25 Responses to “Malleswaram’s Painter of Signs”

  1. praneshachar Says:

    wah!!!!! great artist kudos to narayan of anarts and ofcourse to bellur for posting this. very good one and changing times have made artists less imp. as all banners etc., people go for digita now a days.

  2. Veena Says:

    Amazed to hear about this chap Narayan. Ultimatly they draw so neat & also they maintain such symmetry in fonts or the pictures…
    Also those guys who draws on streets. Hanumanta, shiva & such GOD potraits fetch them some good money!

    Foot note – These days I see the Upendra picture as an example picture on any ‘Arts’ shop.. speically his hairstyle & the glass with a open colored shirt… 🙂

  3. Good arcticle rk. As usual.

    THere is another sad face to these great folks too – lack of finanacial assitance as they dont overcharge and are normally living below the poverty line.

    My advice to junior who allwasy keeps drawing and painting is to atleast write signboards for living 🙂

  4. […] RK is fascinated with the artistry of A. Narayan, proprietor of AN Arts. I used to see him work and was simply amazed seeing him paint pictures, logos and draw each letter so beautifully. I loved the way he mixed the colors, pouring certain quantity from one paint ‘Dabba’ to another, thus getting a certain shade. And since his shop was next to a ‘Bonda Angadi’ (Pradhan Sweets on 15th cross Malleswaram), sometimes he used to treat me with an occasional Coffee and Bajji-Bonda. I loved to see him paint nameplates and banners. Perhaps it was here that I also fell in love with the smell of paint! Linked by BA […]

  5. Thea Westra Says:


    Are you the RK who left a comment at my blog http://life-coach-thea.blogspot.com on 5 March 2007?
    I’m trying to find that blogger.


  6. rk Says:

    pranesh sir,
    yes, digital is the ‘In’ thing today.
    thanks. 🙂

    yes, these artists don’t need an eraser at all!
    thank you for that interesting footnote!

    glad you liked it.:)
    as always, useful advice from ‘Banker Margayya’.

    thea westra,
    sorry, i am not the RK you are looking for. i hunted the RK’s comment in your blog.
    by the way, i liked your blog. loved reading those fantastic tips. quoting a couple here:

    Spending time with yourself, not engaged in activity or with others, is a very nurturing thing to do. You do deserve it and it is very restful. Give yourself the gift of those few moments to dream, take a breath, notice the calm. Feel the gratitude of the wonderful things and people in your life.

    You live every experience of your life in your own unique way, with your own unique perspectives, perceptions and thoughts. Are you allowing ‘you’ to shine through? Do you feel the need to be someone else? Take good care of the you, who you are and live your truth. Everyone else is already taken, so why not really be you?

    thanks for visiting Rambling with Bellur!

  7. Veena Says:

    ‘Banker Margayya’ – sakkat maja bantu..! 🙂

  8. Nice blog I will recommend you to all my friends. Thank you.

  9. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    Bellur avare, Narayan avara angadi Bus stop hathira barutha, Kinetic Showroom opposite Margosa road nalli. Namma MES Collegegu Banners Paint maduthaiddaru avaru MVM nalle obaru Narayan antha.

  10. rk Says:


    richard acacio,
    thank you!

    yes, it must be the same narayan. his shop was first on margosa road (15th cross) then till recently it was off margosa rd on 14th cross. now it is on link road.

    i also remember another narayan (peon) in MES college who was famous. very helpful man. eega retire aagidare.

