Customer Care in 2020

February 8, 2007

Received a mail containing this hilarious joke. Sharing it with you. 

Operator : “Thank you for calling Pizza Galaxy Kholi . May I have your…”

Customer: “Hello, can I order..”

Operator : “Can I have your multi purpose card number first, Sir?”

Customer: “It’s eh…, hold…….. ..on….. .889861356102049

Operator : “OK… you’re… Mr Singh and you’re calling from 43rd Floor, Akask View Apt, Cantt Road, …….. Your home number is 4094! 2366, your office 76452302 and your mobile is 0142662566. Which number are you calling from now Sir?”

Customer: “Home! How did you get all my phone numbers?

Operator : “We are connected to the system Sir”

Customer: “May I order your Seafood Pizza…”

Operator : “That’s not a good idea Sir”

Customer: “How come?”

Operator : “According to your medical records, you have high blood pressure and even higher cholesterol level Sir”

Customer: “What?… What do you recommend then?”

Operator : “Try our Low Fat Hokkien Mee Pizza. You’ll like it”

Customer: “How do you know for sure?”

Operator : “You borrowed a book entitled “Popular Hokkien dishes” from the National Library last week Sir”

Customer: “OK I give up… Give me three family size ones then, how much will that cost?”

Operator : “That should be enough for your family of 10, Sir. The total is Rs2249.99”

Customer: “Can I pay by credit card?”

Operator : “I’m afraid you have to pay us cash, Sir. Your credit card is over the limit and you owe your bank Rs10,720.55 since October last year. That’s not including the late payment charges on your housing loan, Sir.”

Customer: “I guess I have to run to the neighbourhood ATM and withdraw some cash before your guy arrives”

Operator : “You can’t Sir. Based on the records, you’ve reached your daily limit on machine withdrawal today”

Customer: “Never mind just send the pizzas, I’ll have the cash ready. How long is it gonna take anyway?”

Operator : “About 45 minutes Sir, but if you can’t wait you can always come and collect it on your scooter.. .”

Customer: ” What!”

Operator : “According to the details in system, you own a Lambretta 1969 Vintage Scooter,…registration number USE 8999…”

Customer: ” ????”

Operator : “Is there anything else Sir?”

Customer: “Nothing… by the way… aren’t you giving me that 3 free bottles of cola as advertised?”

Operator : “We normally would Sir, but based on your records you’re also diabetic…. … ”

Customer: $Mj#PX*

Operator : “Better watch your language Sir. Remember on 11th Nov 1986 you were convicted for using abusive language on a policeman who stopped you for driving through a one way, in fact you were driving a 1973 Ambassador bearing registeration number UTD 4267…….

Customer: [Faints]

15 Responses to “Customer Care in 2020”

  1. travelsaga Says:

    That’s hilarious. Good one RK.

  2. Das Brain Says:

    Ha Ha Haaaaa 🙂
    Love that joke, it was funny. Actually that is not far from today, where companies knows more about you than yourself or your family.

    Thanks for sharing this funny joke. Made me laugh, needed it.

    Das Brain

  3. praneshachar Says:

    laugh laugh laugh
    laughter is the best medicine they say
    you have provided this to me right in the morning
    no doubt thing may be like that in the future
    you identity is by nos. and so on no human relationship
    and I don’t know where this will take you
    we have all read man is a social animal if you become a
    machine like gadget what will be where we will

    very good morning to all

  4. Vani Says:

    🙂 🙂

    Too good….warning of days to come!

    Maybe someday in 2020, reading this, someone will say, Omigod! someone had told about this way back in 2007!

  5. M O H A N Says:


    Rk it may become reality and am NOT laughing at it. Hope they dont replace pizzas with some nutritional pill which will be “finger delivered”.

  6. TSSM Says:

    A good one.
    In fact we may get all our personal information from others.

    Humans are born free
    but then on totally caged.

    In this case ‘completely wired’

  7. some body Says:

    not that this is not funny, but the original version (circulated in the internet a couple of years ago) is much funnier. it is in a video format that is really really hilarious.

    – s.b.

  8. decemberstud Says:

    LOL…had a verrry nice laugh !!!

  9. Diya Says:

    LOL 🙂

  10. praneshachar Says:

    when it becomes reality you can not laugh so atleast now we can yenathiri

  11. M O H A N Says:


    Yes sir laughbitte!

  12. Veena Says:

    Good one!! Bellur.. en tumba busy na.. ? Not to be seen these days ??
    Arasu movie review haaktheera ankondidde elli saaaaaaaaar?

  13. rk Says:

    it was nice meeting you all on jan. 27th.
    matthe siguva.
    arasu nodadra neevu? title chanagide.

  14. Sanjay M Says:

    ha ha Bellur reminds me of Marshall Brain’s Manna

  15. Veena Says:

    naanelli arasu nodli saar. avattu 27th dina free tickets sigtu andralla.. MTR rave idli miss maadi nodidralla so adu 🙂

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