Sirikantada Srikanta

January 12, 2007

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He was born on January 14, 1920, in a family of well-known musicians and is known for his undiluted classicism. His concerts are as entertaining and inspiring, as they are educative. He has served the All India Radio for several years with distinction. He has been instrumental in popularising hundreds of compositions of the great Dasas of the Kannada tradition. He feels that both theory and aesthetics of music are important. He is a picture of dignity and concentration as he sits on a chair to sing, his frail frame belying a rich and fluid voice, and a towering personality. Yes, I am talking about ‘Sirikantada Srikanta’!

Vidwan RK Srikantan, a firm believer in the purist tradition of classical singing has enthralled the music lovers for over six decades.

In this interview that I conducted for The Hindu in 2001, he gives us an insight into the world of Carnatic music, his days of learning, the planning that goes into a concert, and vital tips to young musicians.

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3 Responses to “Sirikantada Srikanta”

  1. nammooravaru.. Professor will have more memories about him.

    I have known about him & his family to a little extent, his nephew & also his sons., one of them is a scientist when I had my first job.

    Excellent post RK…Thanks for it. Shall read the interview in a little while

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