    1. The famous Apple ad shown only once during Superbowl.
    2. KC Das? Or Haldiram? Just guessing…
    3. Simputer. We can google to find out who those guys are.
    4. Richard Stallman of FSF?
    5. It can’t be Henry Ford, right?
    6. Meg Whitman, CEO of EBay
    7. I have to guess Compaq too.
    8. Some ad company?
    9. Absolutely no idea (I could google to get the answer – but then that would be cheating….)
    10. Thomas Cook ? (I am guessing that because this looks like some tour company starting..)

    BTW, I didn’t google for any of this.

    RK, answers soon…

    I used to be a quizzer – but not any more, as I don’t have quiz partners. Though I don’t call myself a super duper quizzer, I think I am a half-decent one, at least!

    Check out http://welcome.to/kqa.

    I hope some of the guys who replied on this post have at least heard of KQA, if they have not attended its quizzes.

    KQA is wholly responsible for Bangalore taking (rather, snatching) the Quiz capital sobriquet from old Calcutta!

    Anyway, good quiz, rk!

    I will probably host one on my blog pretty soon! I will try to make it as google-proof as possible 😉

  13. decemberstud Says:

    nIlagriva, spoilsport 🙂 I thought we shouldn’t respond here..

    Man I miss you, and our quizzes 😉

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