Sunday ho ya Monday, Roz khao Ande

November 28, 2006

According to legend, when Napoleon and his army were travelling through the south of France they decided to rest for the night near the town of Bessieres. Napoleon feasted on an Omelette prepared by a local innkeeper that was such a culinary delight that Napoleon ordered the townspeople to gather all the eggs in the village and to prepare a huge Omelette for his army the next day.

From the time I first saw the NECC ad way back in the ’80s, which said ‘Sunday ho ya Monday, Roz khao ande”, I was eager to taste them. And Sunday ho ya Monday, I wanted to eat them everyday. I wanted a change from the usual idli, Uppitt, Akki Rotti etc.. But the problem was that the elders in my family were against cooking eggs in the house. After much argument, I was allowed to bring and cook it myself in a separate aluminium vessel. I excitedly brought 2 eggs (30 paise each) on a summer morning and put them in water to make boiled egg. Although the result was not to my expectations, I wanted to taste egg-cellent dishes.

Over the years, I have loved eating egg fried rice, egg Biriyani, and egg Burji. But my favourite is egg Omelette. (Aside: Indian Railways Omelette Sandwiches are pretty famous. The first time I heard an Omelette seller in a train, I thought he was telling everyone “I am late”). The best Omelette I have eaten is at India Coffee House (on MG Road). The guys there know that I order nothing but Omelette and Coffee. So even before I settle down, the guys wish me and get a plate of hot Omellette with tomato sauce.

One thing about Omelette is that they are easy to prepare. And the other thing is that each person has his/ her own recipe. Important to note that  one needs to use the right size of frying pan. This is more important than you may think. Too large, and the Omelette will dry out; too small, and it will not cook through. As a basic guide, you need a 15 centimeter pan for a two-egg Omelette and a 25 centimeter pan for a four to six egg Omelette. That is, 6 inches and 10 inches respectively, which, handily enough, is pretty much the size of pans you should have in your kitchen anyway.

Ok, before we start, let’s keep everything ready:
4-5 Eggs
1 large Onion
1 large Tomato
1 large Capsicum
1/2 tsp. Haldi
1/2 tsp. Red chilli powder
Salt, to taste
1-2 tsp. Butter
So, let’s start:
Cut Onion, Tomato and Capsicum into small cubical pieces. To this add eggs, salt, haldi, red chilli powder and beat well. In a pan add butter and the above batter, flip the Omelette when its done on one side. Do this carefully – if the Omelette is very heavy, you’ll not be able to turn it properly. If you look underneath, you should see that both sides of the Omelette are evenly browned and not burned. After you feel both sides are cooked, you can serve hot Omelette with tomato sauce. And lo! In just fifteen minutes, you have transformed into an Omelette maker extraordinaire!

38 Responses to “Sunday ho ya Monday, Roz khao Ande”

  1. Anil Anand Says:

    Hope i am the first to comment this time. Same here RK, i being a pure veggie, had some initial fears abt eating omlettes…but yes eggs are good to taste and nutritionally.
    To tell the truth i am surviving on only those now.
    TOMATO omlettees were quiet famous in one Shalini hotel in Jayanagar.

  2. Anil Anand Says:

    As with ur case, even i had a separate aluminium vessel at home to mix the yolk and other ingredients and also a separate frying pan to cook it……ha ha.

    ……..its still not being used.

  3. Vani Says:


    Namm manelu ide kathe. Actually when I was a kid, I was grossly underweight and my dad had been very strictly told by the doctor to give me eggs.

    As was the case with you, my dad got aluminium vessels and a separate Tava to make the omlettes. I have heard stories from my uncle that he used to buy me omlettes from the road side vendors too, though I dont remember anything now.

    I used to relish eating them earlier but now I have developed a strong aversion to them.

