Stray dogs maul girl to death

January 6, 2007


UPDATE – March 2, 2007: Dog attack leaves many worried

Was shocked to read in today’s newspaper that a pack of nine stray dogs ripped apart an eight-year-old girl in Chandra Layout. Had written a post in June 2006 about stray dog menace. Never thought it would get this brutal.

Just think about the kid’s parents. They may look very composed in the picture accompanying the report, but the pain, anger and sorrow will certinly not become any less sharp. Those feelings may take a back seat to the inevitable everyday tasks and duties that they carry out, but the smallest reminder can easily bring them to the fore again.


4 Responses to “Stray dogs maul girl to death”

  1. praneshachar Says:

    really tragic it is very pathetic for the family let god give them strength to bear the loss
    stray dog menace is very much and in last one year some 4 to 5 of my collegues had fallen and fractured their hand or leg or slipdisk problem due chasing by dogs when they are riding a two wheeler very bad
    why stray dogs some domestic dogs are also left free by owners and it may scare the passer preferably those who keep dogs should take care of this and should not create nuisance.
    I have another problem I take my dog for a walk and there is a menace by street and other dogs in either barking or chasing etc., Ofcourse I will have stick in my hand and my wife will have some stones in her hand to avert any mishaps
    p.s. my dog is a local from my native village and from any high tech breeds but is good and takes care

  2. prashanth m Says:

    very tragic!! It’ll be the news for next few days and everyone forgets till another similar incident happens

  3. praneshachar Says:

    there is another dimension given in papers lot of arguments by people for animala etc., stating that dogs can not bite to the extent of death and as there is no eye witness to this there is a possibility of girl killed earlier and thrown and dogs would have dragged it for meat what is the reality? they want an investigation on this. whatever may be the case poor people have lost their daughter. BMC did good thing in immediatley paying compensation of Rs.1 lakh hope the proceeds have fully reached them without any backtracks
    Yes lesson for BMC is please dont allow stray dogs make a regular sqads for cathing and appropriate action yes it is a very difficult task

  4. neel3 Says:

    This reminds me of the juggernaut–who does the planet belong to?super animals–humans or to all of us equally?
    Why do we feel assaulted by animals each time they behave in THEIR way?
    I can’t decide if elctrifying fences against elephants is the right thing to do???
    Is it allright if the farmer loses his crops???
    Who is the judge ??
    If there was a Hague in PRANIVANA what would the judgement be???
    Often we see only one side of the coin.
    Animals too feel threatened by us.
    We don’t want them in our residential areas. Are we taking care of their residential areas?
    Soon we will have humans everywhere–no place for other living things and then we will turn cannibals!!
    I am confused.
    I do mourn the death of the child.And I am very scared of dogs.

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