Teacher’s Dialogues and Mannerisms

May 23, 2007

I am sure we all remember a certain peculiarity relating to our teachers: The way they talked, they dressed, they scolded…

There was Nagamani Miss in Hymamshu Jyothi Kala Peetha who used to say, “Bad boy, what made you do such a thing?”. She used to start every sentence with ‘Henceforth’ (Eg: Henceforth, no delay in submitting the Home-Work). And end each sentence with ‘I say’ (Eg: Stand up I say).

In KV Malleswaram, there was one Mrs. Noor Fathima (History) who would enter the class and tell: Yesssss, open your bookssss (in a peculiar tune).

Then there was the SUPW teacher (forgot her name) who would tell: “Stond in line.”

Shivanna Sir (PT) was the ultimate when it came to voice modulation when scolding. We could also see the expression change on his face. The voice would start from low to high and higher range: le, LE, RASCAL, PLAY WITH A STRAIGHT BAT, USELESS FELLOW!

We had Udupa Sir who would lift his hand to slap even before hearing the full complaint. Then there was Anasuya Miss (HM) who would always walk with a scale in hand. In the morning it would be a full scale. By noon, it would be broken (a poor chap being the target).

Sanskrit teacher Suryanarayana would pinch the ear of the ‘victim’ and ask him seeing the whole class (particularly girls) in Sanskrit: Tava naama kim? UTTHISHTA! (He used the word ‘mandam mandam’ a lot and was nicknamed the same).

When we saw our Hindi teacher Malathi Prakash, we never felt Hitler was dead. She simply thrashed the boys and girls alike. And as for her English, here’s an example. Listening to the Radio (Cricket commentary in particular) was my obsession then. In her class, I got caught one day and she barked thus: Ramkishan, Badmaash ladke, I will throw the class out of you!

When we were in the Library, Padma Miss would say: Aye: Can you not read Silently? She would point to 2-3 fellows and say: Stand out. Hmmm… go! 

During the NCC theory classes, I remember the way the NCC Officers from Air force stations would shout at us early in the morning after the march past: Bloody fellows, I will take the juice out of you! (we never understood then what he meant)

If that was with their speaking and scolding style, the way some of the teachers dressed amused us too. In HJKP, Vimala Miss always had a top knot and lots of powder on her face. There was another teacher in HJKP, ‘B’ section. Always ‘Haralenne face’ (Castor Oil face).

In KVM, there was Iyer sir (Physics). His sense of matching was aweful. (Many a days, it was Parrot Green shirt with Red pant.) There was Ravikumaran Nair who whould wear the same pant and shirt for three days continously. Noor Fathima would come immaculately dressed with everything matching everything. Deena Ram Singh would just look as if she is straight out of a lipstick factory. Ditto Padmavathy Miss. It would always be a silk or synthetic Jubba over a formal pant for Art sir HL Bhat. Venkatalakshmi miss (SVL) would always cover her neck with the ‘seragu’ (pallu) a la MS Subbulakshmi.

How can I forget the attire of our Principal T Prabhakar? Never did I see him wear anything other than Suit and Boot!

Just remembered all this yesterday evening as I was seeing some old school photos.

Inviting readers to share their ‘favourite’ teacher’s dialogues and mannerisms. Surely, it would be great fun reading it!


41 Responses to “Teacher’s Dialogues and Mannerisms”

  1. praneshachar Says:

    nice memories bellur. you are capable of recollecting so many things.
    for us, our Ramakrishnappa meshtru maths tappu maddidre scale muriyode kelasa prati divasa obbaradu.
    Venkatappa meshtru kivi hinduthidru.
    innu obbaru “i say did you follow” antha prathi 5 minutes ge heloru. It was a counting competetion how many times did he use these words.
    CBC (Chandrashekarappa CB) one of the very strict pricipal in college always with white pant and white half shirt. a great person. he used to remember all the names of about 1200 students and his house was about a furlong from college the moment he was spotted on the road all outside gangs would disappear and assemble back once he was in his chamber.
    we were also regular to college and irregular to class categoryne. attendance was not a problem

  2. pArijAta Says:

    Good read…
    These are from my days in the National College…
    One of our teachers had used the word ‘say’, more than 200 times in an hour’s class. That was a record, even for him!

    And when AR, our Maths lecturer first walked in with a shikhe, dhoti and jubba, we thought that he was a Sanskrit lecturer, and that he walked in by mistake! Amazing teacher he was..

    We had a workshop on Indian Mathematics and Astronomy during Sankranti, and were sitting in the first row. To my side was a serious Maths lecturer. Imagine her horror when I offered her eLLu-bella to eat, while the class was still going on! And I had got caught in her class, trying to study Biology sitting in the first bench. Thankfully she had let me off with a warning.

