RwB’s First Birthday

May 31, 2007

Design: RK

Memories of a nostalgic chat that took place in Sanjay‘s blog around this time last year:

Shruthi Says:
May 25th, 2006 at 10:12 am

Bellur Ramakrishna, from your comments here, and on my blog, I get the feeling that you have been involved in a lot of interesting activities, and met lots of people. I suggest that if you like writing, etc., you also start a blog, and put up all these incidents. I am sure people will like to read it 🙂


Srik Says:
May 25th, 2006 at 11:23 am

Yes, Shruti, I too get the same feeling about Bellur Ramakrishna. It would be nice if he shares his interesting experiences in the form of a blog with us. Bellur avare, think about it please.


Srik Says:
May 25th, 2006 at 1:04 pm

Hmmm Im waiting for your blog, sir.


bellur ramakrishna Says:
May 31st, 2006 at 11:21 am

Extremely happy that TRUTH HAS PREVAILED (Shiv Krishna Desai, Madhavi Patel and CSP won a thrilling legal battle in ‘Muktha‘ serial). Could see the relieved look on CSP, MP and SKD. On this joyous occasion, I thought of starting a blog (as some of you had suggested). So here I am. Inviting all of you to visit the newly built home. Completed the BLOG-PRAVESHA a few minutes ago.


Earliest comments in Rambling with Bellur:

Shruthi said…
Welcome, Bellur! 🙂
Thank you for the kind words!! I am sure your blog will be an interesting one too 🙂
5/31/2006 11:58:00 AM

Srik said…
Hey Shruti,
I thought Im the first to welcome BR oops RK. Anyways, let me enjoy the honour of writing the second comment ever on his blog space.
RK, welcome to this wonderful world of blogging. Hope to see the “Rambling with Bellur” added alongside “Hallucinations” or “a common man”…

Rest in next.
5/31/2006 12:03:00 PM

Sanjay M said…
Hey this is really cool Bellur! You’ve already been writing a lot and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your comments… here’s a comprehensive listing if you’d like to extend any of them as a post of your own here:
All comments by Ramakrishna

I’ll soon add this site to my blogroll.

btw didn’t see you in the grounds today 😛 Play frisbee and write about it…
5/31/2006 01:48:00 PM

RK said…
Shruthi: Thanks and do keep visiting.

Srik: So you read that BR space ….comment is it? haha. Thanks for the welcome.

Sanjay: Thank you. I may put all those commnets list in a future post. And I couldn’t come today to play as my son was in his elements! will see you tommorrow.
5/31/2006 01:57:00 PM

Sharu said…
Kewl. RK is rolling. Keep the pace buddy
5/31/2006 06:21:00 PM

RK said…
sharu: thanks. hope to keep a consistent pace (with a good line and length).
6/01/2006 09:03:00 PM


Want to share this piece of info with all of you. A few days back, came across a comment from Naren in Vani‘s blog saying that I must visit his friend’s blog. When I read the first post in māthu – kathé, I was in for a surprise. Excerpts from Eh! Surprisingly I started a “TRUE BLOG”:

“My true inspiration to start this blog is Bellur Ramakrishna of Rambling with Bellur. And I hardly know the person or spoken to him and I’m a silent reader who doesn’t comment at all. I still wonder how this pretty designer make time for family, and other activities of life. Where I’m being the other designer who can’t cope up with the commitments properly. Ramakrishna, If you are reading this article please pat your back yourself, and you deserve this. Hope I can get an opportunity to post some articles at RwB. Hats-off to you RK.

If you find any articles interesting, kindly comment. It inspires me to promote this blog as well.”

After blogging for an year, feels nice that RwB has inspired a professional designer to blog! Thanks Balachandra Shetty for the mention.

Ok friends, signing off for now. Wish you all the very best!


23 Responses to “RwB’s First Birthday”

  1. Rk,
    let me take the opporunity to comment first on this first anniversary 🙂

    Not only do you provide where humble and thought provoking posts but include others to share and grow the knowledge – something very very importent in life i suppose.

    keep the blog rolling!! it rocks.


  2. CSL Says:


    Many Happy Blogs of the day.

    Although I’m new to ur “Bellur Blog Mansion”, I’ve enjoyed & gained some gyan.

    Keep it rolling………


  3. praneshachar Says:

    hardika shubhashyagalu bellur avare
    great 1st anniversary of RWB
    thinking, posting timely, answering all the quieries and collecting and providing info. and anything you ask are all simply great
    wish you all the best in your future endeavours
    narayana yavaga blog-world-ge barodu???

  4. Vani Says:

    Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday to You!

    CTR nalli nangond season pass kodsi sir! 😉

  5. Shruthi Says:

    Happy Blog Bday! Keep mailing :)) Am glad that my comments were at least in part responsible for you to start this excellent blog!

  6. Congratulations and jubilations!!
    Bellur, you rock!!
    RwB beLeyali “nirdigaMtavAgi”.

  7. TSSM Says:

    A memorable milestone

    Congratulations to the creator.
    Best wishes to the inspirer.

  8. Naren Says:

    1 lakh hits in less than 1 year…… Gr8!!!!!!!!!
    Hearty congratulations Bellur Anna!!!!!!!!
    I smell some Masala dosa’s……..

  9. Mysorean Says:

    Congratulations! 🙂 Great going!

  10. Veena Says:


    I am counting the number now..

    It reminds me my first year of wedding.. used to count on every month, then 100 days, 200 days etc., and then the year.. I still have those celebrations in my mind.. More than celebrating, its great to cherish the memories.

    Bellur, I like the linking you do..! how to get those URL’s so handy?

  11. Ah! this brainchild of RK is already a year old now!. And this baby has already made such a progress that it has brought a writer inside a common man like me and there might be many more also.

    We can measure RwB milestones in terms of achievements/year unit.

    Keep it going growing RK.

  12. bachodi Says:

    Congrats and happy birthday. It was nice to read about you blog journey. Great updates.

  13. decemberstud Says:


    Alright, you are hitting too many milestones, I am bored wishing you 😉

    Well done dude, keep up the nice work.

  14. Wes Says:


    You are doing a good job and I enjoy reading your posts.


  15. latha vidyaranya Says:

    congratulations on RwB’s first Birthday! usually a child would be taking its first steps on its first BD, but this one is already running! keep up the good work! may your blog inspire many to come up with their own blogs! blog and let blog!

  16. rk Says:

    thanks all for your wonderful wishes.
    Blog and let Blog!

  17. Anand Balaji Says:

    Many, many congrats RK!
    The number of hits are a reflection of your dedication to RWB and the knowledge you disseminate through it. It wouldn’t be wrong to call you a towering figure amongst bloggers in Bangalore.
    Well done!

  18. […] Yesterday (Nov. 1), RwB got its 2,00,000th hit. (For those of you interested in stats, it was on May 25th when this blog got its 1,00,000th hit, a week before the first birthday.) […]

  19. suresha Says:

    Good work,carry on….our wishes

  20. […] with Bellur on 200 not out!‘Rambling with Bellur’ at 6! « Rambling with Bellur on RwB’s First Birthday‘Rambling with Bellur’ at 6! « Rambling with Bellur on 300 […]

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