‘Esquire’ Magazine: Best Cover of the year

December 28, 2006

Grit personified: Bryan Anderson
Soldier, 25, Rolling Meadows, Illinois

I’m not really going to wear pants anymore unless it’s a nice function. It’s hard to pull pants over your legs because your feet are straight, and my legs aren’t ever going to get cold. And if people see I’m walking with prosthetic legs, they’re more likely to get out of my way than accidentally bump into me and knock me down.

I think it will be good for my kid to see someone like me, so when they grow up and they see someone like me, they won’t make a quick judgment on them.

I don’t regret anything.

Read the amazing story of a soldier who lost 3 limbs but is still upbeat about life, about accomplishing more in life – his life hasn’t stopped.

If this magazine cover does not stop you in your tracks, nothing will.


5 Responses to “‘Esquire’ Magazine: Best Cover of the year”

  1. shark Says:

    I had read about him.
    After seeing my uncle loose his leg in an accident.. and seeing his journey from 2 leg to 1 leg existance… it has changed the whole of my life’s perspective!

    Sometimes when we hear the success stories, we feel nice.. we fell proud of these people. But it is not a cake walk. Even with the advent of so much of technology and we having access to it, my uncle had to suffer for almost 3 years before he could get a compatible artificial limb.

    The least that we can do from our side is just accept them as any other normal human being. The odd stares, the over sympathising.. only hurts them and does not help them.

    I just hope, over the years we make this world a better place for such people by just treating them “normally”.

  2. rk Says:


    The least that we can do from our side is just accept them as any other normal human being.

    wonderfully said.

    sad to know about your uncle’s struggles. life teaches us a new lesson each day, isn’t it? and changes our perspective in a flash.

  3. Vijay Says:

    RK: Wonderful stuff.. really makes one think about how we need to appreciate what we have rather than bickering over what we don’t have..

    Shark: That is a moving story….

  4. praneshachar Says:

    Really a moving story but yes we must appreciate the grit of these people and admire them they should be role model for people who always crib even though they are fortunate to have everything if life still not satisfied. It is always better you look at the people who are leff fortunat than you and go ahead thanking god yes you have given me everything.
    as usual a very good post from you wonderful and I really got engrossed in reading that painful stroy but take the grit and will power with which it has been faced and life is taken as a challenge facing it with smile. great indeed!!!
    I totally agree with vijay comment over here

  5. travellers Says:

    really i love your blog

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