One Zero Zero Zero Zero Zero!

May 28, 2007

On May 25th, the number of hits at Rwb crossed the 1-lakh mark. And the credit for this completely goes to the readers. Thank you all for sparing your time and attention to read RwB!

Regards & take care

Bellur Ramakrishna

15 Responses to “One Zero Zero Zero Zero Zero!”

  1. Vani Says:

    My God!

    And I was just thinking this morning that you will be reaching that milestone soon!

    What co-incidence!

    My list of Doses at CTR is growing…. 😉

  2. praneshachar Says:

    hardika shubhashyagalu lakshadipathi RWBge
    sagali nimma payana munde munde muttali
    million hitgalannu

  3. Another milestone crossed!!
    Gr8 going RK…wish u more success…way to go.

  4. bachodi Says:

    Please display screenshot of your Stat system saar. Should be spectacular…

  5. TSSM Says:

    Ondu followed by eidu sonne,
    blog..u, shuruvagidde anisutte ninne monne!!

    kaadide innondu mile stone..u
    best wishes.

  6. Veena Says:

    congrats bellur.. I was expecting blog statistics with a neat design/background added to it… 🙂

  7. NAREN Says:

    Hearty Congratulations for Reaching Such a Milestone!!!!!!

    So, when is the Party in CTR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. That means 1 followed by so many dosas!!! Vani let have it on the first anniversary meet at bugal rock – what say?

  9. Vijay Says:

    You are a Star !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. praneshachar Says:

    avaru bare STAR alla sir SUPERSTAR with small universe like vijay

  11. Super sir Bellurkanth!!!

    Malleshwaram should have a big cut out soon and CTR should patronize all fans with complimentary dosas.

  12. Pradeep Says:

    Congrats! That’s one great achievement! Testifies to the collection you have. Keep it up!

  13. decemberstud Says:

    Good job RK….when is the treat ? 😉

  14. […] 2,00,000th hit. (For those of you interested in stats, it was on May 25th when this blog got its 1,00,000th hit, a week before the first […]

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