Chitranna @ Chancery

December 22, 2006

Till around late afternoon, the 21st day of December 2006 had nothing special to offer. But by early evening, my wife called and told she had won a prize in a contest conducted by Radio City. I was really thrilled to hear that.

After reaching home, myself, son and wife got ready and left for Radio City Studio, where we had to collect a ‘Pass’ in order to have a special dinner with renowned Film Directors. In the studio, my son was passed around from one RJ’s hands to another. RJs Mallika and Sunayana seemed really happy cuddling him. He got a few balloons for X-mas. Pictures were taken.

We collected the pass and went to Hotel Chancery, right next to the studio. The party was yet to begin. My son was happy walking in the pool-side and Cafeteria. He got a few chocolates and cakes for speaking to the Chefs. We were really enjoying the chill weather. The first to arrive was noted film director Girish Kasaravalli, followed by Playwright Girish Karnad. Need I say that both were dressed in an ethnic looking kurtha- pyjama. Then actress Jayamala, wearing a ‘bottle green’ traditional silk saree made the entry. (For a second my mind was transported to Sabarimala.) She had a young chap, whom she kept referring to as her hubby. (I couldn’t stop thinking about Tiger Prabhakar.) Actress Hema Chaudhari and Producer Vijayalakshmi Singh (Director SV Rajendra Singh Babu’s sister) accompanied by actor husband Jai Jagadhish, dressed in a coffee brown suit came later. Jai looked his usual smart self.

The cameramen clicked pictures as and when there were any new additions to the party. The drinks started trickling in. Most guests had a glass in hand. Director Shyam Benegal and actor Dattatreya joined later. My son was asleep with the evening getting colder by the minute. We started having an assortment of salads and the main course. Mid way, we were joined by RJs ‘Tunta’ Nanda, Bala and Saggy, who spoke to us for a long time. My son woke up after hearing a Rajkumar song playing in the background.

The menu had mostly South-Indian delicacies like Nimbehannu Chitranna, Utthappa, Anna-Saaru, Eerulli-Aalugadde Palya. Hot Jamoons were top class. The food was really delicious. There were a few North Indian and Non-Veg dishes which we ignored.

There was a senior person, dressed in a grey suit, who caught my eye. He was busy eating Jamoon with Ice cream. And I didn’t want to disturb him. What stood out in him was the Gandhi-topi that he was wearing with the suit.

Another person stood out in the crowd. He looked like a Japanese but was wearing a waist coat on a kurtha-pyjama. I learnt today morning after seeing his picture in The Hindu that he was the Canadian Film Director, Hunt Hoe.

It was quite late when we left the party. My son slept on the way home. Me and my wife were feeling nice after meeting and having dinner with some popular faces. Got to see most of the faces behind those wonderful voices which we hear on Radio City. To go back in time, it was on the 21st day of December 2000 that my wife, then my girlfriend, asked me, “Do you see me as your wife?” Thanks to her, the memorable evening was a welcome change for all three of us.

11 Responses to “Chitranna @ Chancery”

  1. Ram Says:


    A nice write-up, its nice to know Bangalore hotels, other than darshinis and udupi hotels upgrading themselves to serve ethnic food (should chitranna be called as one). Nice to know that you could meet celebrities.

  2. christy Says:

    Hello RK,

    Felt good that u have attend the party and enjoyed there. Congrats to ur wife for wining a prize. I am a big fan of radio city so felt good that u met them, and y dont u post the photos of party so that even we can see the RJ’s .

  3. praneshachar Says:

    congratulation to vidya and you too celebrating 21st in a different way It is nice to hear about so many galaxy of people
    hearty congratulations once again

  4. Diya Says:

    Vidya avarige CONGRATS !!! N u’re advertising worked…. First thing I read after that gimmick 🙂 CONGRATS to u too 🙂

  5. Vijay Says:

    And you dont have pictures?????????

    Wow.. I didnt realize when you told me this morning that you were hobnobbing with the glitterati…. good show…

  6. Congrats to Vidhya…. & her family..
    Last paragraph was little too confusing, I had to read 3 times to understand what you really meant. It sounded like you fooled us with all the paragraph & the second time I thought may be this meeting happened in 2000(there was no FM then).. Later 3rd time, I hit the right line!
    allU chitranna, chutney.. habits die hard u c 🙂

  7. anoop Says:

    nice post. good to know that you met up with some well known faces in the kannada film industry. did you manage to talk to any of them, i.e. beyond the exchange of pleasantries.

    chitra-anna: this dish was on my hated list, but, when i had to leave my beloved country for more than just a few days, its on my all time favourites list. The day i cooked it first, i did not have to ask my mom for the recipe (which was usual), i conceived the dish from the taste of it. i know, the recipe of chitra-anna is by no means tough, but for my cooking standards at that time, i surprised myself!

  8. Shruthi Says:

    Hey thats so cool! 🙂

  9. travel plaza Says:

    My hearty congrats to your wife RK. Sounds like you had a great time. And what could be better than a plate of good old chittranna and anna saru:))

  10. rk Says:

    thanks. yes, it was really nice to have some regional cuisine at a 5-star hotel.

    nice to know you are a RC fan! fotos will be here soon.

    thank you sir.

    haha…thanks. 🙂

    fotos upload maadbeku saar. in short, it was akki rotti with glitterati!

    thanks for your wishes!
    i have read some writers’ columns who cannot be understood even after the 27th reading…..on a lighter note, if i confused you just two times, then i think i am not that bad, heh? 😉

    couldn’t talk much as they were catching up on some long lost friends at the party. anyway, had some light moments!
    nice to read your chitranna experience! btw, i love mavinakai chitranna!


    thanks. yes, that’s a great combi!!

  11. Proper Says:

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    restaurants i found in an bangalore classifieds

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