My days at Hymamshu Jyothi Kala Peetha

May 16, 2007

Recently, I visited Hymamshu Jyothi Kala Peetha (formerly Hymamshu Shishu Vihara) between April 1-22 to attend the Sampoorna Ramayana lectures by Sri KS Narayanacharya. I saw a tremendous change in the building although there were hints of the past. Sitting in the auditorium, nostalgic memories came to me of the place where I studied from Kindergarten to Second Standard (and a few days of Third Standard). When I studied, we used to have prayer sessions and lunch in this auditorium.

Sharing some HJKP (that’s what we wrote on the book labels) memories with you all:

Kindergarten to 2nd standard

  • Cried when I went to school on the first day of Kindergarten class. It seems my sister stood near the gate and watched my plight with glee!
  • My friend (who stayed a few houses down the road) came to the same school but for Montessori class. Heard his mother telling my sister that he does not have any homework. I overheard it and have ever since wanted to study in Montessori class. (Even today I have this desire to sit in a Montessori class.)
  • Would wait to play in the sand and a huge cement pipe (would sit in it with some friends and chat what game to play).
  • I had a pony-tail till I was in U-KG. Sometime in the middle of the academic year, I had my first hair cut. And when I went to school the next day with a crop cut, friends and teachers failed to recognise yours truly!
  • My mother or sister would get me pencil and rubber from a nearby ‘Devi Stores’ every week. The shopkeeper’s face is still etched in my memory (He had Chandana on his forehead everytime I saw him – morning or noon.) I always wanted red-black striped Nataraj pencil and green coloured ink rubber. Hated those scent rubbers (which dirtied the page). Occasionally, I would get a notebook with boxes (for Maths) and double lined book for Kannada.
  • There was ‘Ashwattha Vriksha’ in my school. During a particular month (must have been Dhanurmasa), my mother and a few of my friend’s mothers would go around it after dropping us to our classes.
  • When I was in First Standard, I had taken part in a fancy dress competition (dressed as Netaji). I still have the snap that my friend’s mom gave me.
  • Again, when I was in First Standard, there was a total solar eclipse and my father picked me up midway during school hours so that I could have food before ‘Grahana’ started. And I loved coming home earlier than my classmates!
  • There was this guy called Jagadhish who suddenly slept on the floor one afternoon because his nose was bleeding. Thanks to him, there was no teaching the whole of afternoon. An Ayah was summoned and a wet hanky was placed on Jaggu’s nose. Some of us sat next to him thinking those were Jaggu’s last moments.
  • When I was in Second Standard, had a black and white version of Kannada text book (Ravi Hodhanu; Ajjana Mane; Onake Obavva; Swatantrya Dinacharane…nenapidya?) After a few months, one day some classmate showed that she had a coloured version of the same. I pestered my parents to get me the coloured text book. They kept telling it was not available at VR Book Sellers or that they would get me one when they went towards Malleswaram Circle or when they went to watch ‘Bhakta Prahlada’ (VR Book Sellers was very close to Geethanjali where the film was playing). I waited till December and one fine day coloured the whole Kannada text book in and out. I showed it to my classmates and boasted that in their textbooks, only pictures had colour while mine had the full page in colour!
  • In both First and Second Standards, our class teacher was Vimala Miss. She was very friendly and hardly scolded any of us. And she was the first lady that I saw with a ‘top-knot’.
  • Krishnan and Mangala were the class leaders. Vimala Miss would always ask these two to show their home-works to the whole class. And these two were the darling of the masses.
  • In Second Standard, some of us had acted in a play ‘Tenali Ramakrishna’ where Krishnan played the title role and Mangala was goddess Kali. I acted as a minister in Krishnadevaraya’s court. (And my dialogue was ‘Bahuparakh, Bahuparakh’ at the start of the play and at the end of the play: Yes, your majesty. And these were chorus dialogues where a few of us shouted these words in unison).