  11. Rk,
    That will be 20% smiling tax on you!
    You get 2.5% surcharge for taking maja!

  12. praneshachar Says:

    I was expecting a surcharge of 1%
    for all those who have read/visited this blog
    sadhya i sari bachao

  13. rk Says:

    😀 😀 😀

    pranesh sir,
    glad there is no SIR-charge! 😉

  14. Samarth Says:

    @ Bellur,

    Thanks for that wonderful article abt my inspiration, motivator n guide >> my dearest father!!!
    Am very proud abt all hez done to bring us to this level!
    And wats more, HEZ STILL GOING STRONG!!!!
    Nice work Bellur ji! And thanks for all those comments :
    @praneshachar, @veena, @mohan, @prasanna

    (On behalf of the “Painter-of-Signs” himself, NARAYAN A)

  15. bLiTz (Deepak Nuli) Says:

    A nice article that rightly gives the credit to a great personality which we no longer tend to recognize since the advent of the e-era. A lot of talent is not being recognized as we progress in this digital world of today’s. A right balance has to be struck between the human touch and digitization.
    BTW thanks Samarth (I am a friend of Samarth’s from work) for giving me this link…And kudos to your dad and the writer 🙂


  16. rk Says:

    very happy to see your comment.
    wishing your dad and his family a wonderful future,


    A right balance has to be struck between the human touch and digitization.

    rightly said.
    good luck and take care

  17. praneshachar Says:

    we are indeed honoured because the post and comments has been seen by son of the great narayan.
    yes nothing can take away the pleasure one gets when he is
    recognised by people on his work and dedication.
    it is great great great
    wish your dad and all his family all the best

  18. lina Says:

    the colour scheme is fantastic and the banners are really very fascinated.

  19. TSSM Says:

    while on the issue of painting, readers may also kindly look into:
    “god spilled the paint’ at the following site

  20. rk Says:

    thanks for refreshing my memory with this link. got to tell you this story:
    a few months back, this wonderful photograph was circulating via email. it was also a popular topic for forum and blog posts. the image circulated with various titles, including, “God Spilled the Paint”, “The Day That God Spilled the Paint” and “God’s Paint Spill”. Perhaps because of the almost unbelievable beauty of the scene depicted, some have cast doubt on the photograph’s authenticity.

    however, got to know from a designer-photographer friend of mine that the photograph is genuine. she says: “research reveals that it was taken in 2005 by photographer and nature lover Frankie Kee. during 2005, the photo was featured on the DesertUSA website.

    mr Kee captured the scene in Mar 2005 at the Tremblor Range near the Carrizo Plain National Monument in California.

    while the caption on this claims that the photographer is “unknown”, other versions have attributed the image to “Barbara Mathews”. however, found no evidence to support this claim and have no reason to doubt that Frankie Kee is indeed the photographer who took the picture.

    copies of the photograph are available for sale on Frankie Kee‘s website.”

  21. TSSM Says:

    Thanks RK,
    for the details you have provided. In fact I too experienced similar things. Photographer unknown, but when the GPS reading was given, I thought it could not be false.

    We, in India have a similar or even bigger location in ‘Valley of Flowers’. It is a must visit place for Indians, for it is situated in the Himalayas. It is located about 35 kms before Badrinath.

    May to November is the season for visiting Badrinath and other places. For keen trekkers, Hemkund which is a few kms away from Valley of Flowers is also recommended. Time for backpackers.

    Youth Hostels Association of India arranges for treks in the Himalayas for the people. Teenage Kids would thoroughly enjoy them.

    I would also recommend to the readers a beautiful chapter on Valley of Flowers by “Swamy Rama’ , in his “Living with Himalayan Masters”

    A delightful book, for those who have a spiritual bent of mind.

  22. rk Says:

    Have read “Living with Himalayan Masters” (Kannada version) after hearing the review in Girish Hampali‘s BOOKWORM program.

    My M-I-L is reading it for the Nth time. She simply loves it.

    Thanks for telling about ‘Valley of Flowers’. Many would love to go there I am sure.

    For those of you interested, here is the web link of Youth Hostels Association of India:


  23. TSSM Says:

    Thanks RK.
    Have you been to any of the places? If not you should do it.

    With best wishes

    PS. It is hard to keep pace with your information base. Your info is more accurate, more complete, more authentic and most versatile.

    Hats off!!!

  24. praneshachar Says:

    fully agree with you sir TSSM
    bellur andre ondu viswa kosha

  25. greatunknown Says:

    Beautiful prose! You are truly gifted my friend:)

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