Sri Purandara Dasa (1494-1564)

January 19, 2007

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Sri Puradara Dasa is known as the Karnataka Sangeetha Pra-pithamaha (founder of Carnatic classical music). Purandara Dasa is believed to have been born in 1494 in Pandarapura in Karnataka. This was the golden age of Kannada literature too, under the most famous Vijayanagar emperor Sri Krishnadeva Raya. The influence of of Sri Purandara on Carnatic music and Kannada literature is immense. He virtually started the branch of literature which is now known as Dasa Sahithya. It was a blend of sublime poetry and music emphasising the virtues of good life over material wealth and religious ceremonies. Kanaka Dasa is another composer who was his contemorary and an important contributor to Dasa Sahithya.

There is a legend as to how he gave up a life of wealth to become an ascetic. He worked as a money lender and was infamous as a miser. Once, a Brahmin man wanted to perform the sacred thread ceremony (upanayana) for his son and came to Purandara Dasa’s wife for money. She gave him her nose-ring to sell for money, and the man went to Purandara Dasa himself to get the money. The miser lent the man his money, but his wife was worried about what to say to her husband, so she prayed to her favorite deity who gave her a nose-ring just like the one she had. When Purandara Dasa hurried home, anxious to know if the nose-ring was hers, he was bewildered seeing her wear the same one! She narrated the story, and he was converted, believing in the virtue of his wife and the virtue of a charitable life.

He renounced his riches and became disciple of Vyasa Raya who titled him “Purandara Vittala,” which became his signature. Then he is said to have composed 475,000 songs in both Kannada and Sanskrit.

He sang many rare ragas with the most beautiful lyrics. Tyagaraja‘s praise in “Prahalada Bhakti Vijayam” is for him.

Purandara Dasa is believed to have systematized the early music lessons – Sarale Varase, Janti Varase, Geete, etc. and also chose Mayamalavagowla as the Raga to be used for these. He composed many devotional songs in Kannada known as Devaranama.

Purandara Dasa set the highest value on good conduct. The strength and greatness of Sri Hari’s name have been beautifully enshrined and sung in this world. People who do not know Sanskrit find it hard to understand the Vedas and Upanishads. But Purandara Dasa has explained the whole essence of these scriptures in simple Kannada and show the way that one should live.

He practiced in his life what he preached. It is important to note this aspect of his life. He gifted away all his wealth and lived the life of renunciation which he preached to others. Although he took to the life of renunciation and asceticism he did not desert his wife and children. He lived with them.

He made it clear to others by his conduct how it was possible to achieve purity of thought, word and deed regardless of caste, religion or creed. He did not believe that man could understand God by mere external purity unless it was accompanies by purity of mind.

Whatever Purandara Dasa says, the way he introduces it and explains it is very pleasant. His similes are very simple and telling. He compares wicked men to the knotted tree of thorns. He warns the non believers that life is being wasted at every stroke of the bell. When he saw a post man he sang ‘Kaagada bandide, namma Padumanabhanadu…” (a letter has arrived from Padmanabha.) He preached several moral precepts making use of familiar incidents like the postman delivering letters.

It was God’s gift that Purandara Dasa was able to preach, in simple Kannada, what is difficult even for philosophers to put across in a way which the ordinary people can understand. He left Ihaloka in 1564 at the age of 70.

Today is Sri Purandara Dasa Aradhane.


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  1. Vijay Says:

    RK: Somehow when I got up today I KNEW you would have a post on this subject.. today being his “aradhane”…

    Story goes that he has sung over 800,000 songs.. only a fraction of which we know now.. even Abdul Kalam talked about this and wondered how we can restore/find all his songs…

    Even till today NO OTHER composition can match his “Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma”…. the lyrics, the tunes simply the best.

    • vishal Says:

      I want hariya neneya dantha lyrics , if u get pls send it

      • Swathi Says:

        14. ಹರಿಯ ನೆನೆಯದ ನರಜನ್ಮವೆಕೆ
        ನರಹರಿಯ ಕೊಂಡಾಡದ ನಾಲಿಗೆ ಏಕೆ|
        ವೆದವನೋದದ ವಿಪ್ರತನೇಕೆ ಕಾಳಗವರಿಯದ ಕ್ಷತ್ರಿಯನೇಕೆ
        ಕ್ರೊಧವ ಬಿಡದ ಸನ್ಯಾಸಿತಾನೇಕೆ ಅದರವಿಲ್ಲದ ಅಮ್ರಿತನ್ನವೆಕೆ I1I
        ಮಾತಾಪಿತರ ಪೊರೆಯದ ಮಕ್ಕಳೇಕೆ ಮಾತುಕೆಳದ ಸೊಸೆಯಗೊಡವೆ ಇನ್ನೇಕೆ
        ನಿತೆಮವಿಲ್ಲದ ಕೂಟ ತಾನೇಕೆ ಅನಥಾನಾದ ಮೇಲೆ ಕೊಪವದೆತಕೋ I2I
        ಅಳಿದಳಿದು ಹೋಗುವ ಮಕ್ಕಳೇಕೆ ತಿಳಿದು ಬುದ್ಧಿಯ ಪೇಳದ ಗುರುವೇಕೆ
        ನಳಿನ ನಾಭ ನಮ್ಮ ಪುರಂದರ ವಿಟ್ಟಲನ ಚೆಲುವ ಮೂರುತಿಯ ನೋಡದ ಕಂಗಲೆಕೆ I3I

    • Shwetha G Says:

      Could you please tell me from where i can download all the purandaradasa’s devaranaama………..

  2. M O H A N Says:

    Great post!!!

    We should have archives of this great demi-god so that future generations dont loose out atleast. If there are any such initiatives/libraries do post the same for general consumption pls.

  3. praneshachar Says:

    Yes I was expecting a descriptive write up by bellur on sri purandara dasa and yes it is out. dasarendare purandaradasarayya. a great composer and dasasahityda pitamaha who was a desciple of vyasayray and about 450 years back he has written things which are even today you can relate to day to day life
    for ex:
    satyavantarigidu kalavalla……. so many like this
    sacrifice is key to achieve success and he has proved the success in bhakti marga is more important than success in your your normal life
    purandara dasara mantapa in Hampe on banks of river tunga bhadra is a picture of calmness and the serene atmosphere you feel great if you spend time there.
    purandara utsava is being celebrated there today and tomorrow
    bellur a great tribute of a great santa sri purandara dasaru

  4. usha Says:

    Dasa sahitya kannada sahityada ondhu pramukha anga. Purandara dasaru, kanaka dasaru mathu itararu needeiruva koduge apaara.

    karnataka sangeethada lessons simplify maadi, ivattu yellarigu sangeethavanna kottantaha pitamahanige namana.

    Hampe ille hatra iddidre 🙂 report kodabahudaagittu:)

    Thx for the info bellur

  5. psg Says:

    neenu bramhana na? i hvnt come across people writing about purandara dasaru till now!! i aint tryin to be racist here..but im just curious…are u a madhwa?
    if yes, why dont yuo write something about madhwacharya?


  6. M O H A N Says:

    Why just limit it to madhwacharya… why no Sri ramanaujacharya and Adi shankaracharayas too

  7. Vani Says:

    Madhwanavami approaching on 27th….Bellur , beku andre details koduve…PSG avre, olle suggestion.

  8. praneshachar Says:

    at appropriate time bellur right about all the three great saints of dwaita advaita and vishitadwaita all are great in their own
    right now it is madwanavami and turn to usha and get the details act soon all the best
    Psg: bellur avaru vishvakosha mattu brahmna srushti alva!!!

  9. rk Says:

    i’ve seen that your guesses are mostly correct!
    have a lot of respect for sri kalam.
    love the song ‘bhagyada lakshmi baramma’ as well as the movie with the same name. hilarious comedy by rajanna and balanna.

    your idea is good. a library will be really useful to all those interested. the ‘dasa’ movement spearheaded by the ‘Dasa Sahitya project’ of the TTD has spread to all corners in the southern states and maharashtra in the last two decades, promoting the ‘bhakti’ movement. the number of ‘bhajan’ troupes promoted by the project has swelled from a few hundred in the beginning to few thousands now. during the first ‘muktha balaga meet’, myself, usha, chaitanya, sanjay, shruti and srikanth saw women in ‘sindhoor’ and turmeric coloured sarees and men in dhotis and saffron colour headgear dancing and singing ‘Hari sankeertana’ near palimaaru math close to kamath bugle rock. during religious festivities-particularly in Tirumala during ‘Brahmostavas` and ‘Metlotsavas’ these troupes are really eyecatching in their colourful attire. seeing thousands of these devotees singing the glory of the lord and dancing with abandon is a rare sight and great experience.
    glad you liked the post.

    thanks for your comments. “dasarendare purandaradasarayya”. my mother used to say this a lot.

    khanditha avaru simplify maadi makkalige bahala sahaya maadidru. missed your ‘Kannige katto’ report.

    firstly, welcome to RwB.
    jagatthe nanage “Guru”. naanu obba hulu maanava saar. olle salahe….khanditha bareyonanthe. keep visiting.

    good suggestion!

    thanks. nimma mail check maadi.

    aacharyatrayara bagge barayakke prayathna padthini saar.

    • Madhoo Says:


      I need your email id… I would like to keep in touch and improve my knowledge…
      This was an awesome blog with so much info that Im just not able to stop scrolling down… My email is and Im looking forward for your email…


  10. some body Says:


    there is theory and then there is practicals.

    can you list 20 purandara daasa kritis from your memory, i.e., without consulting a book or googling or … this is not a test, ‘cos i confess that i cannot come up with 20 myself.

    i wonder how many people who commented above can! again, this is not a test but curious – when i learned classical music, most of the songs/geetas etc. i learned were in telugu and/or tamil. i doubt whether there was even one in malayalam, and yes, i did have ‘bhaagyada lakshmi …’ so there is one at least :-).

    even i can probably list, for better or for worse, way more by tyagaraja than by purandara dasa.

    – s.b.

  11. rk Says:

    in music, it is how well you sing that matters. if you can sing well with devotion, what more is required, alwa? but theoritical knowledge is also important.
    remembered 40 devaranamas. here’s my list:
    1. narayana ninna
    2. bharathi deviya
    3. jagadhoddharana
    4. tharakka bindige
    5. mareteyeno ranga
    6. jaganmohanane
    7. idu bhagya
    8. aarige vadhuvadhe
    9. venkatachalanilayam
    10. ambiga naa ninna
    11. pogadhirelo
    12. devaki nandamukunda
    13. gajavadana
    14. isa beku
    15. kandu kandu nee enna
    16. hannu bandide
    17. madi madi madi endu
    18. gummana kareyadire
    19. pillangoviya
    20. mella mellane
    21. sharanu siddhi vinayaka
    22. amma nimma manegalalli
    23. nara janma bandaga
    24. karuniso ranga
    25. udara vairagya
    26. ragi thandirya
    27. neenyako ninna hangyako
    28. ramakrishnaru manege bandaru
    29. makkala manikya
    30. hanumana mathave
    31. nageyu baruthide
    32. krishnamurthy kanna mundhe
    33. allide nammane
    34. ranga baro
    35. sakala grahabala
    36. yarige yaruntu
    37. anjije inyathako
    38. sundaramooruthi
    39. nandatanaya govinda
    40. rama mantrava japiso

    nice exercise first thing in the morning! thanks for the assignment. 🙂

    • rajani Says:


      i need the songs which u have listed above.. i would be very kind if u suggest the website in which c can find all the songs..

    • nayana Says:

      Respeted sir,

      Please send me notations for 1.bhagyada lakshmi 2.yaarige yaaruntu. 3. kandu kandu nee yenna. 4. ambiga na ninna. 5.sharanu siddivinaya 6. gajamukhne ganapatiye—-

      Bcaz we use to sing all these song in our childhood with my amma alongwith with ramaraksha stotram. now i play violin and i am not getting notations for above songs anywhere..

      thanks and regards…

    • Nitin Says:

      Rk,, Thank you so much this 40 devaranamas wht u have mentioned is good enough to download… if you plz get some more info or websites to download devaranamas could u plz let me kno?? mail me to ma ID mentioned above thank ku….

    • nayana Says:

      PLS PLS give me the notations if availabe / any website…..

    • Can you send me the lyrics of the Purandhara dasara krithi “Dasharathe raghu ramana nenedare….”

    • Pramod Says:


      i need the songs of Istu papagala madidde saku i would be very kind if u suggest the website in which c can find all the songs..

      • rk Says:

        ishtu paapava maadidde saaku
        ishtu paapava maadidde saaku
        srushtishane ennannuddharisabeku

        odala kicchige parara kadunoyiside krishna
        kodade anyara runavanapahariside
        madadiya nudi keli odahuttidavarodane
        hadeda tayiya koode hage maadide

        snanasandyadigala maadadale maigette
        jnanamargavanantu modale bitte
        yena pelali parara maninige manasitte
        svanasukaranante horede hotte

        vratanema upavasavondu dina madilla
        atitigaligannavanu nidalilla
        srutisastra paurana kathegalanu kelilla
        vruthavagi bahukala gatavayitalla

        suddha vaisnava kuladalludhbhaviside nanu
        madhva matha siddhantha paddhatigala
        buddhipurvaka tilidu kaddhundu kayavanu
        vruddhi madidenayya uddharisu hariye

        tande tayiya seveyondudina madilla
        mandabhagyage bhavane tappalilla
        hinde madida dosha onduliyadaruhideno
        tande purandaravitala bandenna salaho

    • vnkesavan Says:

      Venkatachala nilayam does not have a single Kannada word. I am not sure it is a Dasara pada.

  12. Vani Says:


    If you have learnt karnatic music in Karnataka, you will find that the initial lessons are all from Purnadara Daasa….
    The Pillari Geethes, Right from “Lambodara.. to Padumanaabha” are composed by this great saint.

    In fact, the way we begin training, singing the scale in Mayamalavagoula was initated by Purandara Daasa. So as such, his contribution, though not stark, is very substantial.

    And invariably the devaranaamas to be covered in the syllabus will be Purandara Daasa’s krithis. Since I have learnt in Karnataka, I am confidently telling you so.

    And music is music…..divine and out of the world. each of them are stalwarts, geniuses in their own right and stand tall in their domains. Let us not compare each one’s contribution because each one is a giant by himself.

    • Madhoo Says:

      Hi Vani,

      I need your assistance… I am looking for the song Ramakrishnaru manege bandaru song… I learnt it when I was 5 yrs old so I dont have the complete proper lyrics… Can u pls guide and help me in this… Your information abt purandhar daasar was fabulous… I hope I wud be able to know more info abt this gr8 saint… Pls visit my website I wud like to add all the content and publish it…

      Thank you,

      • rk Says:

        ramakrishnaru manege bandaru bAgilu tegiyirE
        kAmadhEnu bandatAytu varava bEDirE ll

        chenDu buguri chiNNikOlu gajjugavADuta
        dunDu mallige muDidu koLalanUdi pADutA l
        hinDu heNgaLa muddumuKada sobaga nODuta
        bandu mADi bAleyoroDane sarasavADuta ll

        makarakunDala neelamuttina bAvuliDutali
        kankaNahAra tOLabandhi toDuge toDutali l
        sukumAra sundaravAda uDuge uDutali
        muKada kamala muguLu nageya suKava koDutali ll

        hokkaLalli Ajana paDeda dEvadEvanu
        chikka unguShThadalli gangeya paDedanu l
        makkaLa mANikyaguru purandaraviTalanu
        akkareyinda mukuti koDuva ranganAthanu ll

        • Venkat Says:

          Can you please send us the lyrics in english for the song “aada hodhale makkalu”

          • rk Says:

            aadahodella makkalu
            aadikombuvaru nodamma
            nodi enna mukhava
            nodi kannu meetuvaramma

            devaki hetthalante vasu
            devanembuva pitanamte
            kavalalli huttidenante
            maavaganjilli tandarante

            vishava tumbida moleyanundu
            asureya na kondenante
            nishichara shakatasurana

            neenenna hadedillavante
            naa ninna maganallavante
            dhenu kayuvarillavendu
            sanuragadi salahideyante

            kiccha naa gada nungidenante
            vatsasuranana kedahidenante
            kaccha banda kalingana
            kocchalu maduva dhumukidenante

            haddu enna vahanavante
            havu enna hasigeyante
            kaddu benneya na tindenante
            muddu purandaravitalanante

      • Can you send me the lyrics of the
        Purandhara dasara krithi “Dasharathe raghu raamana nenedhare….”

  13. praneshachar Says:

    olleya kelasa madiddira beligge beliggene.
    yes you are right each one is a legend and one should not compare at all
    whether you remember by heart or memory is not at all critical. I am surprised about your statement that how many
    will learn these dasara padagalu in music yes as vani has put it in karnataka it is the order and all musicians who teach will certainly use many purandara dasara kruthigalu.
    I have not learn music that does not mean that we should not have interest any how you can also see the comments
    in this blog on Sri Tygaraja aradhane couple of days back and report of a devotee of our blog attending the same in sriranga pattana here none of us are biased with any one
    I appreciate the concern all these young people are showing; for our culture music etc. etc., so really I am enjoying to be a part of this group.
    my sincere request to you is please read the other and appreciate the real ntenetions of the people here
    have a nice day and a wonderful weekend

    • vnkesavan Says:

      Dear friend, earlier, E TV used to air some purandharadasa kruthis and I heard one sung by a gentleman-name I don’t know- which ran like this. Saranu enage saranoo ni vithala karuna vaaridhiye kaayo re vithala.I could not get the full lyrics. can I get it and if so from where? kesavan

      • vnkesavan Says:

        no reply so far for my request..

      • rk Says:

        sharanu ninage sharanembenu vithala

        sharanu ninage sharanembenu vithala
        karunavaridhi enna kaayo vithala

        dasharatharayana udharadhi vithala
        shishuvagi udhisidyo srirama vithala
        shashimukhi gopiya kandane vithala
        asure poothaniya kondyo krishna vithala

        arasi rukminige neenarasanadyo vithala
        piridagi shankhava pididyo nee vithala
        sarasijasambhavasannutha vithala
        niratha ittige mele nintyo nee vithala

        kande naa ninna venkatanemba vithala
        kindagolakarigolidhu bandha vithala
        pandurangakshetra palane vithala
        pundarikaksha sri purandara vithala

        • vnkesavan Says:

          Thanks a lot. In fact I heard only once in E TV kannada. The gentleman who sang it did a very good job in raag yaman. namaskaragalu..I would like to hear it a second time.Our kannada channels are more interested in making money. At least in a day they can allot one hour for dasaru.

  14. Mysorean Says:

    Not only was the write-up enlightening to ordinary souls like me but so was the discussion here!

  15. Srik Says:

    I think, as far as music is concerned, language does not matter, only Bhava, Bhakti, Shruti and Sadhane. You cant call Thyagaraja’s Kritis as superior to someone else’s. Each is a gem in its own way. Thyagaraja is one of the Thrimurthis of Karnataka sangeetha, while Purandara daasa is the founder of one whole new concept of systematic learning of Karnataka sangeetha.

    Devaranaamas are also an integral part of our classical heritage as is KeertanegaLu. Lets respect all of them, learn from their compositions.

    Good post RK 😀

  16. Srik Says:

    To add to the above comment, Purandhara daasa was a staunch devotee of the Lord of Pandharapura that is situated in Maharashtra, stayed for most part of his life in Hampi, learnt under Vyasarayaru, a Kannada saint, travelled all thru South India and spread Karnataka shastriya sangeetha. This classical form is practiced across Telugu, Tamil and Malayalee speaking areas too. We cant just restrict it to a language.

    As far as continuance of Bhakti movement, there are so many Bhajan troupes, Mandalis, Dasa saahitya prachara samithis spread across Karnataka from Hampi to Bengalooru are doing a great job of spreading the awareness about our treassuresome daasa saahitya. These troupes keep organising “Mettilu utsavas” in some prominent utsavas and on some important days. They are conducted usually at temples on hillocks, all the members singing devaranaamas in unison, dancing for the tunes climb the steps. A leader usually clad in Purandhara daasa attire, will walk them towards the temple. Its an amazing experience to be a part of it. There are numerous attempts in maintaining these heritage aspects of history. As Thyagayya says “Yendaro mahaanubhaavulu… Andariki vandhanamulu …”.

    RK, Meekoo vandhanamulu for this article 🙂

  17. rk Says:

    yes, each one is unique and incomparable.

    thanks saar. wish you too a great weekend.

    thanks a lot.

    thanks for those insightful and informative comments. babu, meekoo vandhanamulu for reading & commenting here! 🙂

  18. shashi Says:

    When speaking of Purandara Dasaru one must remember with gratitude the yeoman service of ML Vasantakumari in reintroducing him to public memory. We did have times when the Pitamaha of Carnatic music was indeed forgotten and this possibly relates indirectly to what Somebody has to say. But then as the great man himself said Adhadhella olithe aayithu, namma shridhara sevege sadhana sampatthayithu.

  19. some body Says:


    thanks for the quick response (though i am responding to that with a longer lag).

    though it was not a test, you did turn in an excellent homework assignment and get an a++ :-).

    as for me, my ignorance is well exposed now :-(. my apologies! though i learned those pillari geete (i don’t know why they are called that – and the little googling i did just now did not help – and i also did not know that they were called pillari geete until i read the comments here – i missed reading your reference in the tyagaraja aradhane post), i did not know that all of them were by purandara daasa.

    so the score is:

    everybody 1 – some body 0

    having said that, i still maintain that in most concerts (all outside karnataka) i have attended, except for m.s.sheela’s, there have been minimal kannada songs and mostly telugu/tamil songs.

    and while i agree that it is the bhakti that is important, how would you understand the bhakti in a song if you do not understand the language (unless you had a translation handy – and that would be difficult sitting in a concert)?

    i am not saying that one musician is above the other or anything like that, just that it is difficult for me, as a kannadiga, to understand the majority of the kritis sung by artistes when they are all in non-kannada languages. having said that, i have to confess that i cannot understand 100% of all kannada kritis either! 😦

    anyway, thank you everybody for helping me out.

    – s.b.

    p.s.: i realized that i have heard/learned 16 of the 40 that you listed so, given enough time (and if i had known that those kritis were by purandara daasa), maybe i could have listed 20 kritis myself!!!

  20. praneshachar Says:

    Appreciate your concern and very happy to note about your frank statements. yes this has also come because you are a kannadiga.
    so many SB’s only can make Everbody you are also inlcuded in that one. accepting what we were thinking is nor wright it self shows the worth of a Somebody. happy and yes outside Karnataka people will sing most of the songs in thelanguage of that place. In mumbai the same musicians will sing krithis in tamil/telugu if performing in Tamil Sangham or where audience comprises mainly from TN and AP. and if the same performance is in Mysore Sangha or Karnataka Sangha or in A sri Raghavendrasway Math they will go mainly covering kannada songs it is natural you have to be Roman when you are in Rome.
    a Very nice discussion which helpe me to learn many more things.
    When we are critisized only we can improve.

  21. usha Says:

    Very enlightening discussion here, beLigge beLigge, tumba khushi aithu 🙂 as pranesh sir stated, lot of musicians have to practice to be roman in rome. survival yenu madakkagalla.. ellaru maaduvudu hottegaagi 🙂

    Tumba kade sangeetha paata heLovaaga ( This happens where music classes are conducted for mass) Lyrics bagge, language bagge, sahithya rachane madidavara bagge poorNa mahithi kododilla 😦 . When no such details are provided, over a period of time, we tend to forget the contributor itself.

    Sampradaaikavagi gurukula paddathi use madi paata daaga , all these information will be passed on to the next generation qualitatively.

    My many many thanks for all information providers here.