    There was this Sanskrit lecturer who was with NCB for just a year. His lecture used to be extremely soporific, and we used to half-doze off, sitting as far back as possible. And a loud shout “EEEE” would bring us back from dreamland with a start.

    Fond memories…

  3. pArijAta Says:

    Another teacher’s gems (before us)…
    “Open the windows, let the atmosphere come in”
    “You get a yellow colourless solution”

  4. Rk,
    So you have played games

  5. Ram Says:

    Excellent. I would add some more for this from my college time. Our commerce lecturer used to say “why are you outstanding, income, income” Our economics lecturer’s favourite statement is “open all the windows, let the climate come in”

  6. TSSM Says:

    A good write up.

    I studied in National High School (NHS). Some of the teachers were role models . Our Hindi Teacher was always dressed in panche, khadi jubba , waist coat and Gandhi cap. He was decency personified. He would remind us as one of Gandhiji’s followers.He didnot preach morals, but exemplified by his behavior.

    Our Dramatics teacher was Mr. B.S.Narayana Rao, who was himself an artiste of high standing. The two dramas he directed and played in,(in the National College (NC-B) Auditorium) one a comedy, in which the present actor Srinath played a role and the other one- Kuvempu’s ‘Raktakshi ‘ -a version of Hamlet – were unforgettable.

    When we were students of the NHS, Dr.H.Narasimhaiah, was staying in he students hostel in NC-B. He taught physics. He was extremely simple, doing all his chores himself, mixing easily with the students- A true Gandhian.

    All the teachers led a simple and straight forward life. Most of the teachers used to come by cycles.

    Oh !,what about the role of ‘monitors’ , who played havoc with the fellow students, by utilising their power?.

    Once, three of us were caught for talking in the class, by the monitor who was ‘partial’. Our punishment , to stand in the verandah for the entire day. Our humiliation was complete, when teachers and students from other classes would see us while changing the class rooms. Our Hindi teacher who saw our plight after standing for nearly 3 hours, asked the reason for our punishment, took pity on us and then took us to the HM who let us off with a warning.

    Our PT sir, Mr, Raju was at once a disciplinarian and a loveable person. He was one of the favourites of the students.

    The other punishments were to make us sit like a chair (kurchi), hitting on the knuckles, ear twisting, hard slap- I received it once from the Kannada Pundit. ‘baaro baddi makkala, maadtheeni nimage !

    It was the time, when people believed in ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’ policy. If those were to be repeated now, the parents would surely take them to task.

    Have a nice day.

  7. shark Says:

    Ah! School teachers.. I guess each and every one of them are etched in our memory… It will be a BIG post if I qrite about them…

    We had one teacher in our middle school who used to dress immaculately and used to apply “lipstick” every day to school!

    We were so fascinated by her… that she wore lipstick, in those days it was something very big! 🙂

  8. I had a lecturer in college named RR(R Ramaswamy), wonderful chemistry lecturer. He had squint eyes. Students were unable to make out for whom he’s pointing. He would ask a question and say “you answer”, 3-4 student would stand up.

    Another lecturer Yamuna codenamed “Amma”, whenever we score less in the internals we are goner. She would say “maneyallu mosa, illu mosa, nimmanthoru jeevanadalli uddhaara aagolla”.

    In High School. I had kannada a lecturer who’s familiar for the punishment called “Bana Baggu”, where butt is up, head is down and hand knotted along legs till ears.

  9. Veena Says:

    Had hearty laugh reading the whole post Bellur..
    naan yaar yaarna antha gnaapisikoLLi ?

    We had one Nalini miss who taught us english in JSS Sarswathi puram(during middle school) and her famous dialogue was,
    yaaro adu gaLaaTe maadthirodu, “I will kick you out of the window”… 3rd chapter Questions and Answers 3 -3 times bariri was a kind of imposition cum to keep us silent when they correct the test papers…

    one person B S antha high school nallidru, enramma heNN makkaLu ond swalpanu soujanyathe illa.. this soujanyathe was a hi-fi word then for us & everybody would tease each other with this word soujanyathe.

    One our Prof Sukumar during engg used to end his statements with ‘you know’ and our guys ended up asking doubts so that he crosses his earlier records of 150-200 in his earlier talks…

    I had one tution teacher Nagaraj rao, GEM…. teacher andre haagirbeku… bari paaTa ashTe alla jeevanadalli ethics, principles andrenu antha ivarindane kalibeku.

  10. rk Says:

    dear all,
    just as expected, i am simply loving the comments filled with hilarious and interesting descriptions about teachers here. keep it going!

  11. decemberstud Says:

    LOL..this is too much…..What I wonder is about YOUR fashion sense then…to watch all the teachers and to comment on their fashion …hmmm…..you must be a stud 😉

  12. rk Says:

    we had a biology teacher in 9th std. mrs. vijaya. she had a terrific sense of humour. she used to narrate hilarious classroom situations. it seems she had a student named A. Satyanarayana. And he was notorious for telling lies. While correcting his papers, she discovered that he is aptly named: join his initials and his name, you get ASATHYANARAYANA!