  • There was a student in my class (unable to recall her name) whose mother (Shyamantakamani Miss) was a teacher in our school. Whenever there was a few minutes left for the final bell, a teacher would ask: Who would like to tell a story? There would be a lot of noise in the class. Finally, this girl would be called by the teacher. And everytime she would come and announce: Today I will tell ‘The never-ending story’ and start: Once upon a time, in a far off country, there lived a farmer with his two cows, a dog…BELL rings and we all runaway. This was a regular feature.
  • Some of my friends (seniors) used to take a short cut through a gully next to Santhosh Baby Care Centre (now called Shishu Santhosh). I accompanied them just once and loved jumping in to the backyard of someone’s house and entering the school in a jiffy!
  • For picnic, we had been to Cubbon Park in our Second Standard. We all sat in the Toy train, had cup cakes, chips, biscuits and Joy Ice cream. While coming back from the picnic, saw for the first time the Violin shaped building (Chowdaiah Hall) from the bus and was thrilled that such a building existed!
  • One afternoon, the class teacher told us that there would be a medical checkup. When the doctor saw my weight, he told I needed to eat eggs. I thought for the rest of my life, I would be eating only eggs. When I came home and announced what the doctor told, I got chastised by all elders.
  • In Second Standard, the whole class walked till Malleswaram Sri Rama Mandira to watch a magic show. The whole hall was full with students from various schools. I remember seeing a ball travel from one box to another just as the magician waved his hand. And he selected my classmate Krishnamurthy (because he was wearing a red cap) for one particular trick. Krishnamurthy sat in a gunny bag and the magician told ‘Abracadabra’ and Krishnamurthy vanished in a second. But the magician had Krishnamurthy’s red cap in his hand. Some of us, out of anxiety, shouted “Krishnamurthy! Krishnamurthy!” only to be told by the teacher to sit silently.
  • My teacher told me that she had selected me and a few others to compete in Camlin Colour Contest to be held at Glass House one Sunday. An evening before the contest, my second elder sister (who draws really well) showed me how and what to draw. She drew a swan, a river, mountains, sun, trees… and made me draw likewise. After the training, my eldest sister (who is so-so in drawing) came and drew a small ‘r’ and told me: That’s how you draw a flying bird!
  • And courtesy Camlin, it was in this training that I painted a picture (until then it was only colour pencils, crayons and sketch pens). I felt so proud to have a palette, paintbrush, a small cloth, drawing board, water in a small tumbler, pins and getting all the attention…
  • I remember doing ‘combined study’ with the same ‘Magic boy’ Krishnamurthy in my second standard. He stayed in Malleswaram 19th cross (BWSSB Quarters) while I stayed (still do) three roads behind. We had Maths exam on the first day. But we wanted to prepare ourselves for the holidays. Me and Krishnamurthy must have atleast ran a minimum ten times from my house to his that afternoon on some silly pretext (tennis ball yaav brand; bat grip change maadbeku; powdering the carrom board, check the volume number of Amar Chitra Katha’s ‘Bheema and Hanuman’…)
  • And of the few days in Third Standard, I clearly remember Vimala Miss coming to our class on the first day of school and telling: “Children from now on, you need to take down whatever is written on the board in that particular period itself. You need to be quick and you must not waste time in sharpening the pencils during the class. I want your nails to be cut every fortnight. From this class onwards, you will wear uniform from Monday to Friday. Saturday will be white dress. You are all big boys and girls now. Everyone must get Handkerchief. No fighting in class. I expect discipline from all of you. I will see you in the afternoon.” And we all stood up and said, ” Thank you miss”.

I studied Third Standard in 4 schools. A few days into the class, my father got transferred to Kerala. So from HJKP, I went to Anglo Indian Public School in Ernakulam. It was a Malayalam medium school but teachers used to pinch students badly (I lost my skin many times) for not doing home work and stuff. Since I took time to pick up the local tongue, my arms were full of pinch marks. Just as I picked up Malayalam, my father got me admitted to Kendriya Vidyalaya Naval Base, Cochin. And just before the final exams, my mother’s health deteriorated and we were forced to come back to Bangalore and I joined Kendriya Vidyalaya Malleswaram, where I studied till Plus Two. Glorious years!