  4. Veena Shivanna Says:

    So idella bari mosa.. Srik , idu sarina? namma namma convinience ge customs change maadodu ? 😉
    Sorry to lit a fire, I am just asking …
    Bellur, I am yet to read the post again! just saw the comments! I was walking across the streets last weekend(Nartaki theatre munde), boiled eggs were sold , I was wondering why.. I got the answers now! 😉

  5. prashanth Says:

    RK, can we some easy pure veg recipe here? For poor guys like me..
    ps: read it as bachelors who cook at home everyday 😛

  6. rk Says:

    when made properly, eggs taste very good. i remember shalini hotel in jayanagar. been there quite a many times but not tasted omelettes. hope you have a jolly time with omelettes in japan!
    ……..its still not being used.
    rofl 😀

    yes, have heard that underweight kids are told to be fed eggs. have eaten road side omelettes in rajajinagar and sajjan rao circle. but as i said, i prefer coffee house version.
    🙂 interesting to note that aluminium vessels are the common factor here!

    yen mosa? yen sari artha aaglilla.
    i too have seen boiled eggs being sold in majestic and city market area.

    will post some easy-n-fast-to-cook recipies soon. till then, take care of yourself. cheers.

  7. nilagriva Says:

    Let’s start an argument here.

    Does the egg fall in the vegetarian category? If yes, why? And if not, why not?

    I am kind of in the egg-is-non-veg category just because eggs have potential for life. If one eats egg,IMO, it should be fine to eat its mother and father also. Yeah, yeah… I’ve heard of “eggs” that can’t result in chicks and so it is ok to eat them… but I can’t get myself to accept that.

    Let’s have a nice fight with this 😉

  8. Veena Shivanna Says:

    Mosa is .. Maneli moTTe tinnokke biDalla but still with some adjustments like aluminium taTTe moTTe tinnodu.. Take it lighter, just like pulling leg, not like I hitting you the target in the court kaTkaTe 😉

  9. Veena Shivanna Says:

    Ha Ha Ha.. Nilagriva.. Its just that we commented at the same moment.. I had a big serious fight sometime & people even proved that Milk is non-veg instead! I was wondering whether water is veggy.. H20 is composed of Hydrogen & oxygen so are these veggies 😉
    There is another term called Veggan or something, this another category like me who are away from even the dairy products like Milk, Curd, Paneer etc., but exception andre Majjige tumba ishTa… eechaLu marada keLge kuLitu majjige kuDidrenu oTTinalli.. antha yaaraadru Q maadteera ?

  10. Vani Says:

    I agree with Nilagriva. Eggs, acc to me fall into non-veg category.

    Buddhi tiLidaaginda naanu motte tindilla. Atleast not in the obvious form. Cakes/ pastries nalli tindiddini, but like they say in hindi,

    ” Jiska mujhe khabar nahi, Us se main khafa nahin”

  11. Ree Madam Vani.. mechchide nimma comment^na.. shabaas 😉

  12. rk Says:

    nilagriva, veena and vani,
    it is neither vegetarian nor non vegetarian.that is why they fall under the third category Eggetarian.

    jokes apart, raw eggs we eat these days are no longer produced through natural methods, that is, hens in poultry farms are impregnated through scientific methods and not by a cock/ rooster. hence scientifically they are not considered non vegetarian.

    it depends on the vegetarian. vegan vegetarians who abstain from all animal products would consider it non-vegetarian. if one is vegetarian for health reasons, then one would probably want to avoid too many eggs, which are high in cholesterol (but to be fair, also rich in other nutrient goodies). if one is vegetarian for religious reasons, it would depend on the religion, or one’s interpretation of the religious beliefs.

    food classification according to the old rishi munis of india expressed itself into “ayurveda.” according to ayurveda, even if mercury & phosphorous is processed and taken in the correct way in prescribed quantities, they can work wonders. this is essentially one of the offshoot of tantra (aghora vidya). our body is made up of 5 tatvas, 3 doshas, 3 gunas, 72000 nadis etc. as we all know, the 3 gunas are satvic, rajasik and tamasik. satvic is characterised by lightness in thought and body, clarity in mind and cheerfulness. foods classified here are fruits, green leafy vegetables etc. under rajasik, the body and mind are characterized by solidarity and stability of mind. the effects keep degrading as we move from the sattvic to tamasic. finally tamasik means inertia. the person’s mind and body are heavy. often confusion or non clarity of mind or dumbness(low intellect)are signs of this guna. all the non-veg foods come under tamo guna. since non-veg foods are not easily processed by the body enzymes a lot of energy is wasted. there is something called “jhatara” agni and “bhoot” agni, which help in regulating the body heat/energy needed for different activities. it takes around 12+ hours for chicken and longer hours for red meat (beef,mutton) to be completely digested. so what does the food do, till that time? it keeps rotting in the intestines. hence we should have a balance between the three of these. eat more of sattvic, moderate quantity of rajasik and mild/ very less quantity of tamasic foods. all tamasic foods have a characteristic of inertia which makes the person dull, lazy or not able to perform to his fullest. also remember that the above characteristics may me mixed in an individual constitution.

