Do not use cell phone while driving

February 19, 2007


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14 Responses to “Do not use cell phone while driving”

  1. praneshachar Says:

    wonderful design.
    police ddepartment should take this and put throughout city. Only thing which makes us worry is that these things are done by so called educated people. this is the irony. heavens will not fall if you dont reply or park your vehicle in safe place and attend the call. As there will be missed call if you dont take the moment you are in safe place and halt your vehicle and talk. but it it irony seeing people do circus on two wheelers as well as four wheelers and keep on talking while driving. let us pray god to give them good sense and stop in indulging in such dangerous acts.

    great design Bellur! keep it up. kudos to your social commitment.

    very good morning to all.

  2. Great work bellur.

    These people on mobiles just like drunk people hit other law abiding people too and cause immense truma.

  3. TSSM Says:

    drivers tiLkondidaare, it is style u,
    to go on talking on the mobile u ,
    be it on the bike , car or cycle u,
    their behaviour is nothing but imbecile u,
    for human life is fragile u
    adalla style u but, bari ilu pyl u
    navella irbek yavasglu agile u
    baggadidre thorisbeku avarigella jail u

  4. praneshachar Says:

    wah wah wah !!!
    u u u chengide u
    good poem highlighting evrything on use of mobile u
    while driving u

  5. Veena Says:

    Good thought RK… coffin ella bari christians ashTe use maadodu, namage 😉 ??

    TSSM avare, soooooooper kavithe.. aDDu bidde.

    One problem also is…

    When somebody calls up, they lack courtesy to check if the receiver is driving or something of that sort… When the call is answerd, straightaway they will start talking… which can be avoided.

    Hand free is another okay option, but still this diverts the attention to some extent!!

  6. praneshachar Says:

    hand free antha hodre
    mind free agalla amele
    yenagutte helokagalla
    prayana maduvaga beda cell uuu
    ninthu matnadi munde horadi
    aga saguvadu prayana sukhakaravagi

  7. Sanjay M Says:

    wow bellur really drives home the point!!

  8. Sanjay M Says:

    Had posted in the office, and someone had replied that if one is good at multi-tasking i.e. driving as well as mobiling at the
    same time, then this problem would not occur at all.

    To which there were a couple of replies, including: heh heh yeah – inspite of the multi-tasking ability – one never knows when an exception gets thrown on the road that requires full cpu utilisation to handle it!

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  10. some body Says:


    thank you sir, for educating us non-coffin users! btw, cell phone can be used in self defence too, unless you have one of those light weight ultra-modern versions, that is. please add this to your next spam comment.

    – s.b.

  11. phones were Says:

    A good read,added you to my top 10

  12. […] Do not use cell phone while driving […]

  13. Interesting read. There is currently quite a lot of information around this subject around and about on the net and some are most defintely better than others. You have caught the detail here just right which makes for a refreshing change – thanks.

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