Photos from Sri KS Narayanacharya’s discourse at Hymamshu Jyothi Kala Peetha

May 8, 2007

From Top: Sri Narayanacharya with ‘Mysore Petha’; During the lecture; Srimathi and Sri Narayanacharya; Section of the audience (Photos: RK)

As most of you know, me and my Mother-in-law (and thousands of other devotees) attended the ‘Sampoorna Ramayana’ discourse conducted by Sougandhika, Cultural wing of Hymamshu Jyothi Kala Peetha, Malleswaram. Throughout the 22 days of the lectures on Ramayana by none other than the scholar known as Ramayanacharya, Sri KS Narayancharya, all of us were completely immersed in the great epic.

One particular day of the discourse, we saw a pigeon come and sit on the huge photo frame of lord Sri Rama for the full 2 hours. Best thing was, it didn’t mess up the offerings (hoovu, hannu) on the stage. Maybe Anjaneya himself came in that form to listen to his lord’s story!

I am really thankful to Sri Rama for giving all those who attended the lectures the opportunity to listen to the insightful and enlightening talk by Sri KS Narayanacharya. I am thirsty to listen to more such lectures ever since they concluded on April 22nd, 2007.

Sharing a few photographs taken on the concluding day of the discourse with all my dear readers.

7 Responses to “Photos from Sri KS Narayanacharya’s discourse at Hymamshu Jyothi Kala Peetha”

  1. […] Photos from Sri KS Narayanacharya’s discourse at Hymamshu Jyothi Kala Peetha […]

  2. praneshachar Says:

    good one let sri rama bless you and all.
    photos-ge swalpa title kotre chennagittu.
    incidentally I attended one day only and really it was
    wonderful due to distance and busy with office and other
    preoccupations I could not visit again after attending only one day.
    anyhow MB member and our great Bellur was there on all the days and nice photos.
    also looking for summarised version of discourses from you bellur.

  3. M O H A N Says:

    Great topic. Please continue with these posts. Atleast through them we can recall such great events.

  4. TSSM Says:

    Dear RK

    Thanks for the info. Pl. write about the discourse contents of Sri Narayanacharya.

    Secondly, you need to look no further for your son’s schooling. It is Hymamshu Jyothi Kala Peetha ! Right ?, What do you say?.

    In my younger days, I have seen this school, whenever I used to visit my grand parents in Malleshwaram. If I remember it right, Hymamshu school was located where the present telephone exchange is.

    with best wishes.

  5. shark Says:

    As all others have requested, please do post something about the discourse contents. It surely would be an interesting read.

  6. rk Says:

    pranesh sir,
    title haakidhini. summary bareyodhu kashtada kelsa. aadre neevella kelidri antha prayathna padthini. rama anugrahisabeku.

    i am happy you are all interested in such posts.

    i still remember your comment when i posted the invite for the lecures. indeed we need to know more about the great epics of our land. will try to write a summary (which is very difficult).

    i too have HJKP in mind. very happy that you gave this suggestion (thanks for the concern). hymamshu is right next to the telephone exchange and opposite Veena Stores.

    will try my best to remember whatever the great scholar told over a period of 22 days. hope my memory doesn’t fail me. you can expect them pretty soon.

  7. Vani Says:

    Haaa….Bellur, I knew you would say Veena Stores!

    Nowadays, whenever I eat there, I remember you!

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