Celebrating the 100th Blog Post

November 23, 2006

Design: RK

I am excited to announce that this is the 100th blog post of Rambling with Bellur. I wish to thank all my friends, readers and fellow bloggers who have encouraged me, all along the way.

I dedicate this post to all the readers who have commented at Rambling with Bellur.


43 Responses to “Celebrating the 100th Blog Post”

  1. prashanth Says:

    Wow!! Congrats RK. Way to go…

    ps: I remember there was a competition to comment first in your blog. So I’m first on your 100th post 😀

  2. Veena Shivanna Says:

    Amazing thought! Enough.. let me be compact today! Wow!!!

  3. vijay sai Says:

    good going …! will hope to read somemore in the future…!

  4. TSSM Says:

    Happy Century Celebrations.

    Your Century consists of 4s and 6s only.

    May your blog continue to prosper into double,triple,quadruple,…………. deca centuries.

    Your marriage …….November
    Your birthday………November
    Your blog century…November

    Triple cheers.

  5. Veena Shivanna Says:

    Today is ThanksGiving (in US of course).. What a coincindence Bellur! Another cheer to add from me.

  6. usha Says:

    Wow, congratulations … and wishes for many more….

  7. nilagriva Says:


    Way to go! In less than a year, you have gone up to a hundred posts! And so many people visit you and comment on your blog!

    This is a testimony to your passion for blogging, the sincerity of your efforts in bringing something new to your readers all the time, your artistic bent of mind, and also on your overall optimism for everything in life. And I have not even met you in person! Your blog is a good example to show that when people see what they want, they will flock to it.

    So, keep it up! And continue the good work!


  8. Vani Says:

    Sahasra Chandra Darshanadatta bega saagali nimma blog yendu haaraisuttene.

    Congratulations on this milestone.

  9. Shruthi Says:

    Congratulations!! And that was very very quick too! I started my blog way before you did and I am still at 124 posts 😀

    Keep going!!

  10. praneshachar Says:

    It is amazing you are so planned and on dot. congratulation let it be a beginng and you achieve next centuries much faster and as vani has wished let you reach sasra chandra darshana
    nov is rerally a month to celebrate for you.
    Your post covering all the names optly designed hats off

  11. Praveen GK Says:

    Nice…And thanks for the Acknowledgement 🙂
    Your blogs are nice and homely…Please continue the good work!!!

  12. Anil Anand Says:

    Hey Congratulations!!!!……nimma favourite CTR nalli party aacharisbeku RK.

  13. christy Says:

    Hello RK,

    Sorry i am wishing u lately,i got to know its your birthday, anyways Belated wishes for ur birthday.
    And you know i am more excited to see my name in ur 100th post RK thanks a lot. You know while reading ur blog i feel that some one is speaking to me directly(i mean it will be not like reading), i like that warm feeling in ur blog. Totally i am a big fan of u and ur blog.

    All the very best for ur future endeavour. Let this blog hit more centuries.

  14. DD Says:

    Congrats,RK!! 🙂 Wishing many more to come!
    Thanks for the mention.

  15. Gunashekar D Says:

    Hi, CONGRATS RK..! It’s really great. Keep going.

  16. Srik Says:

    Yes Shruti,
    That was quick 🙂
    Myself and RK started it all almost together. I had a half century celebration recently, and by that time, see RK…century..
    Old man, Happy rambling….Keep it going…Expecting a variety of posts in the very way of BELLUR..!

    Way to go… Congrats again.

  17. praneshachar Says:

    most popular man in the sanjay’s blog contest idona bellur will be a very stron contender with others howdu tane

  18. Veena Shivanna Says:

    No Doubt, !! there may be strong competition between Bellur, Srik, Sanjay & Mohan! olle ellection nalli HDD, HDK, DSS, SR, SB, ella nintaaga aagattalla haage.. 😉

  19. some body Says:

    srik = gavaskar (or ashish chopra)
    ramki = srikanth (or sehwag) 🙂

    good going. look forward to nice posts, especially your travel related ones.

    best wishes,
    – s.b.

  20. malnad Says:

    CONGRATS! Its always pleasure to read your blogs. Some times it takes me back to my childhood days, ( I used to come from native place to Bangalore during holidays). Still miss kabaddi, gillidandu, galipata (there was a field near malleshawaram bus stand I have forgotten the name)

  21. Srik Says:

    Hahah..Thats a gr8 comment s.b.

    Thanks for comparing to legends, but all should’ve been RK, no srik in it. And Veena, most popular person would be Shruti or Bellur no doubt!!!

  22. Sanjay M Says:

    what a lovely post… great going Bellur… sure we’ll see a lot more ! 🙂

  23. Ram Says:

    Congrats to you pal, nice going. Wish you thousands more

  24. M R Suresh Says:

    Great bellurravre,nice creation to thank one and all,we all love this.

  25. BNB Says:

    Congrats. And very thoughtful of you to mention people who comment on your posts.

  26. shark Says:

    Congrats on your century 🙂 and Thanks! for mentioning your readers names 🙂

    Me back from a loooong vacation and hence the delay in congratulating 🙂

  27. decemberstud Says:


    You deserve all the accolades. As nIlagrIva rightly pointed out, you have stuff which readers want and thus you see the tons hogging your pages. Very well done and I hope to see hundreds more.

  28. Diya Says:

    CONGRATS bellur !!! Keep the posts coming..It’s always a pleasure to read ur posts…All The Best !!!

  29. I was seeing your old post on DOSA. It was strange to see a blogger with the blog name UK Insurance.. I saw it for the first time, your picture above is missing that name bellur 😉

  30. Lakshmi Says:

    Congratulation Bellur on century. Astonished to note there are 148 commentators! for your blog. Good show. Keep it up.

  31. silkboard Says:

    Better late than never to say congrats. You have got a nice writing style Bellur, and looks like you can ramble about almost everything under the sun. Keep going!

  32. rk Says:

    Dear all,
    Thanks a lot for all your best wishes.
    Regards & take care

    Bellur Ramakrishna

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  34. RK.
    Great show. Dont hangup now, continue for the double century in the next 50 overs!!!


  35. rk Says:

    thanks mohan. nearing the double ton…

  36. greatunknown Says:

    I wasn’t even in the blogosphere when this milestone was reached… may I join the bandwagon in wishing you loads more posts, please???

  37. rk Says:

    thanks a ton pal!

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