‘Serial Watching’ as a subject

February 14, 2007

Human beings are always fond of stories, be it real or reel. Maybe that is the reason cinema and plays are still in business. Storytelling is an art in itself. Many people, usually grandparents, are brilliant storytellers. People sit engrossed listening, reading or seeing a story unfold. Centuries ago, stories were narrated. Then came the books. Next were the films and then for the past quarter of a century, especially the last decade, serials have become the in thing. And it has caught the imagination of everyone in the family. And every few weeks, a new serial keeps getting added to the list of existing serials on most channels.

Olave Namma Baduku, Geethanjali, Gupthagamini, Punyakoti, Silli Lalli, Papa Pandu, Preethi Illada Mele, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Tu Tu Mein Mein, Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin, Rishtey,… the list goes on. And there are trailers being aired about new serials like Minchu and others that are about to start.

That brings me to the subject of this post. How about introducing a subject called ‘Serial Watching’ (SW) in schools and colleges? Parents and teachers will no longer have reason to scold kids or adults who watch serials. In fact, they can all enjoy the same. The SW course will be introduced in keeping with the rising popularity of serials as a career option among students.

In schools, the students will have to watch serials betweenΒ 7 pm andΒ 8 pm from Monday to Friday. Before the start of each SW class, the title song of a serial will be sung by the students. Each week will have a different song. This way, justice will be done to all title songs. Just like other subjects, questions will be asked with reference to these serials at the end of the term. There will be assignments and projects to be submitted too. At the end of the year, there will be exams (both oral and written) relating to the serials. Textbooks, Guides and Model question papers will be available shortly at all book stores. Till then, students are requested to visit blogs of their favourite serials. If a blog is not available, they are free to start one.

For college students, it is slightly different. They will have it as a specialised subject. They need to choose any two serials and watch them throughout their course. (In case a serial gets over midway through the course, the student is free to choose any other serial for the study.) They will be required to write thesis and make presentations. If the thesis has autographs/ photographs of the lead actors taken by the student, extra marks will be given. If the student does a review of each episode for a blog, then he/ she will be exempted from writing the assignment. For this, he/ she will need to write a review of minimum 50 episodes out of which 25 needs to be consecutive reviews.

For the college syllabus, the course would cover various aspects of the serial industry such as technical and acting medium as well as advertising and public relations. It would also include the theory and practice of acting in serials and the techniques of production to prepare students well. As far as serial management is concerned, students will be given academic orientation and practical training in the subject, with the curriculum being designed to include basic modules like time management in serials, sponsorship, TRP planning, grabbing audience attention and so on.

From applied ethics for those with an interest in philosophy and survey research that will give students hands-on knowledge from psephology to heritage appreciation and management and a course in acting for those bit by the showbiz bug, the college can offer a range of choices. The college can also offer a course in Serial Foundation and Serial language too. Interested students can enrol at the certificate, diploma and advanced diploma levels.

Teachers interested in this new subject can send an application to the Principal of their respective schools and colleges. They need to give a letter saying that they are obsessed to watching serials. Top priority will be given to those teachers who watch serials during school/ college hours in staff rooms. TV will be provided by the school or college.

Teachers need to organise special group discussions among students and mock plays related to the serials. Students must participate in the essay writing, painting, debate, cartooning and story telling competitions relating to each serial. Teachers, students and parents need to encourage this new subject in whichever way. On one side, this will help serials get more TRP ratings and on the other, help get more hits to the blogs relating to serials.

Principal’s note to students: Stern action will be taken against those who express negative opinions about SW. A watchful eye will be kept on all students who comment in blogs. Those who write positive things about SW will be given scholarships every year based on the comments. Those who voice negative opinion will not be permitted to write exams for any subject. If a student publishes blogpost writing negatively about any serial, he/ she will be detained.


27 Responses to “‘Serial Watching’ as a subject”

  1. Shruthi Says:

    Ha ha :)) Yaakri Bellur, yenaaythu? Extreme frustration with serials??

  2. praneshachar Says:

    bellur great imagination. true SW this can be a career option
    people can plan for a career
    wonderful one more creative write up
    negative comment madlikke bhaya blog ninda tegedu hakibittare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hegappa irodu karana bare positiveoooo

    shubhodaya a very good morning
    a good evening spent yesterday visited shruthi and parents in their house
    further came to malleswram and spent time with bellur and family met vidya’s brother vatsa or srivatsa ?

  3. M O H A N Says:

    I think minchu, mathana is getting on the nerves!!

    Its an addiction on par with nicotine,caffine etc

    The difference between entertainment and entrapment is quite thin as put down by bellur.

  4. TSSM Says:

    En sir- Praneshachar avare,

    Neev mathra Bellur avarna meet madi bandbitri.

    Allige hogi definite aagi masala dose thinbit bandirtheera.

    Namagella illi bayalli neeru oortha idhe.

    Nimma Sisteru Bellur avarna meet madidra, before going back ?

    btw, dear Bellur avare, are you conneted to the great yoga exponent Mr.B.K.S. Iyengar in any way ?. If so you are blessed.

