Happy Birthday Bruce Lee

November 28, 2006

Collage: RK

“Don’t get set into one form, adapt it and build your own, and let it grow, be like water.” –  Bruce Lee (1940-1973)

Suggested Sites:
Bruce Lee Central: Important People – folks involved in his life from influential figures to students.

Wikiquote: Bruce Lee – quotes from him and quotes about him.

YouTube: Bruce Lee – 1964 Screen Test – the charismatic 24-year-old introduces himself and his skills.

Bruce Lee Foundation – authentic info about Bruce Lee and his teachings.

TIME 100: Bruce Lee – glean some rare facts about his life and legacy.


24 Responses to “Happy Birthday Bruce Lee”

  1. prashanth Says:

    thats a nice collage. And thanks for those links 🙂

    another Bruce Lee fan here

  2. DD Says:

    Are u just a fan of bruce lee only? or u trained in martial arts too? 🙂
    nice collage as usual..

  3. rk Says:

    glad you liked them. great to know you too are a bruce lee fan!

    a trained fan. happy you liked the collage.

  4. DD Says:

    oh ho..RK..me just waited to see ur answer! Dat’s great.
    now i believe you’re versatile indeed.

  5. shark Says:

    Nice collage 🙂

  6. praneshachar Says:

    yava vishya gottilla namma bellurge
    yen bekaru keli heltare thatanth
    alva sir?
    Brucee Lee collage thumba chennagide.
    isthu smaya nive hege manage madtira?
    yaradaru time time illa illa antha heldiare
    nimmannu consult madlikke helbahudu
    time management course yake conduct madbardu nivu?
    yochane madi week end adru sari

  7. rk Says:

    thanks. but really, there are more versatile guys out there, some of whom i know in ‘dexterous doings‘ and the guy owning that fantastic blog.
    yenu gottilla sir nange. neevu hingella bardre naachke aagatte. yeno alpa swalpa gottirodanna barithini asjte. ‘time management’ bagge maathodakke nangenu arhate illa. naane attend maadbeku ondhu course. time sigtha illa! 😉

  8. Bellur, Bruce lee bagge nange enu gottilla. Bari english picture poster biTTu. Mysore nalli sterling theatre antha ondu ide alle naanu Titanic nodiddu.. adu namma area ge doora so Bruce lee, jackie Chan ivarella nange asTaagi gottilla…

    Ondu kannada movie ide Anupama antha adralla. obba brucelee fan irthaane(Dingri nagaraj ??).. I remember those old banians/t-shirts which people used to wear with his pictures!.. The labels which we used on our notebooks & such ones! I always opted for some nice labels featuring Donald duck , Mickey Mouse or some other decent ones!
    My elder brother used to choose these kinds, car racing or these martial art fellows…

    He is just 2.5 years older than me, I entered school an year before so avana text books ella nange.. Only after he joined his medical course, I got my new text books alli tanaka bari haLe pustaka.. I used to cry a lot for those second hand books 😉

  9. Vani Says:

    One of the attenders in our college was nick-named bruce-lee because he was so puny. Aagininda Bruce-Lee andre I remember that person….kullakke sannakke idda manushya.

    And I remember that when we were kids, whenever two boys fought, one of them was bruce-lee and the other jackie-chan

  10. rk Says:

    mele kottiro links visit maadi…bruce lee bagge saakashtu thilkobahudu. i remember ANUPAMA and dingri aping bruce lee in that film. i also remember the movie for a melodious song “Olume Poojegende”. wrt notebooks, i was a fan of MSIL LEKHAK books (remember the way LEKHAK was written in a slanting classic style?) , which came in blue, green and brown colours. and i loved second hand text books. at the beginning of every academic year, used to hunt for seniors from whom i could buy their texts and juniors to whom i could give mine. have done this from IV std. till XII std.

    bruce lee attender! lol!! 😀 😀 nangu nagu bartha ide imagining that person.
    you have perfectly described a typical scene of 80s and 90s.

