Port of Spain…Port of Pain…Port of Champagne

March 20, 2007

As everyone knows
India lost to Bangladesha
But it was terrifying to see
Indian Cricket fan’s Roshavesha

Effigies were burnt
Foundations were broken
Sentiments were hurt
Pride was shaken

Ads showed our players as Huli
In the first match, they were just Ili
India lost to the real Bangla tiger
For a diehard fan, this was a big stagger

Now, India has won against Bermuda
Still Indian fans are shivering Gada-gada
‘coz our entry to Super-8
will be decided by time and fate

India thrashed Bermuda convincingly
Sehwag clicked surprisingly
Ganguly got out appallingly
And Bermuda lost humiliatingly

Against Bangladesh, it was Port of Pain
Against Bermuda, it was Port of Champagne
As we know, Cricket is a funny game
one day it brings accolades, one day shame

India won on Ugadi-Gudipadwa
If we had lost it each player’s effigy 
would have been burnt
labelled: “Katthe Badwa”

Never expect consistency from Team India
A loss means post mortems by the media
A win gives a fan funny and crazy idea
Finally remember, every fan is a walking encyclopaedia.

– RK


12 Responses to “Port of Spain…Port of Pain…Port of Champagne”

  1. Anon Says:

    Very well written RK…. have been a fan of urs, preferred to admire silently than fill ur blog with my nonsense… but cud not resist after reading ‘katthe badwaa’.
    The loss was pathetic, but the reaction was sicker. I guess we are still nascent in showing our ‘Spirit’.

  2. praneshachar Says:

    wah wah ustad
    kya baath hai
    kya kavita hai
    likho likho sabse badkar likho
    let team india take clue and recover from their defeat against bangladesh and come back with a bang and enter super *8* let us hope for the best

    wonderful poem bellur! keep going!!

  3. Katthe badava!! LoL

  4. Vani Says:

    ROTFL Bellur!

    Katthe Badwa…too much!

  5. Veena Says:

    Super Kavithe Bellur…
    Gudi Padwa & Kathe Badwa! Ha Ha Ha…

    Ayyo.. GOD save Indian team.. onthara tamashe aagbiTide, munche hottu-ildad-hottnalli paTaaki hodedre, oh India geltha anthidvi.. eega police protection cricketers mane munde idre ho India soltha anno tara aagide.

    Anticipatory bail tara, Anticipatary police protection togotaare nodi, Finals dina ella criketers mane munde police gaLu..! 🙂 of course police naayigaLu kooDa namma BMP avaru allow maadidre 😉

  6. neel3 Says:

    IF team india becomes consistent the average fan will lose interest.
    for him cricket is like satte -baaji/matka–sothru,sothru,aiyyo gedde bitra tarahada thrill Australian team kodatta sir?antha crickrt nalli enu maja??

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  8. Aditya Says:

    From the rediff boards last weekend

    Q: How can you analyze a pitch to know if it’s a batting pitch or a bowling pitch
    A: Easy. If India is batting, it’s a bowling pitch. If India is bowling, it’s a batting pitch.

  9. praneshachar Says:

    good one keep fingers corssed.
    it is like dance madlikke barllilla andre nela (floor) sotta ide andranthe taraha

  10. Mysorean Says:

    Katte Badwa was a good one!

    Last heard from my PT Sir at school when I dropped a sitter! 🙂

    Someone heard him saying, “Katte badwa, nimmanella yaaro team nalli togotaare”!

  11. rk Says:

    jnaapka barthilla elli antha….but ee dropped catch bagge yaavdo haley postalli odhiro nenapu…
    yes… old timers baiyythidda one of the popular words “Katthe Badawa”. bejaan ide. another is “Badatthaadde”.

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