God Save Malleswaram

January 9, 2007

Courtesy: Vijay Times (Click on the image for a larger view)

Driving in Malleswaram will be a curse for more than a year. Till last week, driving was never a problem. But ever since the Underpass work on 5th cross Malleswaram began from December 28th 2006, the chaos is gradually increasing. The two-ways have become one-ways and vice versa.

Ever since I was in First Standard, Margosa Road was always One way. Not any more. Pedestrians must be specially careful while crossing this road. Malleswaram 4th main was a broad road, good for pedestrians and motorists alike. Now this is one-way, with all buses plying here. The worrying factor is that there are five schools on this stretch.

The stretch from Sampige theatre towards Mohammedan Block was a two-way road. Since Sunday, one can only travel up this road and not the other way.

Malleswaram 8th cross has become a dangerous stretch for the shoppers, what with buses to Market, Shivajinagar and Majestic going down this road. One can see traffic on all smaller roads and even conservancies.

Pedestrians are shocked to see vehicles out of nowhere. Really, god save Malleswaram.

14 Responses to “God Save Malleswaram”

  1. M O H A N Says:

    It remindes me of the national college flyover. The local residents had road shows, even PIL was filed …. noway. It showed that the contractor lobby was more stronger than ordinary man who is fighting for these oxygen givers.

    Alas, it may repeat in malleshwaram too unless god intervines.

  2. DD Says:

    I believe Malleshwaram is a pre-planned layout,RK?

  3. Vijay Says:

    Ganga .. nothing can plan for the growth in Bangalore… the main roads in Malleswaram were always quite busy.. but the side roads were so quiet…

  4. Shruthi Says:

    Shocking!! I haven’t been there in ages…. I am not sure if I will now…. I can’t imagine my childhood home being the way you describe 😦

  5. praneshachar Says:

    yes it was very cumbersome and in some corner you may be caught by policeman for a traffic rule violation beware!!
    this agony will go on for a minimum period of oneyear
    school children and pedestarains to be cautious in crossing roads as there will be zig zag fight for taking over particulary the bikes autos etc., etc.,
    bellur hosa bike husharu!!!

  6. prashanth m Says:

    And you will have to live and drive with these for at least an year or two…

    btw yava bike? congrats…

  7. usha Says:

    God save Bangalore and its lovely locations

  8. Srik Says:

    Mal of Malgudi is under destruction 😦 sad to note that.


  9. Vani Says:

    And I heard that that beautiful canopy of trees will also be axed… 😦

    Yen gathi bantappa….

  10. Sanjay M Says:

    Yeah Bellur, Margosa Road is somewhat scary to drive on (or cross). Simply incredible that I’m seeing TRAFFIC JAMS every day… my poor friend who lives at 8th cross says he’s now awakened at 5 AM every morning because 8th cross has now become a bus route and they mostly honk at every intersection (which is probably necessary to a certain extent for safety). Well the thing I find hard to digest is that quite a few rainforest trees near Mvm Circle will be axed.

    Don’t really see that things are going to settle down and people will get used to it. Maybe after the underpass work is done…

  11. Sanjay M Says:

    Vani its only a short stretch of trees as far as I know.

  12. M O H A N Says:

    There was an article in deccan hearld 2 days back. The unscroplous contractors take permission to cut only few trees but the reality is they cut the entire tree to stump and many more trees. The reason is quite simple, they have greased BMP to sell the wood at lower cost per sq foot but resell 200 times more that cost in market!

    The loosers in short term are near by residents with noise, dust pollution but human kind in the long term when 1 tree stops giving oxygen using up carbon-dioxide.

    Sir MV said “industrialize or else perish”. Now it seems “Industrialize and perish”.

  13. Margosa road andre .. MAB2 meeting place kaDe na? I remember this name when Bellur gave me the landmarks/route map.
    I can as well relate your problems, our Airport road junction flyover was a pain, for 4 years!!
    Sanjay, its an everyday pain for people like us whose residence is off main road, the conversion of the parallel roads to oneway drastically affects us!! don’t worry your friend will get used to it.
    I remember those days when I was just married, my mysore roads & the bangalore main roads, the hushes on the streets due to vehicles, street dogs, those teenegers with their heavy-noisy-engined-bikes.. ayappa, I can’t beleive now I sleep peacefully in the same room though the traffic in bangalore &our street has remained the same!!

    ivattu RB show live ittu.. marthoytu.. Let me drive back home .. on the way program keLtha keLtha 🙂

  14. Shiv Says:

    Yaav bike togondri? Didn’t have a chance to have a look. Will catch up this weekend.

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