    whoever said milk is non-veg hasn’t heard about kamadhenu & nandhini. if it was considered non-veg, how come the priests pour milk on the gods and goddesses in temples? going further back, wouldn’t the rishi munis abstain from taking milk? and finally, if milk was non-veg, would lord vishnu sleep in the ocean of milk?

  13. some body Says:

    i am semi-eggatarian. eat eggs only in cakes etc.

    since i am lazy to create my own regular blog , here is an interesting set of photos that shows that we are like this only.

    – s.b.

  14. shark Says:

    The aluminium thaTTe, looks like an universal rule 😉

    Let me add my two cents to the debate. First of all egg is neither veg nor non-veg. As rk said it’s “egg” and hence eggetarian.
    If we get into Veg Vs Non-Veg debate, it’s never ending. Don’t plants have life? Isn’t curd full of micro organisms? If we can eat cakes/ice creams with eggs then why not egg directly? Why the hipocracy? Why the convienient-rules?

    Ultimately I feel it’s just an individuals choice. As humans, we are intelligent enough to choose what we want to eat. You call it veg or non-veg or any other blah! it does not really matter.

    It’s one thing to be veggie or non-veggie.. it’s another thing to look down on the other category. After all it’s a free world and we are free to choose the way we want to live.

    I feel it’s not correct to associate God with vegetarianism. If he was only for vegetarianism.. he would not have created this meat-eating process at all! It’s HE who has created everything… we just have to accept it.

    I am totally against the idea of some people who say “I have had non-veg today so I can’t come to the temple!” Why? If you consider eating non-veg as sin… then why eat in the first place? Isn’t God everywhere… so why restriction only in temples?

    That was really a long comment. By the way I am a vegetarian, but that does not mean I consider eating non-veg as sin… it;’s just that I chose not to eat it. That’s all!

  15. decemberstud Says:

    @ RK : Your blog seems to be over populated with vegetarians 😉 Seriously, nobody here eats meat, huh ?!?!? Anyway, I have heard tons of of my friends use the aluminum vessels and plates to cook egg at home. Me never had that issue since I never had the inclination to eat egg omelette. And, for ‘most’ people, there will be this severe mental block after a certain age. I doubt I would ever eat egg omelette in my life. I am not ruling it out, but it’s highly unlikely.

    @ nilagrIva : Same but different….what’s your opinion on stem cell research ?

  16. I remember a debate we had just before marrying my husband. It was about Spirituality being connected to food habits. I was not convinced with what google answers. I never bothered too much to dig up..
    Shark’s comment today made me remember that.. I second his thoughts & also people saying .. Today is monday so no non-veg.

    I fast on thursday! if somebody ask me the same Q.. I would say.. I am just leaving 2 meals in one week.. May be I am practising to leave something which you love & fasting is good for health.. When I started doing it, it was for the reason that I wanted to be a diety of Sai.. Raghavendra.. I was thinking to choose a day to fast! Every day of the week is associated with some GOD, I found thursday was connected with more.. My greedyness & logical mind said.. chalo Thursday! all my friends remind me that is thursday! even if I forget, ppl will not leave me to have my lunch even by mistake! 😉

  17. travel plaza Says:

    Wow! Interesting debate here. But first I want to comment on the original post. I too fall in the aluminum tatte category. When I was growing up, like Vani, I too was underweight. So, my mom used to cook eggs for me in a seperate pan on a seperate stove in a seperate kitchen!!! First of all I did not like eggs and top of that all this bandobast made me hate it more. Of course, I have developed a taste for omelettes since my husband started making them for me:)

    Regarding the debate about veg vs non-veg, I say to each his own. I am a vegetarian but my whole family is not. They have the choice to pick what they want. The only reason, sometimes I won’t let my kids eat certain things is because it is unhealthy. I think spirituality and food are two seperate things and should be treated as such. But like all things, many people do not follow certain rules unless the fear of God is put in them. My personal opinion is that people who eat non-veg probably don’t do so on Saturdays or some days of their choice because it is unhealthy to eat it everyday. If they are told it is unhealthy, they may do it anyway, like smoking or drinking, but if you bring religion or God into the equation, it becomes much easier to persuade them. Again, this is just my personal opinion…I mean no offense to anyone.

