Collage memoir on Rajkumar

April 5, 2007

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Ever since my teens, I used to make collages and scrapbooks related to sports, films and art. I made a few collages and scrapbooks exclusively on Rajkumar (whose first death anniversary falls on April 12).

When I started off as a Graphic Designer, I got an opportunity to design a set of Cassettes, CDs and posters for a music company which brought out a special edition of the same when Rajkumar turned 75.

Just nine months before Annavru passed away, I was fortunate to have a special audience with him for a couple of hours. During the meeting, I got a few of the scrapbooks, posters and collages autographed by Annavru.

Amongst the several collages that I made on Rajkumar, one of them was featured in The Hindu on August 5, 2005. Sharing the article with all my dear readers.

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10 Responses to “Collage memoir on Rajkumar”

  1. praneshachar Says:

    good one bellur
    your plan to get it autographed by Dr.Raj turned into reality
    and you were fortunate to spend couple of hours with the legend of kannada film industry and karnataka.
    your photo with Dr.Raj in your house is a rare one and aptly you have laminated and put in your drawing room.
    you must share that also here with your readers who have not seen/visited your house.
    good luck and all the best in all your endeavours

  2. Veena Says:

    Bellur, something to really feel proud about. Keep it going! Many such pats & accolades to you from your readers!

  3. greatunknown Says:

    Wonderful! Every fan’s dream!

  4. Vijay Sai Says:

    Good One…! I remember meeting Raj Kumar many times and he was quiet a gentle and a well-read person. He was equally in favour of always meeting young writers like me and would spend hours talking about his memories, often getting very nostalgic and emotional and cry.

    the whole world has see the other types of fans…..sorry….FANATICS….

    Keep the good work on…!


  5. Good going……Bravo!!

  6. neel3 Says:

    Collage making is a tough art to practice.
    many peoplr think it is just a cut and paste kids stuff.It ISN’T.Great going.

    May I have the honour of Including you in my Blogroll?
    Thank you.

  7. rk Says:

    dear all,
    thanks for your lovely words. i am blessed.

    collage making bagge chennagi heliddira. thanks for giving RwB the honour of being in your blogroll.

    nimmannu blogroll maadikollabahude?

  8. neel3 Says:

    Neki aur pooch-pooch?

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