Rashtrakavi G.S. Shivarudrappa

December 21, 2006

Collage: RK

Shivarudrappa presented Rashtrakavi Award The poet was honoured with the award as part of the Suvarna Karnataka celebrations at a function organised by the Kannada and Culture Department.

GSS to get Rs 5,000 monthly honorarium In a sudden move, the State government has withdrawn its earlier order of giving Rs 10 lakh as cash award to the Rashtrakavi and decided to extend only a monthly honorarium of Rs 5,000.


11 Responses to “Rashtrakavi G.S. Shivarudrappa”

  1. usha Says:

    Oh frst comment nandu,

    Kannada Sahitya SammelaNa nadeyitturuva ee shubha sandarBhadalli nadige kavya shreeemantike kotta kaviya bagge lekhana arthapoorna.

    But, i heard that the cash award declared earlier (during announcements) for this great poet has been reduced by the Government , i m not aware of the complete detials, if this is true, its a shameful act. Democratic government (Peoples rep) should be responsible for acknowledging the contributions of its people and providing them enough facilities. Today India and our state is known outside for its history, culture and talented resources. If local governments do not recognize them, then who else will?? Mahan Chetana Kavi Abdul Karim Kahn passed away without proper medical treatment, he didnt even get a site allotment and a home in our great state, shame….

    An informative article which talks about setting up few rules to bridge this gap http://thatskannada.oneindia.in/column/ravibelagere/061106gss.html

  2. TSSM Says:

    ‘ede thumbi haadidavarige’

    hridayapoorvakavaada namanagalu

    Rashtrakavigalige Shubhaashayagalu

  3. praneshachar Says:

    rashtrakavi avarige koti koti namanagalu. avaru rashtrakavi
    prasshthi samrambhadalli thumba chennagi matnadiru. Live TV and paper news
    GSS avarurannu BEL kannada sahityakootavu 28.11.2006
    randu sanmana maditu a dina saha bahala sogasagi matanadiru which I attended
    shivamogga sahitya sammelanada i shubha sandhrabadalli
    avarannu illi nenesirvadu samayochitavagide. ninne avarige paura sanmana shivamoggadalli ittu anth odide.
    Rs.10 lakhs koduvadara badalu prati tingalu Rs.5000 masashana kodtae anth tilidu bahala besara aitu.
    navu i vicharadalli meena mesha yenisabaradu
    sarakara tamma vichara maru parishilisidare thumba olleyadu

  4. decemberstud Says:

    Ahh…one of my favorite topics 🙂

    A very nice tribute to Dr. GSS, RK….good job !

    ‘vishAla pathadali jeevana rathadali

    nIlavitAnada haMdaradaDiyali
    martyada maNNina dhULinali
    hagalu iruLugaLa beLakinali
    nadeyuttide I jeeva ratha
    vishAlavAgide nanna patha’

    eMdu hADida kavi nammellara hRudayapUrvaka shubhAshayagaLu.

  5. Vani Says:


    Ivattina paper prakaara yesterday at the sammeLana, ChamPa avru Govt na lambast maadidru…and BSY was forced to talk to HDK from his cell phone then and there and restore the award of Rs 10 Lakhs…

    Justice delayed, not denied, anyway.

  6. praneshachark Says:

    howdu DY.CM avaru i announcement madi olleya kelasa madiddare idu karyagatavagebeku. illa andre sarakari kelasadalli there will slips beteen cup and lip
    begane avarige avara prashathi hana talupali yendu ashisona
    yellarigu vandanegalu

  7. rk Says:

    latest news: champa has really got the CM and Dy. CM on their toes!
    thanks for the link.

    ee suddhi keli ede thumbi banthu, alwa?

    agree with you wrt gss getting the cash award at one shot.

    thanks for reminding those nice lines. truely, gss has penned some of the best poems ever written.

    thanks for giving this wonderful news! read it online.

    howdhu, sadhya bega buddhi bantalla!

  8. usha Says:

    Yes bellur, I got to know about that little later, it was indeed a happy news that the original award which was announced is being given

  9. VIJAY SAI Says:

    I do wish, more then just honouring writers and poets and getting away with it, someone ( the state admin) actually bothers to read their works……..else they will end up in the many dusty shelves of unused public libraries to rot……

  10. sujatha Says:

    Thank for shivarudrappa melodies.Ede Tumbi Haadidenu – Rathnamala Prakash my favourite songs.

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