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52 Responses to “My days at Hymamshu Jyothi Kala Peetha”

  1. Vijay Says:

    @RK: Brilliant narration… as Srik said yesterday we have enough material for a good storyline…

  2. praneshachar Says:

    ondu cinema production unitooo or Mega srial madlikke yenu kadime illa. srik nodi bega yella story writers royalty adu idu antha tarle tegiyo modle yella script collect madi bidi
    wondrful it is nice to see so many getting inspired from vijay and mohan and coming back with all their skill and recollecting memeories back and narrating in such a beautiful style. I am amazed at memories of all of you as you are able to recollect and put it nin style. nimage iglu malayalam barutta?
    you are really amazing keep going mundina kathe yellindia KV inda kayta irtivi

  3. decemberstud Says:

    wow guru…sakkath majaa baMtu !!!

    Man, hese stories take you back in years and are always refreshing however many time syou read them.

  4. Vijay Says:

    DS: I agree.. I guess thats because you see a bit (or a lot) of yourself in ALL these stories…

  5. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    Bellur sir neevu yaava year nalli 3rd and 4th pass madidu. I was at KV mvm during 1982-83

  6. rk Says:

    vijay, praneshachar, ds,

    prasanna sastry,
    nice to know a fellow KVM-ite. 🙂
    i joined KVM in ’85 feb.

  7. Veena Says:

    what about that padma miss and cricket ball one ? I forgot which school it was.. full fun bidi sir.

  8. rk Says:

    🙂 nice to know you still remember “Cork ball and Library ‘Miss’” post! that was in KVM.

  9. Veena Srinivasan Says:

    Really nice to know so many ex-hjkp’ites blogging. I thoroughly enjoyed. Going back to memories at HJKP.. i cant forget the the bhajan sessions we used to have on saturdays.. that is way back in 1973. We would get two arrowroot flower shaped biscuits at the end of the bhajans… we would really wait for the saturdays.
    I cannot forget my teachers and their faces… Pushpa, Vimla, Rosy,Uma, Shyamala,Sharada,Vedavalli, Susheela,Savithri Shyam and Manjula Miss.. the strict disciplinarian.
    I cannot forget the day when Balaji my classmate kicked me on my chest with his shoe on.. and I promptly went home and brought my father to punish him the next day.
    I cannot forget my classmates Satyadev, always the class topper and who used to make beautiful drawings.. I wonder where he is or what he does now..

    I cannot forget the joy when I came to know I had topped the girls in 7th Standard. I was to recieve an award and had specially gone to buy a modern dress… a pant and a shirt.. for that day. I was promptly asked by the headmistress, then VijayaChandrashekar, to go home and change the dress to a more traditional “Langa and Blouse”! which I did. I got a hero pen for a prize.

    I cannot forget the freshness Vatsala miss brought to our PT classes.

    Once on August15th for the Assembly I was asked to dress up as Sarojini Naidu… and say a few words… They thought my face resembled hers!!!!

    I think I can go on and on like this… sorry for boring you guys

    Veena Srinivasan

    • Ganesh Says:

      hi..veena….which year did you pass out from HJKP….i also studied at HJKP from 5th till 7th (high school had not started)…..i had my classmate named veena…(she was bit plump)….and another plump girl named rashmi…who stayed at 16th cross….are you the same…

      do reply….

  10. rk Says:

    Veena Srinivasan,
    Welcome to RwB. Thanks for sharing your HJKP memories with us.

    I got a hero pen for a prize.

    You must have been the envy of all your friends!

    Kep visiting.

