December 1 is World AIDS Day

November 29, 2006


On December 1, World AIDS Day, Discovery Channel will present an hour-long programme called Highway In My Veins: Truckers in India on the life of truckers in India and their growing vulnerability to AIDS.

The programme echoes the role that long distance freight drivers played in spreading AIDS in southern and east Africa in the 1980s. Studies conducted in India, as presented in the programme, reveal that around 80 per cent of truck drivers have multiple sex partners and that the use of condoms is rare. If the virus continues to spread at the present rate, in the next five years an estimated 20 to 25 million Indians will be infected with HIV and AIDS.

Highway In My Veins: Truckers In India airs at 8 p.m. on the Discovery Channel on Friday, December 1 and repeats on Saturday at 9 a.m.

Together we can work towards an AIDS-free world.

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17 Responses to “December 1 is World AIDS Day”

  1. praneshachar Says:

    mukta blogninda indu jnanapita prashati announce agide
    sri sri bellur ramakrishna avarige isalada prashati labhiside kakatalivembatte maha chunavansangramadalli avaru jayabheri barisi mundina agaliddare yne herapheri nadeyadiddali avarige nana mukegalinda abhinandanegala surimale agide. nirgamisuttiruva avaru avara bagge vynga vagi mataiddare avarendiddaru sahity lokakke sari rajakiyakkla yendu. bhavi avaru prtikriye nidalu nirakarisi tamma adalithda bagge janu kadu nodalu tilisiddare
    katuuve naue hosa nadonadanu anth bharavase kottiddare
    manatri mandalada poorthi vivargalu labhyavilla
    mantri padavigagi bahala paipoti nadita ide
    world Aids day nalli yenappa purana annabedi
    awareness on AIDS is very much needed and it is being done by various agencies media govt etc., dec.1 world aids day ge sariyagi bellur avaru idannu release madiddar;abhinandenegalu

  2. DD Says:

    And dat was a nice message from you..Awareness about AIDS is equally as important as AIDS prevention,i suppose.
    Well..HIV affected people might probably not reveal to the public that they are affected.. That’s a big problem. I was just wondering how I am gonna be when I meet up with one.
    One incident happened two years ago..A very close relative of mine suddenly disappeared from the city and people said he was doing cultivation in his remote village..And after a six months back..there was a news that he was expired due to HIV..
    And there’s nothing i can say!!

  3. Ayyo shivane, enri adu nimma drawing.. Smile na omme neat aagi observe maadidre sakkat nagu bantu.. bere enu siglilva? hogli biDi.. December 1st alva ee dina..
    Why take chances anthe.. aha.. yen samachaara bellur ?

    Amele, have you read about one Mrs VeeNadhari.. RB keeps mentionind about her. She is HIV positive & is working for the betterment of HIV positive people or AIDS infected. There is a very detailed differentiation between HIV infected & AIDS annisutte..nange sareeg gottilla.
    Recent aagi TV anchor shylaja santhosh na meet maadide, I am a fan of her beauty.. I was talking to her & asking about her experience on Adarsha dampathigaLu & she said now she is working for different cause as she is tired of become so famous. She is connected to an NGO & she is using her beautiful voice for communicating so useful information to all the HIV infected gang…

    Ultimately, in X standard, I had a question like fill in the blanks & there was a Q called Expand AIDS.. it was last decade when we just used to study about AIDS…
    Its called Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome.. Hope I am correct this time, unlike SUPW expanasion..

    One last note, I keep receiving one junk forward saying one paanipuri vendor was AIDS & while cutting onion a blood stain fell into the plate & it spreads antha.. Please don’t forward those junk forwards & spread unnecessary messages! Its another reason to die .. unfortanately.. but its true that we can’t digest the major reason of the infection..
    There is a nice hindi movie called ‘Nidhaan’, I get curious when I donate blood once in every year! Alas.. its a dangerous thought too…

  4. Vani Says:

    Apt post for the apt occassion…good going, Bellur.

    I guess this message is very much essential for our youth. As I was telling you the other day, there is a world of difference between us and teens of today. They are mature beyond their years, but still need a guiding hand to bide them through that delicate phase.

    Considering the amount of media exposure our youth are subject to, it is our responsibility to educate them on the hazards of substance abuse, unsafe sex and other such vices.

    I like your social commitment. Keep such posts coming.

  5. christy Says:

    Thats a good msg RK

  6. decemberstud Says:

    Nice post RK. the smiley is cool 🙂

    ‘My Brother Nikhil’is also a good movie Veena….covers the topic well, but a lil outdated for present times.

  7. shark Says:

    Yes, I also read about the vulnerability of the truck drivers to AIDS. Educating them would be the only solution.
    Interestingly, I also read that these people are the most stressed lot. As compared to any other profession… even doctors!

  8. DS, I thought/read My brother Nikhil(Juhi & Sanjay Suri) is about something else.. in the similar lines though!
    I somehow need more guts to watch such movies..
    Once just after marriage, I had been to Sapna(this is my regular visit) & was collecting books. Just saw that from Vaatsaayana, I was so consious that I didn’t even pick that book also.. It need Guts you see 😉

  9. praneshachar Says:

    World Aids dayge nammannu mucheye nive yechharglosiddira ivattu papernalli nodi nimma nenepaitu
    iga mellane awareness belitha ide ansutte. highway drivers cleaners kathe thumaba ne doddadide they are people who are really spread this and responsible for such drastic increase in our country in spite of so much publicity etc.,
    sanjya blogge matte jwara bandahagide doctor sariagi diagnosis madta illa nodi obba super specialsit avasykathe ide ansutte bega reapaire made

  10. Another good Hindi movie on life of HIV positive people is Phir Milenge…directed by Revathi !
    It is about how HIV affected people are treated by society and how they have to go ahead…..without hurting the decency!

    -Courtesy Manoj Sukumar!

  11. Gangadhar Says:

    off the topic sorry..
    Have u been to Sanjay’s blog these days? I’m not accesing his blog..dunno why?

  12. Good ‘creative’ design and post by RK, of an object which is supposed to aid in ceasing ‘creativity’ 🙂

    What if RK’s (I mean the one in his design) pinkstuff was to be stretched? Result:
    As a “bonus” material for the blogger and the visitors, let me point this one: Obelisk of Buenos Aires, wearing a pink condom! Picture here.

  13. Anveshi Says:

    Smiley ಸಖತ್ತಾಗಿದೆ…

  14. rk Says:

    nimma josh bharitha comments-ge thanks.

    sad to hear about your relative. i feel awareness needs to taught right from childhood.

    AIDS abbrv. was 1 mark question and you have got the full one mark!
    thanks for sharing the paani puri vendor story. got to be careful!

    thanks for those wonderful words.

    thanks pal!

    glad you found the smiley cool!

    absolutely agree with you.

    vaatsaayana’s shastra yellaru odhlebekada pustaka. lots of gyan.

    prathiyobba manushyanigu AIDS bagge maahithi kodabeku. aagale, ee rakshasana avasana.

    revathi’s film was very well received by the audience. thanks for mentioning it

    sanjay’s blog is having some problems. unable to access it. hope the problem gets solved soon.

    welcome formally to RwB, sir. glad you liked the design. thanks a lot for that link (terrific effort!) and thanks for commenting. keep visiting.

    🙂 nimma comment nodi santhosha aaythu.

  15. prashanth Says:

    another creative work!! good one

  16. […] side of his shirt showing his support for the ICC/UNAIDS initiative, aimed at creating awareness of HIV/AIDS challenges among […]

  17. […] December 1 is World AIDS Day […]

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