Return of the ‘Jhatka gaadi’

December 15, 2006


Just look at the ‘Jhatka saabi’ here and the one to the right of the picture in the previous post. Don’t you feel it’s the same person?

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13 Responses to “Return of the ‘Jhatka gaadi’”

  1. Bellur, This is taken near Railway station.. I thought you said some other place 🙂 Just kidding.. The post was very timely may be strategic too 😉

  2. TSSM Says:

    Your blog made me recount a discussion I had with a senior prof. of a reputed Institue in Chennai.

    He was referring to the incident of Tsunami in Tamilnadu and his efforts,to help the affected people, through his students.

    Some of his erstwhile foreign students, now in Europe, called him up and offered half a million euros to support his efforts. He flatly refused their offer stating that he valued the small contributions of the local people, from the local neighbourhoods, to mitigate the hardship, more important to him than such a generous offer. When I asked him why he thought so, he replied that his logic was, now a days, Indians are ‘abdicating their social responsibility’ the moment they hear of any government project, any donor inflow, any private initiative, to tackle such issues. This he said was against his grain of thinking. Hence the refusal.

    I was left dumbfounded at such a logic, when times are such that people would fall head over heels to get external funding at any cost.

    One would immediately retort, saying ‘how about bombayites,during the recent floods ?’ Well these are exceptions and exceptions donot make the rule.

    Again ,to state, most Bangaloreans, for eg., do not have any idea about the issues and the plight of northern karnataka people face. I am a living example for this statement. I/We know more about what is happening in US and Europe than what is happening in my/our own backyards.

    Sorry to provoke the readers, but then ,it is so. (I do not mean to denigrate any one ,here.)

    Though this is a digression, I felt that the look on the Jatka saabi appeared to be meloncholic. It led me to wonder whether there are brighter days ahead at all for him. How would he manage his family with his dwindling income from his profession, how would his family meet its requirements? .

    While Bangalore is getting swankier by the day and is trying to compete on the global scale, what has it brought to the poor people’s lives?. they are edged out of their jobs, their locations, their roots. They remind me of ‘ living fossils’ waiting to get sucked into the pages of history.

    This applies not only to this segment of people, but to host of people depending on small vocations, who fall into mainly silent and voiceless category. (I have seen these people always pleading for enhancing their rates from customers). Bangalore alone, is not Karnataka.

    In the race against technology vs people, it appears, in most cases, it is always the people who lose.

    Is it not the time to stop, look back and see whether we need ‘technology rewind or unwind’ ?

    Again back to the quote, ‘Quo Vadis’ ?

  3. praneshachar Says:

    lot of food for thought you have evoked a very key issue it is true that most of bangaloreans never look beyond bangalore but I am happy with the people who blog here they have got a variety of interest be it be Hubli Hampe or bijapur or for that matter anywhere in the world. it is very unfortunate no. of people forget their roots and become adjusted to the place where they go be it bangalore or newyork of timbaktu

  4. Vijay Says:

    TSSM: Good comments… you are right.. we tend to bury our head in the sand when it comes to issues that are closer to home… Good post RK…

  5. decemberstud Says:

    @ TSSM :
    Very good comments, and yet the senior prof in Chennai is so wrong. Absolutely disagree with whatever he had to say.

    coming back to the part where you talk about N.Karnataka and US, evry true and very sad. And, courtesy IT, the rich becoming richer and poor becoming poorer is downright scary. I was juts commenting on another post about this, and I really do think that this is a temporary phase.

    “Technology vs People”, people always lose !!! Very well said, sir. It is indeed sad !!!

  6. TSSM Says:

    just a query.

    When I clicked on my name’s acronym, what I found was this:

    I have nothing to do with the above site. I donot know how this can happen.Can some body give me some info on this.


  7. Intersting TSSM avare, I googled & got many more
    One of them were ‘Technical Systems Solutions & Measurements’

  8. TSSM.. avare nimma uddaneya post odi bahaLa santhosha, dukha, samadhaana ella aayitu.
    Digital Divide is on AIR.. Probably we Bloggers can have a group intiated to work on this cause & pool in some resoruces to help these kind of people.
    An Strataprauner like Vijay can lead us.. what say ?

  9. DS.. is anyway there to fund us.. The most concerned about the people.. Mohan having an insight towards problem & very well concerned towards the society…

    ille raaja, mantri, ella idaare. naavella horaaDo sainikaru.. Jai karnaataka maatei..! Sad & Unfortunate is a facet & the opportunity to think & do something is another facet of such things! Usha madam is our lead from ladies wing! en madam, okayna??

  10. usha Says:

    Ayyappa, lead post yella bedappa… bhaya aguthe…:D Nanu soldier

    Digjam suiting ad thara ….koneli nanoble irteeni illandre hindhe jana idaare antha bhrameli

  11. ayyo madam yaake yaake (Dr. Raj Style).. Vijay idaare main lead aagi neevu ontara representation ge ashTe.
    Adjust maadkalli vasi 🙂

  12. decemberstud Says:

    So, I am the finance minister now, huh ? 😉

  13. […] (I do not mean to denigrate any one, here.)Though this is a digression, I felt that the look on the Jatka saabi appeared to be melancholic. It led me to wonder whether there are brighter days ahead at all for […]

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