Infinite Lizards

April 25, 2007


‘Infinite Lizards’ by Satish G

Tools used: Pencil and Add Gel Pen

Concept: Infinity
Original concept: MC Escher

Time taken for completion: 10 days

Description: All lizards are inter-connected. Absolutely no wastage of space.

12 Responses to “Infinite Lizards”

  1. Shruthi Says:

    Wow, very interesting!

  2. greatunknown Says:

    Hey guess what… this amazing sketch reminds me of ancient cave paintings found in certain parts of the world that purportedly signify the landing of aliens on Earth!!!!!

    The similarity is too striking to miss:)

  3. Vijay Sai Says:

    Very Interesting work. This kind of art also needs a lot of mathemetical precision in addition to creativity. I only know that one of the roots of this style of working comes from the ancient japanese techniques. Later is spread to europe. It surely keeps one hooked on to it for some time.

    Cheers to the artist. !

    and rama….good work pa…..keep bringing out such artists…..and people like me are all excited to write about them…

    cheers once again.!

  4. TSSM Says:

    Lizard wizard !

  5. praneshachar Says:

    wonderful great work kudos to satishji and as usual to our bellur for bringing it on this blog

  6. alexandrudarie Says:

    Wonderful work, great attention to detail and composition. But……you’re not original, maybe this was an assignment? Also, maybe a little out of a point of interest, due the distribution of black and white. Study Escher a little more, you missed something.

  7. Mridula Says:

    Really interesting work.

  8. Vani Says:

    Eeeeeeeeeeks……….keep them away from me!

  9. Pandrinath Says:

    Great Work…Keep it up. Feed the Lizards with cockroaches from my house. Free supply assured

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