  11. […] was Nagamani Miss in Hymamshu Jyothi Kala Peetha who used to say, “Bad boy, what made you do such a thing?”. She used to start every […]

  12. Raghunandan S. Says:

    It was a pleasant surprise to find your blog and read the postings therein about HJKP. I have been looking for HJKP folks since a very long time. I had studied all the way till 7th standard when I graduated in 1981. In reference to Ms. Veena’s postings I remember all the teachers and the students (Satya Dev she mentions. I had seen Satya Dev once in IISC (sometime in late 1980s).
    I visited HJKP in December of 2006 and noticed how much things have changed. The playground is almost non existent and the “pendal” is all buildings. The Kalyana Chatra on the upper playground is gone and I believe Chitra Rao is leading the school. There was only one nursery teacher that I knew and was surprised to learn Ms. Channamma still teaches in Montessori/Nursery. I also learnt that Ms. Susheela (social studies)and the then head mistress, Ms. Vijaya Chandrashekar Aiyya have passed away. Ms. Manjula passed away in the 90s. Overall it was extremely nostalgic to visit and to breathe the the jackfruit air again. I inquired about pictures from the 70s and 80s and they apparently have them all, and they obliged to have them available for viewing if one could give them few days of advance notice before showing up at the school. If anyone goes home to visit HJKP, please attempt to have them unearth the pictures.

    I still wonder where all of my classmates are (Sunil BS, Dureen Kumar, Rajeshwari, Anitha, Pavana Reddy, Mamatha, Sapna MN Rao, Padmavathi).


    • Ganesh Says:

      hi…raghu….were we in the same class….i cant remember….but…most of the things you are telling is almost matching….you graduated in 81…in that case you are senior to me by 3 yrs….


      • Raghunandan S Says:

        Hi Ganesh, I don’t believe you and I were in the same class but we may have seen each other in the play ground or while we gathered in line near the front gate. Eating “HuLi Soppu” and playing with the dog “patty” were our favorite past times while we waited in line. Those were the times indeed.


      • Hi Ganesh,
        I’m Muralidhar S, younger brother of Raghunandan S. I was too was at HJKP till my 7th Std – batch of 1983. some of my class mates, i remember are, B.H Aravind, G.S Chandrashekar, Vasudev Raju (connected on FB), Kavitha(connected on FB), Shobha Shekar, Hemalatha, Keerthi Kanagal, CS Kishor Kumar(connected on FB), A S Kishor Kumar, K.P Manjunath….were you from the same batch? let me know if any of my batch mates are in this group
        Thanks & regards,

  13. rk Says:

    welcome to RwB. thanks for sharing your experiences and giving the update about a few HJKP teachers.
    sad to hear that Ms. Vijaya Chandrashekar Aiyya, ms. manjula and ms. susheela are no more. r.i.p.

    ms.aiyya was the principal when i was in Hymamshu.

    hope you find your classmates soon in the virtual and real world!

    you might be interested in this post too:
    Teacher’s Dialogues and Mannerisms

    keep visiting.

  14. bhavana Says:

    hi , i studied in hjkp for 12 yrs.. LKG to 10th. its great to find people from hjkp. i graduated 10th in 1995. my email is i would love to communicate with anyone . i remember nagamani miss. enjoyed her classes. she taught history and english classes

    • ramesh Says:

      hi bhavana, i’m ramesh, was in HJKP in 10th std in 1988. i remember nagamani miss very well, i remember her using the words ‘what’s ur idea i say’ numerous times.

  15. Ravi D K Says:

    studied in HJKP for 7 years from 73 -80 upto 6th std under the class teacher Uma Miss, It was to nice to see this with ex HJKPs Remember few of my classmates – sunil, senthil,Bindhu madhava, Soumya, Martin, Shashidhar Had met few during in 86-87 but later lost touch.

  16. Dilip Says:


    studied in HJKP for 7 years during late 70s to mid 80’s..
    myself my bro who was senior by 5 years (venkatesh) and my cousins Raghunandan and Muralidhar studied in HJKP..and i enjoyed the everybit of the action. Hope you all remember Rajkumar Sir ? sad to learn that Ms. Susheela (social studies)and the then head mistress, Ms. Vijaya Chandrashekar Aiyya have passed away. may the souls rest in peace. Thanks raghu, will go next month to bangalore to HJKP and see any of the pics they have..very good memories hard to forget..