    Thx RK for list of songs, i can use this list for our house aaradhane 😉

    I remembered songs giLiyu panjaradoLilla , yellaru maaduvudu hottegaagi, aacharavillada naalige, hendathi praNa hinduthi, udaya kaladoLeddu gada gada naduguta snanava madidarenu phala 🙂

  22. prashanth m Says:

    Wow!! great post, RK

  23. rk Says:

    true, MLV and even RK Srikantan reintroduced several Dasara Padagalu. thanks for commenting.

    knowing the meaning of a song helps.
    would like to hear you sing.
    thanks for the A++! 🙂


    yes outside Karnataka people will sing most of the songs in the language of that place.

    this is the case usually.
    want to share this funny incident that took place long back:
    it seems at a concert at Shanmugananda Hall in Bombay, Chembai was performing. a member of the audience, who had heard musicians sing songs on madurai meenakshi, kanchi kamakshi, kashi vishalakshi and so on, asked chembai if he could sing a song on “Bombay”. chembai, with a mischievous twinkle in his eye, said he could. he went on to sing “Aadu Baambae, Nalidadu Baambae”.


    Tumba kade sangeetha paata heLovaaga ( This happens where music classes are conducted for mass) Lyrics bagge, language bagge, sahithya rachane madidavara bagge poorNa mahithi kododilla. When no such details are provided, over a period of time, we tend to forget the contributor itself.

    absolutely true.
    glad the list is of some use. 🙂


  24. Vijay Sai Says:

    I remember M.S rendering ‘Jagadhodharaana’ and tears rolling down her eyes as she ended the song, at a friends house in Delhi. She narrated the life story of Purandharadasa after that…….

    The sad part is that, many of today’s musicians learn music like a technical form of knowledge. Very few who understand the deep philosophy and sing with that ‘bhaava’. Now a day’s its all a big rush to finish the course, get ceritficates , become all india radio graded artistes, open schools, and make money……

  25. I didn’t read the post(since it was quite long! :-()…
    The comments gave me more details about how it is..

    Purandara daasa is liked by more because of his simple language used in the geethe/keerthane/daasara pada etc. His philosophy are very straight forward & simple & true. No need to worry much to translate or transliterate 🙂
    Anubhavada adugeya maaDu, is one among the nicest of his, I like ‘neecha buddiya bidu naalige’ etc.,

    Vijay Sai, there is a reason for all that. If you see the list from akshavaNi to become a B grade or A grade artist, they would ask all that you listed. some take this as profession to earn their daily bread 🙂 Overall, Music is just enchanting truth!!

  26. Recently got ‘Daasara padagaLu’ CD from MS.. Jagaddodaarana adisadaLeshode is the first song.. True, tears rolls down when you hear it.. I can imagine how does one feel when they really sing it..

  27. Sanjay M Says:

    Saw this only today. Was really very educational bellur, made me read it several times and reflect on it. I feel truly inspired to go deeper into daasara padagaLu. Incidentally, I’d recently bought a kannada booklet containing his verses.

    Really looking forward to keertane concert this Sunday.

    I was touched by the way he changed his heart. It is amazing no matter how much we understand intelectually, how our hearts can be like concrete 😦 Such a change of heart can come by most unexpected circumstances! One may be sharp witted and a real genius, but he still cannot find any peace if the concrete walls around the heart that keep it in darkness are not broken down! Thank you Bellur, this post helped me removed one more brick!

    [Veena: would suggest you read the post if you’ve still missed it]

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  29. Asmitha Says:

    Hi All,

    I came across this link while looking for info on Purandara Dasa. I learnt a lot by reading this write-up. Thank you so much. However, I have a small question. I became aware of the existence of a song called “Shobane” sometime ago. Tried googling and I came to know that it was authored by Sri Vadiraja Swami of Udupi Sri Sode Mutt. (Hope I got the right info). That’s all I know about it. Would be glad if anyone could give me more info on the same (I’m looking for info about the Raga, Tala and Lyrics of this song). I haven’t even heard this song, so a link to an online rendition would be great!

    I don’t know if this is the right place to post my question, so if this doen’t belong here, feel free to remove my post.


  30. rk Says:

    Firstly, welcome to RwB. Thanks for your interest in knowing more about the song. I tried gathering some info about Lakshmi Shobhane. Hope you find it useful. Here it is:

    Go to Bhakti Geete page
    Click on Dayamaado Ranga – Shri.Vidyabhushana
    You can listen to Shobhane Haadu (7th song in the list)

    The Hindu writes:
    Brindavana Enterprises (No.8, Gangai Amman Koil Street, Royapettah, Ph: 2811 3470) has released a new cassette in Kannada, Sri Sri Srimadvadiraja Virachitha `Lakshmi Shobane’ sung by Chennai Sisters S. Vedhika and S. Aishwarya. The devotional sung in two parts, one on each side of the cassette, is lilting to the ears. Music is by S. Vijai Shankar.

    Also note that there is Cassette/ CD available with Sangeetha Recording Company, Bangalore titled ‘Lakshmi Shobane’. Unable to remember the singer. (I guess it is Madhura Satyaraj). Incidentally, at the dawn of the millenium, yours truly designed the cassette & CD cover with Sri Vadiraja’s picture on the cover. I remember hearing ‘Lakshmi Shobane’ sung in Ragamalika.

    Lakshmi Shobhane Song (Courtesy:

    When we look into the composition and Haridasa literature of Sri Vadiraja Tirtha he has always given ancient and historic touch to worldly or mundane practices. This work is one such effort where Sri Lakshmi Devi wedding takes place with Sri Hari and it is called Sri Lakshmi Shobhane Song (auspicious wedding song). In Southern India singing a Shobhane song on the occasion of wedding ceremony is very common and it is the practice of ancient folklore. Even today any initiative towards marriage or wedding starts with Shobhane song and continues till the end.

    As the name stands the theme of this work is Sri Lakshmi Devi’s swayamvara ie elelction of husband. The story starts with Sri Lakshmi Devi who appeared in Milky ocean (kshirasagaradi Lakshmi uddarisidalu..). The other explanations goes like this: one who has conch-shpaed (kambu kanta) neck with shining Mangalasutra (marriage badge worn around the neck by wife), making sound from kalungura (ring worn on the second toe) stepped in to the Swaymvara mantapa (stage). Sri Vadiraja also says that Sri Lakshmi Devi is not born and she has only incarnated (lakshmige idu janmavalla; avatara mathra). For Lakshmi except Sri Hari all others are like her children.

    In this composition Sri Vadiraja explains the incidences of wedding of Sri Hari with Sri Lakshmi. Few of the incidences goes like this Sri Lakshmi Devi herself doing ‘uruTane’ ie a play of newly married couple where in the bride will rub the sandal powder to the body of her husband. (lakshmiramananige madidalu uruTAne), Krishna being tied up to the door by Bhama (bhurinigamava kadda chorana daitana gedda) and complete dashavatara is explained in arathi ie ceremony of waving coloured water or burning lamp.

    Sri Vadiraja Tirtha also explains very nicely when Sri Lakshmi walks through the rows of Devataas who were sitting for the wedding reception. When she puts forward each step and sees devataas sitting and she recollects one is son and another is grand son (obnavana maga mattobnanva momma obbana vanige shanAha obbanva horuva..) like this all Brahma, Vayu, Rudra, Shesha Garuda hierarchy which is being narrated according Madva’s taratamya and finally she remembers Sri Hari (ku.ndellsttillada mUku.ndane tatage.ndu In.dere pathiya nEnEdalu..). She selected Sri Lakshmi Narayana’s incarnation because of his omini good attributes attached to him and Sarvottamatatva (avana.ngusttava toleda devi pAvanalEnisi mErEyale jivana sErida pApava kalEyolu yI vAsudEvage yeNeyu.nte).

    Sri Swamiji explains that on putting the flower necklace to Sri Hari, Sri Lakshmi Devi became Sri Hari’s bride. Then Veda Manthra’s (hymns) and auspicious sound were made through the instruments like bells, Jagate, Drums etc. are made in this occassion. All devataas are feeling happy and showing their pleasure by getting the tears in their eyes. Sri Narada with his tambura gave his concert and near ‘hase’ (place where bride and bride groom were made to sit) and for arathi all muthaide’s (woman whose husband is alive) were running around.

    All auspicious womens (muthaide) brought Sri Hari to the place of wedding called ‘hasemane’ (wooden plaque) by singing and prasing Sri Hari as Sheshashai (one who is sleeping on the top of Shesha), doshararahita (one who does not have any flaws) etc. Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswathi, Bhagirathi were waving the pearl (mutthinaarathi) arathi by telling davala (conch) song.

    In the normal circumstances all newly weds will bow to elders and teachers but in Sri Lakshmi’s wedding all devataas who have come to the occasion were bowing to Sri Hari and Sri Lakshmi and taking their blessing by giving presents. Sindhu Raja who is the father-in-law of Sri Hari and Sri Lakshmi’s father has arranged auspicious lunch with Amrutha for all devataas and invitees. At this time Sri Krishna who has incarnated as Sri Hari expecting trouble from Asuras/daitayas has shown his Mohini incarnation to them. This is very rare and humourous moments (because beautiful women marrying another beautiful women) which Sri Vadiraja has narrated very well and Sri Lakshmi Devi was surprised and astonished to see Sri Hari’s Mohini’s character (tanna sU.ndaryadi.dunna.tha mayavada lA avnYandi mereva nijapathiya hennu rOpava ka.ndu kanyE mahalakshmi yiva ganyrYake.ndu beragadalu..).

    On completing the marriage all devataas and invitees started proceeding to their destination and Sindhu raja has given all of them respective presents for coming and attending the wedding. He has given his own palace to his son-in-law i.e. Sri Hari and asked him to stay as for ever as household son-in-law.

    Though Sri Vadiraja ends the explanation of Sri Lakshmi Devi’s wedding in 107th stanza he continues another 5 songs explaining about the composers name, benefits out of hearing and singing this song etc.

    In each and every aspect of the song Sri Vadiraja has explained and narrated Sri Krishna’s divine nature, Sri Hari’s Sarvottama nature, Sri Hari’s lilas/plays in all incarnations etc. He also gives the explanations of Madhva Tattva within the framework of Sri Lakshmi Devi’s wedding which can be understood by a commoner or layman. Sri Vadiraja has also shown his devotion in explaining Sri Lakshmi’s high view about Sri Hari and Muthaide’s blessing Sri Hari while waving arathi.

    In Madhva community this song is very auspicious on all wedding occassions. If any body sings this song on Shravana Masa especially on Fridays it is considered to be very sacred.

    There is story behind this composition by Sri Vadiraja. Arasappa Naika is devotee of Sri Vadiraja and his son-in-law was died on the wedding day in the marraige hall. To bless his devotee Sri Vadiraja has composed this song and sung on this occassion. After that devotee son-in-law was alive and his daughter attained valebhagya (jewel which is weared by the ladies in ears) and managalyya bhagya. Based on these assumption also all Madhvas sung this song before and during the wedding time. It is also assumed that all bride and bride grooms are in the form of Lakshmi and Narayana to bless them, to wish them and to protect them this song is sung. There were words like rakshisale namma vadhuvarara, salahali nammma vadhuvarara, palisale namma vadhuvarara.

    It is also presumed that by singing this song on the occassion of wedding bride and bride grooms life will increase and they will live happily and peacefully. This composition of Sri Vadiraja has become very popular because of the above reasons and also stands high as for as the conveying the message and understanding the things in a better way.

    Benefits of hearing or reciting this song are many folds. Girls who are unmarried are believed to get good husband and have a prosperous life and believed to increase the prosperity in general of the home that listens or recites this song. It is also believed that listening or reciting this song always is bound to increase of good things (mangala karya).

  31. Asmitha Says:

    Oh wow! I’m bowled over 🙂
    Thank you for welcoming me to RwB, for getting back so quickly and for all the info (which is definitely an interesting read).

    Incidentally, as soon as I posted the question, I came across!


  32. praneshachar Says:

    you asked a very good question. thanks a lot
    now our Bellur has thrown so much light on this in short span of time unbelieveable.
    he is like you ask hit he will give it type
    thanks bellur for; lwonderful write up and links
    lakshmi nimage shubavannu tarali shubhavagali
    nimagu nimma kutumabakku

  33. Srinath Says:

    Can any one please send me the lyrics of AacHara VilladHa NaliGe niNna NeCha Budhi …..

    to my mail id

  34. rk Says:

    Thanks for visiting RwB.

    You can listen to the song ‘Acharavillada Naalige’ here:
    acharavillada naalige


    acharavillada naalige
    ninna neecha buddhiya bidu naalige
    vicharavillade parara dooshipudakke
    chaachikondiruvantha naalige

    praathahkaaladoleddu naalige
    siripatiyennabaarade naalige
    patita paavana namma ratipati janakana
    satatavu nudi kandya naalige

    (acharavillada naalige)

    chaadi helalibeda naalige
    ninna bedikombuvenu naalige
    roodigodeya sri raamana naamava
    paadutaliru kandya naalige

    (acharavillada naalige)

    hariya smarane maadu naalige
    narahariya bhajisu kandya naalige
    varada purandaravitalarayana
    charanakamalava nene naalige

    (acharavillada naalige)

  35. G.C.Shashidhar Says:

    Can any one, kindly give me Bhavartha of a kriti “Allide nammane Illi bande summane” ? Especially for the 1st stanza ?

    Thanking you

  36. rk Says:

    From what I have heard in discourses and read in philosophy related books, our lifetime requirement is to return to the Brahma Loka. Purandara Dasa said, “Allide Nammane, Illi bandhe summane” meaning “I am here in Ihaloka (Bhooloka) but my real house is the Vaikuntha (Vishnu Loka).”

    We are in this house (body) as leaseholders. We seek refuge in the benign form of the Lord who resplendently resides in our heart. Our concentration to Him must be like an unwavering light illuminating, steady and constant.

    In these times of wealth chase and success chase, everyone feels at one time or the other that there must be a higher meaning to this existence and that a greater force must be leading them throughout. Even a hard-core non-believer would get this thought. We have to understand that our body is the temple in which the great God resides. That is why we want our body to be pure and clean so that it is a fit place for Him to reside. Many call the body as Shiva (energy) but once that Shiva leaves the body, it is nothing but a Shava (dead body). So, in the short time you have on earth, do some good. Help the poor and the needy.

    Everyone has a right to worship the God in his/her own way. I pray that we follow the oath of peace. Let us not force our principles on anyone else. Let us keep our boat in balance and not try to cause imbalance in others’ boats.

    Hope you found this useful. Thanks for the query.

  37. srinath Says:

    Kindly sent me the lyrics for “Allide Nammane, Illi iruvudhu summane”

    Thanks in Advance

  38. srinath Says:

    Hi Good Morning Sir

    Please kindly send along with “Allide Nammane, Illi iruvudhu summane”
    and the lyrics for this song too “Biduvenenayya Hanuma”

    Thanks in Advance

  39. G.C.Shashidhar Says:

    allide nammane illi bande summane
    kada bagilirisida kalla mane idu
    mudadinda loladO sullu mane
    idiragi vaikuntha vAsa mAduvantha
    padumanabhana divya baduku mane ||Allide||

    mAligemaneyendu nechchi kedali beda
    kElayya harikathe Shravanangala
    nAle yamadootaru bandeledoyvaga
    mAlige maneyu sngada baradayya ||Allide||

    madadi makkalemba hambala ninagEko
    kadugobbuthanadali mereyadiru
    odeya sri purandharavitthlarayana
    drudha bhaktiyali nee bhajiselo manuja ||Allide||

    I hope you find this is ok

  40. G.C.Shashidhar Says:

    Hello srinath,

    I have given the lyric for “Allide Nammane”. Also one senior monk of Ramakrishna order by name Swami Purushottamanandaji Maharaj has composed a tune ans sung in a heart touching way. The cassete or CD can be purchased from the any Ramakrishna Maths of Karnataka. He has sung many more kritis of sri purandhara dasaru.

    Other one I try to get it for you.


  41. G.C.Shashidhar Says:

    Dear rk sir pranams to you.

    Thank you for your bhavartha for the kriti “Allide Nammane”
    But still some grey areas are there. In what context sri purandhara dasaru call the worldy house as “Kada bagilirisida Kalla mane” and “Mudadinda loladO sullu mane” ? Can you kindly throw more some light on these ?



  42. srinath Says:

    Thank you very much Sashidar

  43. G.C.Shashidhar Says:

    The first line of a kriti of sri purandara dasaru goes like this “Huvva taruvara manege hulla taruva | Avva lakumi ramana Ivagilla garuva”

    I will be very much thankful if can get the meaning of “Huvva taruvara manege hulla taruva”



  44. rk Says:

    i am happy that you are interested in knowing the meaning of these devaranamas. but i suggest you ask a scholar or someone learned in the vedas, coz i am just a simpleton interested in learning the meanings.

    by saying that the world we are living in has “kada baagilirisida kalla mane, mudhadinda lolado sullumane”, what purandaradasa means is that this world (ihaloka) has a lot of worldly pleasures (artificial pleasures) in which we are caught up. we need to open the door within ourself to see the god present in each of us. the sharira can also be described as “mane”.
    he says that mane (sharira and house both), hendathi, makkalu none accompany us to the other world. we need to turn away from worldly pleasures and turn towards god by opening the spiritual doors and windows within ourselves.
    please let me know if i have erred in my understanding.
    best wishes

  45. rk Says:

    hoova tharuvara manege

    hoova tharuvara manege hulla tharuva
    avva lakumiramana ivagilla garuva

    ondu dala sritulasi bindu gangodakava
    indira ramanagarpitavennalu
    onde manadali sindhushayana mukunda ene
    endendu vaasipana mandiradolage

    paripariya pushpagala paramatmagarpisi
    paripurnanendu poojeyanu maade
    parama aasaktiyali poojeyanu maadidare
    sari bhaaga koduva thannaramaneyolage

    pandavara maneyolage kuduregala thaa tholedu
    pundarikaksha hullanu thinisida
    andajavahana sri purandara vitalanu
    thondarige thondanagi sancharisuthihanu

  46. rk Says:

    ‘hoova tharuvara manege hulla tharuva’: as we all know, during the kurukshetra war, krishna was the charioteer for arjuna. he helped the pandavas win the war.
    during the kurukshetra war, when the day’s fighting was over, arjuna and all the others rested, but the Lord comforted the horses and groomed them. such is the concern that the Gitacharya has for all creatures, none so insignificant or lowly that they do not get His attention. indeed it is as a result of His compassion that he appears in Tiruvallikeni with a sword tucked away in His hip. this sword is not a weapon of war in the conventional sense, but it is to drive away our ignorance. Lord Venkatakrishnan also has a moustache, which for all its thickness and the upward curl does not detract from the benignity of His appearance.
    bhakthi emba ondhu hoovu arpisiddakke, bhagavantha pandavara manege hullu thandhu seve maadida.
    pandavara maneyolage kuduregala thaa tholedu
    pundarikaksha hullanu thinisida

    yeno nanage thilida mattige arthaisalu prayathna maadiddene. thappiddare kshame irali.

  47. G.C.Shashidhar Says:

    Dear rk sir,

    hull taruvara…. emba kirtanege olle artha kottiddeeri.
    kada bagilirisida … idakke sundaravagi arthaisiddeeri.
    eega sullu mane annuvudu takshana artha agutte. idu nijavada mane alla. nijavada mane allide. Sari. Adare ee mane kalla mane yakagutte. kaddu sampadisiddare aga kalla mane annabahudu. idu hege kall mane ayitu ? Obba Ramakrishna mathada swamigalu omme heliddaru. eega marethu hogide. Avaru sullu maneyalli eega illa. alliruva nijavada manege hogibittiddare. avaru bahala sundaravagi haduttiddaroo kooda. adhyatmika kambhakke nammannu kattihakidde avaru, tamma sumadhura gayanada moolaka.

  48. rk Says:

    thanks for your lovely insightful comments.

    wrt your doubt, let me try again:
    “kada bagilirisida kalla mane idu”: namma shariradalliruva kallaru andre lobha, moha, mada, maatsarya, kaama krodhagalu antha helabahude? avarellaru namma shariradalli kitki-baagilige bolt haakkond koothidare. aadhyatmada baagilannu tegeyakke bidtha illa ee kallaru. sullina lokavanne anubhavisu annuttiddare.
    please throw more light on this sir.
    wonderful having you here. please keep visitng and share your wonderful experiences and knowledge with us.

  49. jyothi Says:

    Anoraneeyanaa, Mahatomaheemana,Jagadodharana .
    Eee charanada sookshma haagu ghadartha tilisidare naanu dhanya .

  50. G.C.Shashidhar Says:

    dear rk-ji,
    Nanna anubhavavannu ( wonderful experiences ) hanchikolluva bayake.
    Eegaagale tilisiruva haage, swami Purushottamanandaji Maharaj , ramakrishna mathada obba hiria sanyasigalu, avaru adbhutha mattu bhaktisinchita gayanakke hesaruvasiyagiddaru. avaru parasthaLadinda baruvudu hegO bhaktarige tilidubidutittu(Bhaktara networkninda). bhaktara ondu jaatreyE neredubidutittu. Houseful !!! avara gayanadinda prabhavitaraagi tanmoolaka ramakrishna mathada bhaktaradavariddaare, illa sanyasigalagibittiddaare. hAge bhaktarAdavaralli nAnU obba. nAnu yestO sala avara gayana kElutta kElutta yede bharavagi anandada kanneeru surisiddU untu. Yava visheshavada vadyagalu illade, kEvala harmonium mattu tabalagaLondige adbhuthavAgi hAdibiduttiddaru. hAge prabhavithanAdavaralli nAnU obba. omme avaru hELiddu “sangItha chamatkarada pradarshanakkAgi alla, BhagavatsAkshAtkArakkAgi”. avara gAyanavannu kEliyE nanna mAtannu arthamAdikOLLabEku

  51. rk Says:


    sangItha chamatkarada pradarshanakkAgi alla, BhagavatsAkshAtkArakkAgi

    beautigfully said.
    can’t wait to hear sri Purushottamanandaji.

    nimma anubhavagalannu innu hecchu hecchu hanchikolli sir, odhidavarige olle maargadarshana sigatte.

  52. jyothi Says:

    entha olle ukthi. intha amoolya anubhavagalinda manushyana kannu tereyuttade.

  53. rk Says:

    very true.

  54. G.C.Shashidhar Says:

    Omme Swami Purushottamanandaji avaru ondu satsangada karyakramadalli sri purandhara dasara “Yamanyello kAnenendenabEda yamane srI rAmanu sandEha beda” annuva kritiyannu hadutta, “yaradarU ayushya kaledu deha bittare aLuvudu Yake ? avaru hogiddu Ramana hattira allavE ?
    yake endare yamane ramanu allave? ee hadannu kEli” andaru. dasara ee kriti yestu samadhana taruttade. arivu moodisuttade. ee haadannu agaagge hadikollutta iddare namage savina bhayave illavagi Paramatmana mattu namma sambandha hechchechchu gatti yaguttade allave ?


