Rajkumar poster at Bhashyam Circle

April 25, 2007


Rambling with Bellur thanks Mr. Vijaya Kumar for sharing this photo with us.

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6 Responses to “Rajkumar poster at Bhashyam Circle”

  1. Vijay Says:

    Most welcome 😉 Thanks for posting the picture.

  2. greatunknown Says:


  3. praneshachar Says:

    good one thanks to vijaykumar and our bellur

  4. neel3 Says:

    rkji,I have been wondering… Any idea how old Dr. Raj was when that photo placed near his samadhi was clicked.( rough estimate atleast )
    It probably is a quintessential one.

  5. rk Says:

    hairstyle nodidre this picture must have been taken in the late ’70s. if you remember, raj had almost similar hairstyle as in the above photo in bhagyavantaru, girikanye, badavara bandhu, olavu gelavu, operation diamond racket, ravichandra, na ninna mareyalare. all these films were released in late ’70s.

    so, ee photo tegedaga rajanna must have been in his mid 40s.

  6. guruprasad Says:

    very happy to see Anna

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