Tyagaraja-Purandara Aradhane-Guruvandane

March 2, 2007

Photos: Prashanth M

by BR Usha

Tyagaraja-Purandara Aradhane-Guruvandane
Naadopaasane….. Sadguru preraNe
Shri Sadguru Sainathaya Namaha

naahaM vasaami vaikuMThe na yOgi hRudayEravou
madbhaktAH yatra gAyaMti tatra tiShThAmi nArada

The Lord Himself says: I dwell not in Vaikuntha (heaven), nor in the hearts of Yogins, nor in the sun; but where my devotees sing, there, O Narada, do I reside.

Shri Purandaradasa is the pitamaha of Carnatic music, Shri Tyagaraja is one of the trinities of Indian Classical Music. Their compositions are so rich in devotion and melody, that it enthralls the listener and creates a field of devotion and music around them.

The day (25th February 2007, Sunday) began with detailed pooja offering to Sadguru Sai Baba, Shri Tyagaraja and Shri Purandara, followed by Panchamrutha Abhisheka and Tyagaraja–Purandara Ashtottara Pooja.

After Teertha Viniyoga, we all assembled for breakfast and coffee at 9.00 am and the arrangements were done with the help of Muktha Balalga team (esp. Srikanth and Prashanth). Everyone assembled back in the hall at 9.30 am and the Goshti was inaugurated by Shri Sundereshan Iyer (Guru of Shri Venugopal). It was heartening to see Sri Iyer sing a Tyagaraja Kruthi at the ripe young age of 90. Later on, he blessed everyone. Kumari Varijashree with her enchanting voice rendered Govinda ninna namave chanda. Expected participants had slowly started adding in to the number and a divine atmosphere was created. The individuals who wished to offer Sangeetha Seve began occupying the dias one after the other and mesmerized us with their soulful singing. Govinda ninna namave chanda, Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma, Kallu sakkare kolliro, Nannu palimpa, TulasidaLamula, Makkala manikya, Ksheera sagara shayana, Chakkani rajamargamu were few of the Kruthis these great gurus gave us which were rendered vocally by Shri Sundareshan Iyer, Kumari Varijashree, Shri Ramakrishna Bellur, Smt. Vrunda Rao, Shri Narayan Iyengar and Shri Prasanna. Shri Venugopal, Shri Tejaswi, Kumari Varisjashree and  young students treated us with recitals on Flute while Shri Shankaranarayan played on the Veena.
Everyone quenched their thirst with juice served by volunteers during a short break (My friendly neighbours led by my Sister-in-law were in-charge of kitchen that day under the able guidance of my MIL. Many many thanks to them.)

The Goshti sruti was set to 5. All performers assembled in the hall and lo it began …… the enchanting Pillari Geethe (Shri  GaNanaatha, Kundagoura, Kereya neeranu, Padumanabha set in raga Malahari) as a salute to the pitamaha of Karnataka sangeetha Shri Purandaradasa and then the Pancharatna Kruthis,  the 5 most famous compositions of Shri Tyagaraja, The first one being: Jagadananda kaaraka, in Adi Taala Natta raga. The second one: Dudukugala nanne dora, Adi Taala; Gowla raga. The third being: Sadhinchane O Manasa, Adi Taala; Aarabhi raga. The fourth one: Kana kana ruchira, Adi Taala; Varaali raga. And the fifth one: Endaro mahaanubhavulu, Adi Taala; Sri raga.

The vibrations were felt  when  everyone rendered the Pillari Geethe and Pancharathna Kruthi. The entire atmosphere was so divine that its difficult to express my happiness in words …

Pancharathna Goshti ended and all of us came back to this world and then offered MahamangaLarathi. The guests were guided to lunch. Shri Krishna Bhat’s team had already set the  serving counter supervised by my FIL. Everyone had lunch and accepted Phala Tambula and bade goodbye.

The entire Muktha Balaga team (Praneshachar, Chaitanya, Bellur, Vani, Veena, Shruthi, Srikanth, Prashanth, Mohan) who were waiting for us,  including me and Dwaraka had lunch  after the beeLkoduge of the participants. Then we all set the mood for another musical session by friends to continue the Aradhane. Chaitanya inaugurated the session with AdisidaLeshodha, followed by Bellur who sang Enu Dhanyalo Lakumi,  my friend Nagamani, Vrinda, Savithri, Shri Pai and others also sang Devaranamas. And it was coffeeeeeeee time.

We concluded the musical event with five Devaranamas, Arathi and MangaLa in the evening. It was definitely an Aatmananda Sakara……. I like to quote these lines here:

ellellu saMgeetavE! ellellU souMdaryavE! kELuva kiviyiralu nODuva kaNNiralu!!!

Believe me, later in the evening when the entire house was silent, I could  feel the echo of the rendering and it was to stay and continue.

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11 Responses to “Tyagaraja-Purandara Aradhane-Guruvandane”

  1. Veena Says:

    NodidashTe aanadavaaytu keLi…

    Photos sakkatt edit maadideera, nange ond nimsha confuse aagoytu 🙂

    Too good! Thanks for the post…

  2. Pushpa Says:

    After reading this, i definitely missed it ansathe Usha. Good to see that so many people participated actively

  3. praneshachar Says:

    usha a wonderful report and if one reads yours along with vanis inher blog they will feel the ambience. pushpa has already written the comment.
    we all really were in a different mood like it was divinity thoughout and affection everywhere
    hats off and three cheers to your family for organising such a
    wonderful tribute to the gurus. may god give you all the strength to continue and god bless all of us to participate.

    on behalf of MB Team
    our heartfel thanks for your family

  4. Vani Says:

    Beautiful report, Usha….And excellent co-ordination from you and Dwaraka….hope to be a part of many more such events.

    It takes lot of commitment and passion to organize such events, may God give you the strength to continue this in the years to come.

  5. Shruthi Says:

    Great report, Usha…. and thanks for the wonderful day – hoping for many more such lovely occasions!

  6. Prashanth M Says:

    Nice write-up Usha…

  7. vani has just spoken what i had in my heart. Thanks to you and dwarka.

  8. Sanjay M Says:

    almost makes me feel I was there but then I miss the main part the music! would be good if you could also put some digital clippings / video clippings as well.

    btw correction: correct link to Vani’s post is this

  9. rk Says:

    thanks for mentioning it. link prob. rectified.

  10. neelanjana Says:

    reminded me of the ArAdhane we used to have back home ..

    Thanks for writing


  11. shruthi Says:

    This is shruthi!! can u plz temme d free download option(link/website) for dwnloading d devaranamas…its like litle urgent,post it as soon as possible…

    thnk u!!

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