  55. G.C.Shashidhar Says:

    Jyothi avare,

    nimma ‘Anoraniyana Mahatomaheeyana … ” ennuva
    charanakke heege arthaisabahudeno !!
    illi dasaru bahushaha paramatmana shakti ( Capacity ) annu varnisiddare yendu annisuttade. Avanu anuvinalli anuvu agaballanu haagU mahattiginta mahattU Agi tOraballanu. Sri Ramakrishnaru hElida matina sarAmsha: Omme Naradaro inyarO obbarige bhettiyAdaga kElidarante. ‘Swalpa hottina munche bhagavanta yEnu maduttidda?’ adakke avaru uttarisidarante: avanu sUjiya kanninalli onteyannu hogisuttidda’. andare avana leeleyannu avane artha madikollaballa. avanu yEnU madaballa. obba bengali kavi hElida hAge ‘tAyi durgeya nijavanariyuva dhIrAru jagadolu. Aru darshana vEda shAstra purANavariyadu avlanu’

    Ondu vEle nimage sariyada artha sigadiddare chinte bEda. bhagavantanannu nimmavanendu summane preetisuttA iri. avanE tannellavannU tilisikottubiduttAne ondu divasa. idu summane hElida matalla. Sri Ramakrishnaru hElida matu. satyasya satya. swalpa mattige nanna Anubhava kooda.


  56. jyothi Says:

    thanks a lot shashidhar.
    Eee thara ondu satsangadinda dorakuva anubhavavo kooda anoraneeya, mahatomaheya. Monne taane malleswaradalli Vaalmiki Ramayana pravachana mugiyitu. Munde enu emba chinte aagittu. Yadbhavam, tadbhavathi enno haage nimma uttara kooda banthu. Eega nemmadi. Manassige bandaagalella a leelevibhootiya kathegalannu odutha kalakaleyabahudu through this. Ide good morning ede good nite.
    Ondu prashne, Kangalidyatako kaveri rangana nodada yaara kruthi. Yakendre kadeyalli rangavittla anta barathe. Purandaradaasara ankitanama purandaravithala. Tumba confuse aagide., Dayavittu tilisiteera.

  57. jyothi Says:

    Neevu helida ellavoo eshtu arthapoornavaagide. Aaa haadinalli daasaru heluva maatu eshtu sathya.
    Nambida vibhishange mitranaada.
    Nambadidda Ravananige Yamanaada.
    Nijavaagaloo Daasarendare Purandaradaasarayya

  58. rk Says:

    shashidhar and jyothi,
    thanks a ton for your lovely comments.
    nimmibrigu aadhyathmada kade eshtu aasakthi antha nimma comments odhi thilithu.

    me too attended all the 22 days of “sampoorna ramayana” lectures by sri ramayanacharya at hymamshu school. was really refreshing each evening to listen to the great scholar.
    rama pattabhisheka mugidaga, kannalli santhosha haagu dhuhkhakke neeru thumbkondthu….pattabhisheka aada santhoshakke matthu lecture mugiyo bejarige.
    neevu paalgondri antha keli santhosha aagtha ide.

  59. jyothi Says:

    Great rk. Naanu nimmanna nodidre tumba tumba santoosha aagtittu. Edaralli sigo sukha nitya nootana hagu nity chetana. Acharayaru helida haage Ramabhakti akshyavaaggali. Naanu Akshya tadige dina enu togonde gotta. Ranganatha sharmara full volumes of Vaalmiki ramayanada pustakagalu. Ee pustaka collection innoo jaasti aagi nimanthvara jote naana anubhavagalannu share maadikollo avakaash aa seetarama inno hechu kalpisikodali
    Sree Rama jayam

  60. rk Says:

    wonderful jyothi. and me bought some books of sri narayanacharya on akshaya tadige.
    pustaka priyaranna nodidre santhosha aagatthe.
    nimma anubhavagalanna odhalu kaatura.

    ninne sanje daasara padagalanna haadtha idde. ‘hariya neneyadantha narajanmaveke’ haadovaga “sri narayanacharyara lectures mugidu hoytalla” antha bhala bejarayathu.

    intha satsanga namage bhagavantha innu hecchu hecchu karunisali antha praarthane.

  61. G.C.Shashidhar Says:

    Jyoti avare,
    nannalli labhyaviruva mahitiya prakara ‘kangalivyatako kaverirangana nodada’ kriti Sripadarajaswamigaladdu.

    rk avare,
    nanna Igina bayakeyoo “yAra sangadinda jaganmAteya matruprEmavannu saviyuva hambala hechchechu Agutto athava iruva hambala kadime aguvudillavO antha sanga bEku”

    May Mother shower her choicest blessings on you all


  62. jyothi Says:

    Thanks Shashidhar,rk.
    Raatri nimma anisikegalanna odidre tumba hitavaagi irate.
    Last week naavu Srirangapattnakke hogidvi. Ranganna nodi Kaveri teeradalla sanje ilibisilalli kootu Aruna sairam avaru haadiruva Kangalidyatako kelta kelta mai maretvi. Adaralloo HARI PAADODAKA SAMA KAVERI
    VIRAJANADIYA SNANAVAMAADI kelta kelta kannu tumba neru bandu maiella hagura ayitu. Entha shakti ideyappa ee bhakti sangeetagalalli. Ninne ellaa aa hadanne gunugusta idde. eega koda aa hadanne haadta bareeta ideeni.
    Jai Sri Ram

  63. G.C.Shashidhar Says:

    nijavada bhakta bhaktiya parakaaSteyalliddaga Aduva mAtu:
    dAsaru ranganige ANe hAkuttAre. hAgeye idu obba bangaLi bhakta-kavi jaganmateyannu kuritu Adida mAtu.

    hagalirlU Sri durgAnAmava nechchi
    tElutaliddaru tappadE duhkhavu
    E bAri nAnilli muLugidarantU
    japisaru innArU ninnaya nAmava

    Bakta tAyiyannu illi hedarisuttirlU bahudu aTava mAteyannu japisi yEnU Pala sigadiddare japisuvudAdarU yAke. Adare illi Pala sigadE iruvudu sAdhyavE illa annuva oLa arTavU irabahudu

    hIgeye basavNNanavaru ondu vachanadalli hELuttAre:

    huttisuvAga nannannu kELi huttisalilla I jagattinalli. adu sAladembante nannannu kai hiDidu nadesuvudannu bittu nannannu bILagotte. ida kandu jana nimmannu nagAdikoLLuttAre sangamanATa. nannannu shivapaTadalli hOgalu bidadiddare nimma shiva sharaNara munde nimma bagge kUgi hELuttA iruve.

    innobba Bhakta jagadrakshakanAda Sri hariyana rakshaNege dhavisi yAva yAvudO hAdugallnnu haDuttAne.

    hIge naDeyutte Bakta – Bagavntana leele


  64. rk Says:

    kaveri theeradalli rangana naama smarane! amogha! intha rasasvaada maadida neeve dhanya.

    fantastic comment!!
    basavannanavara vachana eshtu adbhutavaagide! bhagavantha-bhakthara sambhandha thilidu bhala kouthukavaagide manassu. innu hecchu thiliyuva aase. dayavittu innashtu vivarisi sir.


  65. G.C.Shashidhar Says:

    omme Sri RamakrishNaru bhaktarondige mAtanADutta hElidarante:

    “nAnu jaganmAteyalli bEdikonDe. amma ella ShAstravannu vEdantavannu neene nEravAgi tiLisikottubidu. yAva guru mukhEnavoo bEDa”.

    nanna anisike:

    namage siguva guru manushya roopinavaru. avarige avaradE Ada iti miti iruttade. avaradE Ada anubhava viruttade. Addarinda avara anubhavada baNNadalli avara vichara kANuttade. avaru sariyAgi arthaisikondiruttAre yennuva khAtari illa. anthA avatarapurusharE hAge hELida mEle nammanthavara pADEnu ? namagiruva Ekaika mArga endare japa japa japa hAgU nAma sankIrtane, ivugaLa mUlaka avanannu hechchechu GhadavAgi prItisutta avanodige GhaDhavada sambandhavannu beLesikoLLuvudu. Aga avane tannellavannU tiLisikoDuttane.

  66. jyothi Says:

    Neevu heluvudeno sari. Aadare naavu ashtu bhagyapadedukondu bandiddeeva? Devare bandu tanna bagge tislisidare adnnu artha maadikollu shakti namagideya. Sri Krishna tanna viswaroopavannu torisidage avana aaptta sakh arjuna koda hedari nanage ninna eradu kaigalu, kireta haago ninna chksudvya darshna ssaku antane.Naavu eshtu sannavaralva avra munde. Namage devara swroopa tiliyalu obba acharya beku. Devare avarannu kalisida annuva nambike dridavaagi namage barabeku.Haagidre maatra naavu swalpavaadaroo avanannu teliyabahudu anta nanna anisike.

  67. Yogeshwari Says:


    can anyone zsend me the lyrics of the song kandu kandu nee enna

    My id is :

  68. rk Says:

    here is the lyrics for the devaranama “kandu kandu nee enna”:


    kandu kandu nee enna kai biduvare krishna
    pundarikaksha purushottama
    bandhugalu enagilla badukinali sukhavilla
    nindeyali nondenai neerajaksha
    tande taayiyu neene bandhu balagavu neene
    endendigu ninna nambideno krishnayya

    kshanavondu yugavagi trunakkinta kadeyagi
    enisalagada bhavadi nonde naanu
    sanakadi munivandya vanajasambhava janaka
    phanishayi prahladagolida sri krishna

    bhaktavatsalanendu birudu pottamele
    muktidayaka neenu honnuru puravasa
    shakthaguru purandaravitala sri krishna


  69. ganesh Says:

    Thanks for the info

  70. rk Says:

    thanks for dropping by ganesh. take care.

  71. G.C.Shashidhar Says:

    Jothi avare,
    neevu hELida “obba acharya bEku” annuva mAtu tumba tumba satya. adakkAgi nAvu mAdabEkAddishte. obba guruvininda mantra dIksheyannu padedu sAdhane mAduttA hOguvudu. illi yAva shortcut illa. I kaliyugadalli nAvu mADabEkAddishte. nAma japa mattu nAma sankIrtane. obba mahAtmaru hELiddarante. “bhagavantanondige mAtanADuvudannu kali, avanondige harate hodiyuvuddannu kali, ondu vELe yAra baggeyAdarU dUrabEkAdare avanige dUrannu koDu.” avanannu ninna prema tumbida tande athava tAyiyante BAvisu ityAdi. guru namage Bagavantanannu kANalu pass port idda hAge. dEha managaLannu avanige arpita mADi prEmadAraDhanege manva salisuyendu Sri Ramakrishnaru hELuttAre. allade idella ondE janmadalli aguvanThadalla. I janmadalli yelliyavarege sAdhane mAdalu sAdhyavAguttO, mundina janmadalli alllinda namma sAdhane munduvareyuttade yendu Sri krishNanE Geeteyalli hELiddAne.
    ottinalli avanannu athava avaLannu namma swntadarendu BAvisuttirabEku. yadBavam tadBavati. namma nitya karmagaLannu tappadE mADabEku. Ramakrishna Ashrama muntAda pavitra jAgagLige agAgge BEti, satsnga idannella mAduttirabEku. omme kuvempuravaru avara makkaLige hELidarante “Ashramakke vishEsha sandarBagaLalli hOguvudu alli EnO kaliuvudakkAgi mAtra alla. alli nirmANa Aguva BAva tarangagaLige nammannu oDDikoLLuvudakkoskara”


    • Ramesh. Says:

      Hare Srinivas,

      All glories to you fans of Sri Purandar Das!!!

      Sariyage helidri sir, ee Kaligyugadalli hari nam japave ondu marg. Accoriding to scriptures
      “Kaliuage eko asti mahan guna”

      Andre, In treta, Dwapara, & satyayuga people were required to do thousands of years penance , austerity etc to get Sri Hari Pad Darshan but since kali is age of disturbance as the dharma is on for a toss, but it is still merciful as we only have to chant names of Krishna and Rama and we will be delivered.

      In Satya, Treta,Dwapara Yugas , even if you think bad , you were supposed to get the bad karma & you were supposed physically donate charity, penance etc to get punya karmas.

      But in Kaliyga , Even if you merly think just that i have given 10Cr as charity you will accumalate good karma even if you dont give charity.

      Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, an incarnation of krishna appeared in Bengal in 15nth century just to deliver many unfortunate souls by distributing the harinam. He met Sri Purandar das in Udupi when he visited south india and he predicted that his name will reach each and every nuk and corner of the world. In 1960 Srila Prabhupad an acharya of Madhva Goudiya sampradaya took the order of his spiritual master to preach about Sri Krishna in the whole world and travelled faced many difficulties and now there are more than 10,000 centers all across the world.

      I am a big fan of Purandhar Das and look forward to associate with all you great devtees of the Lord.

      Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare.
      Hare Rama Hare Rama Ram Ram Hare Hare.

  72. srinath Says:

    Namskara sir

    I need lyrics for Venkataramanane BArOo, kindly provide me sir

    Thanks in Advance

  73. jyothi Says:

    Nanna anisikege support needidakke tumba thanks. Nija. Naavu pravachnagalanna keli satsanga maasdidare avanannu tiliyabahudeno. Thyagarajare helida haage Nidhichaala Sukhma, Ramuni Sannidhi chaala sukhma anno thara aa devana tiliyuva bhagyageve tumba dodda nidhi. Matte neevu helida haage ee kaliyugadalli gaanadali Keshava andare saku. Avanu oliyuttane. Idu Khandita.Ee bhagya ellarigu sikku sarvam vishnumayam agali.
    Sri rama jayam

  74. G.C.Shashidhar Says:

    nambi karedare tAyi O ennadihaLEnO
    ninna toredavaLentu iraballaLu

    bilva daLa hUvugaLa tandu pAdake muDiso
    ninna Baktiya divya gandhadoDane


  75. G.C.Shashidhar Says:

    nAvu avana preetiyanu sampAdisidare tannadellavannU avanE tiLisikoDuttAne hAgoo adannu artha mADikoLLuva Saktiyannoo koDuttAne.

    summaru 200 varshagaLa hindeyashte iddantha Sri Ramakrishnara lIlA nAtakadalli obba patradhAriyAda gOpalEr Ma ( bangaLiyalli, artha: gOpAlana tAyi) avaLa katheyannu Odidare arthavAgutte. Ake bAla gOpAlana jotege hEge anadisidaLu yennuvudu avaLa jIvana charitreyannu Odi tiLiyabEku. adakkAgi avaLu mAdida tyAga, patta nOvu !!! adakke rAmakrishnara santvana mAtu , adannu avaLu sweekarisida bage !!!!


  76. G.C.Shashidhar Says:

    Dear rk sir,
    I left some message on 21st may. After that no messages are appearing in the site. Does it mean nobody visited the site after me ? I have visited several times after leaving the message on 21st may, just to read any useful information that may be availbale in the site.


  77. rk Says:

    thanks for your excellent comments. they are really giving food for thought for me and several of my friends.
    many have visited this post after may 21st. it is just that there have been no comments.

    my family and my friend’s family had been to sri ramakrishna ashram yesterday. the atmosphere was really very refreshing. had a brief chat with swami harshanandaji. remembered you and your enlightening comments a lot.
    regards and take care

  78. rk Says:

    In today’s world, Satsanga is essential to everybody. The word ‘Satsanga’ is the combination of the two words ‘Sat’ and ‘Sanga.’ ‘Sat’ means existence absolute, which is Brahman. ‘Sanga’ literally means company or union. To be always in the company of the Lord, or to be established in Brahman, is the literal meaning of the word ‘Satsanga.’

    As Sri Purandaradasa says in the Devaranama ‘Tanuva neerolagaddhi phalavenu’:

    Dushta Sanghava biduvude snaana
    Shishtara sahavasa maaduvude snaana

    Swami Sivananda says: Satsanga is association with the wise. Live in the company of sages, saints, Sadhus, Yogis and Sannyasins; hear their valuable Upadesha or instructions and follow them implicitly. This is Satsanga.

  79. G.C.Shashidhar Says:

    Dear rk sir,

    nice information

    santa kabeeradasaru hELuttAre,

    santara sEveyu nadeyada maneyu
    avalakshaNagaLa tANa
    A mane msaNavu yendu tiLidu
    bhUtagaLAduvuvu kabIra

    andare sAdhu santara sanga yeshtu mahatvaddu yembudu tiLiyutte allave ?

    dAsaru bareyuttAre:
    shishtara sangava mAdadiddare yenage ANe ranga
    dushtara sangava bidisadiddare ninage ANe

    sanga mAduva javAbdAri namma mElE ide. Adare dushtara sangadinda (ondu vELe mAdibittare ) bidisikoLLabEkAdare BagavantanigE sharaNu hOgabEku

    hIgE ondu 2 charaNagaLa kavanavannu bareyuvante nanage shree matheyu prErEpisidaLu. adannu illi tamma munde iduttiddEne. tammondige hanchikoLLuttiddEne.

    nonda jIvake bharavaseyu sharada mAteya nudigaLavu
    prEmarUpi rAmakrishNana prEmada nudigaLavu O…

    nonda jIvake Asareyu sharada mAteya adigaLavu
    prEmarUpi rAmakrishNanE guruvu bandhu sakha A…

    idannu ondu vidhavAgi hadalUbahudu


  80. G.C.Shashidhar Says:

    dear rk sir,

    is it possible to share the good information available in the posts that reach you ? if so what should i do ?


  81. rk Says:

    Anna Shashidhar,
    bhakthi-inda thumbida nimma nudimutthugalige vandanegalu.
    Can you share the full version of the kavana with us please?
    You can kindly mail article/ pictures to:
    Thanks in advance

  82. G.C.Shashidhar Says:

    rk sir,
    A kavana Agale hELidaHage eradE charaNagaLannu hondide. adannu nanna bhavanegaLannu horahAkalOsuga baredukonde. illi thammondige hanchikoLLuva sannivEsha bantu annisitu. hanchikonde. nAnu sumArAgi hAdikoLLuttEne. hIgAgi hAdikoLLuttA bhAvanegaLannu tOdikoLLuvudakkAgi agomme Igomme baradukoLLuttEne and hAdikoLLuttEne. nAnu kaviyEnU alla. sundaravAgi hAduvavanU alla. bahushaha stotrapriyeyAda shrImAteyu nanninda bareyisi hadisikondu kELuttA nanna manassannu tanna kadege hididittukoLLuvaLenO ? ballavararu avaLa lIleyannu ?

    mattondu sala shrImAteya kuritAgi bareda ondu nAmAvaLiyannu illiduttEne. adaralli avaLa ondakkondu viruddhavAda guNagaLannu ondede sErisi hAdikoLLuva bayakeyAyitu. hAgAgi barede.

    Iga AfIsinalliddEne. svalpa kelasa ide. matte baruttEne

  83. G.C.Shashidhar Says:

    dear Rk-ji,

    satsanga or santara sanga eshtu AnandadAyaka anta kabeeraru hELuvudannu kELi:

    idu ondu kabeeradAsara dOhe.

    swataha rAma karedAgalU
    kabeeragEnO duguDa
    sAdhusangadoLu dorevAnanda
    vaikunthadalU illa kabeera

    inTha dOhegaLnnu kannaDakke anuvAdisi swami prushOttamAnandaji avaru sundaravagi hAdiddAre


  84. rk Says:

    wonderful dohe by kabeer das. i remembered my school days when we had lots of kabeer dohes to read and write its meaning.
    it seems even rama bhanta hanumantha also told rama the same thing: “i prefer staying in bhooloka listening to your stories rather than attaining vaikuntha…”
    entha mahaan bhaktharu ivarella!

  85. ashwini Says:

    please upload songs of lakshmi shobaney

  86. VV Says:


    I realised very late that there are like minded friends for me. Good to be a part of this group.

    I sing atleast one dasara devaranama everyday and inspire my sons to learn and sing.

    My son got several prizes in devotional songs during Purandara Dasara Aradhane.


  87. rk Says:

    Dear VV,
    Welcome to ‘Rambling with Bellur”.
    ‘Too late’ antha helbedi saar. Kaala koodi barbeku ashte.
    Bhagavantha olledu maadali.
    Keep visiting.

  88. T.K.Jagannathan Says:

    If you are a Sri Purandara Dasa devotee.
    But unable to sing his padas with full understanding of the depth of his devotion, as you do not know Kannada.
    Do not worry!
    If you know Tamil or Hindi you can sing the composition in the same raga as sung in Kannada in Tamil or Hindi.
    A sample
    ‘Bhaagyaadha Laxmi Bhaaramma , Nammamma sow bhaaghyaadha laxmi bhaaramma’
    ‘Bhaagyaththin thirumagale nee varavenndum,
    ennannai nee bhaaghyaththin thirumagale nee varavenndum
    Adimel adei alagaai vaiththu……’
    My first book with 54 songs is available and vol 2 with 108 songs under print.
    My similar attempt of thyagaraja krithis is expected to be released by nov 2007
    If interested contact me

  89. Sathya Narayan Says:

    Hi Friends,

    For the past few days,I am listening to the dasaru padagalu (By Vidyabhusana). I am very much moved by the song “Narayana ninna namada “. After that I did some googling and came across this bellur forum. I am very much interested to be part of this community.

    Can anyone please give me the full lyrics of the song “Narayana ninna namada” along with full meaning.


    • Ravindra Says:

      Hi I am Ravindra Hyderabad….

      I heard of a person who heard this song narayana ninna namada song…Was heard by some foreigner….

      He travelled for two years and then reaches Sri vidhyabushan Swamy ki….

  90. rk Says:

    dear satyanarayan

    firstly, a hearty welcome to Rambling with Bellur.
    everyone is welcome to be a part of this blog.
    very happy that you are interested in listening to and knowing the inner meaning of dasara padagalu.

    thanks to my friend nagaraj, here is the full text of “nArAyaNA ninna” (generally many muscians render only 2/3 charanas)

    nArAyaNA ninna
    rAgA: shuddhadhanyAsi
    rUpaka tALA

    P: nArAyaNA ninna nAmada smaraNeya sArAmrtavenna nAligege barali

    C1: kUDuvAgali nintADuvAgali matte hADuvAgali haridAguvAgali
    khODi vinOdadi nODade nA balu mADida pApa biTTODi hOgO hAge

    2: UrigE hOgali UroLagirali kAraNArtangaLella kAdirali
    vArijanAbha narasArathi sannuta sAri sArigE nA bEsaradhAge

    3: hasividdAgali hasivilladAgali rasikasi irali haruSirali
    vasudEvAtmaka shishupAlakSaya asurAntaka ninna hesaru mareyadhAgE

    4: kaSTadallirali utkrSTadallirali eSTAdare matigeTTirali
    krSna krSNa endu shiSTaru pELuva aSTAkSara mahA mantrada nAmava

    5: kanasinoLAgali kaLavaLikAgali manasugoTTirali munidirali
    janakajApati ninna caraNa kamalavanu manasinoLage omme nenesikoLLO hAge

    6: jvara bandAgali caLi bandAgali maraLi maraLi mattE naDuguvAgali
    hari nArAyaNa durita nivAraNendu iruLu hagalu ninna smarane mareyadhAge

    7: santata hari ninna sAsira nAmavu antarangada oLagirisi
    entO purandara viTTala rAyane antya kAladalli cintisOhAgE

    meaning will be posted soon.
    keep listening to the lovely devaranamas

    regards and take care

  91. Sathya Narayan Says:

    Thanks a lot RK.

    I just wrote down the charanas and singing along. Very Interesting !!! I do not know the reason,But I started developing affinity towards carnatic songs. The devaranamas are really fascinating….

    BTW, I am also expecting the complete meaning. Please also suggest some more good songs of this calibre.

    Thanks once again,

    S. Narayan

  92. GSK Rao Says:

    Can I find the lyrics of vaadiraaja’s lakshmI shObAne on any web page? IF so , Pl let me know the URL of that page. Thanks

  93. rk Says:

    Dear Satyanarayan,
    Finding the “true inner expressions” of Sri Purandaradasa’s devaranamas is possible only by scholars and enlightened souls. A layman like me can only try to get the overall “meaning”. I am sure we will find the songs more enchanting and enlightening when we know the philosophy in each song.

    Below, I have attempted to give you the meaning for the song “Narayana Ninna Namada Smaraneya”. Kindly excuse me if I have erred (I am sure I have).


