February 13, 2007

February Nineteenthu
Shuru aagatthe MINCHu
Serial nodadavarige
Tharuvudidu innondu FLINCHu
Nodabeku, Minchu hondideya
TNS ravara PUNCHu

Hit aadare MINCHu
Prekshakaru TV mundhe
Alladalla ondhu INCHu
Flop adare MINCHu
Producer jebige
Aaguvudu bhari PINCHu

Ishtu bareyuva hotthige
Aaithu time for LUNCHu
But nanna suputra
Hididukondu Key-BUNCHu
Nadesuttiddane SANCHu
To eat fridgenalli iruva MUNCHu

– RK

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26 Responses to “‘Minchu’”

  1. M O H A N Says:

    Living up to your reputation bellur!!!

    I have given up minchu for the way TNS has loaded it with Learning artists.

    Manthana seems to be a good series coming up with known faces.

  2. Veena Says:

    Ondu serial naadru nodoNa TV li.. 9pm slot kashTa.. 11pm ge retelecast aadre okay..
    Janare, pls blog nalli update maadi so that we can track there.

    Bellur, sakkattagide PunchU & ManchU… alli banda namma balamitrana ChinchU, kitkoLLOkke nimma ManchU 🙂

  3. Vani Says:

    No Mohan, almost all of them are TNS regulars…one person is a new comer, as such, she’s new to TNS family, but she’s acted in a couple of other soaps.

    Bellur, wah wah wah…..

    As usual, a super piece. Keep them coming!

  4. praneshachar Says:

    wah!! wah!! wah!! super sakkath agide bellur

    Minchu initial episodesnalli mukta characters yaru irolla antha
    ravindranath (mukta fame priyadarshini’s father) helidru
    they will all enter later. this is to ensure that no mukta hangovers are carried and viewr’s are tuned with new characters.

    minch hodiyali minchu minchinanthe minchali

  5. usha Says:

    wah ustad wah,

    so feb 19th indha muktha balaga full benchu , watch..isalu.. minchu

    saagali nimma adbutha kavithva…

  6. TSSM Says:

    No matter what, TNS serials
    are a perfect CLINCH u
    where viewers would
    be taken on a WINCH u
    where the viewers
    would definitely SQUINCH u
    all because TNS has got
    a terrific HUNCH u

    Let MINCH u in saNNathere
    be a KOLMINCH u

  7. rk Says:

    😀 bombaataagide!

  8. praneshachar Says:

    ditto bellur olleya composition
    bellur nivu sakkatagi minchitidira

  9. decemberstud Says:

    Adare RK
    MINCHU ge tuMba hoTTe KICHCHU

    sumne TNS hesarnalli iddidralli oLLE serial kittu hAki A kelasakke bArde irO ‘olave namma baduku’ na 7:30 kke hAkidAre.

    Anywa, you think I am getting into the serial groove, hu ? LOL…no….just the hearsay.

  10. Rajesh Nayak Says:

    I like Minchu Serial very much.

    I need a small information about the serial telecasted on Tuesday 13-03-07. In that episode when the C.E.O visits Prof.Govindram house his daughter was reading a famous english novel. I was not able to note dowm the name of the novel. So please send me the title of the Novel.

    antisipating your reply,

    Rajesh Nayak.

  11. rk Says:

    pranesh sir,

    i know you will never become a serial-addict! maybe, we can always be CEREAL-ADDICTS!

    rajesh nayak,
    for any details about MINCHU, please visit the MINCHU page on MUKTHA BALAGA blog.
    thanks for dropping by!

  12. keluprasad Says:

    minchu chennageno ide, aadre MANTHANA sakattagide

  13. Murthy Says:


    Nanna Hesaru Murthy antha ide Bengaloorunavru, adhare eega sumaru 10 varshadinda Dubai nalli iddene.

    Nimmagala ella varadhi matthe comments nodidhe, neevu helo prakahara Manthana ashtu chennagilla bahala natakiya vadha sambahashane, sutravillada kathe, ondakkondu sambhandavilladantha dialogues. idnannella nodidre baari bejaragutheri.

    Ithhechege Minchu swalpa aakarshane madtha idhe especially Jagdish Das Sarayu na propose madidmele. swalpa kathege thiruvu sikkidha hagidhe.


  14. Sandeep Says:

    Manthana is an excellent serial with thought provoking dialogues, brillaint screenpaly, spledid performance and the direction is unmatchable. Hats off to you Mr. Sethuram. This is the only one sensible serial in kannada channels. We kannadigas here in Bahrain never miss this serial.

  15. PRAJWAL Says:

    sarayu & bellur’s acting is super.

  16. Veena Says:

    bellur andre neevu ankond bitte amele gottaytu hema bellur antha…
    sarayu first iddavru chennagi maadth idru.

  17. Rameshwara, kadavarahalli Says:

    hema bellur and sarayu…..so cute. nice acting.

  18. vaibhav Says:

    cast in the serial are good actors…but the story ie.screenplay is not good…..


    This is special letter to Mr. Rajeev Sharma (I don’t know his real name)

    Hats off to Rajiv sharma. Fantastic acting. He has done cent percent justice to his role. I regard him as a HERO of the serial. Nicities, sophistication, presentation, Rajeeva excels in all aspects. Thanks to Seetharam for unearthing a great talent.

    In fact, I want to meet Mr. Rajeevsharma and congratulate him personally. at least if my message is conveyed to Mr. Rajeev. I feel very happy.

    chandrashekar, girinagar, bangalore

  20. Geetha Says:

    Minchu serial though is better than many other serials is not upt Tn Seetharam’s standard. He has set a good standard for himself. Minchu is a little filmy and not very convincing. Most of the artists have done great jobs. It is good that the old artiste who played saryu was replaced for whatever reason. She was not good at all.
    It would be nice if each of the artists are introduced through a web site. I am interested in knowing more about them personally and their back ground

  21. Dhanyashree, who is so fluent in her role as Swaroopa in the serial married Srihari, a mechanical engineer serving for HCL on 9.10.2008.

    She said she would give up her acting career and concentrate on her MCA as she is already a graduate in computers.

    One could be wondering at her decision, as we foresee a tremendous career for her if she continues to act in serials.

  22. kumuda chidanand Says:

    i really thankful to TNS and Rajive Sharma ( Ambrish Sarangi ) nice family story ……nice artist ….. nothing is boring and compare to other seriales MINCHU is better especially Rajive sharma acting is superb, his hairstyle( Juttu) walking style sure definitely he will become superstar in sandalwood. TNS also best director

  23. kumuda chidanand Says:

    i really thankful to TNS and Rajive Sharma ( Ambrish Sarangi ) nice family story ……nothing is boring. compare to other seriales MINCHU is better especially Rajive sharma acting is superb, his hairstyle( Juttu) walking style sure definitely he will become superstar in sandalwood. TNS also best director

  24. B.N.MYLAR SWAMY Says:

    To all minchu serial artists,
    a great serial with bunch of talented actors and actresses.
    story going smoothly without any hinderence.
    good script and dialoges.
    overall a good serial to watch.
    transformation of rajiv sharma a good welcome to the story.
    thanks to the production team.

  25. Akshay S M Says:

    Dear Hema madam,
    Am akshay Hema madam u r acting is very natural & very attractive.. I like u r acting and u r attraction face..nanu kamanbillu serial 1show miss madilla..

    nannadu ondu aase ide.. adu nimma jote matadodu….

  26. hi sister how are you, your a cute& nice girl & i want someting 2001 2002 r 03 nalli dd1 nalli act madidralla kannada serial sat & sunday bartitalla adra name helli i like that serial

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