  11. LEKHAK.. was the first choice. 200 pages book ^ge 3.50/- Nandi antha ondu competitor barthaa ittu.. I used to dislike it..
    Amele, Science Class work notebook nalli, madhya page madchi, ondu baaga, physics, ondu chemisry & ondu bilogy maadta idvi gnaapka idiya ?
    Same with Social studies, history, civics ondu book Geography ondu book..

    I used to love that moral science period & WE(Work Experience), SUPW(some useful paper work?) periods other than PT periods inbetween…
    Yes, Anupama movie has good songs,, bartaaLe chinnada raaNi is one funny movie. Its a good film with social cause alva?(vidhavaa vivaaha).

  12. Bruce Lee quote holds good for Jackie Chan, who has improvised martial arts to suit modern generation.

  13. praneshachar Says:

    SUPW sociallu useful productive work irbeku

  14. rk Says:

    not only were Lekhak books famous even after the books were fully used, the hard cover binding would act as a Cricket or TT bat!
    SUPW, i remember (as praneshachar has clarified) stands for Socially Useful Productive Work.
    yes, ‘anupama’ is a socially relavant movie.

    you are right. but jackie chan’s fights have a touch of humour. not so with lee.

    correct sir. 🙂

  15. Is Lee jeans anyway related to this guy Bruce Lee ?

    Thanks for the clarification Praneshachar avare, !
    Cricket bat..? with that ball which your padma miss took it is it ? Ha Ha Ha.. I remember some books where we had the cricketrs pictures on it.. This was when K. Srikanth, Azar, Vengsarkar was playing! I am not too sure on how notebook appear now. I love dairies from Nightingale…!

  16. rk Says:

    lee jeans and bruce lee sambandha same as imaam saabi-gokulashtami sambandha!
    yes, azhar, gavaskar, vengsarkar were all heroes of our time.

  17. Ram Says:

    Nice collage of Bruce Lee. I’m a great fan of his films.

  18. Sanjay M Says:

    Really worth watching is the real life movie about Bruce Lee. He’s written a book when he’s totally injured he dictates it to his wife and I suppose most of the quotes are from the book.

    One good quote is from the movie:
    the art of fighting without fighting

    Someone on a ship challenges him and then asks him to explain that, and he says ok lets go on that boat (small one tied to the ship) and I’ll explain it. So that enthusiastic chap gets on the boat and Bruce Lee instead of joining him immediately releases the boat, and then hangs on to the rope! That poor fellow is isolated on the small boat! 🙂

    But unfortunately inspite of that non-violence, Bruce Lee did have a lot of violence in him, and I don’t know whether he eventually ever learnt the value of using his strength in a non-violent way.

    On the lighter side, check out these probably well known Bruce Lee jokes.

  19. rk Says:

    thanks. nice to know you are a lee fan.

    thanks for those insightful comments. i remember seeing the ship-boat scene in ‘Enter the dragon’, when lee is going to Han’s tournament.

    lee jokes were hilarious. thanks for the link.

  20. praneshachar Says:

    nice link for jokes on lee.
    Enter the Dragon I now remebered the movie womderful.
    yes Bruclee has ispired many for violence in life there is no doubt on this. all in life

  21. Vinay Says:

    Dear Kannada kasturi film fans,

    I need the day/date/year when silver screen actress Kalpana passed away. It’s important. Please send an e-mail to: vinay_j11@yahoo.com

    Many thanks

  22. […] friends from different sections and classes sat in the bus and we were exchanging ‘Bruce Lee’ labels and narrating ‘Giant Robot’ stories when we saw that we were entering K.V. No. […]

  23. amit Says:

    hi my birthday also in Nov 28 so i am so happy because bruclee’s birthday also in Nov 28 thank u

  24. elganthoki Says:

    elganthoki favorite brucee lee the legendaris kungfu

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