    While being with others, or while playing or singing or when moving about (‘haridAguvAgali’ can also mean when the mind keeps wandering – ‘manassu haridAguvAgali’ antha kooda arthaisabahudu);
    and whenever I got negative thoughts seeing all the material comforts and marvels of this world, – Narayana, may I always keep chanting your name so that my sins get washed away

    For anything in this world to happen, there should be a Kaarana. Even when all ‘Kaaranas’ are waiting to happen; whether I am out of town or in town, and when I am depressed – Narayana, may I always keep chanting your name

    When I am hungry or otherwise, unhappy or rejoicing, oh vasudeva! the slayer of asuras and shishupala, may I never forget to chant your pious name – Narayana, may I always keep chanting your name

    When I am totally dejected, or really happy, or when I am completely out of my mind, still let me chant the ashtakshara maha mantra that every noble person chants – Narayana, may I always keep chanting your name

    Even when I am dreaming or awake, or doing something with interest or disinterest, oh lord, may you give me the good thought of remembering you once – Narayana, may I always keep chanting your name

    When I have fever or cold, or while I am shivering, may I still not forget to chant your holy name day and night – Narayana, may I always keep chanting your name

    May every cell in me be filled with your Naama, and at the time of death, may I get the thought of Sri Purandara Vitala’s holy name (which is possible only when you keep chanting his name every moment, as none knows when death can come) – Narayana, may I always keep chanting your name


    Each devaranama of Purandaradasa is a gem. One janma is not sufficient to sing them with Bhakti and get to the heart of the meaning by laymen like me. What ever I have heard, I love them all.

    You can go up this comments list to get a small list of Devaranamas.

    Dear GSK Rao,
    Welcome to RwB. Sometime back, I had given a link to the webpage having the Lakshmi Shobhane song. Please scroll up this comments list to read a comment by yours truly (addressed to ms.asmitha dated March 15th, 2007 at 11:41 am). Hope to get the lyrics soon. Will be happy if you could kindly share the lyrics with us in case you get them first.

    Regards and best wishes

  94. jalandhar Says:

    its a very big project to learning more in sangeetha

  95. swatiupadhye Says:

    purandhara dasara padagalu nannage bahal mecchige aguttave

  96. Giridhar Says:


    Can any one Pls. provide me the lyrics of ” Innudaya Bharate…” by purandara Dasa .. or provide links to the sites where I can get the same.. Either post the same here or send to my email:



  97. RANJINI Says:

    I need english translation for ‘palisemma muddu sharade’ of Sri Purandara Dasa. Can someone help me please?



  98. Sanjeev Says:

    This post mentions Purandara Dasa was believed to be born in Pandharpur, but many people in Maharashtra say he was born in Saswad near Pune. There are lot of people with surnames Purandare from that place.

  99. rk Says:

    here are the lyics to the devaranama ‘innu daya bArade’:

    P: innu daya bAradE dAsanamElE
    A: pannagaSayana SrI paramapuruSha hariyE!

    C1: nAnA-dESagaLalli nAnA-kAlagaLalli
    nAnA-yOnigaLalli nalidu puTTi
    nAnu nannaduyemba narakadoLagE biddu
    nInE gatiyendu nambida dAsanamElE

    C2: manO-vAk-kAyadinda mADida karmagaLella
    dAnavAntaka ninagE dAnavittE
    yEnu mADidarEnu prANa ninadu svAmi
    SrInAtha purandaraviThala dAsanamElE

    Even now, you have not showered your compassion on this dAsa, O Hari, Supreme Being that rests on the serpent (SEShanAga)! This dAsa, that :

    – having been through numerous cycles of birth in various lands, in various eras, and various wombs, have thought of everything in terms of “myself” and “mine”, and as a result having fallen into the throes of hell, has now completely surrendered myself in the conviction that you are the only saviour!

    – has offered unto you all karmas performed via mind, speech or body, since you are the destroyer of all these karmic asura-s (the interpretation is that dAnava, which means “asura”, refers to worldly karma-s), and has determined that, whatever one does, one’s life belongs only to You, O SrInAtha, purandaraviThala!


    will post the english translation/ meaning soon. sorry for the delay. till then, enjoy the lyrics:

    P: pAlisemma muddu shAradE enna nAligEyali nilla bAradE
    A: lOla lOcana tAyE niruta nambide ninna

    C1: akSarakSara vivEkava ninna kukSiyoLIrELu lOkava
    sAkSAt rUpadinda olidu rakSisu tAyE

    C2: shrngAra pura nelevAsini dEvi sangIta gAnavilAsini
    mangaLa gAtre tAyE bhaLire brahmana rANi

    C3: sarvAlankAra dayA mUruti ninna caraNava stutisuve kiruti
    guru mUrti purandara viTTalanna stutisuta


    have heard that Saswad is a historical place in Maharashtra where the fort ‘Purandar’ is situated. It is the birthplace of Chatrapati Shambu Raje-Son of Chatrapati Shivaji Raje. remember reading a piece in The Hindu that said sri purandaradasa was born in hampi.

  100. S.Gowrishankar Says:

    I need the full sahitya of the devaranama ” Sarideno Ninna venkata ranna..” in edukulakomnoji. Can someone post it please? S.Gowrishankar.

  101. Praveen K Says:


    Could somebody provide me the meaning for the song mentioned below. It has been composed by Shri Purandara dasar.


    vEnkaTaramaNane bArO shESAcala vAsane bArO


    pankaja nAbha parama pavitra shankara mitrane bArO

    Charanam 1

    muddu mukhada maguva ninage muddu koDuvenu bArO nirdayavEkO ninnoLage nAnu pondiddEnu bArO

    Charanam 2

    mandhara giriyanettidAnanda mUrtiye bArO nanda akanda gOvinda mukunda indireya rasane bArO

    Charanam 3

    kAmanayya karuNALo shyAmala varNane bArO kOmalAnga shrI puurandara viTTalane svAmi rAyane bArO

    Thank You.

  102. lokesha Says:

    Can somebody please provice the lyrics to some shobane’s? ( Song sung during marriages)

  103. Nirmala Rao Says:

    Can you please provide me with the lyrics of the Purandhara krithi

    Anthakana dhutharige…..

    Thank you.


  104. Prasanna Says:

    Does anyone have the lyrics to “Biduvenenayya Hanuma”? It will be a great help for me.


  105. Sekhar Says:

    Hi all,
    This is Sekhar from coimbatore.
    could anyone get me the lyrics “harihara nimmanu metissa dahudu” sung by TRS & KVN ?
    Pl help me as soon as possible. Planning to sing at a dasar function on the 23rd jan 08.


  106. trmuralidhar Says:

    Hi all
    This is muralidhar from hyd, can you please provide me with lyrics for the laali song of Saint Sri.Sri.Vadirajaswamigalu..
    Laali Adidha Ranga Laali Adidha…
    Laali Hanuma Laali Balabhima
    Laali Sree Hayavanda
    Jo Jo Rangadhama..
    Jo Jo Jo Mukhyaprana

  107. trmuralidhar Says:

    thank you all

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  109. gvg Says:

    Hi RK,
    I have been a frequent visitor of your blogs just because they contain so much information and ofcourse I like your cartoons as well.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge on Sri Purandara Dasa.

    Is there any information how the Navarathnamalike songs (9 gems of purandara dasa) were chosen as part of Purandara Dasa Aradhane Goshti Gayana?

  110. rk Says:

    hi gvg,
    thanks for dropping in a comment. y’day, came across a couple of books which gave the list of navarathnamalike songs with notations. as for how they were chosen, will post a comment about it here shortly.

    take care and regards

  111. neelanjana Says:

    As for as I know, the “navaratna mAlika” songs chosen for gOShTi gAyana do not have a long history. It is very much a 20th century phenomenon. I think Sri RKS (or some other contenporary vidwans) selected 9 songs, and adapted them for group singing like Tyagaraja’s pancharatna kritis.

    While Tyagaraja’s pancharatna kritis were based on a single theme ( all in prathama ghana panchaka rAgas – nATa, gouLa, Arabhi. varALi ans Sri) and similar structure (multiple charaNas, for each both the swara and sAhitya is sung), I don’t see such a pattern in this navaratna mAlika group.

    I very much have a feeling that the songs selected for navartnamAlika were also influenced by Tyagara’s ghanarAga pancharatna – The first song among the 9 is jaya jAnakI kAnta in nATa. and the last is bhAgyada lakShmi bAramma in Sri rAga.

    I do not remember all the kritis in the list. I can, however, check from other musicians and post the list.


  112. Hi Prasanna Says:

    Biduvenanyaa Hanuma Biduvenanyya (2)
    Summane Biduvenanyaa

    BiduvenanO hAnuma niNna
    AdiGaligae shiRava bAgi (2)
    oDaya naLLi Gyna bhAKuthi ya (2)
    koDuva thaNaka summane niNna (Bi…)

    HaStha vANnu yetHidera yeNu
    hARa kalannu ittaRe yeNu (2)
    hRuthYanu niNavanu Naanu (2)
    haSthi vArdhana thoruVa thaNaka (Bi…)

    HalluMuDiya kacHidera YeNu
    anJuvane Ninage Naanu (2)
    huLLa naBha naLLi yeNna (2)
    maNasa ni NilliSuva thaNaka (Bi….)
    maNasa ni NilliSO thaNaka

    DonKu MoRea BalaVa thid Di
    huNkarisDera anJuvanallA (2)
    kinKara ninnaVanu naanu (2)
    puranDhara Vittalana thoruVa thaNaka (Bi….)

  113. Hi Prasanna Says:

    Hi Prasanna Im Srinath here from Bangalore I have posted lyrics for Biduvenanyaa Hanuma

  114. gvg Says:

    I have some info on the Navarathnamalike history now.
    Inspired by Tiruvayyar’s Sri Thyagaraja Aradhane, karnatic music maestros of “Shree Purandara Nalkaneya Shathamanothsava Samiti” decided that we should also celebrate Purandara Dasa Aradhane with Goshti Gayana. This committee not only selected experts of Karnatic music to train people but also chose these 9 kirthanas, on November 24th 1964 under stuartship of GanaKalaSindhu Sri N. Chennakeshavayya.
    These 9 songs were sung in Purandara Dasa Utsava in Hampe that time. This group of experts (which included Vidwan L. Rajaraya, Vidwan Sri Swaramurthy v. N. Raya, Vidwan Sri A. Subbaraya, Vidwan Sri Belakawadi Srinivasa Iyengar, Vidushi Srimati Parvati Mahadevan, Vidwan Sri Ballari Venkateshan, Harikatha Vidwan Sri Bhadragiri Keshavadasa, Harikatha Vidwan Sri T.V. Gopinatha Dasa, Vidwan sri N. Srinivasa Murthy, Prof. S.K. RamachandraRaya) trained the Goshtigayana Participants for Purandara Utsava. Their intention was to have this Goshti Gayana whereever Purandara Utsava was held, just like Thiruvayyar Thayagaraja Aradhane.
    The Navarathnamalike is started with Pillari Geethegalu (Srigananatha, Kundagowra, KereyaNeeranu and Padumanabha) and Ended with Ugabhoga “Indina Dinave Shubha Dinavu”. Sri Purandara Dasa composed this song when he received “Deekshe” from his guru Sri Vyasaraya of Hampe.

    List of Navarathnamalike Songs is like this:
    1. Jaya janaki kAntha
    2. AdidanO ranga
    3. Kallu sakkare kollirO
    4. Odi bArayya
    5. sakala graha bala neene
    6. pOgadiralo ranga
    7. nA ninna dhyanadoliralu
    8. krishnamoorthy kanna munDe
    9. bandanEne ranga
    ugabhOga (indina dinave)

  115. rk Says:

    thank you very much for that comment! very interesting to know the similarities betw. pancharathna krithis and navarathnamalike.

    thanks for adding to the list. but when i paste it in baraha, am getting strange words… maybe this needs editing.

    prasanna, you can hear to the song ‘biduvenenayya hanuma’ at this link (3rd song from top)

    nostalgic info! thanks for sharing the story.


  116. Vidyashankar R Says:

    I agree with you. When Sri R. K Srikanthan was here (San Diego, USA), he told us exactly what you wrote here about the nAlkaneya shatamAnOtsava committee and how parallels were drawn with tyAgarAja’s pancharatna kritis. In fact he trained a bunch of us and we all sang the navaratnamAlike here; this was 3-4 years ago. He indeed implored us to continue this as a tradition. I am happy to report that we have continued this tradition and navaratnamAlika kritis are sung every purandara ArAdhana, except for one or 2 times, we missed them.
    In fact, I am just coming back from another ArAdhana this year. The navaratna mAlike songs were sung this year as well under the leadership of Smt. Shobha Nahgabhushan. Today I gave a talk on Purandaradasa and his impact on dasa sahitya which was well-received. I did use a point or two from this blog, thanks to Bellur and all others here. This is my second talk, I had given my first talk 2 years back which was well-received as well. Much of my research this time was based on samagra sahitya darshana and the CDs I got from Bangalore when I was there in December.
    There was one comment from the audience this time. When I was giving the meaning of the song jagadOddhArana, I said apramEya means one that cannot be proved as in pramEya = theorem, proof, siddhAntha and a-pramEya is one who cannot be verified, beyond proof. I believe from a philosophical perspective, this meaning is applicable and would probably convey what the great sage intended (who knows about that anyway!!), while the dictionary meaning is ‘unmeasurable’.

    I would welcome comments and discussions on this and would be happy to learn and/or contribute here


  117. rk Says:

    nice to have you here. glad this blog was of some use.
    thanks for sharing interesting details with us.
    yes, ‘apramEya’ means immeasurable. your mention about the song ‘jagadOddhArana’ brought nostalgic memories of my trip to Dodda Mallur Sri Aprameyaswamy devasthana a few years back. this was the place where sri purandara dasaru composed this song. i experienced ‘romanchana’ when i had the darshana of aprameya navaneetha krishna!


    Meaning of jagadOddhArana [courtesy: Bindu Siva]

    The poet Purandaradasa tells of how mother Yashoda plays with baby Krishna, not knowing that he himself is the lord of the universe. One day, Krishna steals his mother’s butter, but when Yashoda admonishes him to open his mouth and show her the butter, he instead reveals the entire universe. On another occasion, Krishna playfully steals the clothes of the gopis, but when they implore him to return them, he blesses them as the mighty Jagododdharaka.

    jagadOddhArana ADisidaLeshOde
    Yashoda played with Krishna, who is full of virtue and care taker of the whole world himself

    jagadOddhArana maganendu tiLiyuta suguNAnta ranganA AdisidaLeshOde
    Yashoda played with Krishna, who is full of virtue and care taker of the whole world himself, thinking that he was a mere boy and her son!

    nigamakE silukada agaNita mahimana magugaLa mANikyana ADisidaLeshOde
    Yashoda played with Krishna, who can not be caught even with the vedas (who is beyond the Vedas), who is bigger than infinite, gem among all the children.

    aNOraNIyana mahatO mahImana apramEyana ADisidaLeshOde
    Yashoda played with Krishna who is smaller than an atom, bigger that the biggest and beyond limit and immeasurable.

    parama puruSana paravAsudEvana purandara viTTalana ADisidaLeshOde
    Yashoda played with Krishna from Pandarapura vittala who is best among men and beyond the realms of norms.


    Related link: Doddamallur – Aprameya Swamy Temple

  118. vasumathi vasudevan Says:

    Looking for the lyrics for the Dasara composition Ranga Baroo Panduranga Baroo. . This was sung by Smt.MS Sheela recently in Cleveland.

  119. Srinivasan Says:

    This is a well managed site and a decent one, especially with Dasa Glory.

  120. rk Says:

    kande naa kanasinali govindana

    kande naa kanasinali govindana
    kande naa kanasinali kanaka ratnada manimaya
    nandana kandha mukundana charanava

    andhuge kirugejje ghaliremba vadhyadhi
    bandhu kaalingana hedeyaneri
    dhim dhimi dhimikendhu taalagathigalindha
    nandadhi kuniva mukundana charanava

    utta pitambara udiya kaanchiya dhaama
    thotta muttina haara kousthubhavu
    kattida vaijayanthi tulasi vanamaale
    itta dwadashanaama nigama gocharana

    kiri beralina mudre ungura mungaiya
    karadali kankana nalidolugala
    vara chaturbhuja shankha chakradi merevana
    niratadi oppuva karunaamurutiya

    bannada thuti bhava rachaneya sulipallu
    sanna nageya nudi savimaathina
    punya charitrana poleva kireetava
    kannu mana thaniyadu kamsaari krishnana

    mangala vara tungabhadradi merevana
    angajapita srilakshmipatiya
    sringaramuruti purandaravitalana
    kangalindali kande hingitu bhavabhaya


    ranga baaro panduranga baaro

    ranga baaro panduranga baaro
    ranga baaro narasinga baaro
    kandha baaro enna thande baaro
    indira ramana mukunda baaro

    appa baaro thimmappa baaro
    kandharpanayyane kanchivarada baaro
    anna baaro enna chinna baaro
    punyamurthi mahishapuri chenna baaro

    vishnu baaro udipi krishna baaro
    ennishtamurthi purandaravitala baaro

  121. asarma Says:

    RK, I have read with a lot of interest your response on Sri Satyanarayana’s question on answers to the lyric “Narayana ninna namada”.

    I am also interested in finding out a word to word translation of the lyric. Can you help. Regards.

  122. asarma Says:

    I hear about the new web site for classical music enthusiasts This is a true web2.0 experience you should see.

  123. Nikhil Nagaraj Says:

    Can anyone please tell me if there is somewhere i can download the song ‘Narayana ninna naamada smaraneya saramrutha’ sung by Sri Vidyabhushan Swamiji? Even if there is a site where I can listen to it online, I’ll be the happiest.
    I know there are quite a few different variations and renditions of the song by different singers ….but I only want the one sung by Sri Vidyabhushan Swamiji……. I have checked so many websited without luck……..

  124. bhoomasri Says:

    Lyrics of Lakshmi Shobanae song::

    shobhAnavennire suraroLu shubhaganige

    shobhAnavenni suguNanige
    shobhAnavennire trivikramarAyage
    shobhAnavenni surapriyage shobhAne ||pallavi||

    lakShmInArAyaNara charaNakke sharaNeMbe
    pakShivAhannageraguve anudina
    rakShisali namma vadhU-varara ||1||

    pAlasAgaravannu lIleyali kaDeyalu
    bAle mahAlakShumi udisidaLu
    bAle mahAlakShumi udisiLAdevi
    pAlisali namma vadhU-varara ||2||

    bommana praLayadali tannarasiyoDagUDi
    summaneyAgi malagippa
    namma nArAyaNagu I rammegaDigaDigu
    janmaveMbudu avatAra ||3||

    kaMbukaMThada sutta kaTTida maMgaLasUtra
    aMbujaveraDu karayugadi
    aMbujaveraDu karayugadi dharisi
    pItAMbaravanuTTu meredaLe ||4||

    oMdu karadiMda abhayavanIvaLe
    mattoMdu kaiyiMda varagaLa
    kuMdillaladAnaMdasaMdoha uNisuva
    iMdire namma salahali ||5||

    poLeva kAMchiya dAma uliva kiMkiNigaLu
    naliva kAlaMduge ghalakenalu
    naLanaLisuva muddumukhada cheluve lakShumi
    salahali namma vadhU-varara ||6||

    rannada molegaTTu chinnadAbharaNagaLa
    chenne mahalakShumi dharisidaLe
    chenne mahalakShumi dharisidaLAdevi
    tanna maneya vadhU-varara salahali ||7||

    kuMbhakuMchada mele iMbiTTa hAragaLu jaga
    tuMbiguruLa mukhakamala
    tuMbiguruLa mukhakamalada mahalakShumi jaga
    daMbe vadhU-varara salahali ||8||

    muttina oleyanniTTaLe mahalakShumi
    kastUri tilaka dharisidaLe
    kastUri tilaka dharisidaLA devi
    sarvatra vadhU-varara salahali ||9||

    aMbujanayanagaLa biMbAdharada shashi-
    biMbadaMteseva mUgutimaNiya shashi-
    biMbadaMtesevamUguti maNi mahalakShumi
    uMbudakIyali vadhu-vararge ||10||

    muttinakShateyiTTu navaratnada mukuTava
    nettiya mele dharisideLe
    nettiya mele dharisidaLA devi tanna
    bhaktiya janara salahali ||11||

    kuMda-maMdara-jAjI-kusumagaLa vR^iMdava
    cheMdada turubige turubidaLe
    kuMdavarNada komale mahalakShumi kR^ipe-
    yiMda vadUvarara salahali ||12||

    eMdeMdigu bADada araviMdada mAleya
    iMdire poLeva koraLalli
    iMdire poLeva koraLalli dharisidaLe ava-
    LiMdu vadhUvarara salahali ||13||

    devAMga paTTeya melu hoddikeya
    bhAme mahalakShumi dharisidaLe
    bhAme mahalakShumi dharisidaLA devi tanna
    sevaka janara salahali ||14||

    I lakShumi deviya kAluMgara ghalakenalu
    lolAkShi mellane naDetaMdaLu
    sAlAgi kuLlirda surarasabheya kaMDu
    AlochisidaLu manadalli ||15||

    tanna makkaLa kuMda tAne peLuvadakke
    mannadi nAchi mahalakShumi
    tannAmadiMdali kareyade obbobara
    unnata doShagaLaneNisidaLu ||16||

    kelavaru taleyUri tapagaidu puNyava
    gaLisiddarenU phalavilla
    jvalisuva kopadi shApava koDuvaru
    laleneyanivaru olisuvare ||17||

    ella shAstragaLodi durlabha j~nAnava
    kallisi koDuva gurugaLu
    ballida dhanakke maruLAgibbaru
    sallada purohitakkoLagAdaru ||18||

    kAmanirjitanobba kAminige sotobba
    bhAminiya hiMde hAridava
    kAmAMdhanAgi muniya kAminigayadanobba
    kAmadi gurutalpagAmiyobba ||19||

    nashvaraishvaryava bayasuvanobba para-
    rAshrayisi bALuva Ishvaranobba
    hAsyava mADi halludurisikoMDavanobba
    adR^ishyAMghriyobba okkaNanobba ||20||

    mAvana koMdoMbba maruLAgihanu
    gADha hArvana koMdoMbba baLalida
    jIvara koMdobba kulageDeMdenisida
    shivaniMdobba bayalAda ||21||

    dharmavuMTobbanali hemmeya hesarige
    ammamma takka guNavilla
    kShammeya biTTobba narakadalli jIvara
    marmava meTTi kolisuva ||22||

    khaLanaMte obba tanage sallada bhAgyava
    ballidagaMji barigaida
    durlabha muktige dUraveMdenisuva pA-
    tALakke iLida gaDa ||23||

    ellarAyuShyava shiMshumAradeva
    sallIleyiMdali tolagisuva
    olle nAnivara nityamuttaideyeMdu
    ballavarenna bhajisuvaru ||24||

    prakR^itiya guNadiMda kaTTuvaDedu nAnA-
    vikR^itigoLAgi baredalli
    sukhadukhaveMba bommAdi jIvaru
    duHkhakke dUrenipa enageNeya ||25||

    obbanAvana maga mattobbanAvana mommaga
    obbanAvanige shayanAha
    obbanAvana poruva mattibbarAvanigaMji
    abbaradalAvAga suLivaru ||26||

    obbanAvana nAmakaMji bechchuva gADha
    sarvarigAva amR^itava
    sarvarigAva amR^itavanuNisuva ava-
    nobbane niraniShTa niravadya ||27||

    niraniShTa niravadya eMba shrutyarthava
    oredu noDalu naraharige
    narakayAtane salla duritAtidUranige
    maruLa manabaMdaMte nuDiyadiru ||28||

    oMdoMdu guNagaLu iddAvu ivaralli
    saMdaNisive bahu doSha
    kuMdeLLaShTillada mukuMdane tanageMdu
    iMdire patiya nenedaLu ||29||

    devarShi viprara koMdu tannudaradoLiTTu
    tIvidda harige duritava
    bhAvaj~nareMbare Aladeleya mele
    shivana liMgava nilisuvare ||30||

    asura-pishAchigaLeMba bhayaveMba
    vyasana barabAradu eMba nArAyaNanige
    pashu modalAgi neneyadu ||31||

    tA duHkhiyAdare surarArtiya kaLedu
    modavIvudakke dharegAgi
    mAdhava bAhane kesaroLu muLugida
    bhAdhipa kesara biDisuvane ||32||

    bommanAlayadalli iddavage layavuMTe
    ammiyanuNisidda yashodeyAgiddaLe
    amma ivage hasi-tR^iSheyuMTe ||33||

