Men in Blue(s)

December 6, 2006

Design: RK

25 Responses to “Men in Blue(s)”

  1. Vani Says:


    Me first this time.

    Uniform color change maadidre yenaadru improvement aadeeteno.

    NodoNa, test results hegirthvo antha.

  2. Vijay Says:

    Vani: Uniform change madbardu.. Coach na kooda change madbardu… Players need to get changes especially the ” rodents” (“hegganas”).

  3. Mostly world cup ge prepare aagtaa idaare so idralli sareeg concentrate maadilla ashTe.. hogli bidi.. πŸ™‚
    Its like Internal assessment nalli jaasti marks tegide, ottige final year exams nalli olle marks togondaaga ee tara justifications kodbahudu…

    IGBAL antha ondu cinema ide, Nagesh Kukunoor du aadre nodi Bellur!

  4. Srik Says:

    Hahaha.. Bellur, Hilarious. Vani, dont implement your superstitionπŸ˜‰ in this case with the dress colour and all. They doesn’t deserve it.
    Its just a bunch of people who play for themselves and not for the country.

    We need to rubbish the whole team and select some people from Indian army to represent us in worldcup.

  5. travel plaza Says:

    Commercialsim has become the bane of cricket and all sports. Whether they play well or not, they are paid huge sums of money, are recieving endorsements and they always have excuses for the poor performance…no wonder they lose all games…there is no spirit in the games anymore.

  6. decemberstud Says:

    LOL RK..this is cool !!!

    With this cpatian, this coach and a different team, we are definintely gonna go till semis in WC, just take my word guys…I am always right….LOL

  7. some body Says:

    … without any clues. someone please give them one!

    – s.b.

  8. praneshachar Says:

    Hope after Hope!!!!!! if not today tomorrow hege helkondu jeevan munduvarisabeku. indalla nale gedde geltare aaaaaa naleeeeeeeee yavagaaaaaaa barutteeeeeeeee kadu nodbeku
    barali antha ashisona
    nalegagi kaiuvdu bahala maja matte ondu asha kirana
    idaramele nintiruvadu jeevanada asha kirana
    ashisona namma team indiage shubhava
    tarali keerthi avaru deshakkella
    harushava namagella

  9. Vani Says:

    Srik, Superstition alla…yaaradru team navarige failure analysis maadi andre adanne heLthaare antha nanna anisike. Neeli Batte namge “aagi” baralla, Australia davara haLadi uniform kodi, avra thara ne aadtheevi anthaareno. Yaakandre all their failures are blamed always on something other than performance.

  10. Vijay Says:

    TP: It has more to do with professionalism than commercialization. Look at the NBA/NFL guys. They make a ton of money. Of course there are duds but most of them play their hearts out when it comes to gametime.

  11. rk Says:

    better to give each one a different colour dress!

    haha…you have used the correct word. lol!

    have watched IQBAL. it really bowled me over. excellent acting by naseeruddin shah as mohit and shreyas talpade as iqbal.

    for those of you who haven’t watched the film, β€˜Iqbal’ is a gritty tale about the rise of an underdog. the movie tells the story of a deaf-mute boy who harbors a dream of making to the Indian Cricket team as a pace bowler.

    besides having Cricket – which is more than a sport for the Indians (despite our team’s repeated dismal performances) – as the common thread that runs through the entire movie, β€˜Iqbal’ is the story of a deprived boy’s grit, determination, hardwork and unending passion for becoming a pace bowler in the national team.

    good suggestion to select a few from the armed forces!

    i cannot agree with you more on this! but the last sentence is not correct: there is a lot of ‘spirit’ after the game, in the pubs and dressing rooms, i.e.

    glad you found it cool! if you have a ‘macche’ on your tongue, then i am sure what you are predicting WILL happens. πŸ˜‰

    my clue: please hang the boots and do some agriculture.

    sadhyakkanthu apakeerthi tartha idaare….

    nammorgella haladi batte haakbitre, timmappana bhaktru andhkotaare…


    It has more to do with professionalism than commercialization


  12. decemberstud Says:


    True…..they play brilliant NBA. But the same players won’t even represent their country at Olympics, even after begging them. Fear of injury, which translates to losing out on deals and money, which translates to commericalization.

    I am not disagreeing with you. I do agree with your statement. Just showing the other side of it.