  13. CSL Says:

    RK, I couldn’t stop laughing reading your post. I must appreciate your memory…to recall my school days, we had a social teacher in 8th std., Ms. Usha Rani, who never used to give us a chance to answer her question..may be she was afraid of our social knowledge…:) and I remember my Chemistry lecturer in PU; she used to take lessons in Telugu although medium of instruction was English and ofcourse no memories of Degree classes as lecturers never used to take the class…..:)

  14. Veena Srinivasan Says:

    Thanks Rk for bringing back so many memories of the good old days.. While talking about teachers I cannot forget our History teacher in MLA High School Mrs.Rajarajeswari.. who taught history in Present Tense! She used to say “Ashoka is….” etc. In fact on this topic one can write so much that it might take days ….
    Geography teacher Vinuthamma… who used to say “Naachike aagalva ninge” cynically… etc etc.

  15. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    Hearing Teachers/Lecturers shouting in Kannada is only after i joined for BSc at MES .For Physics we had one M.Y.Vishwanath Sastry He was Head for NCC unit Karnataka and entering into the class used to shout “This college is not like all others……….. ” Even degree students used to shiver looking at him. Person sitting in the 1st bench used to be the usual target. Other Lecturer Lakshman he was opposite and used to start the proceedings “Nodi………….”

  16. My yearning lecturers:

    Recalling my second semester of diploma in SJP, I had a mathematics lecturer called CT (Chikkathimmayya) sir. A very down-to-earth personality and got retired same year. He used to call us “Friends!”. He would say “Friends! anybody not interested in my class may go outside, please don’t spoil others and they will be given attendance”. If you are late, no problem you can even come to class 5 minutes before session could end.

    In between each math problems he used to tell stories about his college and early career days and also some about his favourite students. He used to give extra internal assessment marks at the end of semester for students who scored less.

    One more lecturer of same semester for “Basic Computer Applications” called Manjunath, an alumnus of UVCE. After each topic he would remember his college days. He says he had a lecturer who’ll be teaching looking only towards blackboard and students would easily sleep in the classroom. Once Manjunath’s friend from another branch told him that he’s ailing from sleeplessness, our lecturer simply replied saying “Yaako! nidde bartilva, baa nam CLN class attend maadu automatic-aagi nidde bandbidutte”.

    Another lecturer…… leave it. If I continue, there’s no end to it. All good memories.

  17. nithin Says:

    were you in BP Indian ? When was Udupa sir your teacher ?

  18. Mridula Says:

    Gives me shudders! I wonder what database my students have about me.

    I yearn to start one such thread about my students!!!!

  19. rk Says:

    Udupa Sir taught me in KVM.

  20. […] is talking teachers. What is it with these students? I wish they would leave poor souls like us alone. Linked by […]

  21. Mysorean Says:

    ROTFL… Superb post.

    A chance to remember my teachers as well.

    One particular lecturer I remember very well was one named Mr. M. P. Rao at SRM College, Hyderabad where I did my 11th and 12th. He taught us Mathematics. He had this habit of burping at the most inappropriate times. Especially post lunch sessions, his burps would be so loud that the laughter-reply-to-the-burp from the adjoining class could be heard loud and clear! And poor guy, he would get so embarrassed he would say, “Sorry! Heavy lunch no breakfast. That’s why sound so loud!”. And after that would be our turn for laughing and he would also laugh with us. A wonderful person at heart and a very talented prof. I hope he only touches more students lives like mine.

    In the same college, there was another lecturer named Mr. Janakiraman. He considered himself to be one of the all-time greats in the field of chemistry. He also used to say, “I have worked with Doctor so and so in developing the nuclear bomb for India. I was one of the 5 scientists picked for the job”. Till date we do not know whether he lied. Never mind, that’s not the topic of this rather longish comment: The topic is his penchant for making nouns of adjectives. “A practical situation” would become “practicality of the situation” in a rather funny way. He loved to add “lity” to any word. One word I distinctly remember from him is “lovability”! 😀

    “Enough for today, otherwise you guys will beat me up” as Mr. Mr. M. P. Rao would say!

  22. NAREN Says:

    Its tooooo hard to remeber…..!!!!! In my under Graduation days the A/c Sir.., Popularly known as “yaakro…” coz always exclaims yaakro.., “yava vamshadalli Huttidhiro…” one guy always replies Slowly “Suryavamsha”. In my PG days the Old Professor always used to narrate an same example of Bangladesh!! We all Planned to Write the Same exmaple in the Internal tests. So, that he will get mad after reading same Bangaldesh Story. Its was unfortunate that related question was never asked. Bach gaya…

    Bellur anna its very good to recall all the Pet names of the teachers of yester years..!! Sounds intresting @least for me!!