    • Hi Dilip,
      Happened to bump into this blog while trying to connect to some of my old friends. This has taken me back to my Primary school days…what a life it was….Who can forget Rajkumar Sir, His strictness used to send shivers down our spine, Cannot forget his shouting when some one was not alert in the mass PT ” Look at that Bugger standing like a dead man…Pattika bugger” I had met his few years back at Youths Hostel grounds while i was playing a cricket match” He was working as a coach there…. I’m keenly looking forward to meet some of my batch mates.

  17. Sandeep Mahajan Says:

    Absolutely Brialliant Stuff Sir!!

    All those things that you have mentioned felt as though someone had written about me..I vividly remeber my first day at school, the cement ring in the ground next to the sand pit…the “Pendal”…all the old teachers…the jack fruit tree and stone benches near the entrance…hmmmm, those magical days…Brought back some really good memories…
    Can we re-live them?? 🙂

    I passed out from HJKP in 1999.

  18. Dilip N Says:

    Yessss Sir…. Good to remember the fun time…

    This is good to see people even remembering the trees in our school… I liked the Shiva Linga flower tree right at the entrance of the first gate left hand side… Yes – Nagamani Madam speaks the same way… Madam Usha Vishvanathan & Madam Jayashree were my favorites and I met them long back… I studied in HJKP for 12 years & I completed schooling from HJKP in 1999…

    The old Jack fruit tree smelt real fresh today 🙂

  19. Radhika Vadiraja Says:

    hello everyone

    I am also student of HJKP… reading responses rewinded to all those magical days… I passed my 7th in 1985… I am suprised how coul u all forget our kanada teacher, best story teller and drama director our beloved Parvatamma Miss… I too studied under vimala Miss, savitrishyam, lalithashivaram, champa ( most well dressed), and our nirrabharanasundari… Uma Miss.. she used to art exquistely…
    My classmates were Deepanarayan, K.Rashmi, Chetana, Rajiv, Anil, Ravikumar, Shyam Prasad, Dilip, Raghavedra, Jatin,

    I have sad news to share … my longest friend Shyam Prasad.. expired both of studies from Montessori till both of us did our degrees..

  20. Samarth Nagarkar Says:

    goodness.. i have never been so excited by anything i have read on the world wide web, as this article and the comments that have followed. travelling through time is mnot an impossiblity it seems, not in the virtual world. thanks to everyone in this thread. every once in a while we taste nostalgia at its best when we date back to our school.
    i passed out of HJKP in 1997. joined in montessory and studied there for the full 13 years…yes… and survived!!!

    i too studied under almost all the teachers mentioned above. Vimala ma’m was our class teacher in the 3rd std. she was wonderful. this inspires me to write some reminescences on my own blog. will keep u all posted.

    nagamani ma’m was our english and history teacher too, in the tenth. i particularly remember the time she was teaching us 2nd world war.. there was a line that said “China became a pawn in the hands of the axis pwers”. she read the line.. looked around the class with her NAGA mani eyes, and said went on to explain this complex analogy as follows ” SSOo, Chhildrennnn, CHhina yis referd tto as ye Paaaawn. what do we do with ye paaawn? we chew it and chew it and chew it!!!” hehehe and she refused to accept the reference was to chess and not to the poor banarsi patta!
    anyway.. more later…
    but once again.. thanks for the adrenaline pumping nostalgia.

  21. Bhumika Rajan Says:

    Hi! Can anyone tell me as to in which school Radhika Viswanathan madam is teaching at present. She was my fav teacher and am doing great in life, having opted for English Literature for my Masters Programme, i want to meet her and thank her for the encouragement she gave me in my high school. Today i also write for the esteemed newspaper The Hindu, which is again due to my dear teacher. If anyone has any idea about where my teacher is right now, i request you to mail me at
    Bhumika Rajan

  22. vikram Says:

    Just stumbled across this website when i was going through some searches in google. the narration is absolutely fantastic. I studied in HJKP for 12 long years and graduated in 98. vimala Miss was one of my fave teachers around.