    Aga bhakShyabhojyavittu pUjisuva
    yogige uMTe dhanadhAnya
    Aga dorakoMbude pAka mADuva vahni
    mattAgalellihudu vichArisiro ||34||

    rogavanIva vAta pitta shleShma
    Aga koDuvude rameyoDane
    bhogisuvavage duritava nenevare
    I guNanidhige eNeyuMTe ||35||

    rammeyarasage rati kANiro
    ammoghavIryavu chalisidare praLayadali
    kammArar yAke janisaru ||36||

    ekatra nirNIta shAstrArtha paratrApi
    bekeMba nyAyava tiLiduko
    shrIkR^iShNanobbane sarva doShakke si-
    lukaneMbudu salahalike ||37||

    ella jagava nuMgi dakkisikoMDavage
    salladu roga rujinavu
    balla vaidyara keLi ajIrtimUlavella
    salladu roga rujinavu ||38||

    iMthA mUrutiya oLagoMba naraka bahu
    bhrAMta nInelliMda torisuvelo
    saMteya maruLa hogelo ninna mAta
    saMtaru keLi sogasaru ||39||

    shrI-nArAyaNara jananI-janakara
    nAneMba vAdI nuDiyalo
    jANariMdariya mUla rUpava tori
    shrI narasiMhana avatAra ||40||

    aMbudhiya udakadali oDedu mUDida kUrma-
    neMba shrI hariya pitanAru?
    eMba shrI hariya pitanAru adariMda svA-
    yaMbhugaLella avatAra ||41||

    devikiya garbhadali devanavatarisida
    bhAvavannu balla vivekigaLu
    vasudheyoLage kR^iShNage janmava-
    Ava pariyalli nuDiyuviyo ||42||

    AkaLisuvAga yashodAdevige
    deva tannoLage hudugidda
    bhuvanavellava toridudillive
    A viShNu garbhadoLaDaguvane ||43||

    Aneya mAnadalli aDagisidavaruMTe
    aneka koTi ajAMDava
    aNureNu kUpadali ALda shrI hariya
    janani jaTharavu oLagoMbude ||44||

    adariMda kR^iShNanige janmaveMbudu salla
    madananivana kumAranu
    kadanadi kaNegaLa ivanedegesevane
    sudaterigiva niMtu silukuvane ||45||

    adariMda kR^iShNanige paranArI saMgava ko-
    vidarAda budhru nuDivare
    sadarave I mATu sarva vedaMgaLu
    mudadiMda tAvu stutisuvavu ||46||

    eMda bhAgavatada cheMdada mAtanu
    maMdada mAnava manasige
    taMduko jagakke kaivalyavIva mu-
    kuMdage kuMdu korate salladu ||47||

    hattu varShada keLage makkaLATikeyalli
    chitta strIyarige eraguvade
    artiyiMdarchisida gokulada kanyeyara
    satyasaMkalpa berisidda ||48||

    hattu mattAru sAsira strIyaralli
    hattu hattenipa kramadiMda
    putrara vIryadali sR^iShTisidavaruMTe
    artiya sR^iShTi harigidu ||49||

    roma-romakUpa koTivR^ikShaMgaLa
    nirmisi gopAlara teraLisida
    namma shrIkR^iShNanu makkaLa sR^ijisuva
    mahime ballavarige salahalike ||50||

    maNNaneke meddeyeMba yashodege
    saNNa bAyoLage jagaMgaLa
    kaNNAre torida namma shrIkR^iShNana
    ghanate ballavarige salahalike ||51||

    nArada sanakAdimodalAda yogigaLu
    nAriyarige maruLAhare
    oraMte shrIkR^iShNanaDigeraguvare
    ArAdhisutta bhajisuvare ||52||

    aMbujasaMbhava triyaMbaka modalAda
    naMbidavarige varavitta
    saMbhramada suraru eLLaShTu kopakke
    iMbiddarivana bhajisuvare ||53||

    avanaMguShThava toLeda gaMgAdevi
    pAvanaLenisi mereyaLe
    jIvana seruva pApava kaLevaLu
    I vAsudevage eNeyuMTe ||54||

    kilbiShaviddare agra pUjeyanu
    sarvarAyara sabheyoLage
    ubbida manadiMda dharmaja maDuvanele
    kobbadiralo paravAdi ||55||

    sAvillada harige narakayAtane salla
    jIvaMtarige narakadalli!
    novanIvanu nimma yamadevanu
    nova{govA} nI hariya guNavariya ||56||

    narakavALuva yamadharmarAya
    tanna narajanmadoLage poraLisi
    maraLI tannarakadali poraLisi koluvanu
    kuru ninna kuhaka koLadalla ||57||

    bommana nUru varSha pariyaMta praLayadali
    summaneyAgi malagippa
    namma nArAyaNage hasi-tR^iShe -jara-maraNa-du-
    Shkarma-duHkhaMgaLu toDasuvare ||58||

    rakkasarastragaLiMda gAyavaDeyada
    akShayakAyada shrIkR^iShNa
    tuchCha yamabhaTara shastrakaLakuvanalla
    huchcha nI hariya guNavariya ||59||

    kichcha nuMgidanu namma shrIkR^iShNanu
    tuchCha narakadoLu analanige
    bechchuvanalla adariMdavage naraka
    mechchuvaralla budharella ||60||

    maneyalli kShameya tALda vIrabhaTa
    raNaraMgadali kShamisuvane
    aNuvAgi namma hitake manadoLagina kR^iShNa
    muniva kAlakke mahattAha ||61||

    tAya poTTeyiMda mUlarUpava tori
    Ayudha sahita poravaMTa
    nyAyakovidaru puTTidaneMbare
    bAyige baMdaMte bogaLadiru ||62||

    uTTa pItAMbara toTTa bhUShaNaMgaLu
    iTTa navaratnada kirITavu
    meTTida kuruhu edeyalli torida shrI-
    viThThala puTTidanenabahude ||63||

    R^iShabhhaMsamUShakavAhanaveri mA-
    nisaraMte suLiva surarella
    eseva deveshanara sahasakke maDidaru
    kusumanAbhanige sariyuMTe ||64||

    oMdoMdu guNagaLu iddAvu ivaralli
    saMdeNisive bahu doSha
    kuMdeLaShTillada mukuMdane tanageMdu
    iMdire patiya nenedaLu ||65||

    iMtu chiMtisi rame saMtarAmana padava
    saMtoSha manadi nenevutta
    saMtoSha manadi nenevutta tanna shrI
    kAMtaniddeDege naDedaLu ||66||

    kaMdarpa koTigaLa geluva sauMdaryada
    cheMdavAgidda cheluvana
    iMdire kaMDu ivane tanage pati-
    yeMdavana baLige naDedaLu ||67||

    I terada surara sutta noDutta lakShmi
    chittava koDade nasunaguta
    chittavakoDade nasunaguta baMdu puru-
    Shottamana kaMDu namisidaLu ||68||

    nAnAkusumagaLiMda mADida mAleya
    shrI nAri tanna karadalli
    pInakaMdharada trivikramarAyana
    koraLina meliTTu namisidaLu ||69||

    uTTapoMbaTTeya toTTAMbharaNaMgaLu
    iTTa navaratnada mukuTavu
    duShTamardananeMba kaDeya paMDegaLu
    vaTTidda harige vadhuvAdaLu ||70||

    koMbu cheMgahaLegaLu tALamaddaLegaLu
    taMbaTe bheri paTahagaLu
    bhoM bhoM eMba shaMkha DoLLu maurigaLu
    aMbudhiya maneyallesedavu ||71||

    arghyapAdyAchamana modalAda ShoDashA-
    narghya pUjeyittanaLiyage
    oggida manadiMda dhAreyeredane siMdhu
    sadgatiyittu salaheMda ||72||

    vedokta maMtra peLi vasiShTha nArada moda-
    lAda munIMdraru mudadiMda
    vadhUvarara mele shobhanadakShateyanu
    modavIvutta taLedaru ||73||

    saMbhramadiMdaMbaradi duMdubhi moLagalu
    tuMburu nAradaru tutisutta
    tuMburu nAradaru tutisutta pI-
    tAMbaradharana mahimeya ||74||

    devanAriyarella baMdodagi pAThakaru
    ovi pADutta kuNidaru
    devataruvina hUvina maLegaLa
    shrIvarana mele karedaru ||75||

    muttu-ratnagaLiMda kettisida haseya nava-
    ratna maMTapadi pasarisi
    ratnamaMTapadi pasarisi kR^iShNana
    muttaideyarella karedaru ||76||

    sheShashayanane bA doShadUrane bA
    bhAsurakAya hariye bA
    bhAsurakAya hariye bA shrIkR^iShNa vi-
    lAsadiMdemma hasege bA ||77||

    kaMjalochanane bA maMjuLamUrti bA
    kuMjaravaradAyakane bA
    kuMjaravaradAyakane bA shrIkR^iShNa ni-
    raMjana namma hasege bA ||78||

    AdikAladali Aladeleya mele
    shrIdeviyaroDane pavaDisida
    shrIdeviyaroDane pavaDisida shrIkR^iShNa
    modadiMdemma hasege bA ||79||

    AdikAraNanAgi Aga malagiddu
    moda jIvara tanna udaradali
    moda jIvara tannudaradali iMbitta a-
    nAdi mUrutiye hasege bA ||80||

    chinmayavenipa nimma manegaLalli jyo-
    tirmayavAda padmadalli
    rammeyaroDagUDi ramisuva shrIkR^iShNa
    namma maneya hasege bA ||81||

    nAnAvatAradali naMbida surarige
    AnaMdavIva karuNi bA
    AnaMdavIva karuNi bA shrIkR^iShNa
    shrInAriyoDane hasegeLu ||82||

    bommana maneyalli rannapIThadi kuLitu
    ommanadi nehava mADuva
    nirmala pUjeya kaigoMba shrIkR^iShNa pa-
    ramma mUrutiye hasege bA ||83||

    mukhyaprANana maneyalli bhAratiyAgali-
    kke baDisida rasAyanava
    sakkaregUDida pAyasa saviyuva
    rakkasavairiye hasege bA ||84||

    rudrana maneyalli rudrANideviyaru
    bhadramaMTapadi kuLLirisi
    svAdvannagaLanu baDisalu kaigoMDa
    muddu narasiMha hasege bA ||85||

    garuDana meleri gaganamArgadalli
    tarataradi stutipa surastrIyara
    mereva gaMdharvara gAnava saviyuva
    narahari namma hasege bA ||86||

    nimmaNNana maneya sudharma sabheyalli
    ummeyarasa namisida
    dharmarakShakanenipa kR^iShNa kR^ipeyiMda pa-
    ramma mUrutiye hasege bA ||87||

    iMdrana maneghogi aditige kuMDalavittu
    aMdada pUjeya kaigoMDu
    aMdada pUjeya kaigoMDu surataruva
    iMdiregitta hariye bA ||88||

    nimma neneva munihR^idayadali nelesida
    sammatavAgidda pUjeya kaigoMDa ni-
    ssIma mahima hasege bA ||89||

    muttina sattigeya navaratnada chAmara
    suttanaliva surastrIyara
    nR^ityava noDuta chitra vAdyaMgaLa saM-
    pattina hariye hasege bA ||90||

    enalu naguta baMdu haseya mele
    vanite lakShmiyoDagUDi
    anaMta vebhavadi kuLita kR^iShNana nAlku
    dinadutsavava naDesidaru ||91||

    atterenipa gaMge yamune sarasvati bhA-
    rati modalAda surastrIyaru
    muttinAkShateyanu shobhAnavenutali tamma
    artiyaLeyage taLidaru ||92||

    ratnadAratige sutta muttane tuMbi
    muttaideyarella dhavaLada
    muttederella dhavaLada pavanava pA-
    Duttalettidare sirivarage ||93||

    bomma tannarasi koDe baMdaregida
    ummeyarasa namisida
    ammararellaru bagebage uDugoregaLa
    rammeyarasage salisidaru ||94||

    satyalokada bomma kaustubharatnavanitta
    muktAsuraru mudadiMda
    muttina kaMThIsarava mukhyaprANanitta
    mastakada maNiya shivanitta ||95||

    tannarasi koDe savinuDi nuDivAga
    vadanadalliddagni keDadaMte
    vahni pratiShTheya mADi avanoLagidda
    tannAhuti dibbaNa surarige ||96||

    kobbida khaLaroDisi amR^itAnna UTakke
    ubbida haruShadi uNisalu
    ubbida huruShadi uNisabekeMdu siMdhu
    sarvarigaDigeya mADisida ||97||

    mAvana maneyalli devarigautaNava
    dAnavaru keDisade biDareMdu
    dAnavaru keDisade biDareMdu shrIkR^iShNa
    devastrIveShava dharisida ||98||

    tanna sauMdaryadiMdunnatamayavAda
    lAvaNyadiMda mereva nijapatiya
    heNNu rUpava kaMDukannye mahalakShumi iva-
    ganyarekeMdu beragAdaLu ||99||

    lAvaNyamayavAda hariya strIveShakke
    bhAvakiyarella maruLAge
    mAvara sudheya kramadiMda baDisi tanna
    sevaka surariguNisida ||100||

    nAgana mele tA malagiddAga
    Agale jagava jatanadi
    Agale jagava jatanadi dhariseMdu
    nAgabaliya naDesida ||101||

    kShudheya kaLeva navaratnada mAleya
    mudadiMda vAridhi vidhigitta
    chadura hArava vAyudevarigitta
    vidhuvina kaleya shivagitta ||102||

    shakra modalAda dikpAlakarige
    sokkida chaudaMta gajaMgaLa
    ukkida manadiMda koTTa varuNa madu-
    makkaLAyuShyava beLeseMda ||103||

    matte deveMdrage pArijAtavanitta
    chittava seLevapsarastrIyara
    hattusAvira koTTa varuNadeva hari-
    bhaktiya manadalli beLeseMda ||104||

    poLeva navaratnada rAshiya tegetegedu
    uLida amararige sallisida
    uLida amararige sallisida samudra
    kaLuhidanavara manegaLige ||105||

    nAgana mele tA malagiddAga
    Agale jagava jatanadi
    Agale jagava jatanadi dhariseMdu
    nAgabaliya naDesida ||101||

    kShudheya kaLeva navaratnada mAleya
    mudadiMda vAridhi vidhigitta
    chadura hArava vAyudevarigitta
    vidhuvina kaleya shivagitta ||102||

    shakra modalAda dikpAlakarige
    sokkida chaudaMta gajaMgaLa
    ukkida manadiMda koTTa varuNa madu-
    makkaLAyuShyava beLeseMda ||103||

    matte deveMdrage pArijAtavanitta
    chittava seLevapsarastrIyara
    hattusAvira koTTa varuNadeva hari-
    bhaktiya manadalli beLeseMda ||104||

    poLeva navaratnada rAshiya tegetegedu
    uLida amararige sallisida
    uLida amararige sallisida samudra
    kaLuhidanavara manegaLige ||105||

    unnata navaratnamayavAda aramaneya
    chenne magaLiMda virachisi
    tanna aLiyanige sthiramADi koTTava
    innoMdu kaDeyaDi iDadaMte ||106||

    hayavadana tanna priyaLAda lakShumige
    jayavitta kShIrAMbudhiyalli
    jayavitta kShIrAMbudhiyalli shrIkR^iShNa
    dayadi nammellara salahali ||107||

    I padava mADida vAdirAja munige
    shrIpatiyAda hayavadana
    tApava kaLedu tanna shrIcharaNava sa-
    mIpadalliTTu salahali ||108||

    iMtu svapnadalli koMDADisikoMDa lakShmI-
    kAMtana kaMdanenisuva
    saMtara mechchina vAdirAjeMdramuni
    paMthadi peLida padavidu ||109||

    shrIyarasa hayavadanapriya vAdirAja-
    rAya rachisida padavidu
    AyuShya bhaviShya dinadinake hechchAguvadu ni-
    rAyAsadiMda sukhiparu ||110||

    bommana dinadalli ommomme I maduve
    krammadi mADi vinodisuva
    namma nArAyaNagU I rammegaDigaDigu
    asura mohanave naranaTane ||111||

    maduveyamaneyalli I padava pADidare
    vadhugaLige oleya bhAgya dinadinake hechchuvadu
    madananayyana kR^ipeyiMda ||112||

    shobhAnavennire suraroLu shubhaganige
    shobhAnavenni suguNanige
    shobhAnavennire trivikramarAyage
    shobhAnavenni surapriyage ||shobhAne||

  125. rk Says:

    dear bhoomasri,
    thank you very much for providing the lakshmi shobane lyrics. (published it as a separate post in itself as there was a lot of demand/ request for it).
    take care and regards

  126. ಚೇತನಾ ತೀರ್ಥಹಳ್ಳಿ Says:


    Its very fantastic blog. Oh! So much info here!!
    Thank God…. I am not too late!


  127. P.R.RAO Says:

    We are looking for the lyric of Jaganmohanane Krishna of Sri Purandaradasa.

  128. neelanjana Says:


    Here it is.

    jaganmOhanane kRshNa :

  129. P.R.RAO Says:

    Thank you very much for giving the lyric of Jaganmohanane krishna

  130. Priya siddi Says:

    Wonderful site. I wud really be happy if someone can give me the lyrics of the song udipiya kandeera udipiya krishnana kandeera. My daughter who is 5 years old has learnt abt 10 dasara songs and she is very fond of this one. want to teach her this song.

  131. rk Says:

    ‘udupiya kandeera’ is one of my fav. songs. am sure your daughter will learn many more daasara padagalu. best wishes.


    udupiya kandeera
    singer: sri vidyabhushana

    udupiya kandeera
    udupiya krishnana kandeera
    krishnana kandeera
    krishnana udupiya kandeera

    jagadodeya bandha udupiyali ninda
    padugadala daari inda
    migilunte chandha kangalaananda
    aananda thanda ninda
    dwarakeya vaasa o hrishikesha
    saakenisitheno eesha
    vaariyali bandhe daariyali nindhe
    nee dhaati desha desha

    II udupiya kandeera II

    kadagolu kaiyya kaduneeri maiyya
    ee baala roopa kandu
    kodamadada shiravo jodisada karavo
    bari hullu maanu jungo
    aa mugulu nagege aa nintha bagege
    marulaadalanthe gopi
    srimadhvagolidha krishnananegelida
    veggalada naadu udupi

    II udupiya kandeera II

    padugadala theera dhindeddu bhaara
    kadegolu hagga hididu
    bidugadeya daari bhaktarige thori
    nammedeya benne kadedu
    paarthasaratiyu karagi bandhu
    taanindakalli nolaginda illi
    vaikuntavanne thandhu

    II udupiya kandeera II

  132. priya siddi Says:

    Thanks Mr.Rk for the song. I was very happy for this early response. Will definetely teach my daughter as many songs as possible, coz this is age for her to pick up very easily. Thanks a lot once again.

  133. Raghavendra Says:

    This is an Awsome site I have come accross from the day I started Browsing on the system…Hats off to Everybody
    If possible plz send these kind of songs to my Email address which is mentioned above …

    Thansk & Regards
    Raghavendra A.Narasapur

  134. neelanjana Says:

    ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಿ ಹರಿದಾಸರ ಮೇಲೆ ಮಾಹಿತಿ ಕೊಡಲು, ಅವರ ರಚನೆಗಳನ್ನು ನಿಮಗೆ ಕೊಡಲು ಹೊಸದೊಂದು ತಾಣ ತಯಾರಾಗುತ್ತಿದೆ.


    ಹರಿದಾಸ ಸಂಪದ:

  135. Santhosh Says:


    Any one has “Hendathi Prana Hinduthi” and “Acharavilladha” songs? If so, please let me know. I am not finding these songs.

    Thanks in advance


  136. swathi Says:

    can anyone please give me the lyrics of ” Anthakana dootharige” song of Purandara dasa.

  137. rk Says:

    Nirmala Rao Says:
    January 12, 2008
    Can you please provide me with the lyrics of the Purandhara krithi
    Anthakana dhutharige…..

    Thank you.



    swathi Says:
    August 17, 2008 at 11:00 pm e
    can anyone please give me the lyrics of ” Anthakana dootharige” song of Purandara dasa.

    antakana dootarige

    antakana dootarige kinchittu dayavilla
    chinteyanu bittu srihariya nene manave

    diva-ratriyennade vishayalampatanaagi
    saviyootagalanundu bhramisabeda
    avana kondhivana kondharthavanu galisuvare
    javana dootaru baruva hottha neenariye

    monne maduveyanaade karevudhondherademme
    ninne kondenu kshetra phalavu bahudu
    honnu hanavuntenage saayalaarenu enalu
    benna biduvale mrutyu vyartha jeevatma

    hosa maneya kattidenu griha shanti maneyolage
    basiri hendati magana maduve naale
    hasanaagi ide baduku saayalaarenu enalu
    kusuridariyade bidaru yamanavaru aaga

    putra huttida divasa haalu ootada habba
    matthobba magana upanayana naale
    arthiyaagide baduku saayalaarenu enalu
    mruthyu hedathaleyalli naguthirpudariye

    attadugeyunalilla ishta darushanavilla
    kotta saalava kelva hotthanariye
    katle tumbida mele kshana maatra iralilla
    ashtarolu purandara vitalanenu manave

  138. rk Says:

    Santhosh Says:
    July 22, 2008 at 9:28 pm e


    Any one has “Hendathi Prana Hinduthi” and “Acharavilladha” songs? If so,

    please let me know. I am not finding these songs.

    Thanks in advance


    hendathi praana hinduthi

    hendathi praana hinduthi
    dhodda konda kothiyanthe
    kuni kunisutthi

    hotthare yelutthi horage thirugaadutthi
    hotthu hoyithu bhatya thaarennutthi
    utthama guru hiriyara maathu meerutthi
    mruthyu devatheyenthe maneyolagiruthi

    illaddhu bedutthi sullu maathaadutthi
    olle ootavanundu kulithirpenenthi
    yellinashtu kelasa maadalaarenenthi
    yellelli thaleyetthadhaangge maadutthi

    hirithanakkhogutthi garuvike maadutthi
    nerehoreyara kooda badidhaadutthi
    dore siri purandaravitalana smarisade
    dhurithakke guriyaagi nee nillutthi


    aachaaravillada naalige

    aachaaravillada naalige
    ninna neecha buddhiya bidu naalige
    vichaaravillade parara dooshipudakke
    chaachikondiruvantha naalige

    praathah kaaladoleddhu naalige
    siri pathiyennabaarade naalige
    pathithapaavana namma rathipathijanakana
    sathathavu nudi kandya naalige

    chaadi helalu beda naalige
    ninna bedikombuvenu naalige
    roodigodeya sri raamana naamava
    paaduthaliru kandya naalige

    hariya smarane maadu naalige
    narahariya bhajisu kandya naalige
    varadha purandara vittalarayana
    charana kamala nene naalige

  139. Aarthi Srinivasan Says:

    kudos to all of you who are running this website actively. It would be of great help if the lyrics for “Sri Mahalakumi deviye …komalaangiye saamagayana priyale’ can be published…Thanks in Advance, Aarthi Jois

  140. K.Subba Rao Says:

    I too have been quite fascinated by Purandaradasa Sahitya, in particular “Mullu koneya mele mooru keraya katti”. I believe, the last line of this song, namely, “takalillada kalapeya takisi sadgatiyanu eeyabeku purandara vitthalaraya” finally gives the solution to the riddle: “Please overlook my defects and give me sadgati. I have defect after defect, and the only way is if you overlook them”.