  18. travel plaza Says:

    Oh, and RK. I remember the omelettes at Coffee House. My Dad used to take us there once in a while. I cannot believe the omelettes are still famous there.

  19. rk Says:

    you may be knowing that in brahmin’s bakery, iyengar bakery and iskcon, cakes are made without adding eggs.
    interesting blog. thanks for the link.

    thanks for sharing your insightful comments. as you have said, ultimately it’s just an individuals choice.

    haha…”Your blog seems to be over populated with vegetarians”….seems so. wrt ‘inclination towards omelette’, i can resist anything except temptation. 😉


    I was not convinced with what google answers.

    bloggers ella jaanaralla, readers ella konaralla,
    google helida maathugalella
    endu nijavalla….

    the bhagavad geetha urges us to eat appropriately – neither too less nor too much – yukta-aahaara and to eat simple, pure and healthy food (a saatvik diet) even when not fasting.

    the word for fasting i.e. Upavasa itself means to move near ( to the supreme) and by implication to overcome helplessness.
    according to the hindu belief, fasting has a way of neutralizing or minimizing chaos in the body. Instead of focusing on food, when fasting, the whole body assists one in going towards spirituality.

    hindus fast in observance of a vow or holy day. fasting can be done in many ways. a simple fast may consist of merely avoiding certain foods for a day or more, such as when nonvegetarians abstain from fish, fowl and meats. a moderate fast would involve avoiding heavier foods, or taking only juices, teas and other liquids.


    So, my mom used to cook eggs for me in a seperate pan on a seperate stove in a seperate kitchen!!!

    amazing to know about the separate kitchen!! and i think most husbands are good at making omelettes. 😉
    agree with your comments. yes, i have seen that it is easier to persuade people at times if you bring in the religion/ god factor.
    yes, coffee house omelettes are yummy even today! you have a long list to catch up this time. 🙂

  20. praneshachar Says:

    yes vegetarians are in majoirity with good population og eggatarians. but it is matter is once liking habits and cultural and social links i dont say it is religion/caste based. but i had few non.veg friends who were pure veg viceversa no.of friends who were non-veg. but it is interesting that a non-veg fellow can have veg in his house but is not the same with veg he has to go out to eat non-veg. we see lot of people carving for party or invitation from nonveg freinds

  21. some body Says:


    shark is a ‘she’ – btw, a few months ago, someone referred to me as ‘she’ and i just noticed that last week!


    talking of cakes, none of the cakes that i have had in the usa can match the taste of indian cakes, especially the nilgiri’s ones! i don’t think i have heard of ‘brahmin’s bakery’; iyengar’s i have heard and i believe i have eaten their cake too though cannot be sure; iskcon – i did not know that they made cakes too.

    here is one more interesting blog link.

    – s.b.

  22. rk Says:

    yes, some of my friends too crave for invitations for a non-veg lunch. and “beegru oota” invitation bandre, they never ever miss it!

    now, why did you have to write that? you are tempting me to taste US cakes.
    sheshadripuram brahmins’ bakery is pretty famous.

    iyengar’s i have heard and i believe i have eaten their cake too though cannot be sure

    i am sure about it coz my f-i-l owns one and have seen how they make it. eggless cakes are a hit here. same with iskcon. and in iskcon, samosas without onions are a rage!

    grandmom’s blog is good. 🙂 thanks.

  23. Thanks RK for the insightful information about the upavaasa. I am convinced & I have nice statements to make when Prashanth scolds me for loosing weight offlate, he takes this also as reason! 😉 Let me see how I can convince by all your gyan..
    Travel plaza avaru hengasraa? ayyo.. I thought it was he.. It reminds me my kannada lessons, Pulling, strilinga & napumsakalinga.. There was no lesson to teach me how can claassify the ananymous bloggers as ? I just thought its he for somesake(May be guys travel a lot..Plaza a theatre name in bangalore & Guys are movie buff)…

    Somebody anno anaamikare, namaskaara.
    V B Bakery is very famous in Mysore , its in saraswathipuram.. I really liked their bread, 4Rs for one pound ittu aaga. Dil khush, Dil pasand, Rusk, potato bun, khaara bun were our choice since we had very low budget with us. we used to get 50 paisa on every saturday because we used to leave early to school & my mom was kind enough to give us money so that we can have any of these to fill our tummy. We used to stupidly buy those baTaaNi, seebekaayi(kusure & eechu) sometimes .. kemmu bandre sikkaakondu baiskotaa idivi..