  23. malleswaram dadda Says:

    I rcognize some names – like swapna,padmavti,dureen etc., they used to cry for not getting 1st,2nd & 3rd ranks!.
    never got a decent rank – turned out allright in life. Never cared for school anyway – spent most of the time outside the class. People used to shocked to see me sitting in a class.
    was good at painting and a rowdy in my heart.

    can anyone who studied upto 1981 (7th class)guess who I am?
    clue 1 – one of the kids who wanted to know how the clamp tool on the bench under the jack fruit worked had a practical demo!.
    clue 2- was good at science experiments and had atleast 4 exhibits every science exhibition.

  24. srikanta Says:

    wow!! , it looks like a small adhoc alumni website with soo many frm Hymamshu. I guess i’m the youngest one here after graduating in 2004 🙂

  25. kavita Patankar Says:

    Nice to hear old stories. I studied in hjkp from my 4th to 7th std. Dileep sathyanarana,nandini, gayathri, sundaresh, anil, raghavendra baliga , shobha were my classmates.
    I remember the time when we used to wear white dress & do march past in the red mud raising in the air with every step. Lalitha shivram mam was our class teacher in 4th std & remember jothi mam who used to take social studies.

  26. Nagendra Says:


    I studied in hjkp from ukg to 7″th and passed out in year 88-89.Keen to meet my batchmates


  27. Krishnan Says:

    It was wonderful to run into this blog..albeit two years later. I happen to be the tenali ramakrisha guy you have mentioned and have been trying my best to locate my HJKP friends and classmates.
    I spent montessari to 5th std at HJKP and they were hands down the best school years..i moved on but did stay in touch for a few years and gradually the umbilical chord severed.
    Madhu, raghuram, mangala, veena, suma are the names that come to mind… any of you out there drop a line… lets see how we have weathered the times!

  28. MAHESH.V Says:

    hello dear friends
    i studied in hjkp starting from prekg till 7th std,
    i used to live in malleswarm 18th cross forest qts, most of them have experienced the small forest where we lived,one of our teacher also stayed there mrs lalitha shivarama krishnan, i have exactly forgotten the year i studied in this school but still can remember few friends and teachers if any of u know me pls mail or call me

  29. Sreekrishna Kotnur Says:

    Hi all,

    it is so wonderful to see the posts out here; was searching the web for some pals of mine from HJPK and found this. truly amazing to read it.

    @ the author, shamantakamani Ma’am’s daughter was Shobha.

    i studied in hymamshu from 1978 – 1988 till my 8th STD right from the preparatory (Montessori). Jayashree was my class teacher, and vijaya ayya was the prinicipal till i left the school. I lived in MWM very close to the school.

    i still remember parvathamma, nagmani, vatsala, jayshree, uma (she used to teach us higher english in 5th), rohini narayan, indumathi (physics in 8th), susheela (social and her anecdotes and stories in the last few mins of the class) lalitha shivaraman and shyamanthakamani, there was also meenakshi ma’am, and we had one ronnie theodre (in 7th for english) and then we had a wonderflu teacher in the 8th for science – mujeeba khannum. it was a wonderful experience and i love HJKP. Indumathi’s fav quote would be ‘oh yes, you are all perfect’

    i had bumped into indumathi in my cus’s marriage and she happened to be my cus’s pals aunt, bumped into vatsala and jayshree (they are related to one another) in another cus’s wedding as they happened to be my SIL’s aunts..small world.. had visited the school when champa srinivasan was the principal, and things had changed a little bit then.

    @ Mahesh S V

    if u were living in that qrts, we might have met, as i used to come thr to play TT alongwith Shashikiran, almost every other day.

    couple of my classmates are out on FB and we all miss our teachers and other fellow mates. i can go on..and can all…but HJKP has always been the place i attribute the 50% what i am today.

    if anyone out here were my mates, a few names from my class to recollect and link to; amith, shashikiran, sujith, phani kishore, kalyani, roopa, savitha.