    Krishna Subba Rao

  141. SriKrishna Raghavendra Vanamaali Says:

    Namaskara :
    Purandhara Dasare’s sacred and serene life and his contributions to the Daasa Sahithya would not have been possible with out blessings and GuruBodha from the great VyasaRajaru, the pre-run of Sree Guru Raja Raghavendra Swamigal. Vyasarajar has given life to many renowned people during VijayaNagara Kingdom including the King SreeKrishnaDevaraya.
    Daasa Sahithya and Hari naama Prahasana is envisaged by GuruRayar during his Pre-Incarnation, which we are enjoying now.

  142. MOHANKUMAR Says:



  143. Keerthi Says:

    Truly amazing!! The first post was on Jan 19th 2007 and we are at the end of 2008 and the posts continue. Thanks RK for initiating such an eternally enriching topic. All this discussion may still be just a drop in the ocean called Purandara Daasa. For me, it was a good eye opener and heartening to note so many people contributing.

    I have been dumbstruck by the simplicity, profoundness, literary superiority and devotional aspects of Purandara Daasa’s devaranaama. I am not sure how many vaggeyakaaras have all of this in their compositions.

    Even today, I cannot imagine any human being telling Sriman Narayana, “NinagU AaNe Ranga enagU AaNe …” It speaks volumes of Purandara Daasa’s self realization as well as his unwavering devotion in the Lord. Ee yugada JagadoDhAra andre namma Purandara Daasare.

    Thank you once again.

  144. Murthy Says:

    “Marulu maadikondeyalle maaya deviye” is it Purandara Dasara Kriti ?
    Can some publish the lyrics ? Its a beautiful song.

  145. rajeev Says:

    i am a pls give me karnatic vocal education cd

  146. meena mallya Says:


    nanna tayige Purandara dasara “Dharma vemba sambalava galisaraiyya” bekagittu, tamage gottiddare pleasae nanage bekagittu.


  147. rk Says:

    dharmavemba sambalava galisikolliro

    dharmavemba sambalava galisikolliro
    permeyim dehava nambabedi kaaniro

    atta aduge unalu bidanu
    kotta saala kelabidanu
    pettigeyolagidda chinnava
    thottenendare yamanu bidanu

    akkanilli kareyalilla
    makkalannu padeyalilla
    duhkhagondu kanneeranu
    ukkisidare bidanu yamanu

    pelve nentaringe karedu
    bele bellavannu thandhu
    naale magana maduve endu
    taalu endare yamanu bidanu

    maalige maneyirali
    jaalige thumba honnirali
    aalumandhi shaaneyirali
    kaalanu thaa benna bidanu

    arthiyinda samsaarava
    vyarthavaagi necchabedi
    karthu purandaravitalanna
    bhakthiyindale bhajisiro

  148. rk Says:

    marulu maadikondeyalle maayaadeviye

    marulu maadikondeyalle maayaadeviye
    irulu hagalu ekavaagi hariyu ninna bidadippadanthe

    jnaanigalu nitya anna paanaadigalannu bittu
    naanaa vidha tapaviddaru dhyanakke silukadavana

    sarvasanghavannu bittu sanyasiyaada kaalakku
    sarvada tannedeyamele bidade ninna dharisippante

    pralayakaaladalli aaladeleyamele malagiddaga
    halavu aabharanangalu jalavu aagi jaanatanadi

    ranganu bhoolokadi bhujangagiriyolalamelu
    mangapatiyaagi ninna angeekarisuvante

    makkala padedare ninna chokkatanavu popudendu
    pokkulolu makkala padedu kakkulaathipaduvante

    edake bhumi balake shriyu eduralli durgadevi
    thodeyamele lakumiyaagi bidade muddadisuvanante

    endendigoo mareye ninnaanandadi janarigella
    thandhu thore swaadheena purandaravitalaraayana

  149. meena mallya Says:

    Dear RK,

    You really don’t know what you have given us, thanks a lot, when my mother asked me to get the full song [she knows only last paras from her childhood days] from internet, i had told her i will get in two minutes, but didnt get, then luckily i found your site, thanks again, shall call her tomorrow and will read out the song, thanks again.

  150. Dr. S.Suresh Says:

    Dear RK,

    I have been hearing dasara songs for the past two years and recently I heard the song manava janma doddadu through Yutube and It was fantastic.
    Plese let me know where I can hear songs and kirtanas sung by your self.

    thanking you

  151. Shiv Says:

    Can someone email me the lyrics of the following song (just one para of the song is mentioned below)? My mail id is mail2shiv at gmail dot com.

    shishtara sangava mAdadiddare yenage ANe ranga
    dushtara sangava bidisadiddare ninage ANe

    (Let’s Move Together)

  152. rk Says:

    enagoo aaNe ranga ninagoo aaNe

    enagoo aaNe ranga ninagoo aaNe
    enagoo ninagoo ibbarigoo ninna bhaktaraaNe

    ninna bittu anyara bhajisidarenage aaNe ranga
    enna kai bittu pOdare ninage aaNe

    tanu manadali vancitanaadare enage aaNe ranga
    manasu ninnali nilisadiddare ninage aaNe

    shiSHtara sangava maaDadiddare enage aaNe ranga
    duSHtara sangava biDisadiddare ninage aaNe

    kaaku manujara sangava maaDidarenage aaNe ranga
    loukikava nee bidisadiddare ninage aaNe

    hari ninnashraya maaDadiddare enage aaNe ranga
    purandara viTHala neenoliyadiddare ninage aaNe

  153. neelanjana Says:


    Since many fans of Purandara dasa come here, I thought of posting a link to a short story about Purandara Dasa, written by yours truly.

  154. gayathri Says:

    hi rk..thank u so much for the song udupiya kandeera song..thank u so much…its very rare to get lyrics in english..good work..keep it up…

  155. gayathri Says:

    can anyone please post the lyrics of rama rama rama enniro song ?thank you…

  156. gayathri Says:

    hi rk..can i get the lyrics of rama rama rama enniro song please??????????
    thank u

  157. rk Says:

    Rama Rama Rama Enniro

    rAma rAma rAma rAma rAma ennirO sItA

    nEmadinda bhajisuvavara kAmitagaLa koDuva nAma

    kallininte iruva jIva nilladante maraNa vyALE
    pullanAbha krSNanembo sollu bAyige odagadO

    vAta pittaveraDu kUDi-shlEkSma bandu odagidAga
    dhAtu kundidAga raghu-nAthanendu odagadO

    ihadalli iSta uNTu paradalli sukhavuNTu
    vara purandara viThalanna- smarane bAyige odagadO


    The greatness of Rama’s name is attested in the sacred Vedas, Sastras and Puranas. If it could transform an illiterate hunter into a great Saint-poet (Valmiki), what wonders will it not work on us? It is the ‘Taraka Nama’ that destroys the cycle of birth and death. Many great composers have sung the glory of this nama, comparing it to a boat that carries us across the ocean of samsara. The numerous compositions in praise of Rama by Tyagaraja, composed spontaneously in the ecstasy his bhakti-bhava (devotion), are well-known. In addition, we have hundreds of songs on Rama by Purandaradasa, Bhadrachala Ramadas, Annamacharya, Muthuswami Dikshitar, Swati Tirunal, Ramanathapuram Srinivasa Iyengar, Mysore Vasudevachar, Papanasam Sivan and others.

    Nama Sankeertana (singing in praise of the Lord) is considered the easiest way to salvation. Take for example the kriti ‘Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama enniro’ by Purandaradasa. When we learn, practice, sing or teach such songs, we unknowingly utter the Rama nama hundreds of times. Ramanatha (the Lord of Rama, Siva) himself preached the greatness of this nama to his consort Parvati, as follows:

    Sri Raama Raama Raameti rame raame manorame |
    Sahasranaama tat tulyam Raamanaama Varaanane ||

    Here, the utterance of Rama nama just once is said to be equal to reciting the entire Vishnu Sahasranama (the thousand names of Vishnu). In this fast moving world, even if we have no time to sit and do ‘japa’ (meditation) or ‘tapa’ (penance), just singing or uttering the word ‘Rama’ during the course of our daily routine is sure to give us immense moral strength and peace of mind.

    [source: carnatica]

  158. gayathri Says:

    thank u so much for the lyrics..i am grateful to u sir..

  159. gayathri Says:

    hello rk sir..can u pls send me the lyrics of “kandena udupiya krishnana ” song
    thank u so much ..

    • rk Says:

      kaMDe naa uDupiya kRUShNana

      kaMDe naa uDupiya kRUShNana bU
      maMDaladoLage uddaMDa mohipana

      suttu nadiya kaMDe suryana prabhe kaMDe
      allidda madhwa sarovarava kaMDe
      madhvamatada aShTamunigaLa kaMDe
      prasiddavaagiruva SrI uDupiya kRUShNana kaMDe

      samudrava naa kaMDu snaanadhigaLa maaDi
      chaMdramoulIShvarana charaNakeragi
      A mEle naa baMdu anaMtteshvarana kaMDu
      hanumantana paaDi manadi nillisi

      uMgura uDudaara uDigejjegaLA naa kaMDE
      raMgu maaNikyada navaratnada maale kaMDe
      dhim dhimi dhimikeMdu kuNiva kRUShNana kaMDe naanu
      puraMdaravittalana paada kamalava kaMDe

  160. gayathri Says:

    thank u so much thank u so so u u have all the songs…great!!keep it up the good work.thanks sir..

  161. gayathri Says:

    hello sir..can i listen the audio of dasara padagalu….

  162. Sughosh Nagendra Says:

    Hari Om,

    Very impressive and enlightening posts. I remember some verses of a composition by Purandaradasa that my late father used to chant at the end of his morning pooja rituals every single day. This used to be sort of a ALARM to me and my brother tht we need to get up soon !!!

    I am trying to get hold of the complete composition. I am scribing down of whatever I remember. Any helping post is always welcome. Here goes the composition (This post is NOT BARAHA compliant and may show up strange characters if transliterated)…

    Jaya mangalam nitya shubha mangalam…

    Srivatsa laannchanage ksheerabdhivaasage
    Govardhanoddhaara Govindage |
    Maava kamsanaa kondu makarakundaladharisi
    Jeevaatmanaada chinmaya roopanige ||

    Ambudhiya shayanage akhila bhooteshage
    Tumburu Naaradaa munivandyage |
    Yembattunaalakku laksha yoni gala raashiyanu
    Gombeyanaagi maadi kunisuva devanige ||

    Kandarpa nayyanige koti laavanyanige
    Sundara mooruti Hari Sarvottamanige |
    Kanda Prahallada naa kaayida Devanige ||

    Pannanga shayanage paavanna charutage
    Sannutaraada sajjanapaalage |
    Yennodeya sreedeviyarasa muddu rangage
    Tanna nambida varna sulabhabhage ||

    Kariraaja varadage karuna samudrage
    Garudaga mananiga vaibhava haarage |
    Vara Purandara Vittala kambu kandaranige ||

    Jaya Mangalam Nitya Shubha Mangalam…

    I know that someone will have the composition and am making an attempt to see if Tatvavaadi’s on this platform can bail me out the existing predicament..

    Abhramam Bhangarahitam Ajadam Vimalam Sadaa |
    AnandaTeertha Matulam Bhaje Taapatrayaapaham ||

    Jyaana Vairaagya Sampannam Bhakthi Maarga Pravartakam |
    Purandaragurum vande Daasashrestham Dayaanidhim ||

    Naasti Naaraayana Samam Na Bhootam Na Bhavishyati… Na MaadhavaSamo Devo Na Cha Nadhwa Samo Guruhu….

    Nimma Vishwaasi,

  163. Sughosh Nagendra Says:

    Hari Om,

    Very impressive and enlightening posts. I remember some verses of a composition by Purandaradasa that my late father used to chant at the end of his morning pooja rituals every single day. This used to be sort of a ALARM to me and my brother tht we need to get up soon !!!

    I am trying to get hold of the complete composition. I am scribing down of whatever I remember. Any helping post is always welcome. Here goes the composition (This post is NOT BARAHA compliant and may show up strange characters if transliterated)…

    Jaya mangalam nitya shubha mangalam…

    Srivatsa laannchanage ksheerabdhivaasage
    Govardhanoddhaara Govindage |
    Maava kamsanaa kondu makarakundaladharisi
    Jeevaatmanaada chinmaya roopanige ||

    Ambudhiya shayanage akhila bhooteshage
    Tumburu Naaradaa munivandyage |
    Yembattunaalakku laksha yoni gala raashiyanu
    Gombeyanaagi maadi kunisuva devanige ||

    Kandarpa nayyanige koti laavanyanige
    Sundara mooruti Hari Sarvottamanige |
    Kanda Prahallada naa kaayida Devanige ||

    Pannanga shayanage paavanna charutage
    Sannutaraada sajjanapaalage |
    Yennodeya sreedeviyarasa muddu rangage
    Tanna nambida varna sulabhabhage ||

    Kariraaja varadage karuna samudrage
    Garudaga mananiga vaibhava haarage |
    Vara Purandara Vittala kambu kandaranige ||

    Jaya Mangalam Nitya Shubha Mangalam…

    I know that someone will have the composition and am making an attempt to see if Tatvavaadi’s on this platform can bail me out the existing predicament..

    Abhramam Bhangarahitam Ajadam Vimalam Sadaa |
    AnandaTeertha Matulam Bhaje Taapatrayaapaham ||

    Jyaana Vairaagya Sampannam Bhakthi Maarga Pravartakam |
    Purandaragurum vande Daasashrestham Dayaanidhim ||

    Naasti Naaraayana Samam Na Bhootam Na Bhavishyati… Na MaadhavaSamo Devo Na Cha Madhwa Samo Guruhu….

    Nimma Vishwaasi,

  164. Sughosha Says:

    Hari Om,

    I was listening to “Sammishra Upanyaasamaalike” by one of the most revered TATVAVADA exponents of this century. The exponent proudly proclaims that EACH and EVERY composition of PurandaraDasa is a upanishath by itself. He was expanding the inner meaning of one the dasa’s compositions. Incidentally this composition again reminded me of my late father as this was the first song with which his morning rituals would start. I am reproducing that for the benefit of the various Hari Bhaktaas on this platform..

    This post is NOT BARAHA compliant and may show up strange characters if transliterated.…

    Yelayya Belagaayithu.
    Belagaayithu Yelu Naaraayana Yelu Lakshmi Ramama, Yelu Sri Giriya Odeya, Venkatesha..

    Daasarellaru bandu dhooli darshana gondu, Leesaagi kaaladandigeya pididu.. Keshavane nimma siri naamavane smarisuthali, Vaasudevane Udayadali Paaduthiharu…

    Kaasidda Haalugala Kaavadeya Tumbittu,Leesaagi Kene Mosaru Benneyanu Meddu..
    Sheshashayanane Yelu Samudra Mathanava Maadu, Desha Kempaayithelayya Hariye…

    Aralu Mallige Jaajee Parimalada Pushpagala, Suraru tandiharayya Sujanarodeya..
    Aravinda Lochanane Koli Koogithu Kelo, Purandara Vittalane Belagaayithu…

    We should at this time also not loose sight of Acharya Madhwa. This is a reminder that we should not forget that the Daasa Saahitya’s and the Hari Daasaa’s came into existence after Acharya Madhwa incarnated at the behest of the gods to revive TATVAVADA and reinstate the philosophy of HARIREVA PARO HARIREVA GURUHU, HARIREVA JAGATPITRU MAATRU GATIHI. That is why it is aptly said “na maaDhava samO DevO na cha maDhwa samO guruhu” !!!!!

    srimadaananda teertha varade gyaanadaaranya paavake |
    Gyaanadaayini sarveshe Srinivaaseethu me manaha ||

    sri raamam hanoomatsevyam sri krishnam bheema sevitam |
    Sri vyaasam madhwa samsevyam nammami gyaana Siddhaye ||

    Jyaana Vairaagya Sampannam Bhakthi Maarga Pravartakam |
    Purandaragurum vande Daasashrestham Dayaanidhim ||

    Hari Om,

  165. badriram Says:

    Can anyone please tell me the name of a good artist who has sung this song “kandu kandu nee enna….” which is a work of sri purandaasa.

  166. gayathri Says:

    thank u so much mr sughosha ..i know that wed site ..but i need it like album not live one ..anyhow thanks..

  167. rao Says:

    HI, in site having all the information about kaarthikamasam 30 days pooja procedure and having all the other pooja procedures,vrathas also and having for children rhymes, shathakamulu.and sathyanarayana vrathapooja, dhaamodhara, kedhaareshwara, ksheeraabdhi vratha poojas are also English and telugu languages. audio also available for each pooja.
    The Specific Link is
    visit website once.

  168. Mangala Says:

    I need the lyrics for the song Yemanyello Kanenendenabeda Yamne Sri Ramanu Sandheha beda. Please send me this as soon as possible. Thank you.

    • rk Says:

      Raga: sivaranjani

      yamanelli kaaNenendhu hELa bEdaa
      yamanE sri raamanu sandheha bEdaa

      nambida vibeeshanage raamanaada
      nambadidda raavaNage yamanaada

      nambida arjunagE mithranaada
      nambadidda dhuryOdhanagE sathruvaada

      nambida prahlaadhanigE hariyaada
      nambadidda hiraNyagE ariyaada

      nambida ugrasenagE brudhyanaada
      nambadidda kamsanigE shathruvaada

      nambi koLLi bEga sri krishNa dEvana
      kambu chakradhaari sri purandhara vittala

  169. Mangala Says:

    Thank you very much. I would really appreciate if you could send me the meaning of the same song.

  170. neelima Says:

    i am very grateful for lord showing such amazing people in this blog. i was just searching for lyrics n meaning for aaru hitavaru song by purandara das n came across this site.can any one kindly post lyrics n its meaning .actually i am from andhra settled in bangalore and i dont know all of you even i adore devotional song

  171. Anjana Says:

    Dear all,

    This is really a wonderful site. I was just going through this site because, I wanted to learn some Sri.Purandara Dasa songs. I just could not control my excitement as I found many lyrics of Purandara dasa. Thanks for this. I will definetly be visiting this site as I believe in being spiritual.

    Thanks & Regards,

  172. Nagaraju J P Says:

    Dear all,

    This is really a wonderful site.

  173. Srinath Says:

    Dear all
    Vikruthi Nama Samvastrada
    shubashyagalu …..

    Can any one post the lyrics

    1. NanAntha Bhkatharu Anantha Nenge eharu
    Ninantha Swamy enga illa
    2. Raagi thandira…. Bhogya Raagi..
    3. ikkalarada kai enjalu … hoga dasaiah

    • rk Says:

      ragi tandirya

      ragi tandirya bhikshake ragi tandirya
      bhogyaragi yogyaragi bhagyavantaragi nivu

      annadanava maduvaragi anna chatra vanittavaragi
      anya varteya bittavaragi anudina bhajaneya maduvaragi (Ragi)

      maata pitrugala seviparagi paapakaaryava bittavaragi
      jatiyalli migiladavaragi niti margadali khyaataragi

      guru karunyava padedavaragi guruvina marmava tilidavaragi
      srinivasana smarisuvaragi parama punyava maduvaragi

      pranarayara dasaragi daanakendu
      balu hedari intha dina vrutthiyali hinaragi

      pakshamasa vratha maduvaragi pakshi vahanage priyaragi
      kukshiyali kalusha illadavaragi bhikshukaru athi thuchcharagi

      veda puranava tilidavaragi medhiniyaaluvaranthavaragi
      sadhu dharmagala charisuvaragi odhi granthagala panditharagi

      aaru maargava arithavaragi mooru maargava thilidavaragi
      bhuritatvava beredavaragi krurara sangava bittavaragi

      kama krodhava alidavaragi nema nityava maaduvaragi
      aa mahapadaviya sukhisuvaragi premadi kunikunidaduvaragi

      siri ramanana sadaa smarisuvaragi gurutige baahorantavaragi
      kare kare samsarava neeguvaragi purandara vitalana seviparagi

      ikkalare kai enjalu

      ikkalare kai enjalu
      chikka makkalu alutaare hogo daasayya
      maneya saarisutene madake toleyutene
      maneyolagaarilla hogo daasayya

      tanayaru alutaare ninadenu kaatavu
      kshana hotthu nillade hogo daasayya

      attada melana akki tegeyabeku
      hotte noyutalide hogo daasayya
      muttagi iddene maneyolagaarilla
      nishtura maadade hogo daasayya

      veesada kaasige davasava naa tande
      koosige saaladu hogo daasayya
      aasekaara neenu doshakaari naanu
      sheshachalavaasa purandaravitala

  174. Bhaskar bheemarao Says:


    Can anybody help me with the notes of “Tamburi Mitedhava” pls?



    • rk Says:

      Tamburi meetidava

      Tamburi meetidava , bhavaabdhi dhaatidhava
      taalava tattidhava , surarolu seridhava

      Gejjeya kattidhava , khalaredheya mettidhava
      Gaayana paadidhava , hari moorthi nodidhava

      Vittalana nodiva (purandara) vaikuntake odidhava

  175. Dr.Vijay Says:

    For quite some time I have been searching for swaras (and if possible, taala positions) in the great composition of Purandaradasaru, “Innudaya Barade” in Kalyana Vasantha Raaga in Khanda Chapu. Pl post if you have it.

  176. I have already brought out all avlable songs of Thyagaraja, Deekshitar,SyaamaaSaastri, Swaati Tirunaal and a book contains 416 Varnas from 1680 to 2001. Presently all available songs of PurandaraDasa under is under preparation. Like all other books-In Devanagari, Roman diacritical scripts lyrics + SRGM notations for all songs Under the name of Ganamandir Publicatons Door No.16 IndiraNagar, Adyar, Chennai Phone:24413589– Airtel phone:42114686,Book will be released within 2or 3 months time .TKG.

    • Akella Family Says:

      Dear Sri Govinda Rao

      Where can we buy a copy of this wonderful book? We are in the US is it possible to mail us a copy?

      Please advise


      Akella family

  177. I have already published all the avalable songs of Thyagaraja, Deekshta, Syaamaasaasatri, Swaati Tirunaal and a book Varnasaagara cosisting of 416 Varnas fro 1680 o 2001. Now within a month or two the new book namely Compositions of PURANDARADAASA will be released within two or three months time.
    Saptagiri Sangeeta Vidwanmani SangeethaKalanidhi T.K.GovindaRao

  178. Can anybody help me with the notes of “Tamburi Mitedhava” pls?

  179. savita Says:

    Dear Readers if any of the readers can send me the lyrics of
    Sri maha lakumi deviye and
    lakshmi nee baramma manige and
    sri lalite
    I will be very thankful to the sender.

  180. Vijay Says:

    Dear Readers:

    Can anybody post the lyrics and meanings (bhavartha) of:
    1. Maadu Sikkadalla
    2. Yaaru Hithavaru Ninage
    3. Nageyu Baruthide

    I will be grateful to you all.

