RK with Rajkumar

April 10, 2007

Collage: RK

…I put my hand forward for a hand shake. But he opens his arms for a hug. What more can you ask for than a hug from a person whom you have worshipped all your life? And how many fans get this privilege? “Saarthaka aaythu kanayya Ramakrishna Annavra abhimaani aagiddakke” I say to myself.

Full story here: Dr.Rajkumar: My hero

My heartfelt tributes to the legendary actor whom we lost on April 12, last year.

My fellow blogger Anand Balaji has written a couple of very interesting posts on the thespian:

And don’t miss these links:


22 Responses to “RK with Rajkumar”

  1. greatunknown Says:

    “… how many fans get this privilege?” Very few… only the chosen few. Your dedication and sincerity is what got you an audience with the great man.
    It’s a feat few can boast of… you can!

  2. praneshachar Says:

    you had it you got it and you deserve it too!!!!!
    that is rajkumar you ask something he will always
    give more than expected. what is within his reach he could
    always part and what is controlled by remote he can do anything
    a worthy tribute and remembrance to legendary actor
    a great kannadiga and a great human being

    kudos to you bellur for this wonderful collage including your own photo with annavaru

  3. When Two RKs met would be the head line for this post after a few years!!

    Nice work and good tribute. Applause!!

  4. Veena Says:

    elli nodidaru RK, ondu kaDe raaja kumara innodede ramakrishna….! Good picture.
    Bellur, you look so different in that photo with Dr. RK..! Keep up the spirit & energy !

  5. TSSM Says:


    How did you become such a devout fan of Raj ?
    btw, did Raj offer any role to you?

  6. greatunknown Says:

    destinationsrik you are a genius! Couldn’t have thought of a better headline:)

  7. rk Says:

    i really feel i was more lucky than fortunate to have met annavru for a few hours, sitting next to him in his room and chatting over a cool drink.

    correctaagi helidri saar: khanditha annavru was a great kannadiga and a great human being!

    believe it or not, that was the headline i wanted to put. but changed it to the present one.
    thanks for the applause.

    chikk huduga aagiddaga, RK for me always meant JAMOON. amele-amele i got to know there are other RKs!

    nimmagala protsahadinda mattu devara karuneinda, spirit & energy iratte.

    saar, dodd kathe adhu. bhala kaaranakartruugaliddare. bheti maadidaga helthini. (sadhyakke isht helthini: ondhu kaarana namma dodda akka. innondhu: namma pakkada maneli kelsa maadthidda huduga: umesha. bhala olle manushya. kashtakke spandiso- moulyagalige bele kodo antha jeevi.)

    raj, nanage role offer maadoda? chanagi kaal elithira neevu.

    ele-mare-kaayi saar srikanthu. saddillade saadhane maadtharalla, avara pankthige serdavaru.

    hogalakke helthilla, nijavaglu blog worldalli sikkiro obbabbaru chinna.

  8. shark Says:

    This is really so nice… but is that really you in the picture 😉 you look so different!

  9. rk Says:

    thanks. 🙂
    just to clarify: i am the one wearing the stripe shirt, not the white shirt! 😉

  10. Please note Anand : All that comes out of RK’s mouth is not true

    And Anand, believe me… nope..u r not right about me too 😉

  11. praneshachar Says:

    yellaru genius appa yake yochne yella chinna bellur helida hage
    mugisi illige i ragale aitha

  12. greatunknown Says:

    destinationsrik stop playing the modest guy!

  13. Mysorean Says:

    Oh istu dodda fan aa sir neevu! Glad you were able to meet him! Must have been such a great moment!

  14. Veena Says:

    Pranesh avare sikkapaTTe nagu bantu.. super line! 🙂

  15. Veena, stop playing Narada.
    Anand, modest and humble and soooooooo on. 😉

    welll…im hijacking the post. let me keep quiet like a genius 😀

  16. Veena Says:

    Srik, ulTa chor kotwal ko daaNTe :-), what did I say ? Pranesh avaru heLiddu onthara maja tantu ashTe….
    saavadhana, samadhaana srik (in full aNNavrna)!!

  17. praneshachar Says:

    ondu varshada hinde i dina kannada mattu kannada chitrarangada dhruva tare DR.RAJ, ANNAVARU
    deha tyaga madi shariradinda mukti padeda dina. kannada nadige ondu durdina. adare navella kaala niyamakke bhaddaru.
    idu kaala chakra banda ghatanegalannu sweekarisutta hoguvade namma kelasa/karma.

    hiriya jiva ajaramaravagirali. yella sangha samsthegalu sarkara avarige salluva gourava sallisi anna mattomme hutti baa yendu heluva samaya. avara samadhi jaga itara vishyagalalli tara tamya madade bega nirdharisali.

    Dr.RAjKumaar nivu kannadigara nenepalli sada chirasmariniya.
    mukta balgadinida onduvarshada punyathithi sandhrabadalli
    gouravapurvaka namana.

  18. rk Says:

    pranesh sir,
    sookthavada comment.
    annavrige namma ashru namana.

    jai karnataka maathe.

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  20. pradeep Says:

    Thumba thumba thanks sir neevu channagi namma rajanna bagge barediruva article channagide

  21. bhattathiri Says:

    Excellent blog. One of the greatest contributions of India to the world is Holy Gita which is considered to be one of the first revelations from God. The management lessons in this holy book were brought in to light of the world by divine Maharshi Mahesh Yogi, Sri Shri.Ravi Shankar and Swami Bodhanandji, and the spiritual philosophy by the great Adi Sankaracharya the greatest philosopher of India and proud son of Kerala, and Sri. Srila Prabhupada Swami and humanism by Mata Amritanandamayi Devi and Satya Sai Baba. Maharishi calls the Bhagavad-Gita the essence of Vedic Literature and a complete guide to practical life. It provides “all that is needed to raise the consciousness of man to the highest possible level.” Maharishi reveals the deep, universal truths of life that speak to the needs and aspirations of everyone. Swami Chinmayanandaji preached and educated the people and Swami Sandeep Chaitanyaji continuing the mission by keeping this lantern burning always knowing the wishes of the modern generations. Arjuna got mentally depressed when he saw his relatives with whom he has to fight.( Mental health has become a major international public health concern now). To motivate him the Bhagavad-Gita is preached in the battle field Kurukshetra by Lord Krishna to Arjuna as counseling to do his duty while multitudes of men stood by waiting. Arjuna face the problem of onflict between emotions and intellect

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