Dreamz Unlimited

March 6, 2007

Photo Punter Prashanth tagged me recently and asked me to share my dreams. Like most of you, I too have been dreaming for a long time. Don’t remember what I dreamt first. Actually, can’t remember what I dreamt last night!

But there are a few recurring dreams that haunt me, thrill me and excites me regularly. Here I go:

Haunting Dreamz:
I am hurriedly cycling to school. Signs of tension amongst my classmates. I am confused and shocked seeing everyone discuss about Chemistry and Maths test (on the same day!). After a few blurred moments, I am asked to stand outside the Principal’s room for having failed miserably in the Class 12 exams. The Principal is very glad to see me and asks me to sing a few songs, which I do sincerely with folded hands, kneeling down on a table. The CBSE Board officials, who are present in the room, are happy to hear me sing and give me a special certificate through which I get a seat in IIT. The campus looks fabulous and I’m on my way to attend the class on ‘Aerospace Engineering’…

Thrilling Dreamz:
I am on a walk with RK Narayan at Kukkarahalli Kere, Mysore. He is narrating his next novel and we’re joined by Dr. Rajkumar who is in his usual Bili Panche and Bili Shirt, munching Hurigalu. We chat for a long time sitting on a Kallu Benchu. I’m surprised to hear Rajkumar talk to RKN in chaste English, whereas RKN is talking in Kannada. A few blur moments and we are joined by RK Laxman and MS on our walk back …

Exciting Dreamz:
My Ajji has just returned from the hospital. She takes the support of me and my mother and sits on the bed. She opens that old ‘Dalda’ dabba in which she has stored Dates, Badami and Godambi in separate covers. She gives me a couple of each. I ask for a generous helping. A few blurred moments and we are playing Chowka-Bhara in which she wins….and says with a wink: Don’t worry, losers are honest people…


6 Responses to “Dreamz Unlimited”

  1. TSSM Says:

    Thanks RK for sharing your dreams

    I donot dream much (in sleep) though I day-dream sometimes.

    In my next dream I hope to see you as an astronaut going to

    Have you thought about ‘dreaming’ on India’s world cup victory?
    bandare ‘cuppu’ ,
    ildidre ‘guppu chippu.”

    Happy dreamz.

  2. praneshachar Says:

    even in classification of dreams you are very perfect
    haunting exciting thrililing
    great dreams and each one is unique we can say personal accomplishment, socialrecognition and family afection and love wonderful
    thankyou very much for nice dreams which is now haunting me

  3. TSSM Says:

    a sentence has been clipped off my mistake.
    It should read as
    ” In my next dream I hope to see you as an astronaut going to pluto to find out if it is still considered as a planet by humans”

  4. Prashanth M Says:

    Thanks for sharing (better late than never ;))…. and you forgot to tag others…

  5. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    Bellur avare all your dreams are really a kind of creative. But i had a real bad dream that I’m getting married again on insistence of my own Wife.

    I run out of house shouting Devare Kapadi Kapadi Antha, but this is about couple of years back.

    Thank god All dreams never come true !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. rk Says:

    RK as astronaut! wow! that gives me an idea…
    geddre Cuppu, sothre Chippu! 😀 😀

    welcome sir.

    yenanna? kaal yeli-ing….namm friend obbru tag maadida eshto thingalada mele uttara kriye maadidru gotta…so i am atleast better 😉
    tag maadakke yaru siglilla andre tappagatte…tag maadida mele avru tag mugisde idre bejaragatte…haley tappu matte madalla….and halabranne tag maadalla.

    welcome after a long time.
    yen creative-o gottilla. kanasu iddiddanna iddhage helde ashte.
    nimm kanasu yargu nanasaagdirli! loved your last line!

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