International Day of the Book

April 23, 2007


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7 Responses to “International Day of the Book”

  1. greatunknown Says:

    There’s no pursuit that satisfies and enriches the mind, body and soul quite as thoroughly as reading a good book!

    As a die-hard bibliophile I live by this truth:

    I’ve lost some friends
    For whom I’m greatly sorrowed,
    These friends aren’t humans,
    But books that humans borrowed!

  2. Veena Says:

    Super Design Bellur,
    Specially that goodu which we usually see in villages.. They keep such precious items there & sometimes the deepa(haNathe)..
    Thanks for reminding us about this day… Is there any day coined for blogging or websites or something similar. Such one should be dedicate to people like you & our other team.

  3. rk Says:

    wonderfully said!

    don’t know whether it’s official, but just found out that world blog day is celebrated on 31 august.

  4. manjunath Says:

    Mr. RK,

    I guess at least next year(2008) we can make April 23 a great day by introducing to people who have not read Mankutimmana Kagga by D.V.Gundappa. It is simply is a great book which encompasses all facets of life,nature, actions, reactions, emotions, prejudices, misconepts,judgements, thoughts, fears, speculations, calculations, greed, lust, and everything else that one can conceive.
    Even though it looks as if the book is written in (halegannada). In fact, it is not so. All these are four liners and ends with Mankuthimma. The second letter of every line is same in all four lines. It consists of 945 pearls or poems. The philosophy is universally applicable irrespective of caste, creed, religion, age, place. I find no words to expalin how good this book is. In fact ,if there is anything that I value most , it is only this book which I can consider as a great treasure/asset and I enjoy spending time reading it, it gives lot of insight to life and makes one understand himself. In fact the meaning extends beyond imagination as one repetitively reads it. This is a great opportunity to explore oneself. I suggest you put it in your blog as a tribute to the great soul, DVG.


  5. rk Says:

    hi manjunath,
    very well said. my better half quotes from manku thimmana kagga almost everyday. i am simply amazed how she and many others can remember the verses!
    sri gundappa was a highly intellectual soul. suggestion taken. RwB will soon have a post dedicated to the great DVG.
    thanks for your lovely comments. keep visiting often.
    take care

  6. Ram Says:

    Mr. Manjunath,

    Your comments are very apt. In fact I have been vastly helped by the writings of Shri DVG, especially Manku Thimmana Kagga, Jnapaka Chitgrashale and Maralu Muniyana Kagga. There is a very good commentary on Kagga by Swamiji Brahmananda Saraswati of Chinmaya Mission. One can access this online in

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