  181. Champaka Ramachandran Says:

    Could you please post the meaning of Palisemma Muddu Sharade?

  182. Srinath Says:

    Can any one post the lyrics for
    enantha bhakatharu anantha ninega iharu
    ninatha swami yenga illa…

    Many Thanks in advance

  183. commonsense Says:

    Mr Bellur, one small observation; Shri Purandhara Dasaru was born in Pandharpur which is in Maharashtra not in Karnataka; Dasa Sahitya initiated by Purandhara Dasaru is uncannily similar to Abhangas written by Sants like Sant Gyaneshwar, Sant Namdeo, Sant Tukaram and others who were instrumental in introducing what is called Bhakti panth ie worshiping the God through devotional songs rather than blindly following rituals; Abhangas are highly melodious like Devaranama and bring tears in the eyes of listeners. A mutual influence cannot be ruled out.

  184. Shankar Says:

    Can someone provide the complete lyrics of ‘HARI NINNA MACHHISABAHUDU NARARA MECHHISUVUDU BALU KATINA’?


  185. Chithra Says:

    I want the lyrics of Anubhavadhadugeya maadi by Purandaradasar

  186. Chithra Says:

    Can anyone tell me the lyrics of Anubhavadhadugeya maadi by Purandaradasar

  187. vatsala patil Says:

    anybody knows….about ‘udgraha’ ‘jyavaLa’ and abhoga….which we find in haridasa compositions forms…please give e in deatail….plz

  188. punditrao Says:

    I am Lecturer in govt college, chandigarh… i am kannadiga and i have learnt Punjabi so well that i have published book in Punjabi on Akka Mahadevi… my next books are coming on Purandardasru and kanakadasru in Jan 2011…call me or send me mail…09988351695…

  189. rk Says:

    anubhavadadugeya maadi

    anubhavadadugeya maadi
    adakkanubhavigalu bandhu neevella koodi

    tanuvemba bhaandava tholedu
    ketta manada chanchalavemba musureya kaledu
    ghanavaagi maneyannu balidu alli
    minuguva trigunada olegunda nededu

    virakti yembuva madiyuttu
    purna haribhaktiyemba neerannesarittu
    arivemba benkiya kottu
    maya marevemba kaashtava mudadinda suttu

    karunembo saamagri hoodi
    moksha parikaravaadantha paakava maadi
    gurusharanaru savidaadi namma
    purandaravitalana bidade kondaadi


    hari hari ninnanu olisalubahudu

    hari hari ninnanu olisalubahudu
    narajanarolisodu balu kashta
    sari bandante aaduva janarige
    kadetanakiruvudu kali kashta

    summane iddare seraru sakharu
    gamminaathanenthemboru unmayadinda
    bahalannavanundare bhuta praani ivanemboru
    kammyundare kadu lobhiyemboru
    unadiddare rogyaembuvarayya

    summane iddare bahala garuvike aatagembaru
    hora bicchadalu baayibadakanembaru
    aadadiddare mukanembarayya

    ogeda vastravanu shuddhagi hoddare
    nage maasidare hesiyembaru
    hodhiyadiddare hucchanembarayya

    satiyola sangadi soukhyaviddare
    salige kotta kothiyembaru
    vratada naarera sangava bittare
    ariyadiddare daddanembarayya

    dhadabadi iddare tonyanembaru
    teluviddare rogishtanembaru
    galisi galisi dhanavantanaadare
    parara odave kaiseritembaru
    kade haayiso enna katina
    pandarapuradodeya sri purandaravitala kadedorai


    maadu sikkadalla maadina goodu sikkadalla

    maadu sikkadalla maadina goodu sikkadalla
    jodu hendiranji odi hoguvaaga
    gode biddu bayalaayitalla

    eccharagolalilla manave hucchanaadenalla
    acchinolage mecchu mecchinolage acchu
    kiccheddu hoyitalla

    muppu banditalla payasa tappade unalilla
    tuppada bindige tippe mele dhoppane bittalla

    yogavu bantalla baduku vibhagavayitalla
    bhogishayana sri purandaravitalana aaga neneyalilla


    aaru hitavaru ninage mooru mandhigalolage

    aaru hitavaru ninage mooru mandhigalolage
    naariyo dhaariniyo balu dhanada siriyo

    anyarali janisirda anganeya karetandu
    tanna manegavala yajamaaniyenisi
    bhinnavilladalardha dehavenisuva satiyu
    kanninali nodalammalu kaalavashadi

    munna shatakoti raayarugalaalida nelava
    tannadendenuta shasanava baresi
    binnanada manekatti kotekotthalavikki
    chenniganasuvaliye horage hakuvaru

    udyoga vyavahara nrupaseve kushalagati
    kshudratana kalavu paradrohadinda
    buddhiyindale galisi sikkidantharthavanu
    sadyadallaru umbuvar helu manuja

    shokavanu geyyuvaru satisutaru bandhavaru
    jokey thappida balika artha vyartha
    lokadolu galisirdha punyapaapagaleradu
    saakaravagi sangada baahodallade

    asthirada dehavanu necchi nambirabeda
    swashtyadali nene kandya haripaadava
    chittadolu shuddhiyim purandaravitalane
    uttamottamanendu sukhiyagu manuja


    nageyu baruthide engagE

    nageyu baruthide engagE
    nageyu baruthide
    jagadologiruvA manujarella
    hagaraNa mADuvuda kaMDu

    parasatiya oLumegOlidu
    harushadiMda avara beradu
    hariva niRinoLage mulugi
    beralanenisuvara kaMDu

    patiya seve bittu para
    patiya koode sarasavaadi
    satata maiyya toledu halavu
    vratava maalpa satiya kaMDu

    kaama krodha manadolittu
    taanu vishaya punjanaagi
    swami purandaravitalanna
    naama neneyuvavara kaMDu

  190. satish Says:

    very informative and thanks to everybody.

  191. deepa Says:

    Hi.. I will be happy to get lyrics of sri patiyu namage sampadaviyali , vani patiyu namage deergayu kodali

  192. Sudhindra Says:

    Can I know the date of Sri Purandaradasara Punya Dina for 2011?


  193. Shashidhar Says:

    Deepa avare,
    lyrics of sri patiyu namage sampadaviyali , vani patiyu namage deergayu kodali
    Can be obtained from “kirtana sangraha part one” published by Sri Ramakrishna math, basavanagudi, Bangalore

  194. Bagyalakshmi Says:

    hi, i am looking for the lyrics of the song “Bhagyadha lakshmi paaramma”, in english, will you please help me in finding this..

  195. SN Says:

    I want the full lyrics of ‘bida beda sadguna o, baaligadu bhooshana o’

  196. nethra Says:

    i want madi madi yendu song lyrics

  197. raji Says:

    Lyric’s meaning for purandarasa’s song aada hodhale makkalu in suruti raga and kandha chapu tala

  198. MURTHY AMN Says:

    I will be very happy if I can get lyrics and meaning of GUMMANA

    • rk Says:


      rAga: tODi
      tALa: CApu
      racane: shrI puraMdaradAsaru
      gAyana: shrI vidyAbhUShaNa

      gummana kareyadire ammA nInu /pa/
      summane iddEnu ammiya bEDenu
      mammu uNNutEne ammA aLuvudilla /anupa/

      heNNugaLiruvallige avara
      kaNNu mucchuvudillave
      ciNNara baDiyenu aNNana baiyenu
      beNNeya bEDenu maNNu tinnuvudilla / 1 /

      bAvige pOge kaNe amma nAnu
      hAvinoLADe kaNe
      Avina moleyUDe karugaLa biDe nODe
      dEvaraMte oMdu ThAvili kUDuve / 2 /

      magana mAtanu kELi gOpidEvi
      muguLu nage naguta
      jagadoDeyana shrI puraMdara viThalana
      bigidappikoMDaLu mohadiMdalAga / 3 /

      Meaning of the song:

      Oh mother, don’t call the (gumma) bugbear (scarecrow)
      (Gumma- imaginary picture, which mothers used to call to stop
      Crying of a child)
      I will keep quite and don’t ask for breast-milk
      I will accept food and won’t cry.

      I won’t trouble (harass) the girls/young ladies (heNNU)
      I won’t beat small children and don’t scold brother
      I won’t ask butter and won’t eat mud.

      I won’t go to the pond and play with serpents (hAvu)
      I won’t drink milk from cows (Avu) and won’t play with calves
      I will sit in a place like a God.

      Listening to son’s words mother Yashoda (gOpidEvi) with smiling
      hugs (bigidappu) his son (Krishna) with love (mOha) who is master of the Universe (jagadoDeya) Shri Purandara viThala

  199. chandra mouli Says:

    Dear Friends:

    This is a wonderful site with good information on Purandara Dasa lyrics. I understand Telugu
    but I can understand some words of Kannada only. I have heard these compositions sung by the great Sri Sri BMK . I will be grateful if anyone can provide me the complete lyrics and
    meaning for these two songs

    “yarenu maduvaru”

    “niine magane galli”


  200. K. Prakash Says:

    I would be extremely delighted if I could get the lyrics of the song “Sathyavanthirigudu Kalavalla”.


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  202. S L Rao Says:

    Excellent, enormous and all-pervading! Thank you

  203. venkatnathan Says:

    purandara dasa’s works are marvellous

  204. vijayashreekrishnan Says:

    sir i want hittige mela ninthanayya vittalathanu song

  205. shyamala. Says:

    Any one has lyrics for the song neranera ninna balige bandeny prabio
    2ne nudi.Doora doora dooradinda balalibandenai prabho. rachisidavaryaru antha gottilla. If some one can help me i will be happy. Thank you in advance.

  206. Sudhindra Says:

    Does any body has the lyrics “Oora Devara Maadabekanna…” by Sri Purandadasaru. Thanks.

  207. Jyothi Says:


    Naanu modala baarige nimma blog noduthiruvudu. Nimagella thumba vandanegalu.If you know the Lyrics of “HAridasarada upavasada Bhagyavu Kanda kandavarige dorakuvude”. Please thilisi

  208. Mamatha Says:

    Thank u very much for all the people who posted lyrics Please anyone post the lyrics for nambide ninna padava venkataramana song by purandaradasa Mamatha

  209. Mamatha Says:

    can anyone post the lyrics for ‘nanenu madideno venkataramana’

  210. rk Says:

    naanenu maadideno krishnayya

    naanenu maadideno krishnayya
    neenenna salahabeku

    kariraja karesidane
    draupadidevi baredole kaluhidale
    harushadindale rushipatniyu shapava
    pariharisideyallo he swamy

    rakkasatanujanalle prahlada
    chikka prayada druvanu
    sikkida papa maadida ajamila
    ninnakkare magane pelo he swamy

    oppidi avalakkiya krishnayya
    oopenu ninage sri purandaravitalava
    rappante kaayabeko he swamy

  211. rk Says:

    nambide ninna paada nrsmha

    nambide ninna paada nrsmha
    enna bembidade salahayya nrsmha
    hambalisuvenu balu nrsmha
    paada nambidavaranu kaayo nrsmha

    tumburu naradapriya nrsmha
    cheva shambarariya pitane nrsmha
    ambarishana kaayde nrsmha
    jagadambaramanane siri nrsmha

    baala karedalli bandhe nrsmha
    bhakta paalipa dayalu siri nrsmha
    leeleyinda hiranyana kondha nrsmha
    lola siriyarasane nrsmha

    achyutananta govinda nrsmha
    siri sacchidananda mukunda nrsmha
    kicchinandadi bendhe nrsmha
    bhava viccheyinda bidisayya nrsmha

    karimoriyanu keli nrsmha
    balu bharadindodagi bandha nrsmha
    garudavahananaagi nrsmha
    uddharisi kaayideyallo nrsmha

    devara devanu neene nrsmha
    bere kaavaranu kaanenayya nrsmha
    bhaavajanayyane siri nrsmha
    ninna seveya paalisi kaayo nrsmha

    thandhe thaayi guru daiva nrsmha
    enna bandhu balagavu neene nrsmha
    kundhu hecchu nodabeda nrsmha
    purandaravitala kaayo nrsmha

  212. rk Says:

    harivaasadupavaasada bhagyavu

    harivaasadupavaasada bhagyavu
    kanda kandavarige dorakuvude
    hiridu janmagalinda hariya naaraadhipa
    parama bhaagavata bhaktarigallade

    snaana sandhyaana modalaada karmanyonada paparashi
    henu nona iruve modalaada praniya himseya papangalu
    heenatvadinda tucchara kaili hidida durdaanada papangalu
    bhanu bimbava kanda himadante tolaguva anandavratake sariyennabahude

    parasatiyara nodi manavitta papavu paradushane papavu
    parahimseya maadi avara vastugalannu apaharisida papavu
    paramatmana pogaluva naligeyalli narara pogaluva papavu
    hariya mariya kanda kariya sanghagalante duritakotigalannu pariharisuvantha

    aaduva anrutha vakyagalinda sambhavaguva papangalu
    aadabaarada dinagalali stree goshtiyanaadida papangalu
    bedabaradantha varava kodu endu bedida papangalu
    kadugicchanu kanda khaga mrigatatiyante odisutiruvantha uttama vratavu

    toruva dasami dwadashiyemba samputaakaaradindoppuva haridinavu
    mooru dinada vrata naalku hottina aahaaravu varjitavu
    narayanana daasara sanghadodane jaagara maadi sri hariya kondaaduva

    atishaya dinadalli devarishi tarpana varjitavu
    prati varushadali aacharisuva tayi-tande tithigalelle varjyavu
    satatavu maaduva yagnapurushanigaahutigalellavu varjyavu
    itaravaada bhogadasegalellava varjisutali viravratavanaacharisuva
    otthi baruva paapangaligella inthidu paksha prayashchittavu
    uttamavaada halavu vratagaligintha uttamavaagihudu
    chittashuddhiyannitthu jnanavairaagyaadi mukti sadhanaveehudu
    muktige sopana tarani bhavabdhige hariya sannidhige heddariya toruva

    halavu puranagalodhi shastrangala tilidu kelidarenu
    halavu punyateertha nadhanadhigalalli snaanamadidarenu
    halavu vratangalacharisi danangala tilidu madidarenu
    halavu daivagalodeya purandaravitalana olumeya vratake sariyenabahude

  213. rk Says:

    oora devara maadabekanna

    oora devara maadabekanna tannolage thaane
    oora devara maadabekanna
    oora devara maadirendu saarutive sruti smrutigalu
    dwaaragalombatthu mucchi nillisi dhyaana bhrumadhyadi

    eshtu yugagalu teerihoyitanna devara maadade
    kashtadinda nonde kaananna

    ashtadalada kambha nillisi
    nashta baruva kaaladalli
    ketta daivakkagi neenu
    dushta konana shirava taridu

    naane embo meke hotanna
    adakke thakka jnaanavemba potarajanna
    thaane embo bhalle hididu
    heena hothina seeli bisutu
    jnaana gudisalu soregondu thaane belago jyoti nillisi

    kartavyavembo klesha kuriyanna
    adanna thandu katti thaleyane kuttabedanna
    ashta vidhada kurigalannu
    katti thaleyane chendanaadi
    hutti tirugo koliyannu kutti churi haakutali

    naale noduvenennabedanna
    kelanna ninna baaluyentho neene nodanna
    naale naadadu endu heege
    baaluva kaaldai yamanu kolipilleyaaduvaaga
    haali haddinante oyyuva

    hendaru makkalu sullanna
    kelanna ninna mande tumba balaga kaananna
    thundanaada yamanu bandhu
    mande mele hoyyuvaaga
    hendaru makkalu ninna kandu kandu bidisodilla

    matte hennina noduveyallo
    nee galisidantha butthiyanne umbuveyallo
    mrutyuvina baayige ni thutthu aagi hogabeda
    thotthaagi guruvige nitya
    uttama seveyannu maadu

    mundhe intha janma kaananna
    baarado ninage mandhamatiyu aagabedanna
    hindina kashtadakkinta mindhina hemmeya marethu
    thande purandara vittalanna
    hondhi neenu mukthanaago

  214. rk Says:

    madi madi madiyendu

    madi madi madiyendu adigadigharuve
    madi maaduva bage beruntu
    podavi paalakana paadadhyaanavanu
    bidade maaduvudadu madiyu

    batteya neerolagaddi onagisi
    uttukondare adhu madiyalla
    hotteyolagina kama krodha mada matsara
    bittu nadedare adhu madiyu

    dashami dwadashi punya dinadali
    vasudevasutananu pujisade
    doshakanjade pararanna
    bhunjisi yamapashake silukuvudadu madiye

    hasidu bhusuraru madhyanha kaalake
    kusidu manege balaluta bandare
    masanigondu gatiyillavendu
    thaa hasanaagi umbodu holemadiyu

    iccheyinda malemutra sharirava
    necchi toleyalu adhu madiye
    achtyutanantana namava nenedu
    sanchita kalevudu adhu madiyu

    hiriyara gurugala haridasarugala
    charanakeragi balu bhaktiyali
    paripalisu endu purandaravitlana
    hagalu irulu smarisividu madiyu

  215. rk Says:

    satyavantarigidu kaalavalla

    satyavantarigidu kaalavalla
    dushtajanarige subhikshakaala

    harismarane maaduvage kshayavaguva kaala
    parama paapigalige subhikshakaala
    sthiravaada pativrateya pararu nindipa kaala
    dharege jaareyala kondaaduva kaala

    upakaara maadidare apakarisuva kaala
    sakalavu tilidavage durbhiksha kaala
    patisutaru embavara nambalariyada kaala
    sateyallavide vipareeta kaala

    dharma maaduvage nirmulavaaguva kaala
    karmeepaatakarige bahu saukhya kaala
    nirmalatmaka siripurandaravittalana
    marmadolu bhajisalariyada kaalavayya

  216. samaganam Says:

    Ok,think I am on the wrong post because most of the readers are discussing in kannada.But I also think that sri purandhara dasa was a great saint.India is blessed to have given birth to these saints.I did not read any books but through MS amma’s songs,I could understand his greatness.So you read philosophy also sir?I cannot read even Bhagavad Gita,But as you mentioned,everyone has their own way of seeing God.But nice to listen to philosophy from ramki sir.Did not read the entire post,will do it pretty soon.There is no dearth of knowledge in your blog.

    Ramki sir,do not want to miss an opportunity to wish you a happy new year.May you write more and more of these wonderful articles,may we all have the opportunity to read these free and wonderful e-books everyday.


  217. Mamatha Says:

    lyrics for “kappu ennalu bedavo” purandaradasa song

  218. Mamatha Says:

    pl any one help to get the lyrics for the following songs

    Kanninolage nodo hariya
    krishnamurthy kanna munde
    devaki nandana hari vasudeva
    kappu ennalu bedavo
    istu papagala madide saku

  219. samaganam Says:

    Sir,read the entire article.Actually I think all these wonderful saints who adorned this wonderful country,were predominantly from the Bhakti movement period between 14-17 centuries predominantly as I can observe it from wikipedia.Probably because of the instability that India was facing from the foreign rulers or the wave of bhakti triggered by great saints like surdas and meera.I must say meera’s bhakti and chaitanya maha prabhu’s invigorating ecstatic praises of krishna.There are so many similarities actually.
    But I think atleast to salvage our country,we need another wave of Bhakti movement.Please correct me if I provided wrong info anywhere.

  220. Divya Srivatsan Says:

    hello all,

    pls upload the lyrics of this song and also send me this song in mp3 format to my email address pls thank u waiting for ur response!!! i want the songs paal vennai thirudiya kanna kanna, kaiya thoro karunegalarasa, janarthana nanda bala songs etc.,

    best regards,
    divya srivatsan…

    • rk Says:

      dear divya,
      thanks for visiting RwB.
      uploading the below song.

      kaiyya thoro karunigalarasane

      kaiyya thoro karunigalarasane kaiyya thoro
      kaiyyali thumba benne koluva kaiyya
      anguliyolu honnunguravitta kaiyya
      angaiyyali dhwaja padmarekheya kaiyya

      shrungarada shankha chakrava pidida kaiyya
      anganeyara kuchakumbhavadolirisida kaiyya
      gollara maneyolu benneya kaddha kaiyya
      mallige jaaji thurubinolitta kaiyya

      khilla putani asuvane heerida kaiyya
      mellane kubujeya donkanu thiddhida kaiyya
      kadu hiranyaakshana odalane seelida kaiyya
      dhruda prahladana shiradolitta kaiyya

      bada braahmananavalakkiya bedida kaiyya
      kode maadi giri etthi gova kaayda kaiyya
      baliyanu vanchisi daanava maadida kaiyya
      olidu paarthage saarathya maadida kaiyya

      lalanege paarijathava thandittha kaiyya
      maletha kshtriyakulavane savarida kaiyya
      baanaasurana baahugalarida kaiyya
      bhaanuva mare maadi bhaavana kaayida kaiyya

      ekadhwaniyali kolalanudida kaiyya
      aa kaalingana hidideledantha kaiyya
      aakaashadallidda chandrana thorida kaiya
      srikantha guru purandaravitala kaiyya

  221. samaganam Says:

    rk sir,dont know if you are watching all the comments or not.Have some questions,can I ask them?

    • rk Says:

      big bro is watching u! 😉 go ahead!

      • samaganam Says:

        sir,thanks!what are these trackbacks…. and all these
        messages.Just want to know about them
        My Homepage pinged 19 hours ago:
        … [Trackback]…

        […] There you will find 68246 more Infos: […]…
        like these messages…

  222. veena Says:

    I want Kannada Script for Pandarapura vemba Dodda Nagara – kruti by Sri Purandara Dasaru


    I am Akshata Prakash. I have been learning Bharatanatyam Dance for long…I really loved seeing this site… could anyone send me the meaning of the song- ” SATYAVANTARIGIDU KAALAVALLA, DUSHTAJANARIGE SUBHIKSHAKAALA”

  224. rk Says:

    Thanks for visiting RwB, Akshata. Here’s the song you wanted, re-posting for you!

    satyavantarigidu kaalavalla

    satyavantarigidu kaalavalla
    dushtajanarige subhikshakaala

    harismarane maaduvage kshayavaguva kaala
    parama paapigalige subhikshakaala
    sthiravaada pativrateya pararu nindipa kaala
    dharege jaareyala kondaaduva kaala

    upakaara maadidare apakarisuva kaala
    sakalavu tilidavage durbhiksha kaala
    patisutaru embavara nambalariyada kaala
    sateyallavide vipareeta kaala

    dharma maaduvage nirmulavaaguva kaala
    karmeepaatakarige bahu saukhya kaala
    nirmalatmaka siripurandaravittalana
    marmadolu bhajisalariyada kaalavayya


      Sir..thank u for sending the song satyavantarigidu kaalavalla but could u please help me by sending the meaning of this song??? I badly want to know the meaning of it properly in detail..i would be grateful if u could help me out..:)

  225. vinay Says:

    Hi all,

    if any of you have english-translations of dasaru krutis, please post them here. it will be of great help!!.


    Regards, Vinay.

  226. rocky Says:

    Dilution of caste system will bring justice to the works of Sri Purandara and Sri Kanaka Dasa. Other wise it is jus lolalotte……lolalotte…………….

  227. rocky Says:

    Dear Young Indians, first bring down the caste system before adoring the works of great people, and paying tributes to great souls

  228. pl. send me the song “Naa munde ranga” and “neene dayalu” thank u friends.

  229. sharath Says:

    can anyone help me to get the lyrics for few purandara das kirthana

  230. Lashman Says:

    nA munde ranga nI enna. rAgA: kAmbhOji. jhampe tALA.

