Thank you Pomegranate, I love you

April 19, 2007

by S. Manjunath

As usual after finishing my factory work, I was playing cricket in 18th Cross Malleswaram. Suddenly, I remembered that my wife had given repeated instructions to me to buy some vegetables while returning home. She always used to tease me of my inability to pick right quality vegetables. So today I decided to put my best effort to buy all the items she wanted.

I turned my Bajaj Super scooter towards 8th cross and briskly purchased some vegetables and stuffed it in the bag that I carried in the ‘Dickey’. The bag was nearly full and I thought my wife would certainly be very excited about seeing a bagful of household items. I was having a strange and hilarious feeling.

Just when I was nearing my scooter, there was a vendor selling Pomegranates. It was indeed irresistible not because of its price (5 for 10 Rupees) but because of my special love for it. I purchased them for 10 Rupees. The guy wrapped the ‘Daalimbe hannu’ in a paper cover in a flash. I tried my best to put the cover in the bag. But it had little place and consequently remained on top of the bag only. Before starting the scooter, I kept the bag near the feet after hooking it without realising the danger ahead.

I had just traveled from 8th cross to Mohammedan Block (0.5 kms from 8th cross) en route to my house in Basaveshwarnagar. As I was passing over the bridge and proceeding little further down, I realised that I was following a tempo. Suddenly, I realised that the Tempo was slowing down and I tried to slow my scooter as well, but to my surprise there was no braking effect at all and my scooter continued in the same speed, despite my best effort to press the brake peddle. My heart skipped a beat at the prospect of hitting the rear Metallic portion of the Tempo.

Miraculously the tempo picked up speed and I pressed the off button and the scooter slowed and stopped a few feet away, near a hotel.

I tried to examine the reason for not being able to stop the scooter. I noticed a lot of liquid underneath the brake pedal. Something had been crushed brutally by my force of applying the brake. I couldn’t see anything because it was dark.  A closer examination and I realized that it was the Pomegranates.

This had taught me a lesson and I would have been nearly killed but for the kind gesture of the speeding tempo ahead of me, though he never really intended to save me (nor kill me).

One positive development after this incident is that my wife seldom insists that I bring vegetables home. Thank you Pomegranate, I love you.

Moral of the story: Such incidents can happen in a car, bus, van, any vehicle. We should avoid having any objects near the brake pedal. And maintain safe distance from other vehicles.


2 Responses to “Thank you Pomegranate, I love you”

  1. Mysorean Says:

    Right Manjunath. Point noted!

    I take my wife along for any such purchases usually. But nowadays I have realised my FIL is a great resource for such things. He buys like nobody has ever eaten anything at home. Apart from quantity he has a great eye for quality. And me learning.

    My wife is a super-shopper (inspired by super-sopper!;))!! But then that saps me off just carrying the basket or pushing the trolley along.

  2. Manjunath,
    Lucky to get to play cricket after marriage too 🙂

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