    One more thing about baiskoLodu.. when we used to play(very rash), biddu maNdige gaaya aadre, joraagi aLtaa idvi.. not because of the pain in the mandi, because of the fear that my mother/father will scold.. ayyo raama…ayyo shiva….

  24. Ayyo Shark is a ‘she’ annodakke comment maadak hogi, TP bagge barde. Thank GOD my comment still held good.
    Shark is a HE antha nange yaake annistu andre, mostly Shark is a strong fish & I can associate Physical strength easily(comparitively) to men..

    Bellur, another topic for you to write a post. Ananonymous bloggers & their name & their sex! How do you really arrive at etc., 😉

  25. praneshachar Says:

    most of hindu customs have origin to health and health related
    ekadashi once in 15 days compulsory fasting it is really good for health antha helthare hage devara hesarinalli ramnavami kelavaru shivarathi kelavaru golulashtami kelavaru matte varagala saradi devara hesarilnalli. kelavara upavasa bahala rasavattagirutte saha
    VB Bakery in VVPURAM banaglaore is also thumba famousoooooooo

  26. rk Says:

    glad you found the info about upavasa insightful.
    wrt playing and getting hurt, there was a type of leaves of a certain plant in the ‘mori’ which some of us used to squeeze and apply the ‘rasa’. the injury would vanish pretty soon. and these plants would be always next to a parthenium.


    kelavara upavasa bahala rasavattagirutte saha

    gotthu bidi saar, aache mane subbammana ekadashi upavasa…..uppittu, avalakki, payasa!!

  27. M O H A N Says:

    All i can say is that the “intelligent” human has started using verses, texts, religion, god etc and bend it based on his / her requirement!!!

    Just going ahead and doing anything to everything with interpreted justifications is the norm of the day


  28. Oh Ya.. Mori plant & rasa… I very much remember that one.. It had one yellow flower also, which we used to play with.. katt egariso aaTa…
    Great Memories.. One Q is always there.. How does each & every person have all these in common ? The generation takes it through alva ? Wah re Wah!

  29. praneshachar Says:

    haladi huv great nanu hriyanadaru yella parva illa nivella idannu adiddira nela/bettaor kallu adiddira?

  30. praneshachar Says:

    upavasa andrekelavaru nirhara kelavaru phalahara matte kalavaru alpopahara tegedkoltare subbmanna kathe kone categoryge seruthhe antha ansutte
    matte managana upavasada ondu kathe/kavana saha ittu koti buddi hege antha tilisutte marmikavagi kelavara upvasada reethi saha helutte

  31. If it is India Coffee House, it has to be Mutton Cutlets.2 plates.

  32. rk Says:

    we are after all HUMAN! 😉

    nice to know you too remember those rasabharita kshanagalu.

    yella neevu maad bittirode andkondthini. 🙂

    stercus accidit,
    nice to know that! well, which ICH have you visited?

  33. The MG Road one. Is there another?

  34. rk Says:

    Hi Stercus Accidit,
    Nice to know that. There is another on Church Street, close to KC Das. Less crowded here. Cheers.

  35. […] than forcibly eating them. Another felt that some kids in whose homes eggs were prohibited might be tempted when his/ her friends was served one. In another situation, children who did not eat eggs would […]

  36. Hi RK,

    Terrific post. You are so right about the railway omelettes – and the cry sounding like “i am late”.

    My favourite recipe has finely chopped tomato, a sliced green chilli, chopped muchroom and shredded ham.

    And of course a drizzle of tomato sauce over the finished product!



  37. I have seen few Samosa’s recipe were they fill it with panner and every time I attempt that the Samosas, the covering breaks up. Let me check how it works using your recipe.

  38. IndianFoodie Says:

    Thanks for sharing. Interesting post.

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