    Praneshachar avare, Tamashege helide, enu tilkolbedi.


  5. Vani Says:

    Bellur has joined the “Serial Haters” Club…. πŸ™‚

    Correct aagide nimm syllabus and teaching methodology, maybe future nalli it may come into effect too…for students choosing to study script writing or editing or acting…. πŸ˜‰

  6. TSSM Says:

    I have one suggestion.

    In schools, the serial watching can be so arranged that even ajji , thatha, appa, amma, anna ,thangi and even pet dogs and cats can be allowed to watch, as it is done in the houses.

    I also suggest that special TVs called ‘Brahma TVs’ can be supplied which will have 4 different screens , so that simultaneously 4 different channels can be watched from 4 sides.

    Teams can be formed and competitions held amongst them for prizes and surprise gifts.

    Even game shows like ” Kaun Banega Kitapati” can be aired.

  7. Diya Says:

    LOL Bellur πŸ˜€ And for college students taking up a specialized course in SW, they’d be smart to choose any 2 of the numerous K soaps being aired….In that way they would not have the tension of having to maybe choose a new serial midway thru’ their course…And the best part would be that they can even coach their kids in this subject…with the same 2 serials chosen πŸ˜€

  8. DD Says:

    lolz,RK..me got frustrated with these serials..not becos of watching them..i don’t watch a single serial..me get frutrated listening to peple discussing serials..
    And story telling is an art indeed..my gand ma was an expert too..miss my nannamma…

  9. M O H A N Says:

    Everybody has a sad story to tell about serials.

    Suddenly one day if all of us stopped watching these serials – what would happen to us, to the economy?

    Thats good food for thought RK right?

  10. rk Says:

    not frustration, sumne thamashige.

    thanks sir. had a great time with you y’day.

    sort of… yes, even i have seen many who are addicted to serials.

    banni saar benglurige. hogona ellaru CTR-ge. some of us had the honour of meeting sri praneshachar’s sister, smt. jalaja gangur. fantastic writer, very humble!

    karnatakadalli, afaik, there are 3 BELLURS. one BELLUR is my native: near Hassan. one near mysore: KOKKARE BELLUR. another is near kolar: this BELLUR is the hometown of BKS Iyengar.
    one difference between BKS and myself is that he is YOGAASAKTHA while i am BLOGAASAKTHA. πŸ˜‰

    nimma suggestions about Brahma TV and Kaun Banega Kitapathi were hilarious! loved it.

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ haagenilla.
    thanks for approving the syllabus.

    yes, you are right! the college students can help their kids by giving their thesis coz the serials will still be going on and on and on…maybe the grandkids can tell: “nodo nammajji kooda ee serial bagge thesis bardhidare!

    thanks for dropping by! yes me too miss my ajji who narrated stories wonderfully. 😦

    i want you to become the Finance Minister. seriously.

  11. Veena Says:

    Hilarious, yet a serious one.. Carried lot of interpretations.

    Offlate, serious parents(parents are always serious anyway) not to buy TV because of all these -all-time-programs meLa.. I atleast know 2 of them now…
    There is a tv program which comes on ETV I guess, which speaks about TV Serials in itself.. It interviews some of the small screen guys & shows some of the premiers. They call one guy as vaarada vyakti or something. I had got a chance to watch this sometime long back & that week our Mukta fame raNe aka Nagaraj Murthy was vaarada vyakti.

    There is a section in Sudha magazine which is called ‘jaaNara peTTige’ which deals with the serials quoted above…! Viewers take out smallest mistakes that producers have done.
    Rajashekahar hampapura has Q & A section too, Ananth nag is now famous more as a tv actor than anything else.. Specially a retired lokayukta, juggling around the family affairs(I read the section but don;t get to watch that serial, during that slot people at home are on Udaya TV ;-))

    Last point, atlast they become ambassadors of some products. Jassi Jaise koyi nahi aadmele dappa kannaDaka haakoLLodu fasion… nanna serial knowledge ella bari blog, newspaper & viewers feedback inda maatra, so it may not be all that 100% accurate πŸ™‚

    Foot Note – Allri bellur serial listing nalli Rishtey yaavdu ? Ha Ha Ha.. the rest atleast I have heard a lot about it.

  12. Veena Says:


    D H Shankara Murthy announced in Pranayama Shibir that he is considering ‘Yoga’ to be a session in the school curriculum.. This was one of the feedback given by the attendees the previous day!.. The announcement was brilliant not too sure when, he never give us any deadline πŸ™‚

    We have lot of them pending alva ??

  13. πŸ™‚

    D H Shankara Murthy is still way behind. Any such introduction gets shot down as Saffron culture. They introduced suryanamaskaras in school in UP, one guy went to court and said it hurts his sentiments. After this faisco its optional.

