Use Recycled Paper, Save Trees

May 2, 2007


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9 Responses to “Use Recycled Paper, Save Trees”

  1. praneshachar Says:

    good environment friendly art and equally good message.
    good one bellur. keep it up.

  2. Bellur,
    This is the most important post for our lives – environment is getting polluted in all forms – ulitimately our survival depends on environment and if we dont understand we are dead.

    Kudos to these snippets which strive to bring that awareness

  3. greatunknown Says:

    Wow! Love the design rk… it speaks volumes!

  4. bachodi Says:

    Nice design.
    In our office we have “save tree” stickers. But I don’t think anyone reads it.

  5. greatunknown Says:

    They will, bachodi sir, when it’s too late, I’m afraid:(

  6. Veena Says:

    Good picture Bellur, beware of microsoft people they might want to change the logo of their ‘Recycle Bin’ ­čÖé

  7. TSSM Says:

    Good graphix and good message!

    Some info about paper consumption.
    India (fortunately) doesnot figure in the top ten countries consuming paper and paperboards.

    8 out of the top ten countries (US, Japan,China, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Korea ) are leaders in both production and consumption of paper and paper boards.

    However, this is no solace to India, many of Indian Paper and Paperboard companies have gone on for doubling the production capacity. (reason- office automation, literacy increase etc.,) interestingly, computer usage seems to have increased the demand for paper rather than decrease it !

  8. […] Use Recycled Paper, Save┬áTrees […]

  9. mdr Says:

    Oh my the uninformed….trees are a renewable resource. Trees are farmed. Trees, printing, paper manufacturing and ink manufacturing are industries at employ millions of people.

    and below are scientific facts about recycling. Remember to recycle paper takes many steps, water and energy…much more than making the paper from plant products like cotton and trees.

    When you recycle paper, the paper is mixed with water, then ground up in a machine like a giant blender. This turns the paper back into pulp–fibers suspended in water–but this new pulp isn’t exactly the same as what we started with. All the blending and grinding has shortened and weakened the fibers. When you make recycled paper, it’s weaker and easier to tear, because the interlocking fibers aren’t as long or strong. Imagine breaking up our spaghetti mass and recooking it–the noodles will be a lot shorter this time, and won’t lock together as well.

    So how many times could you recycle a single sheet of paper before the fibers got too short and weak to hold together? Perhaps six. But it never really happens that way. Recycled paper pulp is usually mixed with some virgin wood fibers, to hold it all together.

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