Impose Helmet Rule: Letter to the Editor

December 2, 2006

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It is a month since the Helmet rule came into effect. And it has become a part of us already. In between, there was also news that the rule may get scrapped. But nothing of that sort has happened.

Yours truly wrote a letter to the editor of The New Indian Express in July 2005 asking the authorities concerned to impose the rule. Although a bit late in sharing the letter with my readers, wanted to post it in Rambling with Bellur.


9 Responses to “Impose Helmet Rule: Letter to the Editor”

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  2. praneshachar Says:

    People are slowly settling down to helmet rule now. still few cases without helmet commuters are seen. but overall people will follow when it is enforced once the announcement regareding police imposing fine came then people became alert.
    on a related subject giving lift few caution/tips
    please never entertain a stranger who seek lift you may get into a trap. I have heard of case where people getting into problem and harassed for having offered lift be some women
    now a days it has become a habit/fashion all school going and college going stundents asking for lift irrespective of the distance short or long. herealso I saw one person giving lift to a child and unfortunately met with a accident before reaching the destination and child got injured but not major in case of this itself parent came and was scolding the person left and right. person who gave lift was at the receiving end. he must have decided from that day no lift. fortunately for him injury was minor. people informed the parent to instuct the child not to seek lift rather than accusing the person who went to help.
    parent had no answer. surprisingly later on it came to light that parent himself had suggested child can go by seeking left and return like that to save some bucks on pass/ticket.
    if you know them please help; otherwise be silent.
    based in situation you can deciden in cases where you feel there is genuine cause place is remote no transport availbale etc., be aware of situation where you may land into trouble,

  3. shark Says:

    I don’t understand why few people are opposing the helmet rule. I seriously don’t.
    Isn’t the helmet for their own safety? Is safety less important than some hair on the head?

    A very important point brought out by praneshachar. Offereing lift to unkown people is no longer safe.

  4. Mridula Says:

    A well written letter about an issue where there should be no arguments.

  5. silkboard Says:

    BTW RK, forgot which one, but an MLA recently put forward these arguments against Helmets. Heat and sweat causes discomfort, and it may cause balding!

    I agree with him. Not wearing helmets is good solution for balding. Because (Hindi proverb) “na rahega baans, na bajegi baansuri” !

    BTW, RK, your omlette recipe makes me blogroll you. I am an egg lover myself who is not allowed to bring eggs home!

  6. rk Says:

    thanks for your comments. i totally agree that one must abstain from giving and taking lifts from strangers.

    the reasons given in the article about scrapping the rule were:
    1. elections nearing.
    2. some voters angry about the rule.
    3. politicians, to get votes, want to please these ‘few voters’ and scrap the helmet rule.
    me too agree with you and praneshachar that giving/ taking lifts no longer advisable. 2 years back, my friend had an ‘unmentionable’ episode trying to give lift to another guy!

    in india, most non-issues become THE issue. take for eg. our cricket team’s losses in S.A. which has made the parliament and politicians engage in serious debates. aren’t there more critical issues?
    glad you liked the letter.

    yes, me too read about the MLA’s arguments.

    I agree with him. Not wearing helmets is good solution for balding.

    hope you have not been a victim!.
    nice to meet another egg lover. thanks for blogrolling ‘Rambling with Bellur’. cheers.

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