    Bellur sir,
    Its one thing to throw stones at FM but being one – getting hit is not my cup of tea. πŸ™‚

  14. Veena Says:

    I think YOGA is okay.. It has nothing to do with the religion or community etc… Not too sure about UP stuff, I fail to understand ‘hurting sentiments’ there.
    May be its out of reach, I know something like Manu smriti talks about woman man thing, not learning XYZ etc.,
    No idea whether it includes YOGA…

    okay Lets not blog hijack, FULLSTOP!!

  15. usha Says:

    super bellur

    Amele Convocation ge aa particular serial leads kaili certificate kodsi awards present madisbeku…. channel awards function, amele extra curriculars nalli dance, songs kaltirtaralla adnella present madisbeku…..so lokavella serialmaya agutte…yellelli nodali… serialne keLuve antha amele uniform kooda serialdhe agirbeku :d flying coloursnalli pass madidavrige, foreign universities ge kalisbeku scholarship kottu.. alli serials study madokke …. oLLE opportunity sikutte

    EE career options sadhyadalle radio stationsgu habbalidhe .. alli kooda career options idhe.. so young generation future is very very bright…. πŸ™‚

  16. rk Says:

    thanks. πŸ™‚
    have read jaanara pettige. chanagidhe. and dappa kannadaka fashion kooda nodidhini. rishtey antha serial nodida jnaapka (yaav channel jnaapka illa).
    makkalu book yetthkond hogi barode ondhu yoga!

    but i am sure if you are the FM, your decisions will not harm anyone!

    thanks. your wonderful suggestions have been forwarded to the university officials.
    i agree with you: next generation’s future looks really bright!

  17. πŸ™‚
    Next generatins future!!! Wow You should be in some news room man! You mean future past

    Pinching the baby silently and lulling it to sleep publicly requires a Chartered Accountant degree sir…. ask veena – am the most hurting person around and doesnt care for anybody.

  18. Veena Says:

    ree mohan idu mosa.. sum sumne nanna madhya tarodu…
    More over I am no authenticate media or measuring rule for all that …
    sumne bad publicity ella neeve koTkobedri.. nimma blog nalli aagle Suresh G dodda comment koTTaagide πŸ™‚ & Pranav said something right about the quality etc., ?

    FM ella neeve decide maadiddu, ellargu ishTa aadre aagi.. (hogli paapa ;-)) Chidu naa yaavaaglu jaadsteeralla, ond sala dias mele ninthkoLLi nodoNa…!

  19. praneshachar Says:

    bellur avaranna malleshwaramnallii mooru sala meet madide adru innu CTR visit agilla avara jothege. ninne matra CTR munde ninthkondu call made avarige by chance CTRnalli sikre chance anth
    no luck sir avaru maneyalli idru. adare avara jothe kaleday samaya CTR dosegina madhura antha helbahudu
    thank for your humble words abour my sister I will convey and we are honoured
    ivattu madhya ratri comment nidde odi hogide
    so a very good morningooooooooo………..

  20. decemberstud Says:

    ahhhhh……good take RK !!!

    I am sure you are all waiting for “Minchu”……Good luck πŸ˜‰

  21. praneshachar Says:

    ETV programme you are mentioning must be E Nota
    Nagaraja murthy avara interview in this programme nanu nodidde ondu olleya programme e nota
    sudha dalli janara pettige halavu sala odiddene (janara pettigeyo murkhara Pettigeyo gottilla!!!!!!!! kalakke programmege takkante badalisabahude ) serial producers/directorsge olleya tips ide they can adopt and make the serial more oriented.
    compulsory yoga in scholl good idea. I think in CBSE Schools also a thinking was there I must confirm.

  22. M O H A N Says:

    Veena , just kal yelde.
    What i have said is the same. Throwing stones is easy but defending the same is impossible given the coalation dharma at centre.

  23. Veena Says:

    Pranesh avare, I would like to visit ASHANKURA sometime.. nimage free aadaga pls nanage tilsi…

  24. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    Bellur avare whether the serials are good or bad Watching Papa Pandu my wife learnt Kannada in such a way that the dialogues were being reused on me πŸ˜€

  25. […] Rambling with Bellur has a howlarious post on introducing tele-serial watching as a subject in schools.. As far as serial management is concerned, students will be given academic orientation and practical training in the subject, with the curriculum being designed to include basic modules like time management in serials, sponsorship, TRP planning, grabbing audience attention and so on. From applied ethics for those with an interest in philosophy and survey research that will give students hands-on knowledge from psephology to heritage appreciation and management and a course in acting for those bit by the showbiz bug, the college can offer a range of choices. The college can also offer a course in Serial Foundation and Serial language too. […]

  26. witnwisdumb Says:

    At least somebody hates those serials. I was beginning to think I was all alone in my dislike for those things.

  27. rk Says:

    pranesh sir,
    thanks for gifting those lovely books!

    parvagilla ri nimm shrimathi! nimm punya…pa.pa.pandu nodi kannada kalthru sadhya, pandu missas thara mahadi melinda gandanna….:o
    just kidding πŸ˜‰

    thanks for visiting. loved reading your take.
    do visit again.

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