  23. neel3 Says:

    I too remembered Shivanna ….!!
    I am also wondering what my kids remember of me…

  24. sakthi Says:

    Ya you’re right…When I’was in my PG,one of our Prof. repeatedly used the word “attitude”…What ever happened he’d use this word..One day he was taking class on Organizational Behavior, & that day we’d planned to count how many times he’d use the word “attitude”, He used the word “attitude” 138 times in just 40 minutes….!!

  25. kala Says:

    Hai, Nice reading your blog.

    I had a PT teacher by name Mrs. Yonas, in Sacred Heart Girls High School. I remember one incident about her.

    Friday was our Sports Day. So Thursday was our rehearsal day. Yonas miss told us on Wednesday ‘ Children Pl. don’t wear dress and come tomorrow, keep it for day after tomorrow’

    I need not tell that ‘Dress’ meant white dress.

  26. yadu Says:

    Wow, very funny post!! I was laughing the whole time reading it. It’s amazing how you remember all these details about your teachers.

  27. Sriranjini Says:

    i happened to read ur MEMOIRS when i was looking at HJKP for info on applications 4 my daughter. and was pleasantly surprised. HEY we were in the same class. but i dont seem to recollect ur face. i too had been to the school last month and met nirmala miss, kameshwari miss etc. they all remembered me as the girl who acted in KOLURU KODAGUSU a drama that i had done in fourth (u had left by then i guess). those were the best days. and yes i too was obsessed with montessori and plan to realise it by admitting my daughter there!!!!!!! would like to keep in touch

  28. Dilip Says:

    Does anybody remember manjula miss in HJKP who used to come to the lunch hall and knock on the heads of the kids who used to not pray ? and tell yen thale yen thale yen thale navarathnagalu “” i am talking about late 70’s early 80’s

  29. rk Says:

    yes dilip, who can forget manjula miss (and the eternal gaabri-look on her face). most of us remember her as the strict disciplinarian!

    thanks for dropping by.


    • Sree Says:

      Hey RK,

      I was associated with KVM for 12 complete years (from my 1st till 12th Std) and all these name are very familiar and I truly went back to my good old days. Some how u missed CK Baby (Physics) and also “Duter” instead of duster by suryanarayana :-).

      Thanks buddy, it was truly enjoyable…

  30. mitra Says:

    we can comment on students on students also. It is not good to tease the teacher who taught us. It is GURUDROHA

  31. neela Says:

    I feel kids need to react freely .
    freedom to interact, react gives rise to creativity . Creativity is the bedrock for learning..

  32. Freshdawnblabber Says:

    This is hilarious… Every school has its own stories.. but somehow somewhere or the other they cross their ways every time 😀

    Its refreshing and nostalgic.

  33. Prem L Says:

    tis s a beautiful websit………

  34. Leslie Says:

    Thank you for this hilarious yet interesting page. I will use it for my research. Thank you very much.

    But then, since I drop by, I will also share.

    I remember a PolSci professor who is very, very intelligent. He would always say, “please do bear in mind…preeminating.” One time, my friend count those words but I can’t remember it, now. (laughs).
    Another is that our prof ed prof would always say, “I will throw you out of the window,” although there’s no window in our room. (laughs). Another is a very dear professor who would always say “tatampalin kita diyan.” I also remember a beautiful prof who would come to class with one color or only two colors in her entire wear. She is a “fashionista”. She looked young although she has her child. Moreover, I can never forget the teacher who would always say ” Is there any question so far? after every lesson. Another is a chemistry teacher who would always wave her hair. (laughs). She is so religious. =)

    Well, kidding aside, that’s how funny and memorable are the classes with those very good teachers.
    I know that I have one although I am not yet a teacher. But then, I do hope to mark in the lives of my future students even in simple ways. ^_^

  35. Harish Says:

    I studied in SRV Jayanagar..

    we had peetlapa

    when my frien asked him is school functioning tomorrow(due to strike in blore) then he replied “function aaa? no no function”

    highlight was chemistry lec in APSCE(engg college)

    1) Dont talk in front of my back ( when she was writting on board and we were talking)

    2) in chemistry lab.. close the door air force will come in…

    3) dont talk principal is revolving in the corridor

    4) instead of water melon.. she pronounced water lemon… hahaha

  36. Stanley Says:

    Nostalgic 🙂
    Join me and relive the school days on Stanley ka Dabba.

  37. […] I entered, I saw the tri-colour, and on the stage were seated Prabhakar Sir, as usual in a suit and coat (Retd. Principal) and Nagaraj Sir (Retd. Lab Asst.), Badri Sir (Physics) among other teachers. […]

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