  13. Vijay Says:

    RK: Everyone in the Indian Team is an “Iqbal” until they sign a couple of endorsements (Kaif, Raina, Dhoni….)

  14. Srik Says:

    Hope ur wish doesnt come true. I want them to WIN THE WORLD CUP, notonly goto the semis. πŸ˜‰

    This is my ADDA BAYI πŸ˜€

  15. praneshachar Says:

    Iqbal thumabne cheenagi ittu nanu saha nodiddini olleya acting obba halliya huduga deaf and mute hege Indian Team serda anta olle kathe hendiddare. namma selection rajakiyadinda sakashtu moffusil prathibegalu belakige baralla
    yellavarege selection rajakiya irutto
    allivarege namma mele kelage yeru peru irutte

  16. Kishor Says:

    Nice take, RK. Cricket in doldrums, hockey is sinking, tennis not so bright…my only sure hope is Kabaddi!

  17. rk Says:

    fed up of NDA politics. for a change, interesting to know about NBA politics!

    they are truely IQBALs: i.e. they last for only EK BALL.

    i tell you. they will lose in the QFs.

    saar, oppde nimm maatu.

    yes. what a win against pakistan y’day!

    THE HINDU reports today:
    India’s reign continues in kabaddi

    DOHA: From the mud courts to the synthetic surface and air-conditioned indoor halls, kabaddi may have come a long way, but India’s domination continued as the team showed its class in a thrilling final against Pakistan in the 15th Asian Games at the Aspire Hall here on Wednesday.

    It has been one gold that has been saving India’s reputation over the years at the Asian Games. India dutifully bagged the kabaddi gold with a 35-23 victory.

    It was the fifth successive gold medal in kabaddi for India at the Asian Games. India had won only the kabaddi gold when the game was introduced in Beijing in 1990.

    The gold, coming late in the day, took India’s tally to three gold medals, following the ones from other indoor games, chess and billiards.

    Clean slate

    India kept a clean slate in the league winning all its four matches, and beat Pakistan for a second time in the final.

    In the match for the bronze medal, Bangladesh was able to subdue the new force in the international arena, Iran, with a 37-26 triumph.

    It was a sweet revenge for Bangladesh as it had lost to Iran 39-56 in the league.

  18. Bai haakodu is a nice article in Vijay’s blog. pls go through.. sumne wish maadod biTTu yaak bytheera avarannella ?
    Lets give them another chance.. I beleive more in this.. giving chances before punishing anybody!.. You never know…

    Watch that movie naanello neenello (vishnuvardhan).. adralli ondastu dialogues ide about giving a final chance to everybody!

    Matthe.. How are you guys celebrating ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR’ ;-)? How about celebrate it as Bloggers day ? Not necessarily Dec 31st may be a weekend before that ? Food for thought ? πŸ™‚

  19. Vani Says:

    Good idea, Veena…naanu yavaaglu ready for a meet. Nodi bereyavare meena-mesha yeNisodu

  20. En saar bellur idu.. Magan birthday idre maatra full dodda postu.. mane odaTi birthday ge maatra enu ilva ?
    Please convey my belated Wishes to Vidhya on her birthday !

  21. rk Says:

    ri, recent v’vardhan film name is ‘neenello, naanalle’. remember the rajkumar song starting with the same two words?
    new year bagge innu yochsilla. your comment has got me started. πŸ™‚
    thanks for your wishes. will convey it to vids.

    yenisde idre, paapa, avakke bejaaragallva? πŸ˜‰

  22. some body Says:


    please coordinate via vijay/ramki :-). dec 25th is the only day that would work for me, assuming readers are allowed!

    – s.b.

  23. Srik Says:

    Nange ondu doubt…
    Ee Veena yenadroo last janmadalli detective agidraa anta πŸ˜‰

    Alla… amazing the way she picks up the (hidden) facts and posts them here! Last janmadd vasne inna ide anta ansatte. πŸ˜€

    Keep the good work teacher πŸ™‚

    Vidya, Belated birthday wishes from a back bencher!!

  24. rk Says:

    dear all,
    in today’s METRO PLUS, a supplement with THE HINDU, there is a forum where a few reader’s opinions have been published on our cricketers’ dismal performance in SA. guess what? the headline says Men in Blues! 8)

    thanks pal.

  25. malnad Says:

    In Times of India, there is a column named”INDIAN SAFARI”, I had suggested them to change it to ” INDIAN SUFFER(I). I think may be agter first test?

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