  30. raghumathan Says:

    my lfe got ruined by this school,plz dont join this school join any govt school

  31. sri kanth Says:

    yep true when my girl asked me about my school i told her about our hy mam shoe the nxt moment she ditched me

  32. hema Says:

    Hi guys,

    I studied in HJKP from 8th std to 10th std. My classmates were Usha, mahima, rupashree, sunitha, sunderesh,vijay raghavan, vani,
    Feels great if I could hear from you where ever you are now!

    • Thejasweni Says:

      Hi Hema,

      I also studied in HJKP from montesorry to 7th standard. I really dont know if you know me, but Usha, sunitha, sunderesh,vijay raghavan, vani were my classmates too. My name is Thejasweni. My other classmates were B. T. Shashikumar, Vijayendra, Anil Kumar, Vijaylaxmi, Gayathri, Vrunda Chandrika, malathi Urs, Srividyas, Pradeep. Do you know any of these guy. Feels great to see lots of post on HJKP. My contact details are

    • ramesh Says:

      Hi Hema,
      I’m Ramesh, I studied in HJKP from 8th to 10th std too, was in 10th in the acadmic year 1987-88. I know all the people u have mentioned here, i still remember the attendance order which Sharma sir used to read out. Are u Hemalatha or Hemavathi??

  33. Akanksha Says:


    I’am Kavita Patankar’s daughter who has also studied in HJKPfor a few years, and I have also studied in the same school, from my nursery, to 2nd standard. I remeber the days when my mother or grandmother whould drop me to school, & all my friends – Aishwarya Pai, Aishwarya, Kritika, & etc… used to wait to play with me…

  34. Ganesh Says:

    hi…i am ganesh….i also studied at HJKP….from 5th to 7th….high school had not yet started….our class teacher was miss uma, and later shyamala….just to brush up….some of my classmates were yogesh, shyam sunder, ananthakrishna, chitra, suma shrishaila, mahesh, rashmi, kavitha, veena, santhosh, vikram, vivekanand pai, srinivas, … respond…somebody…i am trying to contact for a long time now….old know…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. HYMAMSHU Says:

    Dear HJKPians,

    Our School is trying to build and maintain Alumni Association with past students, in order to create a vibrant network. Please spend a few minutes in order to fill out the Form.

    Please update your information using the following link:

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  37. Sunil Padmanabh Says:

    Hi Folks,
    Thanks a lot for sharing your amazing experiences at HJKP..I passed out in 1982 and wonder where my batchmates are!!!

  38. Prakash PL Says:

    i did just two of schooling at Hymamshu 1985-86,I remember few classmates Ravindran(My best friend who allowed to copy from his exam sheets -:),Govindu (my another best friend),Sudeep TC(Very lean and thine his dad to be film director), D N Guruprasad(always bright & talkative), Dinesh S Rao(tall boy very studious emigrated from US), Thomas(From yeswanthpur my bus mate), Raghuraman(Always liked fighter planes and had large comic collection), Vijayraghavan(My bench mate), Leela, Sridevi(dancer),Rajesh(lived around corner ,large home ,played football together and plucked fruits from his large garden with pond),Shoba(My bench Mate),Indumathi(My bench mate),Satish,Padmini(lived next building to school both are cousins),Bhaskar S Rao(Someone in his family celebrity_Poet like). I remember 75 bus, a lot number travelled this route to get the school 18th cross bus-stop.
    I remember teachers Parvathamma;Susheela,Vijay (HM),Uma,Indumathi.I almost forgot biology teacher who had thick glasses and Music teacher.
    Great school with Social lab,Science lab and four houses (Subash/Raman/Nehru/Viseshraiah)
    Also , my older brother Shaji who studied and his classmates Hari,Vinod,Kuldip sinha,Gireesh.

    Mates,keen to hear from my batch mates

  39. Jagadish P Says:

    @ the Author. Heyy! I wonder if I am the Jagadish you are referring to! I remember most of the other details except the one where I supposedly fell down with a bleeding nose. I might have for all I know. I just do not remember it 🙂

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