    P: nA munde ranga nI enna hinde endendu ninna nAmava endambe
    C1: anAthanu nAnu enage bandhu nInu hInanu nAnu dayavanta nInu
    dhyAna mantranu nInu dhyAnisuvanu nAnu jnAna gamyanu nInu ajnAni nAnu
    2: surataruve nInu bala bhayasuvanthava nAnu suradhEnu nInu karadumbe nAnu
    vara cintAmaNi nInu pari cintisuve nAnu sharadhi kSIrane nInu taraLanu nAnu
    3: ondaroLondondu avaguNava hondide kandanendettiko salaho bEga
    tande purandara viTTalarAya nI bandenna manadali nali nalidADu

    nInE dayALO nirmala. rAgA: Anandabhairavi. aTa tALA.

    P: nInE dayALO nirmala citta gOvinda nigama gOcara mukunda
    A: jnAnigaLarasa nInallade jagakinnu mAnadindali kAiva doregaLe nA kANe
    C1: dAnavAntaka dIna jaana mandArane dhyAnipara mana sancArane
    maunanAdenu ninna dhyAnandadi Iga sAnurAgadi kAyO sanakAdi vandyane
    2: bage bageyali ninna nutipenO nagadhara khagapati vAhanane
    maguvina mAtendu naguta kELi nInu bEgadindali kAyO sAgara shayanane
    3: mandaradhara aravinda lOcana ninna kandanendaNisO enna
    sandEhavEkinnu svAmi mukundane bandenna kAyO shrI purandara viTTalane

    I have a large number of Purandaradasa songs in the format shown above. Also have songs by other composers.
    Please post your requests.

    • rk Says:

      thank for contributing, lakshman!

      great to know you have a large coolection.

      if you read up the comments, there are quite a few requests.

      will be really helpful if you can post the lyrics for those compositions.

      thanks in advance.

      best wishes

      • Keerthi Says:

        The other day I was going through the lyrics of “Hari Chitta Satya” and something struck me which I thought I will post on this group for views from others. If one goes by some of the compositions of Sri Purandaradasa, one can see a thrust towards the Bhakti maarga to attain mukti. Apart from the ones that praise the Lord, he has plodded mankind in general to adopt devotion in some form or the other in one’s daily life. Compositions like “Krishna enabaarade”, “kaliyugadali hari naamava nenedare”, etc., belong in this category. There are some in which he laments the fact that we do not make time to recite Hari naama in compositions like “Hari Hari ennalikke hottu illa”. What struck me about Hari Chitta Satya was the “cause-effect” and more so the negative drift of the composition. I find it difficult to believe that the great saint would go on to tell people that Hari Chitta may actually be detrimental, in fact, I strongly believe he would be singing exactly the opposite. “Nambi kettavarillavo” is as far as I have seen him go. I had once read somewhere that some of the compositions of Purandaradasa may not have been actually composed by him. Just by using his ankita, it got ascribed to him. The case in point was “Kaagada bandide” and the person said the term Kaagada (meaning post / mail) was not a common parlance during Purandaradaasa’s time. I somehow feel that “Hari Chitta Satya” also may not have been composed by the great saint but by someone who just used the ankita. I like to hear from the readers in this forum if my doubts are valid.

        • rk Says:

          Dear Keerthi, Thank you for dropping by and sharing your thoughts.
          I recall a discussion on the Sangeetham board on the attribution of compositions as follows:
          1) the songs with the ankita, “purandara viThala” were composer by Sri Purandaradasa
          2) the songs with the ankita “tandE siri purandara viThala” were believed to be composed by his sons

          Some musicians say “tande purandaraviThala” and “guru purandaraviTHala” are the Mudres of his sons. But there is some confusion as Purandara Dasaru might have composed some songs with “guru” or “tande” preceding his mudre. Will see if I can get a source that can throw more light on this.

          Purandara Dasaru wants one to awaken from the reverie of a mundane existence of earning, eating, sleeping and enjoying sensual pleasures without a single thought about the above questions. Human birth is all about asking the questions and seeking for the answers through a suitable guru. And for all the people who have been fortunate to be born in Madhva matha , the guru is already there. We have a lineage of gurus , Haridasas and others who have left behind a heritage of volumes of literary works in sanskrit and kannada for the benefit of the sincere seekers. Before making a study of any work if one surrenders to the mahAtma who had the inspiration to write it then the Lord is sure to grace one with sujNAna that can be obtained from it. But the underlying condition is complete faith in this lineage and the siddhantha.

          Purandara Dasaru’s muNDige shows the extent to which Dasaru feels about the wastage of a human birth without being used for the enquiry into the cause of creation, the master behind the creation and the extraordinary leelas of the creator. He wants to drive home to the layman the acute necessity for such thirst of knowledge of the Supreme being as advised by the Brahma Sutras.

          He uses vivid metaphors and tries to catch the attention of the sadhaka. Dasaru being a literary master par excellence wanted to and was able to make use of the fact that if one does not understand something said in a straightforward way then sometimes it happens that the animated way of expressing something causes everyone to sit up and listen with open ears.

          A popular Mundige starting, “Mullu koneya mele mooru keraya katti” is a maze of riddles spun by Purandara Dasa. He has composed many such puzzling songs called, ‘Mundige’ (allegory). In mundige the wordings are such that we cannot understand the meaning easily. The songs are full of abstract imagery and one has to ponder over and make out one’s own comprehension of the real theme of the song.

          The Mundige (translation) goes like this:(You can click on the above link to read more about the song in the comments section of the post on Sri Purandara Dasaru)

          “Three ponds were dug in the sharp point of a thorn, out of which two ponds were dry and the third never got filled,

          “Three simpletons came to the unfilled ponds, two of them were lame and the third had no legs at all,

          “Three buffalos were sold to the legless simpletons, two of the buffalos were sterile and the third didn’t have any calf at all,

          “Three sovereigns were paid for the buffalos, two of which were counterfeit and the third was not acceptable,

          “ Three inspectors came to check the sovereigns, two of them were blind and the third did not have eyes at all,

          “Three villages were given as grants to the blind inspectors, two villages were in ruins and the third was deserted,

          “Three potters came to live in the villages, two of them were disabled and the third didn’t have hands at all,

          “Three pots were made by the potters, two of which had holes and the third was bottomless,

          “Three rice grains were cooked in the pots, two of which were spoiled rice and the third didn’t cook at all,

          “Three guests arrived to eat the rice, two of them were on fast and the third was not hungry at all…”

          Purandara Dasa himself concludes this song saying, “Only Purandara Vittala knows the meaning of this and no one else”. Religious commentators give Vedantic meaning to this riddle giving metaphorical reference to human body and soul. But we can make out that the riddle subtly indicates how people live in our society making false promises, deceiving others and priding over useless charity.

  231. Indira Says:


    Can some one plz send me the song bidano neenanu srinivasa…… please

  232. […] are many songs sung by Sri Purandara dAsaru & other HaridAsa koota who have sung on this Navavidha Bhakthi. ‘dAsanna mAdiko […]

  233. Balaji Says:

    plz can anyone post the lyrics of sri vadirajaru’s compositon “sarideno na ninna…………..”

  234. Can anyone give me the “uruThane” lyrics of Shri Vijayadasaru. uruThane is a composition explaining the incidences of wedding after Naagoli . In his Lakshmi shoobaane of Srimad vadirajaru, he explains few of the incidences like Sri Lakshmi Devi herself doing ‘uruTane’ ie a play of newly married couple where in the bride will rub the sandal powder to the body of her husband. (lakshmiramananige madidalu uruTAne), Krishna being tied up to the door by Bhama (bhurinigamava kadda chorana daitana gedda) and complete dashavatara is explained in arathi ie ceremony of waving coloured water or burning lamp.

  235. Also I require the saahitya of the first kannada devaranama ” Hariye Ninagidu sariye” composed by Shri. Narahari theertharu. Mysore Nagamani Sreenath has beautifully sung the composition, but the paragragh with ANKITA is missing. Pl share it.

  236. Sudheendra Says:

    pls give the song lyrics of
    ” taaye kaaye shree hari jaaye..
    taaye kaaye santosha veeye, mooru jaga taaye
    vishnu mana chaaye , bhakuti varaveeye”

    to my mail

  237. samaganam Says:

    Namaste sir,Today being MS amma’s Birthday,I have posted some pictures on my blog Please go over when you get a chance.I only want to be thankful to the wonderful saint of modern times who dispelled several doubts on God and Spirituality without even saying a word but only sang so wonderfully that even the most katika paashana hridayam would melt.
    Thanks sir,
    Great Time

  238. Gopi Says:

    Really good site, talking about the greatest devotee of all times. Please visit for several of his lyrics.

  239. janu Says:

    i need notatios for purandara dasa songs… where can i get it? specially jegatho tarana in kapi…. plz let me know the website

  240. Bharath Says:

    Namaskara to all devotees of Lord Radha Krishna
    Please find the lyrics of song Shobanave Idu Shobanave
    Please excuse any mistakes and correct the same
    Raga: RitiGoula
    Tala: Adi Tala
    Shobanave Idu Shobanave
    Is it Auspicious (For you Lord Krishna) Is It Auspicious
    Vaibhavave Namma Vamana Murthige
    Is it Glorifying For The Image Of Lord Vamana
    Palagadalu Maneyagiralu |
    With the home as the Ocean of Milk Nectar
    Aaladeya Mele Malaguvare ||
    Sleeping on a leaf
    Muurlokava Ninudardolimbittu |
    Keeping the Three Worlds in your Stomach
    Muddu Balakanagi Yettisikombare ||
    Being carried as a lovable infant
    Siri Ninna Kaivashavagiralu |
    When Goddess Sri MahaLakshmi is within your control
    Tirivare Baliya Danava Bedi ||
    Begging King Bali for land
    Sarasijabhava Nimma Puje Madutalire|
    Being worshipped by Brahma seated on the lotus
    Narana Bandiya Bovanaaguvare ||
    Bearing the burden of Mankind
    Kammugolana Pitanagiralu |
    Being the father of Manmatha(one who holds the sugarcane bow)
    Summane Kuchijege Soluvare ||
    Losing Your Divine self to Gopis
    Bomma Muruthi Ninnageneyunte Trijagadi |
    Being worshipped as an idol when your form is infinite
    Hammina Deva Purandara Vittala ||
    O Lord Vittala praised being praised by Purandaradasa

  241. Kanthraj TS, bangalore-97 Says:

    Please get the lyrics of “Sri rama song” – ” Kaliyugadhali Sri ramara nenedhare kulaotigalu Janisuvavo Ranga”…
    Please send it to..Thanks for awesome work / site.

  242. rk Says:

    Ikkalare Kai Enjalu
    rAga– purvi
    tAla- ata

    ikkalAre kai enjalu
    cikka makkaLu aLutAre hOgO dAsayya
    maneya sArisutEna maDake toLeyu tEnE
    Maney oLagyArilla hOgO dAsayya
    tanayaru aLUtAre nina dEnu kATavo
    kSaNa hottu nillade hOgO dAsayya
    aTTaDa mElaNa akki tegeya bEku
    hoTTe nOyuta lide hOgO dAsayya
    muTTAgi iddEne maney oLagyArilla
    niSTUra mADade hOgO dAsayya
    vIsada kAsike davasava nA tande
    kUsige sAladu hOgO dAsayya
    Ase kAra nInu dOSakAriyu nAnu
    shESA cala vAsa purandara viTTala

  243. Says:

    can some one send me Sri Purandaradasara Harikate by Bhadragiri Keshavadasaru or Achutadasaru

  244. Ramya.k Says:

    will you please send information of Purandaradasa in Hindi.

  245. suma Says:

    Namaste to all,
    Pl provide me the lyrics of
    1. Govinda gopala gopika vallabha….
    2. Dundu mukha ulla krishnanna kandira
    3.gopi baalane bahu guNA sheelane….

  246. Tim Says:

    I want Hosa Benne Koduvenu lyrics, if any you have it please send it

  247. archana basrur Says:

    can any one post me lyrics of venu naada baaro venkataramanane baaro of Purandaradasa.

  248. Hello Rk,
    i am soo glad,I came across this wonderful site.
    Kindly tell me which kshetram(temple) was these songs i.e. Pillangoviya & NarayanaNina composed?
    your reply will indeed be of great help.
    Like Jagadodharana was composed in Mallur temple

  249. G.C.Shashidhar Says:

    ಶ್ರೀರಾಮ್ ಕಿ ಅವರೆ,ನಮಸ್ಕಾರಗಳು. ಸುಮಾರು ೮ ವರ್ಷಗಳ ನಂತರ ನಿಮ್ಮ ಈ ಅಂಗಳಕ್ಕೆ ಕಾಲಿಡುತ್ತಿದ್ದೇನೆ.ನೀವು ಹೇಗಿದ್ದೀರಾ? ನನ್ನ ಕೆಲವು ಗೀತೆಗಳನ್ನು ನಿಮ್ಮೊಂದಿಗೆ ಹಂಚಿಕೊಳ್ಳುವ ಮನಸ್ಸಾಯಿತು. ಸಮಾನ ಮನಸ್ಕರ ಜೊತೆಯಲ್ಲಿ ಹಂಚಿಕೊಂಡಾಗ ಉಂಟಾಗುವ ಅನುಭವವೇ ಬೇರೆ.ಈ ಗೀತೆಗಳನ್ನು ನನ್ನ ಜೀವನದಲ್ಲಿ ನಡೆದ ಘಟನೆಗಳ ಆಧಾರದ ಮೇಲೆ ಬರೆದದ್ದು. ನಾನು ಸಾಹಿತಿಯೂ ಅಲ್ಲ, ಸಂಗೀತಜ್ಞನೂ ಅಲ್ಲ. ಆ ಅಸಂಖ್ಯ ಕೋಟಿ ಮಕ್ಕಳ ಮಹಾತಾಯಿಯ ಕೃಪೆಯಿಂದ ಬರೆದದ್ದು.ಹಾಗೆ ಬರೆದ ಗೀತೆಗಳಿಗೆ ರಾಗಸಂಯೋಜನೆಯನ್ನೂ ಮಾಡಿ ಹಾಡಿದ್ದೂ ಅವಳ ಕೃಪೆಯಿಂದಲೇ, ಕೇವಲ ಅವಳ ಕೃಪೆಯಿಂದಲೇ.ರಾಗದ ಹೆಸರು ಗೊತ್ತಿಲ್ಲ,ಆ ರಾಗದ ಸ್ವರಗಳು ಗೊತ್ತಿಲ್ಲ.ತಾಳ ಗೊತ್ತಿಲ್ಲ. ಆದರೂ ರಾಗ ಸಂಯೋಜನೆ ಮಾಡಿ ಹಾಡಿ, ಮನದ ಭಾವನೆಗಳನ್ನು ಅವಳೊಂದಿಗೆ ಹಂಚಿಕೊಳ್ಳುತ್ತೇನೆ.ನನ್ನ ನೊಂದ ಜೀವಕ್ಕೆ,ಮನಕ್ಕೆ ಮುದ ಹಾಗೂ ಸಾಂತ್ವನ ದೊರೆಯುತ್ತಿದೆ. ಹಾಗೆ ಬರೆದ ಒಂದು ಗೀತೆಯನ್ನು ಈ ಕೆಳಗೆ ಬರೆಯುತ್ತಿದ್ದೇನೆ.
    (ಶ್ರೀರಾಮಕೃಷ್ಣರ ನೇರ ಶಿಷ್ಯರಲ್ಲಿ ಒಬ್ಬರಾದ ಸ್ವಾಮಿ ಶಿವಾನಂದರ ವಾಣಿ ನಾನಂದುಕೊಂಡಂತೆ, ನನ್ನ ಅನುಭವಕ್ಕೆ ಬಂದ ವಿಚಾರವನ್ನು ಇಲ್ಲಿ ಹೇಳುವ ಪ್ರಯತ್ನವಿದೆ.ಅವರ ವಾಣಿ:”ಎಲ್ಲವೂ ಜಗನ್ಮಾತೆಯ ಮೇಲೆ ಅವಲಂಬಿತವಾಗಿದೆ. ಆ ಮಹಾಮಾತೆಯು ಕರುಣಪೂರ್ಣಳೆಂದು ತಿಳಿದು, ಅವಳನ್ನು ಮೊರೆಯಿಟ್ಟು ಪ್ರಾರ್ಥಿಸು. ಅವಳಿಗೆ ಇಷ್ಟಬಂದ ಸ್ಥಿತಿಯಲ್ಲಿ ನಿನ್ನನ್ನು ಇರಿಸಲಿ. ಆ ಸ್ಥಿತಿಯಲ್ಲಿದ್ದುಕೊಂಡೇ ಕಲ್ಮಶರಹಿತವಾದ ಆನಂದವನ್ನು ಹೊಂದುವೆ.”)
    ರಾಗವನರಿಯೆನು ತಾಳವನರಿಯೆನು
    ಹಾಡಿಹೆನಾದರೂ ನಾ ಅಚ್ಚರಿಯಲ್ಲಿ
    ಏನದು ನಿನ್ನಯ ಲೀಲೆಯೊ ತಾಯಿ ||೧||

    ಹಾಡಿಹೆನಂದು ದೈನ್ಯದಲಿ
    ದೀನಗೆ ನೀನೇ ಗತಿಯೆಂದು
    ನಿನ್ನಯ ಚರಣಕೆ ನಮೋ ಎಂದು ||೨||

    ಕರುಣದಿ ಪಾಲಿಸುತಿಹೆಯಾ ತಾಯಿ
    ಹಾಡಿಸಿ ಪ್ರೇಮದಿ ನೀನಿಂದು
    ಏನದು ಕರುಣೆಯೋ ಕರುಣಮೂರ್ತೆ ||೩||

  250. G.C.Shashidhar Says:

    ಬಹಳ ವರ್ಷಗಳ ಹಿಂದೆ ನಾನು ಗೋವಿಂದನ ಕುರಿತಾಗಿ ಒಂದು ಗೀತೆಯನ್ನು ಬರೆದು, ಹಾಡಿದೆ. ಆದರೆ ಹುಟ್ಟಿನಿಂದ ಶಿವ ಪೂಜಕರ ಕುಟುಂಬದಲ್ಲಿ ಜನಿಸಿದ ನಾನು ಶಿವನ ಕುರಿತಾದ ಒಂದೂ ಗೀತೆಯನ್ನು ರಚಿಸಿ ಹಾಡಲಿಲ್ಲವಲ್ಲ ಎಂಬ ಒಂದು ಭಾವನೆ ನನ್ನ ಮನದ ಮೂಲೆಯಲ್ಲಿ ಕುಳಿತಿತ್ತು.ಅದೇನೂ ಗಂಭೀರವಾದ ಭಾವನೆಯೇನೂ ಆಗಿರಲಿಲ್ಲ. ಆ ಅಸಂಖ್ಯ ಕೋಟಿ ಮಕ್ಕಳ ಮಹಾತಾಯಿಯ ಕೃಪೆಯೋ ಅನ್ನುವ ಹಾಗೆ, ಕಳೆದ ವರ್ಷ ಶಿವರಾತ್ರಿಗೆ ಕೆಲ ದಿನಗಳ ಮುಂಚೆ ಒಂದು ರಾಗದೊಂದಿಗೆ ಗೀತೆಯೊಂದು ಮನದಲ್ಲಿ ಮೂಡಿತು.ಅದನ್ನು ಈ ಶಿವರತ್ರಿಯ ದಿನದಂದು ನಿಮ್ಮ ಮುಂದೆ ಇಡುತ್ತಿದ್ದೇನೆ.ನನ್ನ ಸ್ನೇಹಿತರ ಅಭಿಪ್ರಾಯದಂತೆ ನನಗೆ ಸ್ಫುರಿಸಿದ ರಾಗ, ದರ್ಬಾರಿ ಕಾನಡ.
    ಶಂಕರನೆ ಶಿವಶಂಕರನೆ
    ಕರುಣಾಕರನೆ ನಮೋ ನಮೋ ||ಪ||
    ರಕ್ಷಿಸು ರಕ್ಷಿಸು ಅನವರತ
    ರಕ್ಷಿಸು ಎಮ್ಮನು ಅನವರತ ||ಅ.ಪ.||
    ಚಂದ್ರಚೂಡ ಮದನಾಂತಕ
    ಗಂಗಾಧರನೆ ನಮೋ ನಮೋ ||೧||
    ಚಂದ್ರಧರನೆ ಭವಭಯಹರನೆ
    ನಂದಿವಾಹನನೆ ನಮೋ ನಮೋ ||೨||
    ಪನ್ನಗಭೂಷಣ ಪರಮಶಿವ
    ಪಾರ್ವತಿರಮಣ ನಮೋ ನಮೋ ||೩||
    -ಮಹಾ ತಾಯಿಯ ಸೇವೆಯಲ್ಲಿ,

  251. Dr.S.Suresh Says:

    This is one of the best blogs that is worth reading and enjoying the greatness of Belur Purandara Dasa

  252. Srividya Says:

    Hi! I am a bharatanatyam dancer. I saw a beautiful dance today composed to a dasara krithi “aadu kodhalle makkalu”.
    Can anyone get me the lyrics for this? I am unable to get it in any website.

    • rk Says:

      Ada hOdalle. rAgA: suraTi. khaNDacApu tALA.

      P: Ada hOdalle makkaLu Adi kombuvaru nODamma
      A: nODi nODi enna mukahva nODi kaNNU mITuvaramma
      C1: dEvaki hettaLande vasudEvanembuva pitanante
      kAvalli huTTidenante mAvaganjilli tandarante
      2: viSavu tumbida moleyanuNDu asureya nA kondenante
      nishicara shakaTAsurana shishugAlilorasidenante
      3: nInenna haDEdillavante nA ninna maganallavante
      dhEnu kAyuvarillavendu sAnurAgati salahideyante
      4: kicca nA gaDa nungidenante vatsAsurana keDahidenante
      kacca banda kALingana koccalu dhumikidenante
      5: haddu enna vAhananante hAvu enna hAsigeyante
      kaddu beNNeya nA tindenante muddu purandara viTTalanante

  253. yogitha sathish Says:

    Good information

  254. Sushma Says:

    I have some songs in this website. I am yet to add a lot more.,

  255. RSR Says:

    I am from tamilnad. . I have heard some records of Purandharadasa kruthis sung by M.S.SUBBULAKSHMI. I want some one to give tamil translation of the following songs. ( rough translation will do) 1) Naaneka Badavanu ( behag) 2) dhasanamadiko enne ( nathanamakriya? ) 3) jagadhodharanha ( kafi) 4) bagyada lakshmi

  256. Urval Says:

    Can someone please explain the “,bhavaartha’ of the krithi, hendathi prana hinduthi. There must more than just complaints about wife.

  257. Bharath Kumar Says:

    can any one please provide the kannada lyrics of “bandu nintiha nodi- Bhootaladi venkata indireya vodagoodi”

  258. Raghu Prasad Says:

    Sir, I need istu papagala madidu saaku MP3 song. Can u plz send to my mail id or draft to

  259. Rajaram Shenoy Says:

    Dear Sri Bellur, Thank you for your blog.
    From what I have read and heard, Purandara Dasa was born in Udupi and was a gold merchant there. He was urged by Lord Krishna to go to Pandarapur, where he was tested and his devotion shown to the world just as Kanaka later on in Udupi. The prefabs for his transformation came through his wife’s nose ring story you have posted.
    In Pandarapur, where the deity is Vittala, compositions came to him by Vittala’s grace (Tukaram, Gyaneshwar, Gora Kumbar and many other Bhakti Panthis also achieved Self realization there). Then he returned to Udupi.
    On account of that Srimad Vyasa Raya Swamiji named him Purandara Dasa.

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